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Tesco pork mince 10% fat 850g £3
22/01/2019Expires on 22/01/2019Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Offer valid from 02/01/2019-22/01/2019.
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10% fat is still too much.


Load of mince!

Heinz Beanz and Pork Sausages 400g 50p at Asda
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Spagetti and sausages also this price and also Heinz flavoured beans

No mention of science... (y)


1 case out of how many is not science dude lol.


CRUK... 'nuff said. My Nan lived to 96, her diet? Daily bacon butty, proper butter and 20 a day.


Too true there Joja, but I found recently that the Aldi tins are a pain in the hoop to open as they are not ring pull openers and the rolled edge of the tins are not compatible with the mass of mechanical tin openers (so much so i sent them a complaint about them after buying one of their tin openers which turned out not to be able to grip the rim :( ). So proceeded to destroy the tin with a conventional opener :) You`re right though, they do taste better. Incidentally Lidl`s beans & sausages have ring pull lids.


But not as good as Aldi which cost 40p standard price so cold from me

Sainsbury's British Pork Sausagemeat - 400g 50p
LocalLocalFound 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Spotted Sainsbury's pork sausagement, previously £2 per pack. Shelf edge label says its £1 but checkouts have it down as 50p each. Purchased a couple this morning in Bishop Auckla… Read more

Have some heat, I should have posted this as Ibought a couple this morning in Brentwood Sainsburys. Had loads on the shelf all dates 28/12. Also picked up a couple of fresh extra small turkey crowns, all 75% off.

(Dewsbury) Anyone on Universal Credit - Free Turkey Crown + Pigs in Blankets and a Pork Pie @ D Jones Butchers, West Yorkshire
LocalLocalFound 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Just seen on Sky News, apologies if posted already. A West Yorkshire butcher is offering free Christmas dinners to people struggling with delays to Universal Credit payments. Dav… Read more
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So glad to see that Britain still has some compassion and kindness left. Well done!


I think HUKD is more about the banter than the deals. :D


In informal writing, there is no rule for first words of your sentences, you can start with every possible word you can imagine. However, in formal writing, coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) are disapproved as sentence starting words. Last I checked a forum is generally informal. But good attempt at a cheap swipe :D (y) Just saying (lol)


If the corps put in their fair share as we're all asked to do, then it wouldn't be a problem with pensions etc being paid out I believe.

Tesco 8 Pork Loin Steaks 1.08Kg £5 each or 3 packs for £10 Online/Instore
LocalLocalFound 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
Thought this was a decent deal, especially if you take the 3 packs. Works out at a tad over 40p per steak (41.67p to be precise) if you do. All the packs in my local Tesco containe… Read more

The finer points of a pork chop..............


I don't know where you get these ideas from! I am more than old (and qualified) enough to know the difference, and there are lower welfare standards in Denmark than in the UK. There's nothing special about Danish pork in terms of eating either.


New to Tesco so only just discovered it. Searched and not on here so posted it. A deal is a deal no matter how long it's been going on for if it hasn't been posted on here in my book. But each to their own...


Same offer on at Asda too and more different lines to choose from


PMSL Danish pork products have ALWAYS been better than British products - that's why they usually are sold at a premium price. I suppose if you are a teenager or in your twenties you wouldn't realise this fact. Us oldies know which food products are better & from where. I'm not too fond of too much pork so i won't buy them unless hubby forces me to. Yes been 3 different ones for £10 for ages.

2 Packs of Heck Sausages 97% Pork £4 @ Tesco also Chicken Italia
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
97% Pork Sausages What the heck shall we have tonight? Buck up your mealtime ideas online at www.heckfood.co.uk For inspiring recipe ideas, go to www.heckfood.co.uk Juicy, l… Read more

Some of the varieties are. Others about 85%


97% pork? Are they heck.


Flippin heck Tucker


£2 a pack at Sainsbury's I think it was both chicken and pork.. definitely chicken because I bought some.


The chicken ones are great! :)

Tesco Roast In Bag Whole Chicken Pork Sage And Onion Stuffed 1.5Kg Only £4 @ Tesco
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Fresh class A basted whole chicken, with a pork sausagemeat, onion and sage stuffing
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it's Red Tractor - so British chicken


I don't mind a Vietnamese bird ;)


so... same price as the Aldi equivalent I bought last week then


Are these from Vietnam? Tesco are using Vietnamese chicken in their sandwiches and ready meals. It says 'Produced in the UK' but that could just be the production of the meal.

