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8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller for Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam & Raspberry Pi (Gray Edition) - £34.92 @ Amazon
01/09/2021Expires on 01/09/2021Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Quick mode Switch at the back, no need for combination buttons to power on extra 2 pro-level back buttons which can be easily … Read more

I ended up swapping in some dark purple buttons (from a cheap snes reproduction) into my pro + along with tightening the trigger springs and using the button rubbers which are also more clicky Good controller overall. Among my favourite but the xbox series x has far better sticks & triggers and the ps5 controller is the most ergonomic and comfortable.


It's a good controller however I ordered this thinking I could change the button placements for PC. It turns out you can't as the A,B,X,Y buttons have different shapes (lol) I still love the controller and it works flawlessly on PC, thanks for posting 😃


I would consider an upgrade from the Pro+ to Pro 2 worthwhile personally. Quite a few differences if you watch the comparison video. Main ones for me being the customisable buttons on the back and the easy switching between profiles which can all be configured via the mobile app wirelessly. That's a big enough reason for me to upgrade - maybe not for all (y)


the pro+ and pro 2 have 95% ofthe same features and you absolutely should not upgrade from the + to the 2 if you want he handles and have the pro then either the + or 2 will be a change (not sure if it's an upgrade - they're all good controllers)


Yes, that's why I said SN30 Pro is pretty much the same as the Pro+, with the obvious difference being handles. Otherwise pretty much the same thing. Either way, I think this Pro 2 is a worthwhile upgrade from either the Pro or Pro+. 8bitdo naming conventions could ready do with some work lol

Free Udemy Courses: Arduino Build Robot ARM, Python 3, Autodesk, Photoshop CC, Excel, Meditation, Memory Improvement, Public Speaking & More
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Have fun learning !! [Highest Rated] [12h 57m] Arduino Build your own Robot ARM with Voice Recognition Code=5FBAF39747404549C9E5 1 Day left at this price ! [4.4] [1h 47m] Body… Read more



Usually by the time you’re interested in them they are three versions ahead and the course is obsolete.


Thanks for update. Have removed it


I'm so determined to own every course on udemy


Can't get any of the vouchers to work, but thanks anyway

Raspberry Pi 400 (Barebones) UK Layout, only £58.07 delivered - *Edit deal still active* @ OKdo
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Great price, saving an additional 10% (until midnight) on their already competitive priced Pi 400. Perfect for a Pimiga build, or any other old skool computer. The Raspberry Pi 4… Read more

From what I remember it literally is a barebones box no leaflet no seals anyway. If the port works and the sheathing can be bent back into shape then it's worth considering although I understand the principle of buying something new you don't expect any physical flaws.


It was unsealed with no instruction leaflet so possibly a return… Hopefully Okdo CS is decent.


looks like the metal got bent, if you have tweezers just straighten it out


If you have a pc already, I'd just get a 4b, install kali or whatever flavour of Linux you prefer and go headless. I echo some of the other comments, I struggle to see a big market for this. Almost everyone has a computer, and keyboards are so much clutter. The beauty of raspberry pi is they are so easy to ssh or vnc into and take up so little space. Would be good if you could use this as your main keyboard then switch to the OS when you need it, but even then it's not as pretty or functional as a mechanical one. That said, I think it's cool they created it. I could see this as something you could use to get your kids into Linux where they maybe only have a laptop or tablet, and you don't want them screwing with your pi.


Definitely...was the box damaged or looked like it had previously been opened? Get in touch with OKdo for a replacement

Raspberry Pi Pico – Board Only £1.80 + £3 delivery at Pimoroni
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Cheapish Pi Pico. £1.8 + £2.50 p&p. Raspberry Pi Pico is a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces, built on silicon designed at Ra… Read more

What do you mean?


Also looking forward to the RP2040 IC being released by itself. There’s at least one ESP wireless add on card now, and the Adafruit DVI/HDMI add on will be in the UK soon too.


are you sure your not fraudster ? the only person with ANY youtube videos on this topic you are spreading disinformation if you telling everyone there are loads of videos by different people...a simple search on youtube or google proves my point


I don't think anyone claims that its a solid and stable emulator. It's just an exercise for the fun of it, plenty of that going on. Those demos from the same person are very impressive because every time he makes a video, he has different age, appearance, accent and even language.


the moral is, there are people deluding you, just for their 5mins of fame a) the beebem emulator doesn't work very well, even on the rpi4 b) the demos you describe are all from the same person c) there is no evidence from the demos that the screens were from the pico how would a few minor makefile mods allow this poorly running emulator work on an underpowered microcontroller ? look at the attempts people have made to try to get beebem working on a full fat rpi4...and failed

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10" Picade retro gaming arcade machine - includes screen, excludes raspberry pi £180.50 + £2.50 delivery with code at Pimoroni
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
10" Picade retro gaming arcade machine - includes screen, excludes raspberry pi £180.50 + £2.50 delivery with code at Pimoroni£183£22519% offPimoroni Deals
Pimoroni are running a 20% promo over easter and everything excluding boards are included in the deal. I've listed my favourite item as the deal, but there are plenty of other barg… Read more

My second arcade following my Picade experience, which was an awesome lesson in itself. My latest build I'm making for a mate named A. Penman... He asked me to just build what I thought would be personal and user friendly. Obviously it's not finished software wise especially but I'm making sure he gets his moneys worth!


I bought one of these a couple of years back and couldn't recommend it enough. I wanted a little arcade machine but I didn't want to have to build one, just wanted to stick a raspberry pi in a pre built enclosure, I'd only just got a raspberry pi reluctantly but realised they were good after all! I found the only way (at the time) I could get one that was compact enough was to get a DIY kit which I saw as a compromise. The kit is simple enough to make in a night (or two) but difficult enough to give you that feeling of accomplishment... Keeping in mind I didn't want to have to build one as I was only interested in having a ready to go machine - once I'd built it I felt I had the confidence to build my own from scratch. Now I've got a hobby I'm really glad I started! The next one I built was barely more in cost, considering it is full size, it took a lot more thought and care though. I've recently finished one for a mate too. So yea, although I think this is a bit pricey, I wouldn't know what I know now without it! Would I go back and change my decision to pay for this kit? Hell no.


Must be able to as i've got it as an option


Just download a RetroPi image, as they have all the games included and just burn the image to a quality micro sd card (SanDisk /Samsung) using "Etcher" which is a free download


Can the pi run shaders? I’m interested in these or building my own but if it can’t run graphicsshaders then it’s not for me.

ModMyPi Raspberry Pi 3 Head Case - Cheshire (Project Case) [discontinued] £6.39 with P&P at Thepihut
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
ModMyPi Raspberry Pi 3 Head Case - Cheshire (Project Case) [discontinued] £6.39 with P&P at Thepihut£6.39£16.9962% offThepihut Deals
Fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+/2/3/3B+ Will fit RPI 4, but with modification to input ports. Since the case is quite tall, it might be possible to fit an SSD at … Read more

It's gone out of stock now anyway. To be honest, looked like a bit of a ballache constructing it anyway.


In the spirit of hukd! a good price or at least a reduction! I don’t need this product so would be happy to add another product to get better value!


At the Pi Hut? Only about 7000 💸


Are there any other products worth buying to benefit from the £2.99 postage


It's the same product isn't it but without postage?