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WORX WX384 18V (20V MAX) Brushless Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 2.0Ah Batteries, £69.99 at worx/ebay
Made hot 19 h, 39 m agoMade hot 19 h, 39 m ago
Good price for this brushless hammer drill, comes with case, charger and 2 batteries. The WORX WX384 20V Brushless Hammer Drill will always give you the confidence to tackle any… Read more

Absolutely agree with you. Had mine for 3 years and it's still going strong and battery keeps the charge well. Obviously I'm not a trader and doinymg only DIY projects.


Excellent drills. Had mine for years and it has been faultless. Also have Makita drills and often I use my Worx over my Makitas.


Good spot. Ordered to go with my Hydroshot from Screwfix. Two more 2Ah batteries and a fast charger with a hammer drill thrown in!


Nice find OP! Thanks!!


It does have lower power batteries and the Ryobi isn't a brushless drill.

BAUKER 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Garden Leaf Blower & 2 batteries £39.99 @ WORX on eBay
Made hot 25th SepMade hot 25th Sep
Has been listed before, but price has dropped again. Great leaf blower at this price.

Good find and first deal @Chris_St :)


That true, always get that run down the door panel from where wing mirrors are (mad)


Chamois are a big no if you want to avoid inflicting swirls. People use drying towels and, the reason we're here, air dyers now


I’ve got proper drying towels that I use, but a leaf blower helps stop the drips off some panels.


Try a chamois. Gives better results if your tap water is anything but glacier water. Or just take it for a spin.

Powerextra 4.0Ah 20V Lithium ion replacement Battery for Worx for Worx Power Tools £28.04 @ Amazon Sold by Powerextra UK
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Made hot 25th SepMade hot 25th Sep
Hi capacity 4.0 A/h Li-ion battery for Worx tools on a limited time deal. Normally £33.99 but on offer at £28.04. Well worth it if you use Worx tools or the pressure waher curentl… Read more

Incredible, it’s only taken a couple of days but you’ve finally found a way to add a modicum of value to the thread, congratulations. Look at that, it has nothing to do with your personal experience either, but it’s good to see your condescension continues with someone else! The funny thing is we wouldn’t even have all these additional experiences coming up if wasn’t for me raising the bar by questioning the validity of the Amazon reviews, so you’re welcome! (y) ;) :D :p (popcorn)


I'm not particularly defending the Brand. All I've done is given my experience. Unless you only expect people who have had negative experiences be allowed to comment. Also I simply shared that major brands don't have good scores on Trustpilot to put your claim about their 'abysmal Trustpilot scores' into perspective. I'm sure I would have felt differently if a battery had caught fire. Although from your earlier comment it sounded like it was a knock off battery that caught fire not the Worx one? If anything your attacking of Worx is the only thing that seems off. Earlier you said it caught fire during use, now you say it was in your home yet your multiple negative reviews on Trustpilot don't mention anything about a battery catching fire? I see they replied to you on Trustpilot multiple times. It does seem odd for you to have had so many failures and does beg the question whether misuse (maybes without realising) could have been a factor. The fact you're attacking the Chinese element so much is a little concerning. Now I'm no big fan of China myself before you make any accusations! For example the below comment you left in your review. It's not a great reflection on yourself. "...nothing but inexpensive Chinese landfill rubbish. AVOID like their plague!"


Blanket statement? I feel I can give advice on many products comparatively speaking without testing them (e.g. Should you buy that vestel rebranded TV for £400 because it is "on offer".. No, you shouldn't even though I haven't tried that specific model.


The older 18V Ferrex range is made by Positec (owner of Worx) and batteries work with some tools. New Ferrex 20V Active range is not compatible with Worx at all.


IIRC it was Workzone stuff that was made by Positec (makers of Worx)?

BAUKER 2000W 40CM Chain Saw, £29.99 at worx / eBay
Made hot 25th SepMade hot 25th Sep
Good offer. The Bauker 2000W Chainsaw is handy, light and efficient chainsaw for cutting timber, branches and small trees. Please note that you need to disengage the Chain Brak… Read more



Hi, Can anyone confirm if this can cut through bones? Asking for a friend... 8)


2.696 SOLD!! Must have been a bargain then !!!


Too late :( Any other cheap version recommendations, only want to chop up some left over sleepers & this will be 20 x quicker than an axe!


aw sold out!

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WORX Hydroshot 22BAR 20V 1.5AH LI-ION Powershare cordless portable pressure washer - £95.98 @ Screwfix
Made hot 23rd SepMade hot 23rd Sep
Down from £119.98. Had my eye on it for a while as it comes with two batteries which is a better offering than the other variations on sale. Was available for delivery but now seem… Read more

Thanks for the link, I've seen those before but not sure wat to think of them but they might be worth a try


The orange connector will actually unscrew, so you can get proper access to the mesh to clean it. I like mine, it's a bit gutless if you're hoping for a proper pressure washer, but if you've not got a handy outside tap, the convenience more than makes up.


Indeed, but that’s assuming running a hosepipe to your car isn’t a PITA. Can also filter the water before applying to car. Can also use it on the go if visiting very muddy / sandy / salty location. But yeah, I agree this is more a replacement for a hosepipe than a mains powered pressure washer.


You can get a 4.0 a/h battery for it from Amazon if you want longer use. It's on a limited time deal at the moment as well. £28.04. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BL8ZQ2H/?coliid=I18YG042YFCRAM&colid=1EA4KV863R5TR&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


I think this the one you want. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BL8ZQ2H/?coliid=I18YG042YFCRAM&colid=1EA4KV863R5TR&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it