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RASPBERRY PI Base Plate 3 Model A+, Cortex to 1.4 GHZ, WiFi 5 GHz £17.98 Sold by DA TECH PRO and Fulfilled by Amazon Prime / £22.47 NP
Posted 13 h, 57 m agoPosted 13 h, 57 m ago
Cheapest I can find. Spend an extra £2.02 to get free delivery. Brand name Raspberry Item Weight 40.8 g Product Dimensions 9.6 x 7.1 x 2.7 cm Item model number 1811853 Series RAS… Read more

The 3B or 3B+ are the ones to go for if you want to use it for retropie. Loads of excellent pre-made images available and play around with to customise or you can download base images to set up yourself, but I would recommend downloading and playing about with existing images first to get a feel for the setup. Price wise this deserves heat, but pay a little more to get the 3B/+ if you want to use it for retropie.


3D Printing + Raspberry Pie?, lol, that sound's interesting ... Do you happen to have the schematics for that, by any chance?, or ... thanx. Also, out of interest, what version of Pi are you currently running your 3D Printer thing on?.


Not sure why this has "base plate" in the title?


Still has bluetooth, just half the ram and fewer ports.


They just say the 3 since it's the same SOC regardless, just half the RAM on this, still more than enough for emulating all those old games. Only need the 1 usb for controller, Micro SD still onboard for putting retropie and all the roms on. I should also say the B+ would be best, Just the B was the first RPi3 and has a slightly lower clockspeed on the cpu. 1.2 instead of 1.4GHz.

Raspberry Pi 3: Learn How to Create Your Own Projects with Raspberry Pi - Kindle Edition now Free @ Amazon
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Posted 6th OctPosted 6th Oct
Who wants to have a bit of fun with the Pi - here is a decent kindle edition book to help you with it. The print edition is £7.99 so feels like an okay saving here too. Descripti… Read more
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Read this earlier when it was free. Definitely do not spend any money on this book. 20 minute read and doesn't tell you anything that you couldn't get from a raspberry pi website.


£2.23 now.


Thank you OP, nice find!


All I want in to listen to some music from the Network NAS on my Pi 4 Desktop Kit (annoyed) The Pi 4 can't see anything on the network! (mad) I really HATE this Linux (poo)! Anyway thanks for posting OP. (y)


Thanks. Will take a look

RASPBERRY PI Base Plate 3 Model A+ £18.25 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime - Sold by COSSuppliesltd and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
One for the geeks. This is the cheapest I have seen this model and with free Prime delivery too. Delivered price from The Pi Hut for comparison is £25.99. Not the newest or most … Read more
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I think the official requirements for the Pi Zero W is a 1amp 5v adapter, and the 3B+ is 3amp 5v adapter. Actual running power is about 300-600ma for the Pi Zero W and about 900-1500ma for the Pi 3B+ (last I remember looking up anyway)


I'm running pi-hole on a Model 2. It's been running without a hitch for a year now, handling both DNS and DHCP. Faster, more private and just generally better. For those of you thinking about getting started: Simple setup guide Good list of blacklists to consider applying + The Antisocial Engineer blacklist Some things you may want to whitelist (including XBOX live achievements)


Anyone know the power draw of this vs a pi zero w and a pi 3b+?


I'm running a Pi Hole on a Pi Zero (non W) with a usb to ethernet adaptor. Has been running for the few weeks it's been operational fine. As Pi Hole is basically a DNS redirector it doesn't need a lot of processing power, though, if you're going to run a personal VPN on it too it's going to direct all your connections data through itself so will probably be a little hampered by the Pi's 10/100Mbit networking (I wouldn't personally run a VPN over wifi though [also Pi 3b+ is ~300Mbits and Pi 4 is around full gigabit]) Good deal for basically a Pi 3b+ if you don't need all the USB and the ethernet (and 512MB of RAM is enough)


Pi 2 running Pi Hole here, only been running a few days but seems to cope well.

