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Looking after our teeth is so vital, so its really important to use the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Check out all the teeth care deals on our dedicated page at hotukdeals.
Looking after our teeth is so vital, so its really important to use the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Check out all the teeth care deals on our dedicated page at hotukdeals.
Looking after our teeth is so vital, so its really important to use the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Check out all the teeth care deals on our dedicated page at hotukdeals. Read more
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I've been advised to try sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste due to stomach pains (I'm not sure how toothpaste relates to stomachs pains but according to my GP it does - any expl… Read more

Thank you


OraNurse is said to be highly recommended, you might want to try that?


Thank you


Not many GPs will prescribe toothpaste as that is usually a dentist's area of expertise. Also it costs the NHS silly money to prescribe certain items so they should be cutting back, bit like prescribing paracetamol that you can buy for like 12p. I'd suggest just looking at toothpaste on Holland and Barretts that's likely the best place to start and you can read people's reviews.


I missed your comment as I jumped into my notifications for this discussion late. Nonetheless, thank you

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I need a recommendation on a toothbrush please. Generally I would use Colagate toothbrushes you'd get from Tesco/Iceland 3 for 99p. I would find they would help clean my teeth fo… Read more

Electric toothbrushes all the way just don’t apply pressure to the teeth as they can damage the enamel / gums just go over them lightly. Some electric toothbrushes have a red light on the back that lights up if you press to hard on your teeth.


Floss, sounds like you have lots of bits between your teeth. Oral B electric and mouthwash too.


Oral B pro 2000 (pro 2) electric toothbrush is a good choice has all the useful cleaning features such as 3D action and a high rpm, but none of the gimmicks like bluetooth. Usually best to buy autumn/winter them when they are half price. The pro 2500 is on "offer" at amazon for £33 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oral-B-CrossAction-Electric-Toothbrush-Rechargeable/dp/B00PIRQEBO/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=oral+b+200&qid=1620812411&s=drugstore&sr=1-2 And currys have the oral-b pro 680 which at least has 3D action at the bargain price of £17 if you can find any stock https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/home-appliances/health-wellbeing/electric-toothbrushes/oral-b-3d-white-electric-toothbrush-pink-10194863-pdt.html


Never eat borbon biscuits before brushing.


And, or brushing too hard.

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Electric toothbrush
I currently have philips sonicare, don't really feel like its doing the best job so decided to look for an oral b! there's so many not sure which is best....dont have a massive bud… Read more

I bought the Oral-B Smart 4 4000N last year, changed from Sonicare after many years. Oral B Power Teen (Pressure Control / connects with Oral-B app / Li-ion battery) is equivalent to it but cheaper. https://www.boots.com/oral-b-power-electric-toothbrush-teen-white-10253439.


Brilliant ill take a look


Brilliant thanks ill take a look


Fairywill having read the reviews on here. So much cheaper and excellent once you've got used to how light and quiet it is. Always had Philips which seem to magically stop working after a couple of years. Bought a separate flosser as well, both from Amazon.


I'm now having to order the kids one each as they are fascinated with it. Another three on order now ;(

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Updated 11th FebLast updated 11th Feb by niconelove
Electric toothbrush
Can anyone recommend the best electric toothbrush around £60 mark?

Oclean, brilliant brush and charge lasts for a good month unlike oral b which is lucky to last a week


I prefer Sonic to rotary tooth brushes. I have an Oclean X pro , £47 from Amazon. Best tooth brush I 've ever owned. Had Philips and Oral B and I think these are better. Hope it lasts as long as Oral B's though.


Oral B works like a charm At least for 2 years without any battery problems


Go for an Oral B one with a li-ion battery like the pro 2 2500 or better. The cheaper ones have poor battery life that only lasts a couple of days.


Grab the cheapest oral-b one.

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Updated 3rd FebLast updated 3rd Feb by KopCity
Electric toothbrush
Hello, Can you recommend me a decent electric toothbrush for around £30-£40 mark, Thanks

Not sonic, seago lol


Our Dentist says you need to massage gums as well as clean teeth and Sonic are good for that. The Oclean toothbrush is more powerful than the Fairywill but both get your teeth clean. When you first switch the Fairywill seems a bit light too compared to Oral B, to me it works just as well.


Thanks, will purchase this


I had a sonic, but didn't feel it was powerful enough, lost the charger so looking for a new one


We've gone Chinese . Had a fairywill ( poor name choice ) sonic for a couple of years . They are good and can be had for £16 or so on Amazon. Three months ago bought an Oclean Z that is Bluetooth and has an app. This is the best toothbrush I have ever had for cleaning , beats Oral B ( had sonic and round one) and Philips. The app gives you a cleaning score , may not be accurate but does get me and OH in competition to see who can get the best score. Can be set to loads of cleaning modes using the app ( see videos on youtube) and they even do one with a lcd screen called an X (£45 ish on Amazon). Never had an electric toothbrush brake down , tend to keep them for 3 years or so then demote to travel toothbrush and try something new. I hope these Bluetooth ones stand the test of time but the more complicated they are the more to go wrong.

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What is the best nononsense Oral B Electric toothrush
Guessing this one Oral-B Pro 2 2500 All more expensive seem app gimmickly, they all use the same heads right?

Yeah I do like the idea of rechargables, lot easier having some ready, I hate bringing in mine finding the charger ect, on;t mind having ym battery charger left it


I have Pro2 2500 and v pleased. It has pressure sensor and quadrant timer that our hygienist advised. Also comes with a CrossAction head which I prefer, imho some of the other heads are gimmiky.


£6.49 oral b battery at B&m etc. Just use decent rechargeable batteries in it does the same thing. Top up batteries weekly and there is no difference ;) experience talking. Mrs got a stand rechargeable thing gifted once and my battery one outlasted it too. (cheeky) Another tip, use a decent cree led and shine into your mouth and use a mirror, it will show up plaque if you look carefully and show where to brush etc. :o you can alternatively scrpe the very visible plaque off carefully with a pointed article of your choice.


Fairywell instead. Great toothbrush, charge lasts forever and get a good clean. Replaced my oral B and have never looked back. Much cheaper heads as well. Sold on amazon and eBay about £20


My old brush suddenly failed so i got the new battery version of the same, instantly felt better (y)