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Updated 7th AprLast updated 7th Apr by thetarget
Weightlifting belt Leather vs Velcro Neoprene
Hi looking at getting a belt and was wondering what people preferred the leather belts or the velcro neoprene ones? Which should I buy

I suppose the velcro belts allow for greater adjustment than the leather belts. Allowing for a more custom fit. They can be more comfortable to wear. Have a look at the following which have a comparison: https://barbend.com/leather-vs-nylon-lifting-belts/ https://noobgains.com/weight-lifting-belt-leather-or-nylon/ and this has quite a lot of info about belts: https://www.aqfsports.com/blogs/news/definitive-weightlifting-belts-guide


velcro wears out over time go with the leather


I prefer leather. I don't know which one you should buy.

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Updated 25th MarLast updated 25th Mar by chellywellie
Available to be delivered at LS postcode area. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8196026 Help to strengthen and tone your whole body with this vinyl set of dumbbells. Whether you'… Read more

I picked mine up today and there’s stuff all over them, looks like sand possibly which I’m assuming is from the inside. Is this normal, or are they leaky?


They say it is permanent price (lol)


I wonder why HDUK do this? Seems strange..


I was lucky to get the 30kg dumbbell set last year still going strong. This 20kg model looks to have been upgraded with textured grip and larger spin locks compared to mine which will massively help keeping the weights firmly in place whilst easy to switch up.


Very good price

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Updated 16th MarLast updated 16th Mar by Pinkgymbunny
Get started on your fitness journey as you aim to tone and sculpt your body however you want to. These anti-roll shape weights won't roll away during sets or when you're storing th… Read more

amazon.co.uk/dp/B08XBG6FVN/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_fabc_F6ZMAWVN8ZVXCKNE1BJR £20.99 delivered for pair of 5kg dumbbells on Amazon, in stock.


10kg pair available for anyone near Anglesey / North Wales


Would have gone for the 10kg pair if they were available. Will keep an eye out for them coming back in stock.


They were a few moments ago


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Updated 24th FebLast updated 24th Feb by dheydl
Our Cast Iron 1" Tri Grip Weights are easy to grip, making weight changes quick and efficient. Available in a range of sizes. Can be used both on and off the bar. Suitable for both… Read more

Mine arrived the other day. For some reason they sent double what I ordered. Poor courier driver.


Any scratches and il be getting compo at these prices (lol) ....jokes! pretty much indestructible these


FYI, boxes were disintegrating before my eyes lol. But the discs were totally fine.


Mine are arriving in the next 2 hours 8x 10kg & 8x5kg.... i dont care if people think its overpriced at the end of the day we can continue to do what we love! And tri grips have alot of uses (y) 💪


My 10kg plates just arrived. Can't believe they came so quickly :) . They look absolutely gorgeous as well. I can also use them for more than stacking on a bar because of the Tri grip.

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Updated 18th FebLast updated 18th Feb by edgeone
Mirafit coloured and splash bumper weights From £69.95 + £4.95 delivery @ Mirafit
Various sizes available for Mirafit coloured and splash bumper plates for Olympic bars. I didn't get the 'back in stock' email alert, which is slightly concerning. Great quality… Read more

Voted hot. I have their crumb bumpers and quality is good. You're not really going to get cheaper at the moment and Mirafit are a decent outfit.


£3/kilo for a pair of 25kg bumper plates from a reputable supplier is a good deal. People compare them to what sand-filled vinyl standard 1" plates from Argos cost about 10 years ago unfortunately. I've got their "plain" bumper plates and they are excellent. This is a very good deal - especially at the moment. The lighter weights are more per kg which is normal.


I've not voted, but some will vote cold because they aren't the price that they were a year ago before the pandemic. Also, asking for reasons why cold votes are given tends to lead to more cold votes, for some reason.


Genuinely interested why the cold. Its really hard to find weight plates let alone bumper plates at the moment.