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Opti Cast Iron Dumbbell Set - 15kg - £28 + free Click and Collect @ Argos
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
* These were out of stock for a long time but I could find some in London Camden, Pimlico, Chiswick, Cowley, Ruislip, and Whitechapel. It seems to be back in stock slowly and hopef… Read more

Everyone thinks you're really strong and brave for posting this


Still available near me (Kent)


Exactly what I'm after and thought these were at first lol


Anywhere got a set of 30 kg (total weight) dumbells in stock that arnt ridiculously priced??


Yes, I still use it everyday pretty much. Technically it paid for itself as my gym froze it's membership (highfive)


THANKS mate!!! I was going to order some early doors tomorrow, won’t bother now and will keep hunting for Argos actual Olympic plates that have been great for me thus far :)


OUR DAILY ONLINE ORDER LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED. YOU CAN RETURN TO CHECKOUT TOMORROW AND TRY AGAIN. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT MOST OF OUR STORES ARE NOW OPEN. ^^^ I get this when I add the product to basket. The checkout button is greyed out. What the heck is that all about?


Very important for everyone to see this. Decathlons bars and plates are not actually "Standard" despite what they say. None of my standard york plates fit on the bars that I bought.


Standard bars are 25mm. Olympic bars are 30mm. Only decathlon sell the 28mm bars so make sure you have one of these if you want the weights to fit on properly.


This can fit argos opti bar right?

5KG Domyos Cast Iron Weight Training Disc Weight 28mm - £6.99 + £2.99 Click and Collect or £6.99 delivery @ Decathlon
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
5KG discs in stock, very reasonable price at £1.4/KG. Shipping options are: - Free click & collect from Decathlon store - £2.99 click & collection from local Asda (per 2… Read more

Out of stock now, but good deal! Thanks @asprin292


Meh! Who takes breaks between exercises? Power though like a real champ! (And whilst you’re at it, sell me all your gym equipment for next to nothing so I can have a rest of between 2-4 mins between each set from the comfort of my own garage!)


Not myself, book a week in advance if youre lucky to even get a spot and they are max 45 minutes session. Take in to account all the time for before and after each exercise cleaning of stations and limited equipment too I think I will have a better session in my home gym. I've already been getting calls from mates but now this has them offering to pay me for use of my gym.


Maybe initially, but I know plenty of people desperate to get back in the gym and this includes people who e spent small fortunes on equipment for home use!


I think the post Covid gym experience will be very different, I reckon a lot of people will want continue to train at home.

Body Power 10kg Tri Grip Vinyl Weights (2 pack) £33.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Finally back in stock! These are big so take that into account. Curling them will be annoying. I personally use mine for a bar and I have a cable pulley that also fits them perfe… Read more

mine arrived today, so quick delivery.


Delivery for me was quick (within a week of order date) when I bought these in May


Hopefully demand will start to reduce, and prices will start to lower - Gyms to re-open with social distancing within weeks / days. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/boris-johnson-reopens-gyms-england-a4493366.html


I got these for £20 plus £5.95 postage last time. Happy with them but be aware mine weren't exactly 10kgs each - one was 9.9kg and the other 10.4kg.


If you're narked about the price now, just wait another 4 months and 3 weeks lol* *can be cut'n'paste into any thread where people are complaining about price increases (apart from the billionaire tax evasion schemes posts obvs!)

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AmazonBasic cast iron kettlebell 16kg £29.99 at Amazon
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
AmazonBasic cast iron kettlebell 20kg £34.99 16kg £29.99 - Both currently in stock Free delivery with prime

I spoke to amazon 16kg & 20kg in stock 25th July


These will go down in price when gyms open back up


Delivery date came as December !...so cancelled it and ordered the 12Kg one .. which should be available at end of July :)


Bit of sellotape, that’ll be fine.


12kg available.

