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Half Price British Counter Pork Leg @ Tesco Was £4 per Kilo, now £2 per Kilo
09/10/2018Expires on 09/10/2018Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
From Sept 19th until October 9th. Online and Instore.
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just purchased. thanks for posting this deal.


To be honest, I actually thought i'd put it in the title. I've changed it now. (y)


Thank you got mine today sweet and sour pork tomorrow and two joints for roasting all for less than a fiver like others have said this is on the counter you might want to add that next time OP ?


I went to purley branch they had 4 only at the butchers counter there are 2 left


Yes counter pork only. Even better really as I got the butcher to cut the large joints on offer into 2 person size joints so saves me a job! Heat added.

Asda Pork Loin Steaks - Pack Of 4 - £1.50 @ Asda instore only
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Unsure if this is an in store deal, because I can't see it on the website, but I bought a 4 loin steak pork pack for £1.50 today, I thought it was a great deal.

Great news! These are also vegan friendly.


Does it comes with Asda warranty?


No vegans around tonight?


Bargain! I'd do a pork stew with them (y)


Full receipt reads, cheese, apples, pork, a stock cube, some whipped cream, vaseline, and a massive bouncy castle :o

Curry Bockwurst (Smoked German Pork Sausage In Curry Sauce) With Extra Curry Powder And Serving Fork, 220g, 99p @ Lidl
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Part of their Alpen Fest range . Saw this advertised on the Lidl UK Facebook page earlier, really not my thing but boyf would like this (yuck).
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Currywurst news for any Weegies reading. Boyf loves kebabs and also wanted to try this Lidl Currywurst (haven't been able to get to bigger Lidls today). Saw this article about a new German doner restaurant called Döner Haus on Facebook https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/special-features/attention-kebab-lovers-heres-you-15152406 Apparently it's in West Nile Street and serves genuine German Currywurst. Boyf is itching to go :)


It's okay as a city centre store, but Govan would be a huge trek for me. From what I gather, these small city centre "mini-Lidl"s are quite rare. My nearest two are Duke Street or St Rollox. When Jamaica Street first opened they did try to accomodate the weekly specials but it was pretty clear they just didn't have the store space - they stopped stocking them after a few months.


Absolutely terrible store.usually go to the one near the hospital at govan.always got loads and staff are very helpful


Lol, very clear (skeptical) and seeing as it not Colne Lancashire, I wonder if you know what or where it is! Surely when people refer to a city they write it as it is write Cologne, or Koln as Germans refer to it as, and not Colne. :/


If your local Lidl is Jamaica Street, Glasgow, they don't stock it (they don't do all of the Lidl specials). Bah!!

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Pork crackling advent calendar £14.99 / £17.98 delivered @ IWantOneOfThose
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
I admit I do love pork scratchings but I dunno if I’d be happy to receive this as my advent calendar and I think my husband would be annoyed with the crunching. 24 packs in 6 diffe… Read more
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Well, a ketogenic diet is used as treatment for some diseases like epilepsy... but I don't think pork crackling would make it on the NHS guidelines!


Or those wanting an early heart attack


Sounds like a balanced healthy diet :o


no carbohydrates lots of fat

20 pork and chilli sausage rolls 400g @ b&m - 50p
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Spotted at the b&m app so assuming nationwide, imo even at full price these are a good buy. At 50p I wish I had a chest freezer
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They are the same as bnm own heron


Got some from Heron(same shop really) a couple of weeks ago, really nice and spicy! I keep looking but not seen them since

Pork Farms 4 Mini Pork Pies HALF PRICE ONLY £1 @ Tesco
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
100% British pork Pork pies - seasoned pork baked in a hot water crust pastry Ready to eat
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Guys bear in mind pigs eat anything including their own poo, it scientifically proven that it is the dirtiest animal


They would be fine in a pinch of course, but I promise you decent pork pies are available in M&S and Waitrose. I just wait for the M&S ones to be reduced right down to 20p or whatever and freeze them!


A good pork pie is near impossible to find at the supermarket these days. "Melton Mowbray" has lost all meaning when it comes to quality unfortunately, so these ones are probably just as good as ones three times the price. Not that that means they're good but at least they're cheap.


26% pork XD You truly get what you pay for when it comes to a good old pork pie.


Are these the low calorie ones?

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£1 Morrisons Large Pork Pie & Egg 440g
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Pork and Egg Pie,also Plain Pork Pie for a quid.Normally £2.15 Nutritional Data Typical Valuesper 100gper 1/4 pie (110g)%RIyour RI*Energy1450kJ/349kcal1595kJ/384kcal19%8400kJ/200… Read more



Truly Disgusting Would Not Give To My Cats


Pork pie also available for the same price.


Extra Dunlop star I think.