Pork Crackling Joint 1kg Half Price £2.50 @ Tesco (from 21st Nov)
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
1 kg pork cracklig joint with sea salt. Was £5 now £2.50. Instore and online from 21st November.
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Got this last time round and was ok, nice if you don't want a big joint.


Correct but this is leg, albeit with palm oil on it.


Cold! Why the hell did they use palm oil!!! INGREDIENTS: Pork (98%), Sea Salt, Palm Oil #NoPalmOilChristmas #SaveTheOrangutans www.change.org/nopalmoilchristmas


Shoulders are 2.49/Kg at Aldi, standard price,


Might pig out on this.....

Counter Tesco British Pork Leg £3/Kilo
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Not as good as recent half price offer, but cheaper than prepacked stuff in store and ok for £3 per kilo (y) Online and instore until the 20th November.

Found the stoner


Picture makes it look so unapertising.


I'm still getting through my 26 joints I got at £2 a kilo a couple of months ago, but heat added


Thanks, OP, appreciate the post! This was so tasty when I tried it at half price, that I am adding it to my order now, for delivery in time for lunch tomorrow!! (y) Available in sizes from 0.8kg to 2.4kg. I got the biggest size last time, and froze half.

Pork Shoulder £2.50kg from Morrisons Instore
LocalLocalFound 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
Could only see it instore and not online. Prefer getting it instore as at the butchers counter, they will remove the rind and retie it for me. Great for pulled pork done lo & … Read more

That's exactly how they are when they are running round the fields, didn't you know? :3



And I love you too, you're just so versatile! From Crackling to Ribs, steaks to bacon....... Yummy


Crackling Deal!!


Shame not available online. Good deal though

Offer - Asda fresh pork shoulder £2.65kg
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
Amazing deal! Fresh pure shoulder joint from Asda. Responsibly sourced. Freshness guaranteed. Usually well over £4.00 per kg. Can be stewed, microwaved and deep fried. Grab y… Read more
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If The "butchers selection" is meant to be a sign of quality it must be a sign for poor quality. On it's own website many of the BS products only manage to score 2.5 out of 5 stars. They also list mince containing almost 20% fat which must be a sign of good quality mustn't it?


I beg to differ. Most pork these days is so lean that it can turn out pretty tough if roasted. Try instead a slow roasted stuffed shoulder like this:: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2604640/slowroasted-pork-shoulder-with-leeks-apricots-and- Butterfly the joint first so you can get lots of stuffing in and then roll it up again. Yes it's cheap which means you can get a bigger piece which you can roast slowly for several hours at a low temperature. And make sure there's plenty of fat on and in the joint! This is rendered down by the slow cooking and you end up with a very tasty, lean and succulent meat. Then spend what you saved on a good bottle of wine to go with it!


Picked a nice piece if pork shoulder from Morrison's today £2.50kg, not stated as organic or any of the nonsense in the OP. Not going to microwave it(sacrilege) going to put it in the slow cooker with some wonky veg around it.


Remind me not to buy from Abel and Cole either then!!! ;)


"Organically produced." ??? We've got an ASDA employee trying to get a promotion on our hands lads

Heck Pork Sausages/ Heck Italian Sausages £2.00 was £3.15 at Tesco
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Don't often see these reduced to £2.00. 97% meat content :)



You really need to sort yourself out. We expect more of you!


Since the 10th of October, but I have only just seen it. Sorry for not posting on the day it went on offer.


They've been £2 for yonks.


Normal price right?

