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Yumello Smooth Almond Butter: Vegan Friendly, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar, No Palm Oil, 230g - £3.95 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
Made hot 23rd SepMade hot 23rd Sep
You Save:£1.04 (21%) Good reviews and read about this today when researching healthier snack options :-) ALL-NATURAL NUT BUTTER – Our Smooth Almond Butter is made with just a han… Read more

Was merely trying to point people into a cheaper way into eating better . Buy according to your budget . I’m more Aldi than Ocado .


Ok you got me beat .


Mine arrived today, delicious. Left it in fridge to chill then it spreads really nice on wholemeal toast. Nice post-gym snack.


I tried a couple of variants of Yumello based on great reviews here. Pretty disappointed with the taste and texture. Very gritty in a cloggy way and taste was not great either. And cost was significantly more. I wouldn't recomend this crap to anyone. Stick with Whole earth or Pip n Nut. Excellent texture and taste.


How do they source their almonds?

Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter, 1kg - £2.60 in-store @ Sainsbury's, Irvine (Scotland)
Made hot 22nd SepMade hot 22nd SepLocalLocal
Noticed this in my local store (Irvine), great price! Bought 2 and was a good few left. Says clearance so perhaps Nationwide?

Spot on. This stuff separates and needs stirring when opened.


I got one of these for the first time recently, what I'd suggest is first time you open it keep the bottom firmly on the worktop. There's a lot of oil on the top and coated my worktop.


Wow good price


I was thinking just that lol (party)


Absolutely a bargain if you can get it . Thought£3.99 a kg at Aldi was cheap .

Meridian Peanut Butter Crunchy or Smooth 100% Nuts 280G - £1.25 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco
12/10/2021Expires on 12/10/2021Made hot 21st SepMade hot 21st Sep
1/2 price offer from tomorrow which runs until the 12th October :) Meridian Peanut Butter Crunchy 100% Nuts 280G Meridian Peanut Butter Smooth 100% Nuts 280G

This comment used to be true, but there’s loads of quality, pure, palm oil free butter now. We have changed to the one, it’s great and comes from Yorkshire! https://propernutty.co.uk/


Oil separation occurs with many of the 100% peanut peanut butters. Try storing the container upside down so it mixes in more. If you don’t like it buy ones that have it removed and palm oil, sugar, salt and other gunk added - as long as you have no qualms about contributing to the destruction of the habitats of orangutans!


This stuff tastes like 'grey' . I don't know how else to describe it, had to check I didn't have covid after tasting it - unfortunately I bought 2x 1kg tubs - I can report it didn't get much better and the oil seperation is ridiculous and a pain in the arse. Even when properly mixed it runs off the toast before it hits your mouth, bagels = nightmare


Proper Nutty also on offer which I personally prefer. In store offer tomorrow 22nd fyi Thank you for sharing.


It’s too thin and runny. The oil never mixes in. Nowadays there’s much better alternatives

Flora Original Dairy Free / Light Vegan / Buttery spreads - all in 1kg for £2 @ Asda
Made hot 17th SepMade hot 17th Sep
Flora Original Dairy Free Spread 1Kg Flora Light Vegan Spread https://groceries.asda.com/product/sunflower-healthy-spreads/flora-light-vegan-spread/1000257533227 Flora Buttery … Read more

Most butters are good and if vegan there are olive oil spreads which are also very good.


Which butter/spread would you go for?


If 1kg is too big for you or you don't have a local ASDA the smaller size (500g) is in Morrisons for £1 at the moment. Buy 2 & it works out the same price as 1kg in ASDA.


Sunflower oil is horrendous for you it's full of the unhealthy fat wheres butter has far more of the healthy fat, no agenda I'm on here looking for the best vegan foods for my daughter.


And this doesn't include fat? Methinks someone is pushing some sort of weird agenda here.

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6 X Sun-pat Crunchy Peanut Butter 300g Jars (Yankee Bundles) £3 At Yankee Bundle (Best Before End August 2021)
176° Expired
Made hot 12th SepMade hot 12th Sep
(Mine arrived yesterday, but I purchased them when £4 per case). 6 x Sun-Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter 300g Jars Packed with 96% Peanuts Natural source of protein Naturall… Read more

Yeh, big market for it these days and even more so for the close to sell by


You can sell products that are past the best before date as long as it is clearly stated, you cannot sell products that are past the use before date. Milk you can't sell out of date as it goes mouldy Peanut butter will be good for a long time after the best before date, hence the reason it's still allowed to be sold


Some Chinese takeaways will probably buy it all for making satay sauce.


I'd always assumed you couldn't sell stuff past its BBE date


Glad this is going hot. People are mad! You see the exact same comments in every Yankee Bundle deal. It's a best before date, not an expiry date! When making peanut butter the nuts are blanched, roasted, and ground up at temperatures high enough to kill any bacteria that might have gotten into the raw ingredients. It is then sealed air tight pretty much straight after this process. Peanut butter is also mostly fat which means bacteria generally won't thrive in it anyway, that’s why it has such a long shelf life, even after opening, and why you don't need to refrigerate it. How on earth people thing this product is some how spoilt because it's passed some relatively arbitrary date is beyond my comprehension. In terms of taste and quality, what leads/accelerates degradation is contact with air. This isn't a second hand product that has previously been opened, it is still sealed in an airtight jar, with a secondary foil covering ensuring it has no contact with the air. I would love to hear the logic of anyone who things this is 'spoilt', is 'off', 'bad', 'rancid', or feels this is going to harm them in any way.

Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter 225g - £1.49 in store @ B&M (Walkden)
Made hot 11th SepMade hot 11th SepLocalLocal
Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter. Enjoy tasty Crunchy Peanut Butter from Marmite on your toast. Rich in B vitamins, and no added sugar. Size: 225g (Approx.)

HEAT OP (y) Finally!!! Summat store specific near me.


Smooth version 10p in Heron.


Wow. Butter on peanut butter. That is so crazy but now I've got to try it. My ultimate combo is peanut butter, then marmite (dotted about, don't go crazy, then jam - strawberry, apricot good too, then a very thin spreading of SALAD CREAM. Your welcome.


The Sainsbury's savoury peanut butter was essentially a generic version of this marmite peanut butter in the 1980s.


"Savoury peanut butter" aka natural = all the rage currently and unavoidable. 10x more available than non savoury versions. Thought I'd say cos to me seems you missed erm.