Sick eeww

Licence to grill! Save 1/3 on BBQ meats: 4 x 6oz burgers (£4) and 6 x bangers (£1.66) on Ocado
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
My absolute favourite burgers and sausages on 1/3 off - enough for a few hungry guests to the BBQ this weekend. Both are a fair bit bigger than your average offering and meaty too!… Read more

Licence to Grill meat? Makes sense you need a license to do anything in this country


That’s true (lol) was thinking of Waitrose. I’m Post nights & not with it


Ocado don't have stores?


The pic looks fantastic. I'm sold (highfive)


Is this also in store? If so, will go purchase. Seems like good price

Pork Fillet Trimmed £4.99 KG @ Morrisons
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
A nice piece of pork fillet, well trimmed, just need to remove silverskin part if you prefer it without. usually £7.50kg , I use this cut in Fatty's slow cooked on my smoker but … Read more

I BBQ'd two of these at the weekend and they were delicious, only got one piece as by the time I’d messed with the bbq my guests had scoffed the lot. I put mine in a food bag with some dry rub for 10 mins, sealed them over the flames on my weber kettle bbq, then left them over indirect heat for about 10mins till the internal temp got to nearly 70oC. Sliced and served :-) Gives even a novice BBQer a bit of a wow factor for your guests.


Cheers guys, interesting idias to sex up a lovely tender fillet which would perhaps be a bit bland served up solo. Nice prune/ apricot suggestion too. May just try a couple on the coals this weekend as currently a bit steaked out after 3 Aldi Wagyu rib eyes yesterday (were amazing btw). However, as always, be on guard for the "Sous Vide Brigade" who will no doubt put in an appearance here shortly in an attempt to convince all that it is a good idea to take an already beautifully tender fillet, bung it in a bag and slowly boil it for half a day before slapping it onto a pan / hotplate


Preheat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Use a sharp knife to make 4 or 5 slashes along the pork fillet. Mix 1tbs Hoi Sin Sauce and 1tbs Black Bean Paste together in a bowl and marinate the pork in the mixture, getting it right into the cuts. Put the pork on a baking sheet and roast in the oven for 20 mins. Tender, moist and tastes delicious.


Never heard of bacon fattys before. Streaky bacon? Think I'll stick to my oatmeal and onion, or dried fruit (apricots and/or prunes) stuffing.


I use these pork fillets in bacon fatty's on my ProQ bullet smoker at 225F but can be done on a BBQ using indirect heat method Get a pork fillet and put in a zip loc ( 2 bottom corner ends cut off to let air out) medium sized bag and bash it with a tenderiser or rolling pin to flatten it into a square shaped piece of meat. Add a layer of sausagemeat (cumberland sausage is good) then a filling of whatever you want. I choose something like roasted red peppers and 4 cheese blend or apple sauce and feta cheese. Roll it over in clingfilm so it looks like a giant sausage then add it to a bacon weave and roll it over again. Takes about 6-7 hours at 225F can be cooked faster on a BBq but just make sure the internal temperature is at least 180F These can be done with any filling ( doesn't have to be pork) poultry, breakfast ingredients scrambled egg, black pudding, Thinks like sundried tomatoes and chorizo all add flavour. Basically whatever takes your fancy

Sainsburys taste of summer pork kebabs
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Down from £3.50, pork kebabs with bbq glaze, 4 skewers 348g, great on the grill, also beef sweet chilli Kebabs down to £2.00 from 3.50, bought instore

Cheap for a reason,try Aldi for a change,let me know how you get on....


halal kebabs?


I tried these a few weeks ago! Bloody awful in my opinion.. pork has no flavour and very dry by the time they are cooked 👎🏻

Eastmans 4 pork pies 85p @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Eastmans Deli Pork pies

These things are not worth 85p they're vile


Tesco Bad


They are in all today's papers advertising them


On Mysupermarket they are showing out of stock


Not available

Morrisons Large Pork Pie 440g £1 at Morrisons
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
Percy pig wrapped up in pastry - yummy! There's Percy pig and egg pie as well at the same price.

Morrison's pork pie at Iceland? Somehow, I doubt it.


The Percy + egg variety was included in the original post. Must have been modded. Why?????????????? Percy + egg reinserted in OP. Mods should stick to eating pies and stop interfering :)


Same price at iceland guyssss


Although they have been this price for a few weeks now doesn't harm to bring to everyone's attention. They are not bad at all and I think they do the same but with egg in.


Who doesn't love a pork pie....? Meat! I mean heat......

Large 440g Pork and Egg Pie at Morrisons for £1
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
What can I say....man-sized pie and a pint to celebrate....... Oh, hang on, we lost! Never mind.....this'll keep 'til Tuesday. Back to the deal....next best prices I could find … Read more

This is very true


These are hot or miss, they really are. The last 2 occasions I experienced the good and the bad, the first time, I actually had no yolk, just a slice of egg white. (annoyed) the second occasion, I had a full egg, smack bang in the centre, bright yellow yolk like it was an organic free range egg, unreal, a bit of egg with every slice (y) Threy are always nicely baked crust and for £1, it’s certainly worth buying, you’ll pay double if not treble that from the deli section for the same thing


I tried 1 of these a few weeks back went in the bin as it was disgusting.


