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Richmond 8 Thick Pork Sausages 454G - £1 @ Tesco (Instore & Online)
26/03/2019Expires on 26/03/2019Found 7 h, 57 m agoFound 7 h, 57 m ago
Half price thick sausages. Not as good as the ones from the local butchers but these work out 12p each so you cant complain.
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Here is a meat de boner. Here is a bowl chop. The thing which used to bug me is the amount of emulsions and wierd powders which go into processed meat. You can see on the second bowl chop link a bag of stuff going in there. We used bigger machines and huge bags of emulsions. Meat content wasn't bad really. Oh and don't worry every food you buy from a supermarket will have had people's bare hands in it at some point. :D I also worked in a huge cake, biscuit, cupcake place. ;)


I used to work in a meat factory making slices meats. Recovered meat is skin, fat, and rework - which is bits which falls into the machinery or gets sliced in a big chunk etc. Mechanically recovered meat is the stuff which is too time consuming to scrape from bones. It's not lips, bums etc. Factory's don't mess about cutting animals up, heads go into soups, gravy, stock cubes, flavourings etc. They then sell on the bones for filtering water, making gelatine and glues etc.




Other way round?


It's a shame they have turned these sausages into crap

21-day matured Rump Steak and costs just £4.99 for 16 oz @ALDI INSTORE ONLY NATIONWIDE TILL STOCK LASTS FROM 28 MARCH
28/03/2019Starts at 28/03/2019LocalLocalFound 12 h, 49 m agoFound 12 h, 49 m ago
The steak is a 21-day matured Rump Steak and costs just £4.99 for 160z, it will be available on 28 March. Aldi’s ‘Mother of All Steaks’ is made with a cut of 100% British Farm Ass… Read more
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It all starts with a smokin' hot cast iron griddle pan.


Can somebody please tell me the easiest way to cook these ? my missis only produces leather !


If you actually look at the £ to KG price, it isn't muchcheaper than usual price. Only difference, the slab of meat is cut into a large 16oz steak pack rather than the usual 2 8oz pack.


What did he say?


"Mother of all steaks" Made with actual mothers!

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Try The Bacon King Box (4 Nuggets, Fries, Burger & Drink) All For £4.99 @ Burger King (App)
Found 15 h, 53 m agoFound 15 h, 53 m ago
The BACON KING Jr™ is exactly what you think: all the same ingredients of the extraordinarily tasty BACON KING™, only in a junior size. To replicate the same BIG flavour, the bacon… Read more

I don't think they ever did. Are you confusing this with your mum's Rustlers?


£3.99 Whopper Deal all the way. £7.99 for two even better


Can you get these deals at the motor service


Burger King has gone seriously downhill in recent years IMO.


Dual bacon and burger ;)

Aberdeen Angus 21 day aged rib eye steak and matured to 36 days instore at Aldi £4.49
Refreshed 16 h, 37 m agoRefreshed 16 h, 37 m agoLocalLocal
Dry aged on the bone, aldi 21 day aged and 36 day matured...great price

Exactly not a deal this is always it price


NEVER think the price of steak is a good price if it is stated as the price per steak - it makes NO SENSE... You must work out the cost per weight - if it's £4.49 for 200g then that's about £25 per Kilo - EXPENSIVE or at best normal, however if you get a 500g steak then its about £12.50 - great price... It's a MARKETING CON if the weight is not part of the advert. Also - if prepacked then you'll likely get an estimated weight and by my experience your steak will not be bigger than the estimated weight - another MARKETING CON.. BUYER BEWARE.. I don't know the weight of the steak in this case but NO HEAT ADDED...




What is the usual price please?


Isn't this the normal price

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Lidl Super Weekend 23 & 24 March Streaky Bacon 99p, Fruit & Nut Bars 99p, British Rapeseed Oil 99p, Argentine Red Wine Malbec Mendoza £4.29
23/03/2019Starts at 23/03/201924/03/2019Expires on 24/03/2019LocalLocal
Usual decent deals for this upcoming Saturday & Sunday - save up to 50%. Just for the sake of good order and before the "posted already Stasi " click the report button Modera… Read more

Enjoy your school day (y)


Posting deals is not a requirement if being a member on here and has never been a requirement. Reposting other people's deals (lol) is just sad. Not even a link to the real deal.


(lol) (lol) You're in the minority..... posting a few items & photo from a long list of publicly viewable lidl website weekly deals is not a repost and Moderation don't regard it as such. When did you last post a deal - hot, cold or repost ?


Perhaps I can just repost other people's deals and get all snarky when people point that out. Cold for a repost.


Who are we talking about here then?