Men's Health Rubber Weight Plates - £23.99 @ Argos (Selected Stores)
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
2 x 5kg for 23.99- https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8368098 2 x 15kg for 59.99- https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8368098 Cast iron plates with a coat of rubber- suitable for Oly… Read more

For rubber coated olympic plates?? - this would be cheap even pre-lockdown. If you are comparing them with uncovered 1" standard weights then it is apples and oranges. This is a great price.


Cold cold cold, 10kg for 19.99


I ordered the 15kg ones yesterday, ready to collect on 11th


Good price but none in stock in any of the stores near.


Thanks a lot. Found a pair of 15kg weights

Mirafit Classic 7ft Strongman Olympic Axle Bar - £99.95 / £104.90 delivered @ Mirafit
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Take your training to the next level using our 7ft Thick Grip Olympic Bar. This black, steel bar comes with knurled grips and a 5cm diameter for increased grip, wrist and forearm s… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

This any good for bench pressing or using on the Mirafit Squat Rack?


Olympic lifts aren't really the same. I wouldn't call them basic, but the standard lifts. Squat, bench and deadlifts, wouldn't use any other lifts.


Yeah for basic lifts, wouldn't want it for any really heavy Olympic work because of potential whick in the bar in the movement.


Would you say it is the best in its price range? https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/weights-bars/bars/olympic-bars/olympic-bar-chrome.html


Check my last comment with all the links

Urethane Dumbbells pair of 42.5KG for £171.94 delivered @ Origin Fitness
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Commercial grade brand new heavy dumbbells(42kg+) at a very good price. Cheaper than most ebay used dumbbells, delivery under £10(free for over £500 orders). Got myself 3 pairs(42,… Read more

Decent price, if you (like me) don't need them this heavy just don't buy them! No comparison to adjustable dumbbells. I've got some lighter (Taurus TPU) ones from Powerhouse Fitness on pre-order (they have all the sizes in 2.5kg jumps to 50kg) but their 47.5s are £219 - can't tell on quality but the build looks very similar. these things are never "cheap" - I've been collecting odds and sods whenever I see it from ebay and online retailers using money from ebay sales topped up with what I've saved while the gym is shut.Got a much better home set up than pre-lockdown. Good deal OP - less than £2/kilo for rubber dumbells is great value, and I prefer this form factor to the Hex as the dumbells are shorter.


Ha ha,I wasn't after your personal stats fella, I was just pointing out that not everyone will be able to workout with 42kg dumbbells after 2years of lifting. I started aged 45 and don't think I'll ever be using 42kg dumbbells.


I guess I could go with my personal stats: I am 30 and building size overall (Pre-lockdown I was 98kg or 15 stone 4 lb). I generally do 45 Kg 8 reps 4 sets of flat bench with dumbbells. I am a natural lifter of 7 years and I workout 3 times a week. I felt obliged to point out that 8 reps is doable because people always assume that 40kg+ is elite level when it isn't most average guys can acieve that through consistency.


Sweeping statement, there are a number of variables to this, 1.How old you are 21 or 61, 2. What you are try achieve, packing on bulk or lean muscle. 3 Wether or not you are a natural athlete or you have to work at it. 4.At what time/point in life you start lifting. 5.How much time you can dedicate to it.


8 reps of 42.5kg dumbbells is definitely doable for a natural lifter after a 1-2 years of lifting. From what I have seen adjustable dumbbells only go up to 41kg max(I have 24kg and 40kg versions) hence the need for standalone dumbbells. I understand that for most gym goers spending 500 quid for 3 pairs of dumbbells seems like too much money. It depends on your priorities. If you are serious about lifting and cant wait for gyms to be opened, i don't think this is a bad option. Now I have got enough kit in my garage gym that I will probably cancel my gym membership when gyms will reopen. Not saying that it will save me much money long term but sure will be more convenient and less time consuming. I would imagine gyms to are going to more busy than ever when reopened with social distancing and pre-booking rules. If you are looking to buy dumbbells above 42kg, it will be expensive. Especially now while gyms are shut and home fitness equipment is overpriced. Currently I believe this is a best price you can find for those dumbbells in UK which includes delivery but totally appreciate that most people would rather wait for gyms to be opened.

