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Updated 9th NovLast updated 9th Nov by bozo007
Hi all, looking for a good deal on a 4tb hard drive for my Raspberry Pi and laptop. Been though some listings on Amazon UK and eBay but wanted to know if anyone could point me to a… Read more

There was a 5TB deal on a Western Digital portable drive recently. Check if it is still available.

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Updated 15th OctLast updated 15th Oct by m1keyp1key
Hi Guys - We’re due to go on a caravan short break and I would like to get a retro gaming console to pass a few hours (used to love playing things like Pilotwings 64 and Mario). … Read more

Not with Ps/Nintendo/Sega on it which is what you were originally asking. You can get mini consoles from Sony, nintendo and sega with x amount of games on them, but you'll only get the games that come with them which is very limiting.


Pandoras box is probably the closest to what you're asking for but i'm pretty sure it doesn't emulate up to n64. Raspberry pi 4 i think is the best solution. But you'll need to purchase multiple parts and download a games image. Once you've set it up then it becomes plug and play. If you have a laptop and want some arcade games to play then just download coinops diamonds as that's amazing. The only other thing i can think of is a handheld like the Anbernic RG350M and the place i saw it advertised says it comes with a 64gb fully set up sd card but as to whether that means just emulators or they have filled it with games i'm not sure.


Maybe I’m not understanding this right, i was hoping for like a Unit (similar to the old days of a mega drive), that you just plugged into the TV?


do u have a laptop u can download emulator and games roms


This has a link to a good package that will run off a laptop with loads of games.. you just run it..

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Updated 14th OctLast updated 14th Oct by adamnsu
Hi, There was an amazon deal that was take off. I want to buy this product just for retro gaming. I wondering if buying either is a good and cost effective idea or should I wait?… Read more

Anyone know why the Raspberry Pi deals are being removed from HKUD. Someone tried posting it again this morning


I've recently finished downloading [512gb]-Retro-Bliss-Revolution.Pi.4.RE-LOADED.Playbox.v1.5-4.5.18-VIRTUALMAN and now have to decide whether to bite the bullet and buy a Pi4 4gb and a 512gb card for it. Ultimately I'd like to build a home arcade machine with a cabinet from eBay, an old monitor/DVI tv and some quality arcade buttons and joystick. Not sure if this would be within my abilities, though, both in terms of RPi/Linux and crimping wires etc to connect the hardware to the RPi.


Thanks (y)


All I can say is it was my first go at hardware and I really enjoyed building my retro machine. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply. I am still in two minds as reviews say the casing is fiddly. I am not bold when it comes to IT assembly.

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Updated 12th AugLast updated 12th Aug by E_T_C
looking for 3 cheap HDMI 19inch Monitors... for raspberry pi setups
hi im looking for 3 hdmi monitors if anyone can help as there are so many out there and if you can advise on what is a good bracket to buy for them that can be maneu… Read more

This is what I use and it works very well on HDMI to VGA. It can be cheaper to buy the Raspberry Pi, SD Card, and case etc in separate parts just depends what you require and if you can wait for delivery. Main thing is a 2 amp Power supply, good quality Micro USB cable and decent SD card.


thanks yeah that would work if i go that route because the raspberry pi kits on amazon are £59.99 now and last year i only paid around £40 for the pi3 b+ and thats why i hoping to spend low on the monitors, i just always get stuck on the brackets lol


19" monitors are usually dirt cheap to buy because nobody wants them. You often see them for less than £20 on gumtree/ebay. Trouble is, very few have HDMI inputs. One option you might want to look at is using HDMI to VGA adapters https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-VicTsing-Converter-Desktop-Streaming-Black/dp/B016I341IY I use one for a 19" monitor on a HP proliant microserver and it works brilliantly.


I found this Samsung S19C450 but not sure what wall bracket to buy and not sure I can connect raspberry pi to it without it being hdmi!


Thanks for reply and it's a shame it's not hdmi as it would of been great

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Updated 6th JunLast updated 6th Jun by m1keyp1key
Which raspberry pi should I get?
Hi I am making an arcade machine with my son and am wondering what the best raspberry pi to get for emulators. I am a complete amateur at this so any help would be gratefully recei… Read more

pi4, 4gb. the problem is the lack of images at the moment. the 3b+ has loads of amazing images. the 4 hardly any although dz is working on a 512gb one.


Cheers mate very kind of you and it’s really appreciated


I'll dig them out later and send them over.


Yes I’d really appreciate that thank you.


If that's the sort of thing your going for I'm happy send you my plans for it.

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Updated 30th MayLast updated 30th May by Nilshah
Hello new raspberry pi is in the block, 8gb version. More info can be found here https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/8gb-raspberry-pi-4-on-sale-now-at-75/

£74 includes 20% VAT thanks to our gov, US has zero to very minimal tax depending on state and online vendor.


Can someone explain plz how on earth $75 equals £74 !?!?! (confused) Not to mention export costs to US vs ship locally in mainland. (shock)


Agree, and I have 4 Raspberry Pis. I tried using my 4GB pi 4 as a sub when my main PC died and it was a horrible experience. They are oversold as desktop replacements by some people but they are nowhere near as powerful and their SD card access rates are poor. At this price point they are encroaching cheap used Intel machines (when you add in the cost of a case and PSU and storage).


As I say too expensive, raspberry pi was always about cheap easy accessible computing not 75 quid plus with more memory to tempt you to spend more


Link to £32 RPi 4 4GB? Price seems to have gone back to RRP everywhere.

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