MasterClass Digital Meat Cooking Thermometer with 24-Hour Kitchen Timer - £13.40 (Prime) £17.89 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
MasterClass Digital Meat Cooking Thermometer with 24-Hour Kitchen Timer
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Note to potential buyers... Do not immerse the probe into water ie when washing as this damages the probe and the readings will go west. Water will get into where the cable joins the probe, clean only with a damp cloth, so therefore not suitable to be submerged in any cooking liquids etc I use 2 of these one in the joint of meat and one to monitor oven temp as I have been slow cooking joints of meat chickens etc in the oven at low temp ie between 60 and 70c for 5 to 6 hours, kinda sous vide stylee without the need for a water bath. Great results so far...


No it doesn't- the wire is thin but really sturdy- it works really well


Would the wire not crimp with over door closed anyway ?


Note to self- idea for new "Should have gone to Specsavers ad" Doctor confuses this with rectal thermometer with hilarious results....


Not a bad price.nyou can also get multi probe thermometers. Great when you have a few meats on the BBQ that you need to monitor.

3 x Batchelors Bacon Super Pot Noodles 75g £1 @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
3 x Batchelors Bacon Super Pot Noodles 75g £1 Heron Foods. 40p each if purchased individually. Tesco price 2 for £1
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I find these leave an oily residue in my mouth. Tasty enough though :)


Excellent find, I like these, very apt user name to go with these, lol.

Tescos Sweet chilli chicken Stonebaked Pizza 38p @ Tesco Royston
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
plenty left when I was there - just being put out at midday.

none at royston last night


£1.50 Purley


Yeh I confused the job seekers woman and the fat fighters woman (fierce)


I mean, wrong show but ok.



Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl  for £25 (with code) @ Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Currently at £30 but if you apply the code BIGTHANKS, you can get this quality vodka for £25, which is a fantastic price. Got myself one.

Guess who didn't scroll up (embarrassed)


Ignis French Grain (Lidl, well-reviewed and has won a few awards, £14.99/70cl) is worth a go if you don't want to splash out on Grey Goose. My sister's the vodka fan in our family and she buys it instead of GG sometimes.


Good price at 30 quid even better with the discount code hot deal Just in case any of you aren't aware- I wasn't until about month ago- LIDL do a premium French vodka for about 17 quid- it's a complete rip off of GG even down to the bottle. However it has been consistently rated higher than GG in independent taste tests. I've tried it and it tastes really good to me but then again I'm a career tramp who lives in skip


Nice one. Used my £6 credit also so £19 for me.


Just tried again, worked this time, a bottle of Red Berry Ciroc on its way.

Morrisons Cook In The Bag Garlic & Herb Whole Chicken 1.6kg online only £1
Refreshed 19th MarRefreshed 19th Mar
A great deal if you're doing an online shop. Checked in store this morning and they're scanning at £4. Hope it helps someone. Two flavours : Garlic & Herb & Pork Sa… Read more

Reminds me of the old age question : Which came first the Chicken or the cancellation Email (excited) (excited) I’m off to write a strongly worded letter to my MP This would never of happened post Brexit.


They removed mine as well and I informed them as it was their pricing mistake they have to honour it. Waiting for the manager to ring me back. I’m going to put something on moneysavingexpert.


Just wrote a letter to the CEO, see what he says, be right back with the answer


Write to David potts CEO, its their problem


just received email to say it was an error and removed the chickens from my order

Birds Eye 12 Chicken Dippers half price £1 @ Tesco
08/04/2019Expires on 08/04/2019Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Dippers formed from chopped marinated chicken breast coated in a light batter, prefried Not bad for a quid. Apologies for the £1.50 earlier & now £1.25 in the post, someone e… Read more

Ok, however without being pedantic it doesn’t say ‘next best price’ though and far be it from me to tell any of the mods on how to run this site, but wouldn’t it be easier to explain albeit write this instead of the way it is? I reiterate it’s somewhat confusing as in this particular post after the description, price, where from etc it merely says “£1 then £1.25 crossed out 20%” no explanation whatsoever and obviously I wasn’t the only co fused member. When I’ve posted a deal it doesn’t let you post/add it unless certain criteria have been met, such as dates, category, however I’ve never filled in the aforementioned box and it’s let me post with no issues.


If you look through 'Hot' deals you'll see that every thread (where applicable / possible) has the 'Next Best Price' visible. It's possible you just haven't noticed this before, but that box has been there for a fair few years We encourage the OP of the post to add it themselves but if they don't, once it has gone hot a Moderator will add it. We don't add it to every 'New' thread as it may not actually be the 'best price' that an OP has posted.


Ok, however I reiterate that this is obviously confusing people and are you intimating that I need to add this to every deal as there’s been no issue until now. Obviously by your input you’re inferring that I’ve made some form of mistake, however I’ve added many many post and never had an issue despite never including this information, is this a criteria I have to abide by in the future


When you are submitting there's two price fields:-


Ok however why put it in the heading and with no explanation, coz it makes no sense to me or other members, surely you’re just confusing them no?!