Men’s health EZ Curl weights set 35kg - £59.99 @ Argos + free Click and Collect (Limited Store stock)
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Cast iron easy curl set post code dependent



Never bought anything so quick in my life, how do you add heat? New to the app


Legendary! After selling my weights at the beginning of lockdown, I really needed this deal, just nabbed the last one in Torbay store (y)


Checked yesterday, none in stock near me. Checked again at 7am this morning and ordered for collection from 4pm today (y)


Stock check says zero stock in UK

20 kg AmazonBasics cast-iron kettlebell - £34.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
20 Kg kettlebell sold and dispatched by amazon. in stock. Free delivery.

As someone who has NEVER worked out, I would just like to state that 20KG is rather heavy. If I don't die from a heart attack or stroke first, I'm hoping this will help in some way.


that was quick :D


Now lol


anybody knows when they might be back in stock?



Domyos Kettlebell 8 KG £14.99 @ Decathlon - free Click and Collect / £3.99 delivery
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Developed by our design team specifically for cross-training, this 8 kg Domyos kettlebell allows you to combine cardio training with muscle strengthening. Offering a complete worko… Read more

Great thanks, 10% via complete savings too (y)


Thought it was an Amazon echo (lol) :p


Calm down, Swoldilocks


There's definitely some on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kettlebell-Cast-Iron-20kg-Free-Delivery/392849147744?hash=item5b77a24760:g:lNYAAOSwgPhe19yF&var=661744581334 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kawmet-Cast-Iron-Kettlebell-20-kg-Black/324203451903?hash=item4b7c0815ff:g:KpgAAOSwFAZe7Jlz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-20kg-Cast-Iron-Kettlebell-Home-Gym-Fitness-Crossfit-Weights/114273435525?hash=item1a9b3a3f85:g:BFcAAOSwAhxe8MV7 Or a competition style 20kg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-20KG-COMPETITION-STYLE-KETTLEBELLS-Crossfit-Heavy-Duty-Fitness-Training/193519505732?hash=item2d0ea95144:g:E~8AAOSwrc9e57yp and 24kg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-24KG-Heavy-Duty-Performance-KETTLEBELL-KETTLEBELLS-IRON-CAST-Fitness-Workout/193519508136?hash=item2d0ea95aa8:g:mWIAAOSwxjRe572b A 20kg one on Net World Sports (wouldn't be my first choice for KBs, admittedly): https://www.networldsports.co.uk/metis-neoprene-kettlebells-4kg.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6PD3BRDPARIsAN8pHuEnq4HTakYWNABvv0W2Txa4h2Fu4oM3X28mQTU8vWrSvXpItpi4gOYaAnu_EALw_wcB


Anyone come across stock of 20kg and 24kg KBs?

DOMYOS KETTLEBELL 12 KG - £22.99 with Click and Collect / £27.98 delivered @ Decathlon
72° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Developed by our design team specifically for cross-training, this 12 kg Domyos kettlebell allows you to combine cardio training with muscle strengthening. Offering a complete work… Read more

Grabs a couple, rare as hens teeth atm, cheers


Just split those ones




I've got a 12kg and 18kg from sweatband.com, the 18kg was £36.99 with free shipping which is a bargain IMO Currently OOS but both will be back in on 31/07 apparently: https://www.sweatband.com/dkn-12kg-vinyl-kettlebell.html https://www.sweatband.com/dkn-18kg-vinyl-kettlebell.html


Given the lockdown prices almost everywhere, this is a great price per kilo Amazons own, Decathlon and argos seem to be the only ones online I can find that have regular prices, getting hold of stock is another matter

Aldi Cantilever Weights, pack of 4 £59.96 at Aldi (instore or +£6.95 online)
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
The cantilever weights are now back in stock if anyone still requires them. The weight per corner is approximately 14kg.
Get deal*Get deal*

Ahhh great idea! (y) - a full square metre (ish) of base to sit the weights/slabs on, rather than relying solely on that inch of metal frame! (highfive)