Raspberry Pi Zero W Pirate Radio Project Kit £21.66 @ CPC
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Posted 1st OctPosted 1st Oct
An excellent piece of kit, ideal present for someone for the upcoming holidays. Best price I have seen it for, almost half the price of the original site. This pirate radio kit … Read more
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Listen to bit of jumping jack frost (highfive)


He became a has-been once he chose Goodnight Sweetheart's starring role. Very overated comedian. Safe and predictable and low on talent. Only Fools WAS Del boy bouncing off the other characters.


Always wondered what happened to "Rodders" after only fools & horses


Keep it to yourself then, it would probably be reported and deleted anyway!



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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM - free delivery £39.99 @ ebay / norfolksofleeds
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Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
**BACK IN STOCK** An incredibly low price for the 4GB RAM model of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, from norfolksofleeds - an ebay top-rated seller with 13000+ 99.9% positive feedbac… Read more
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Make us a better offer and you have a deal


Is it edible?


It's a single board computer, there isn't anything to take apart.


Home assistant + pinhole doesn’t run smoothly on a zero. Pihole by itself works yes but sluggish on the UI and deff not both. What else are you suggesting an average user runs that requires a heatsink?

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB Board - Free delivery - £33.07 @ CPC Farnell
Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
Pi4-1GB back in stock at CPC with free delivery.

Online reviews and testing suggest that the 2gb version is the sweet spot for the Pi4. But you only really need a pi4 if you are trying to use it as a desktop replacement. My robots, woggle, bubble machine etc all use the Zero which starts at £5


By a pi3 for that not a 4.


In a word. No. The pi4 is not ready for prime time yet. All the gaming software like retropie is still flaky, the cool looking boxes to put them in are not out yet and no seems to have agreed on a gold standard cooling set up for them yet either. Wait until Christmas then look again.


pihole is just a DNS blocker. A Pi Zero is plenty for that.


Not if you don't need more than 1GB though.

Raspberry Pi 10,000 sticker pack giveaway
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Would you like a Raspberry Pi sticker pack? We’re giving away a whopping 10,000 sticker packs to the first 10,000 people who fill in the form. All entries must be submitted by 1 Se… Read more

all gone :(


All packs have been claimed


I'd rather have the original stickers on the original system. I meant sheet :)


ta (y)


Love me some stickers, cheers.

Raspberry Pi 3: New Users Programming Raspberry Pi 3 Guide  Kindle Edition  - Free Download @ Amazon
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Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Paperback is £13.73 - May Be Of Interest For Pi 3 Owners. What You’ll Learn In This Book? Raspberry Pi 3 Basics Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi 3 Setting Up Your Operating Syste… Read more

Yes I've expired the post Thanks :)




You can use one to repurpose and old (or new if you like) monitor in to a smart mirror. Just Google rpi smart mirror.


So many uses: https://www.ubuntupit.com/20-best-raspberry-pi-projects-that-you-can-start-right-now/


What exactly do u use these for? Never used one and I’m interested

11% off a £19.69 spend @ Pimoroni  (excl P&P & Raspberry Pi)
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
"Fifty years ago today, the Apollo 11 crew and mission control were just about to take their Saturn V module into lunar orbit and were about 200,000 miles away from earth! We're c… Read more
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Interesting how they've increased the postage from £2.99 to £3.25 today.


I'd settle for free delivery to be honest. Although one of the last pimironi sale had 20% off and I snagged a raspberry pi 3b+ in that so here's hoping.


Sadly they don't seem to get reduced until a new one comes along (https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/raspberry-pi-3-b-last-generation-at-pimoroni-3259890). You could look to see if any kits or bundles with a Pi 4 in gets reduced?


Dam it. Was excited until I seen it wasn't for the pi 4. Been holding out on buying one until a sale comes along.


Good but not applicable for pi 4!

Raspberry Pi 3 model B - 1GB RAM QUAD Core 64bit CPU 1.2GHz Wifi Bluetooth - £22.99 delivered @ eBay/norfolkofleeds
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Not much you can add to this - amazing little machines, you can do so much with them. Buying more as we use it to run a MagicMirror and our friends keep asking for their own. Reme… Read more
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Can this be used as a thin client? Wondering if I can use to to work from home. I use a browser to connect to my work VDI. Usually use either chrome or internet explorer. Any info would be highly appreciated. If it is possible, should I got for this or the pi4?