Heinz Balance Cream of Chicken Reduced Salt Soup 400g 39p @Poundstretcher
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Dated 03/2019 so clearing these out. Our Classic Cream of Chicken Soup made with 25% less salt and no added sugar. Perfect with warm crusty bread.... Pack Size: 400g No a… Read more

Nice with a good pinch of salt


Don't buy it, simple.


well if you rub them quickly ......


25% less taste (highfive)


It always confuses me with the word of "of". Cream of Chicken, Cream of Tomato, Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Asparagus. None of those things have cream in them.

Costco Chicken Bakes instore for £7.99
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Nicest snack ever? Probably... You can buy these (cooked) in the Costco canteen and they are delicious. Be aware that they're huge and not exactly healthy! These are frozen to co… Read more

Correct.quite a lot of people think it’s all bought in already made.most of the stuff we make on a daily basis is prepared at 4 in the morning(cafe,bakery etc)for opening at 10


I picked a pack of these up today from my local Costco and can confirm my earlier comment about them not being the same as the cafe supplied bakes but what I didn't know and actually seen happening today was the cafe bakes are hand made and filled / rolled up in the store by the cafe staff.


Look greasy from that picture. I’ll pass.


Ultimate hangover stodge.


The chicken meat smells in these. How on earth can ppl say these are nice.

Peperami Classic Beef 3 x 20g pack with 5g of protein per stick 60p online and in store @ Sainsburys
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Peperami Classic Beef 3 x 20g packs are 60p online and instore at Sainsburys - 20p each. Same 3 pack is £1.59 in Asda and £1.50 in Tesco and £1 EACH at Musclefood. My little boy … Read more

Disgusting things. Slimy and greasy and "off" tasting.


yup they taste like poop! i shudder at the thought of how these are made, they actually taste like plastic


Great price. Was about £1.60 odd in Asda today.


These are rank, pork is way better

Monster munch beef 98g 59p home bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th MarFound 17th Mar
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Om mon mon monster munch! Always loved these. Beef is best. Pickled onion is a good second.


oooh favourites (y)


This is a “monster” of a deal, literally! (y)


Yep best monster munch flavour, pickled onion comes a close second ;)


Best flavour

Aldi Carlos Deep Pan Pizza 3 Cheese / Pepperoni / Meat Feast 79p each @ Aldi
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
3 Cheese 405g Pepperoni 400g Meat Feast 380g
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Cereals are fine. Wines good. Crisps fine. Fruit and veg ok but they dont tend to have a good shelf life. Steak is fine. The only thing I really tend to avoid are the cooked meats


Thanks it's new to me,I'm a carer at home so I haven't got much time out of the house,so thanks for the tips


The things I buy from. Aldi are usually the mixed peppers 700g , if you can find the biggest Bananas they are 13p each so you get them cheaper than the standard 72p per kg in other supermarkets and there margarine blend 1kg for 1.25 is cheapest apart from the one in farmfoods but that's no good as it doesn't melt. And there chips are good prices aswell.


Has anyone got any tips regarding good stuff at Aldi,ready meals or anything else that you rate?


0.79 £ 0.85 £1.98 per kg. They are usually 85p just got this from Aldi website

Richmond 8 Thick Pork Sausages. Half Price Was £2.00 Now £1.00 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Half Price Was £2.00 Now £1.00 8 Thick Pork Sausages We love to chat Follow us Twitter and Facebook Our Own Irish Recipe Our special Irish recipe is made with the subtle flavours … Read more
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that 42% can also include fat and tendons so its less than 42% actual meat


These are pretty terrible. Denny's and Cookstown (if you can get them) are the better makes. (Good ol' Norn Irish sausages).


8 Sticks of yuk No thanks


Wow Enjoy all 42% of that meat.


I prefer all sausages to be boneless!

Nice and meaty! Saver Subs £3.29 - Hot Dog & BLT @ Subway
16/04/2019Expires on 16/04/2019LocalLocalFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Terms and conditions Available until 16/04/2019. 6" Subs. Not valid for any extras. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts
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Yes, but it's more expensive to order it the other way. Cheaper if you ask for the saver option. At least that's the case in the Subway location I went to earlier.


BLT?? So Bacon basically, lettuce and Tomato are the salad which you can get on ANY sub.


Subway doing hot dogs now? Desperate times...


Woah 70p jump from old price ...

dgp Super Stress Busting Sausage £9 Prime / £13.49 Non Prime Sold by MoMo Gifts Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Features & details Get your stress out & hands on a big juicy jumbo sausage! Squeeze it ! Stretch it! Squash it! Novelty Gift

It’s double ended.


Might buy that for my secretary but think she may take i the wrong way


Hes lying. That was.a chap down the road i heard


I suppose big is relative after all!


My wife uses my fat sausage to relieve her stress........ (lol) (lol) (lol)

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