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Updated 24th Sep 2020Last updated 24th Sep 2020 by LadyEleanor
Morrisons large Melton Mowbray pork pie half price
Deli offer instore only Half price at £1.35 Also Wiltshire ham at £75p per 100gm

As seen on TV. (New series of Land of the Giants)


was expecting the world’s biggest pork pie (horror)


I fixed it panic over (y)


I am buying at £135 & it is going on ebay


I once got hold of a couple of baps in the supermarket. It didn`t end well.

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Updated 5th May 2019Last updated 5th May 2019 by JumpMan1980
Calling ALL Percy Pig Fans - Pork or no Pork that is the question - is a veggie friendly Percy Pig sweet like a bacon bap without the bacon?
Calling all Percy Pig fans - it seems after the recent revelation that ALL M&S's Percy Pig sweets are now suitable for vegetarians - there has been a Percy Pig Protest - with m… Read more



It was going that way in this country for a long time (vegetarian at least), although that seemed to change about 10 years ago with the reintroduction of gelatine into lots of things that had been just fine without it (e.g. yogurts).


I would like to see more sweets and everyday grocery foods being made for all and vegan and/or vegetarian is the best way to do this.


I was just pointing out that any source of animal gelatine will produce the same result so why are people so worked up about this product.


To me it's not just texture but flavour. It tastes... not quite meaty, but as though some veggie sweets have been stored in a bowl that recently held meat or bones. There's a definite funny tinge. Having tried both, and despite not being remotely vegetarian, I prefer the non-gelatine versions of anything.

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Updated 30th Jan 2019Last updated 30th Jan 2019 by deleted81258
Walkers launch two new crisp flavours: BBQ Pulled Pork and Spicy Sriracha + a new nationwide Recycling Scheme for its packaging
Walkers have launched 2 new flavours: BBQ Pulled Pork and Spicy Sriracha flavoured Crisps - due to hit our shelves in February. Think it's about time we can now forgive them for … Read more

Buy another two bags, empty into the first... problem solved (y)


Will you still get that disappointed feeling when you open the bag and discover it's only a 1/3 full?


Oooooh bbq pulled pork sounds good , think the hot sauce ones will be more down my sons taste bud road than mine though . Just checked the recycle scheme , closest one to me is about half an hour away and supposedly located in a firm of chartered accountants :o

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Updated 12th Nov 2018Last updated 12th Nov 2018 by Satan_Claws
how to roast pork in slow cooker?
hi everyone :) need some help :) i bought a slow cooker the other week which i haven't got round to using yet. i have a pork joint which i was going to cook for tomorrow and want … Read more
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Did some slow cooked pork the other day. I grated some apples and onion. Added a crumbled stock cube and some sage. Rubbed that all in to the pork and cooked for 10 hours on low....delicious!


Can i put thr potatoes in with the pork and r they crisply and if so do they go in the bottom eitj the other vegetables thank you


thanks everyone :) mmm fifitrix, that sounds lush!!! well it's been in on low since 7 this morning and my house smells lovely, making me so hungry!!


I put my port joint in with some sparkly wine and just slow roasted it all day and it just melted in the mouth, although it does crumble when you try to carve it but I put the meat in the wine. You could raise the meat out of the liquid and it will just steam and may not crumble as much. After I got it out of slow cooker I blasted it on high in oven to crisp it up or you can also fry it first to seal the juices in and keep it together I then used the juices to make the gravy which was soooo lovely!!! I also put my pots and veg in to cook although the veg don't need as long as the meat and pots....


You can always finish it off in the oven for the last 30 mins or so - should crisp it up.

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Updated 1st Sep 2017Last updated 1st Sep 2017 by fanpages
Supermarket may have sold Sausages & Other Pork products may have been infected with Hepatitis
A publicly unknown supermarket are said to have sold loads of EU pork products that may be infected with Hepatitis. This has lead to blood donations and donated organs to be tested… Read more

...or avoid supermarket X. (PS. That wasn't a 'kiss' on the end of my sentence)


You might have had it already, its type E. Just cook everything and don't buy pre cooked unless your going to reheat



Something like that yeah. If actually forgotten the details. Just remember the cold sick feeling when I heard the story.


choking them? (shock)

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Updated 22nd Jul 2017Last updated 22nd Jul 2017 by Aequitas
Win a beer and pork pie hamper @ Tribute
PRODUCT: a beer and pork pie hamper PERIOD: Once DETAILS: We’ve joined with producers Dickinson & Morris, and we’re giving three winners the chance to win a premi… Read more

x <3


Thank You






Thank you :)