Burns Dog Food Sensitive with Pork Adult 15 kg £25.99 (minimum spend £30 + £5.99 P&P) @ Approved food
Found 22nd Oct 2018Found 22nd Oct 2018
Seems like a good deal for Burns. Selling at £45.00 + everywhere else I have seen. Approved Food usually sells products that have gone past their best before date but the date on t… Read more

Sensitive dog food with maize as the second ingredient. And only 17% meat. Wow. That's terrible quality food. Burns has always been over priced. https://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-reviews/0008/burns-sensitive-pork-and-potato But voted hot for the price


Exactly - Precisely the type of food my dog (with Autoimmune Bowel Disorder) must avoid! :-(


The mod added the min. spend details. As far as I can see, it's only £22.50 min. spend but maybe I missed something? "There is a £22.50 minimum order value on any grocery order. All orders are charged a minimum delivery fee of £5.99 for your first 25kg box (dependent upon location). For more information about our grocery delivery services, please visit our 'delivery' section." It also says "limited to 25 per customer" on the Burns product details.


Excellent price. Shame it's only one per customer, could have got two to beat the £30 minimum spend. :(


Not sure pork will help dodgy guts.

The Snaffling Pig Co Pork Crackling Assorted 6pk £1.25 @ Fultons
LocalLocalFound 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Found in my local Fulton's for £1.25 (29/12/18) selling for a ridiculous £10 each on their own website Https://www.snafflingpig.co.uk/products/piggin-multipack-of-joy Love the f… Read more
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I love these. Having about 3-4 packs a day for the last month which explains my expanding waistline... They go down nice with a beer or two.. Hot. Kindest regards


They were on offer in Sainsbury’s.....


You can get them online (y)


My partner loves these! Don’t have a Fulton’s near me.. I bought him the advent calendar in Sainsbury’s though


Sniffled em online ?

Morliny Smoked farmer's sausages 100G £1 Tesco
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Great price for a full 22 slices of Smoked Famers Sausage. Perfectly moist. Beautiful in a fat sandwich

Mathiesens smoked sausage (usually a quid in supermarkets) sliced up and stuck into a tomato sauce (tinned tomatoes onion garlic mixed herbs etc) with pasta and some garlic bread, makes a cheap supper dish for a family. Not sure about this stuff mind....


Surprised (or not) to see what some people would actually call a sausage... I have never seen proper sausages in any western european country. British sausages are a joke, how can people eat that crap and enjoy them. You'd have to be looking for at least 160-170g of meat/100g of finished product to start talking about sausages.


120 g -100g for Polish or 70% to 85% for any other.


It's not a deal because its always £1. Also £1 at Sainsburys and Asda


I have eaten this last week - very nice.

Linda McCartney vegetarian 1/4 lb pulled pork and mozzarella burgers £1 at Asda
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Linda McCartney vegetarian 1/4 lb pulled pork and mozzarella burgers £1 at Asda usually £2/£2.50
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Prefer the real thing to these tbh... I made some last weekend in the microwave for my dinner party, and they didn't go down well with guests... I also served Richmond's which were extremely well received.. Kindest regards


Agreed. It's probably Jackfruit or soya, but not exactly pork is it. Winds me up.


Ye I love the mozzy ones, not tried the pork cos they're never on offer, thy still £1.87 in my Morrisons


More marketing nonsense. How anything can be described as pulled pork when it quite clearly isn't is one of the mysteries of our time.


I really like the mozzarella ones but I wasn't keen on the pork ones. They're quite a strong flavour.

Richmond 12 Thick Pork Sausages 681G HALF PRICE £1.50 @ Tesco
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
12 Richmond Thick Pork Sausages only £1.50 at Tesco until 30th Oct
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These are 14% pork... Yummy nonetheless... Kindest regards


Poor dog!


Fry gently in a little olive oil, until well coloured. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Feed to dog.


These are filth. Had one bite once and threw the pack away. Even if they were £1 i wouldn't buy them. However, they are popular, so people do enjoy them and therefore I voted hot.


Does make you wonder what the other 58% of the sausage contents are, doesn't it? (shock)

Pork Trotter Pillow - TIGER ORANGE 60CM - £15.32 @ GearBest
Found 6th Oct 2018Found 6th Oct 2018
If, like myself, you've been hunting for a good and apparently 'skin friendly' pork trotter pillow then have I got a deal for you. 'Tiger Orange' as all the best port trotter pill… Read more
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It would be ideal for Hallowe'en, maybe just me? I think it looks creepy (shock)


Can't beat pig themed stuff... cheap prayer mat here: Prayer mat


Whatever that photo is of underneath the top of the pillow looks very rude I must say (cheeky)


Stay in bed grandad



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