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1kg Pork Roasting Joint - £3.50 @ Farmfoods
Posted 15 h, 46 m agoPosted 15 h, 46 m ago
Received an email with the deal, I get vouchers through the letter box, but also you can sign up to their email newsletter for digital vouchers...
zcaprd7 Seems to be £4.50 per Kg on club card? Edit:that's for the loin. You can get large pork shoulder joints for £3.50 per Kg in tescos.


I've been a few times and they have large quantity packs but mostly 60% +/- meat, mostly mechanically recovered (obvs not on joints).


Isn't pork still £3.50/Kg in Tesco (£2.50 with club card)? It certainly was on Friday.


Loads of bargains to be had at Farmfoods, not sure what the quality of the meat would be like though? Think I'd rather pay a bit more from somewhere else, but that's just me.


I've not had any issues, but walking around the shop is a bit like being in a 1980s Eastern European supermarket...

Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer - £69.99 @ Costco
Posted 16 h, 0 m agoPosted 16 h, 0 m ago
MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer The MEATER Plus with Bluetooth Repeater Thermometer is a 50m long range smart wireless meat thermometer which can be used in the Oven, Grill, Kitchen, …

ahh the "ive got a useless gadget and you dont know what youre doing" brigade. good for you mate. (y)


As the previous poster said, packet timings and rules of thumb like "x minutes per kg" are just estimates, and designed to err on the side of caution. If you know what temperature you're aiming at, you can take it out when it's ready, not when the time runs out, and have tastier, juicier meat. TBH if you do most of hyour cooking out of packets you're probably not going to appreciate something like this (lol) Welcome to HUKD ;)


...will it work on "meatless" meat (confused)


So I guess my point is right then and these are only useful in really specific applications, I guess mostly bbq'ing? If you have a decent fan oven which I'd imagine most have there's no need for one of these. I guess it's just a nice novelty item for most people to convince themselves they need (:I


It provides a much more reliable live report and notifications about the internal and air temperature of your cook. The cooking times in packets are "estimated" around the time at a certain temperature it takes to reach a "cooked and safe to eat state". A near thermometer takes that estimation away. Using these has massively improved the quality of my smoked slow cook BBQ. When cooking something like beef brisket for a day on lumpwood charcoal with hickory wood, it has proven to be a lifesaver, notifying my phone whenever there is a temperature flare up - it's very hard to predict in one shot how much coal, wood, and ventilation is needed to keep coals burning at a very low temperature for smoking. Meater (or others like it) are a great copilot. I've used other, budget end wireless and bluetooth-app thermometers but the Meater experience has been the nicest, except for its short range, which the Plus is meant to mitigate against (I have the standard)

20pk Chicken Satay Skewers - £1.99 @ Farmfoods
Posted 20 h, 50 m agoPosted 20 h, 50 m agoLocalLocal

Link please


What weight are these? Thanks in advance.


Looks okay but can't beat my wife's homemade satay skewers. (y)

Lamb's Navy Dark Rum 1L 40% £18 @ Sainsburys (equals to £12.60 for 70cl)
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Alfred Lamb was well known for producing the ideal rum for the British Navy The Lamb's Genuine navy rum has a rich heritage with smooth flavor, from a Caribbean blend of eighteen rums …

Brain destroyer.


A good price but an awful rum.....


Nice drink heat added I like the stronger one too that’s about 56%


Paul. No idea if any of these deals are great or not but that's a lot of blue numbers and has made me shiver as I wake up today. Hopefully things warm up a bit later.


Thanks OP (y)

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Co-op British Beef Rump Steak 227g - £4 @ Co-op
31/05/2022Expires on 31/05/2022LocalLocalPosted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Rump Steak £4 each or 2 for £7

Welcome to the site @suzzie unfortunately similar products can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Thanks for taking the time to post though. :3


Voted cold sorry, cheaper at Aldi and Sainsbury's as mentioned already.


not really a deal , £3.19 in sainsburys and aldi


Also 3 for £10 (nerd)

Island Delight Pattie 140g - Vegetable / Jerk Chicken (Halal) / Lamb (Halal) / Beef (Halal) - 60p @ Sainsbury's
07/06/2022Expires on 07/06/2022Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Vegetable Pattie: a selection of tender mixed vegetables cooked in a special blend of spices, baked in a shortcrust pastry. 60p Save 35p Chilli rating - spicy - 2 Authentic Jamaican recip…

Amazing, had no idea that they use halal meat. I normally get the vegetable one, I guess I'll try the others


Halal is the cleaner option though. It means it won't contain any blood whatsoever!


Definitely for me, as halal


Might have to switch to the farmfoods ones as they don't appear to have MSG in them.


Look good. Pity Sainsbury is so expensive otherwise