Heat just for the magic mirror... Want to make one of those myself. Two way mirrors seem expensive though. Pi ordered anyway... Magic mirror or Plex server... Hum too many choices :)


That's and also the guide that you used to instal this. That would be amazing, thanks.


Whats mirror glass / film did you use ?

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (last generation) - £19.50 / £22.75 delivered @ Pimoroni
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Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Pimoroni are selling the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for less than half the price of Amazon! The Raspberry Pi 4 has just been released however this has plenty of power for lots of applicati… Read more

Yeah back to oos :(


Out of stock during checkout (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Looks like there's 1 left!


I think it might be back in stock.


Finally ordered one of these, does anyone know what the best OS to install is if I want to connect it to my router and TV to use as a pihole and a media server?

The Officlal Raspberry Pi Magazine is FREE to download
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
The Officlal Raspberry Pi Magazine is FREE to download
A timely reminder with todays release of the PI 4 that the latest issue of The Magpi and all back issues are FREE to download...........you only pay if you want to buy the paper ve… Read more
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https://camjam.me/?page_id=623 I bought one of these £8 which had the essentials.


Where's the best place to get a starter kit of components [power supply to breadboard, wires, gpio headers, resistors etc]. Like an all in one kit for not a lot of money. Would save me time instead of ordering loads from ebay/AliExpress individually


Thanks for that. I didn't realise it was on top of Raspian so I might as well have a mess around. I haven't got a spare TV or monitor so that's main reason I've not done it but I guess i can just hook it up to my TV to test ?


I think it is meant to run fine on 2 and 3, in the end essentially it is just displaying a webpage. If you read online there are people installing it on zeros, although I suspect more limited in terms of display and number of modules. However, its a one line install and installs on top of Raspbian so you don't lose anything by trying. When it installs it asks you if you want it to autostart via pm2 - if you are testing it you could omit that. I didn't do a mirror because its an old monitor I had lying around so the bezel is thick, because Mrs TN wanted photos, and because I'm an ugly sod who seldom looks in the mirror. However, its a cool concept and my next one will probably be replacing one of the mirrors in the bathroom and mirrored.


What's a raspberry pi?

Raspberry Pi 4 B 1GB £34 + £2.99 p&p ThePiHut
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Brand new raspberry pi on market from today, has 1,2 or 4 GB ram. The price is for 1gb version. 1GB -> 34£ 2GB -> 44£ 4GB -> 54£ Plus cheapest p&p 2.99£

4GB back in stock at pihut


Does this work well as a plex media server? Heard differing opinions on it, especially for transcoding


Seems I will wait for a revision to this new PI... as the USB-C port is out of spec and non compliant


Anyone know where the 4GB one is in stock


Awesome so go for the 3B+ then :) thanks bud

New RPI4-MODBP-1GB -  RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B, 1GB  from £33.07 @ Farnell Element14
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
New RPI4-MODBP-1GB - RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B, 1GB from £33.07 @ Farnell Element14
New model out One of the worlds best selling pc’s now billed as a full desktop replacement. Available with up to 4gb ram https://betanews.com/2019/06/24/raspberry-pi-4/

Anybody had delivery of the 4gb version from CPC? Mine is still showing as backordered.


Horses for courses. Pi's were supposed to be for hacking around with and learning computing on first and foremost.


The bottleneck I find for desktop replacement is storage medium as no SSd. Wish they had provided 2 extra usbC port instead of usb2


I'm glad you edited that comment to make less sense at what you were disagreeing to (confused)


Try motioneye, bit more user friendly and seemed to work a bit better

Amex Holders Only: Raspberry Pi  3 Model B+ With Case £14.90 + 22 Amex Points (£40 for non Amex holders) from Amazon (+ £4.49 Non Prime)
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Amex Holders Only: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ With Case £14.90 + 22 Amex Points (£40 for non Amex holders) from Amazon (+ £4.49 Non Prime)
Thanks @littleickle2 for posting the code here: hotukdeals.com/vou…313 If you have an amex card connected to your amazon account and there are some points there there is a chan… Read more

"I did not have sockets with that woman" as President Clinton almost said.


