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Dental Hygienist - Did I get ripped off?

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Posted 20th Apr 2022
I visited the dental hygienist for £65/30 minutes session. She asked me bunch of questions, such as if I had any problems with my dental health and I mentioned I had inflamed gums around one of my teeth. I was also asked when I last visited the dentist and I said January 2020. Afterwards, she checked my teeth and said I had calculus build-up and performed normal scaling and polish treatment and then told me I had to visit the dentist so they can do x-rays, etc. I know hygienists spend more time cleaning the gums better than dentists but she did it manually using some tools, whereas the dentists on NHS use some sort of machine to clean the gums. So I'm confused, was it worth visiting the hygienist? Couldn't she have used that machine the dentists use or something?
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    You can't see a hygienest on the NHS and a standard NHS check-up will only do scale and polish if really clinically needed
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    You can but the dentist has to authorize it you cant just ask the receptionist to book you in
    A bit of prodding when you go in for a checkup about a hygenist booking will result in

    1) him/her saying you dont need it and spending 5 mins doing it his self there and then (some dentists do this)
    2) him/her saying yes and on the way out saying to the receptionist the dentist said to book me in for a hygenist
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    Wouldn’t it have been better to have a dental check up rather than hygienist?
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    My hygienist is £60 for half hour. I think it’s worth it. They clean all the stuff you don’t. Mine used like a metal rod to get under all the guns and stuff
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    As Mutley have said a lot have stopped using the ultrasonic cleaner since covid. My dentist told me this was because they charge a £30 surcharge for the PPE and the extra air filtration costs a fortune so most dentists only have it in main parts of the building and not in hygienist rooms.
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    sm969020/04/2022 12:58

    There's an NHS price band breakdown here to show what is included - What …There's an NHS price band breakdown here to show what is included - What is included in each NHS dental band charge? - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

    I didn't go to a NHS dentist
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    hubby's hygenist stopped using the machine to clean his teeth since covid. she uses some pick stick and charges £60 per session.

    my dentist still uses the machine so i told hubby to go to a different dentist but he is too lethargic to move dentist. can't imagine the hygenist is doing any good.
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    I’d say you probably did get ripped off just on the basis that a couple of months ago I went to an nhs dentist who assessed my teeth and gums , gave me an X-ray , corrected a filling and did a scale and polish ( using the machine ) all for £23.80 . (edited)
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    If you've not been to the dentist for over 2 years then that's where you should have gone.
    £65 is at the high end of hygienists, but the money would have been better spent on a dentist.
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    I have a private hygienist, don’t think you can see a hygienist on the nhs… but I pay £67 for 30 mins, so price seems about right. My dentist will give a quick clean on my checkup, but no where near as thorough as what the hygienist does, she does it all manually too
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    My NHS £23.80 section only take less than 15 mins...
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    Considering they need a clean set of tools every patient. Building cost, insurance, staff to handle paperwork, training, insurance plus everything else I think it was sensible money. Surprised they can do it so cheap tbh.
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    Sounds "normal" for me in London. I have a polish and clean appointment every 6 months dog similar price. Prefer to go to hygeineist than dentist as don't want them to count my teeth but just clean them. Every so often they make you do a count your teeth and x-ray thing. Have warned about one of my bottom left teeth to be honest but it is mainly regularly cleaning. My dentist is very central though near Liverpool Street so won't be cheapest place for rent and wages.
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    30 min full clean with hygienist at the dental practice I go to is £65.

    2 appointments during Covid (6 months apart) the hygienist used hand tools due to rules on aerosols, but they've been back to the ultrasonic scaler for a while.
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    Oh you didn’t get as ripped off as I did. £160 for a 45min session. Mind you this is at the Bupa cornhill next to the Bank of England and work pays for it kinda what do I care? But honest to god that takes the complete Michael. (edited)
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