Mmmm if a pork pie isn't up to scratch on the taste front I usually find a huge dollop of Branston pickle sorts it out!


I'm somewhat of a pork pie connoisseur, I haven't tried this one out yet. Tesco finest Melton Mowbray are very good, as are their snack pork pies actually. Marks and Sparks snack pork pies are not very good at all, although their mini Mobrays are darn tasty. Forget ASDA, they don't even do a half decent pork pie for love nor money. Even their finest ones are just plain bad. I'm not aware that Morrisons do a decent one, but don't quote me on that. Although Morrisons Apple and Pork Scotch eggs are very tasty indeed - let down only by the odd grisly bits, which is a shame because they're very nice. Although I'd take the Pepsi challenge with Tesco finest Scotch eggs against anything; certainly well deserving of their 'finest' branding

Iceland deal - Fresh pure pork sausages - £1 for 8
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Fresh pure pork sausages from Iceland. Usually £2 elsewhere. Can be pan fried or microwaved. Serve with chips. These are really juicy and contain the freshest ingredients and l… Read more
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Hopefully he'll gorge himself on terrible sausages and wait for the inevitable to happen to his arteries (lol)


Did he "get his coat" finally ;)


The OP may not hate himself but plenty of others do - he/it is a HUKD troll (now suspended).


The OP is bit of a nomarks.


Very true.. I can't argue with that! I guess it's all relative to the bland veggie stuff out there... Kindest

Cheap fresh pork loin £4 per kg @ Morrisons
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Usually for 5.50, now £4. Fresh lean cuts. Morrisons. Online and in store.. Thanks
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I had some of this today, made as a kebab on BBQ... Was amazing.. All I did was dip it in oil, skewered it and sprinkled some salt on it.. Highly recommended


Yes, but doesn't mean to say people don't need advice on what to do with the meat once it's purchased. Thanks for your input nevertheless.


This deal has ended.


This can also be deep fried whole. Tastes like crispy southern fried chicken.. similar to KFC Thanks


Fishy pork, bacon, chicken etc was because the animals were kept on fish meal too close to slaughter. Poor management = poor end product.

1.9kg British BBQ meat pack £10 instore @ Morrisons
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Always try to buy British and with the recent lovely weather this seems very decent for what you get for a BBQ. Instore offer only until Sunday 10th June You get - 900g chicken… Read more

If it is cooked properly at the right temperature everything will be fine.


It's dead whether you sit down or not!


Fear not. Several animals died here, not just 1.


virtue duly signalled, sir.


They previous £10 deal what was beef or pork .I agree this one today is a poor deal

Gloucestershire old spot sired pork and sage sausage £5.99 per kg @ waitrose
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Was £7.99 per kg now only £5.99 per kg. For those of you who were snooty about the cheap and cheerful post of 3 packs of sausages for a quid I thought I'd share this.... Remember p… Read more
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Back up to £7.99 per kg now, according to the website.


These are very nice sausages, so as they have been kind enough to send me a load of £8 off a £40 shop, these will feature in my basket tomorrow.


I don't consider myself a sausage snob but even I wouldn't eat Richmond Sausages as the fat that comes out of them when they are cooking is ridiculous and they have that soft stomach turning texture about them. But I suppose if push came to shove and I was skint and needed to put a meal on the table for my kids I probably would serve them so maybe we should all think ourselves extremely grateful that we are in a position where we can look at a deal and go nah no thanks i'd rather pay more when some people don't have the choice


So the Old boy had a bit of heritage whilst the mum was just some random, unknown pig? Nice. Also, for some reason the word sired is not one I want to think about in conjunction with sausage, and certainly not when it comes to dinnertime. As for the Richmond sausages, I wouldn't be buying them no matter how cheap and how poor I was.


only 90% pork that just wont do heat added (cheeky)

wikinger smoked pork sausage 200g home bargains  99p each or 2 for £1 instore
LocalLocalFound 29th MayFound 29th May
seen at both Derby stores nice with noodles pasta pizza sandwiches and in a curry or chilli

Who doesn't like having their sausage smoked.


If you ever have a chance to see a mechanical recovered meat machine working, Don't! It's the most disgusting thing you'll ever see and it can't be unseen. It's bad how much of it ends up in our processed foods.


You should know


Don't these have mechanical recovered meat? the Matterson ones don't. Yes bit dearer but sometimes on offer


This noodles pasta pizza sandwich, is that available at Subway..? Seems a bit carb heavy.

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