I tried a Pi Zero W once a while ago, but I didn't inhale...


thanks worked for me.. super cheap!!


Not for all Amex cards.


Wow. Offer of the year. Got one ordered. Thanks VERY much indeed.

20% off FLIRC Pi cases @ ThePiHut - FLIRC Raspberry Pi Case £12 / Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case (v2) + £2.99 p&p
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Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Grab 20% off the FLIRC range of Raspberry Pi cases! (both standard and Kodi!). Features: The Flirc case (Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 3B+) was designed to not only be functiona… Read more

Is that really a fair comparison though? They’re quite a bit different in price. I use 2 of these around the house connected to a central kodi library and it works really well. Inclusion of CEC so the tv remote controls it makes it very seamless. Only downside of the pi as a kodi box is its inability to output HD audio if you have remuxes.


I HATE this about mine. I have to get a blade to sort of pick at the surface of the card to pull it out of the slot. Could just stick a bit of tape on it as a tab I suppose, but it's still annoying. A little recess so I could pinch the end of the card is all it would take.


It would be good if they re-routed/covered the ports the same way the RetroFlag cases do. The little MegaPi case is great because of that: it routes the power, audio, HDMI and ethernet to the back, 2 USB to the front and covers the other 2 USB and SD in hatches at the side - Even includes a safe shutdown and reset.


Merkins and their aluminum upto no good!


Basically they're knocking the p&p off. I do love a good deal but it smacks a bit when they slap on p&p. I know it's not free to send stuff but it still hurts my wallet.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ £28.35 -  Sold by DA TECH PRO and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ £28.35 - Sold by DA TECH PRO and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ The dual-band wireless LAN comes with modular compliance certification, allowing the board to be designed into end products The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+… Read more
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Now £28.09! Veritable bargain :-) Or - £27.53 if buying from Amazon Warehouse!


Thank you for the post just ordered one. Purchased a 128gb retro pi image from eBay and hope for of the more demanding games work on this as struggle on my Pi2 .


Can't comment about cool things, but the most practical benefit I've found of the Pi is to use it as a PiHole. This basically turns the Pi into a local DNS server, which blocks undesired web traffic, while accelerating desired traffic. You get faster web browsing, with ads, tracking, malware, and various unwanted service providers all blocked. It does take a bit of work to get it running optimally, but it's worth it. Looking at the info panel on mine, it's currently blocking 60% of DNS requests, with no loss of desired functionality.


Wow like Mario or contra.. Pretty good


You know you can use this for retro games, media streaming and other things right? :D

20% off official raspberry pi cameras = £19.20 + £2.99 Delivery @ Thepihut
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
20% off official raspberry pi cameras = £19.20 + £2.99 Delivery @ Thepihut
£22.19£248%Thepihut Deals
Flash Sale! Grab 20% off the official Raspberry Pi camera! (both standard and NOIR). Discount ends at midnight on Friday 10th May, or when our stock levels run dry - whichever is … Read more

Yes it does.


Cheaper on amazon with Prime https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raspberry-Pi-1080p-Camera-Module-x/dp/B01ER2SMHY


Does it work with motion eye?

10% off £20 or over at PIMORONI
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
10% off £20 or over at PIMORONI
INGGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Until midnight Monday 6th May, you'll get 10% off when you spend over £20
Read More

This is amazing, thanks for bringing this site in to my life Haha. Awesome. Heat!!

Hackspace Magazine (Raspberry Pi) issue 18 FREE download
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Hackspace Magazine (Raspberry Pi) issue 18 FREE download
Edit: All magazines available here: hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues (Credit and thanks: @Heavy_metal_man ) This issue is a Special on space, includes building your own satell… Read more

Wow thank you for the links (highfive)


https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/ You can download the Raspberry Pi ones there https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/ and the game magazine ones there.


All of the magazines are availible for free on their website https://hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues

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