I used some decking wood. Placed it underneath so you can't see it and connected it all with eight m8 bolts. It works a treat. I did it in a square shape.


bizarrely, the homebase parasol base doesn't come with the necessary bolts


They look more practical too - same weight but only when you fill with water, and they hook together - as another poster mentioned, if the wind blows hard and the parasol shifts it can dislodge a single weight or two off the 1 inch cross frame and it's bye-bye parasol (lol)


Picked up something similar at Homebase for £50. https://www.homebase.co.uk/homebase-60l-quarter-parasol-base-set-of-4_p542738

Bowflex 2-24 Kg SelectTech Dumbbells (Pair) £449 @ Fitness Superstore
-411° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Expensive but finally in stock for a pair Best known adjustable dumbbells that’s been out of stock for ages They have the 41kg available as well for £699

Don’t buy from these crooks. Preordered the 25kg one. Waited 2 weeks and after several emails a group of us on here had them the orders cancelled. Terrible service from Sports Direct


I’ve expired as oos


This was one of my concerns before I bought them, but to be be honest I dont find it a problem. At the lightest weight you are still lifting the full lenght handle, but there are very few exercises that will be close to the body at the low weight where it will matter, and when you increase the weight on normal dumbbells they become a similar size. At the top of a shoulder press, they are are maybe a little wider then a spindle bar, but if you really need to you can twist your wrist a little to get them closer (y)


This kind of set up does sound appealing ie being able to dial the weight you want but in reality I think the size of the weights are too big (more like curling 2 barbells).


Yes, but that's still 50 quid cheaper than this for 12.5kg extra on each dumbell. Thought I'd been clear but I've now reworded my post so as not to confuse.

Men’s health weight bench and 50kg weights set £129.99 C&C - Selected Stores @ Argos
322° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Postcode dependent About this product The ultimate workout package. This folding workout bench can be used in so many ways with four back rest positions. It all adds up to make th… Read more

Firstly, current prices for home gym equipment are massively over inflated, wait a few weeks and prices will drop like a lead balloon, eBay will be flooded with bargains as people go back to the Gyms, secondly everyone who knows anything about weight training will tell you cast weights are the affordable way to go, they will last a lifetime and if needs be you will almost get your money back should you wish to sell on.


Slight exaggeration, these won't crack or "turn to dust" if dropped. This is a great set if just starting out, don't listen to the negative Nancy's.


Do you even lift bro?


Too narrow - good for close grip bench


Plastic coated and cement filled. Bulky and will crack if dropped. Cast iron are more expensive because they don’t turn to dust if impacted. There’s a difference in price between the two types

Amazon Basics 10kg Kettlebell - £21.99 @ Amazon
871° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
8KG also available for £18.99 In stock on July 10th

Ok I will.. anyone can swing a 16kg. It’s takes technique not strength


What kind of advice is this?! You start from where you are comfortable and build up from there. There is no 'one size fits all' approach, everyone is unique. Stick to pimping. P.s. You're*


I imagine a man or woman that has been injured or born with some kinda of problem, might not. Or simply is weaker for whatever reason. A lot of people quick to judge on here, considering nobody is perfect it's a shame.


Why would they Seriously every man could swing a 16kg


Guaranteed, even with the world's strongest man.

Domyos 900 squat rack £349.99 @ Decathlon
321° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
This is a heads up rather than a deal. It has been oos for quite a whilr but now available to order.

Should do - Olympic plates are two inch (51mm) diameter.


So daft question, so Olympic plates will fit on this pulley for example?


I would guess it is to lock you in to buying their kit (which to be fair is very good value when in stock). I've used


Fair play, sounds a bit naff!


No - sorry - "standard" plates and bars are both 25mm. Decathlon/Domyos plates and bars are both 28mm. So Decathlon plates will fit on a standard bar (a little loose but not significant), but standard plates will not fit on a Decathlon/Domyos bar. Speaking from experience as I've had plenty of both. As far as I know 28mm is a Decathlon-specific size.

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