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Updated 30th MayLast updated 30th May by u664541
I think it was going for £29.99 on here awhile back but I missed it.. cant find it for this price anywhere.. anyone got any hookups?

Vodafone were/are giving this away with a new 5g phone that's £129. Suspect they will be on ebay in a few weeks for about this price.

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Updated 25th FebLast updated 25th Feb by Adam_Khan1Tc
Bought Mi Band 4c from recent post on here from Amazon' it arrived today but won't turn on?
my mi band 4c arrived today but can't seem to get it to turn on. I've plugged it into my laptop, a wall socket and still no luck. any ideas. thanks.

It just decided to turn on, saves me time having to post it back and reorder :)


May be there's a thin plastic film or cover on the battery that has to be removed first?


If it's anything like my Xiaomi phone you have to hold the power button for about 10 seconds


That's what I am planning to do but wanted to check if I am missing something or there's a trick or turn it on. Otherwise, it's going back first thing tomorrow.


Send it back?

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Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by Max-Power
Mi Band 5 or Honor Band 5?
I've always had Mi Bands (1, 2 and 5 for the wife), but just seen the Honor Band 5 but can't see the difference. Anyone know which is better? I like the Mi Band being great on batt… Read more

Thanks both, might give the Honor one a try :)


I’ve got the honor band 5. It comes on more often than the mi band 3 or 4 and so has lower battery life. Ht


HB5 has SpO2 reading. Amazfit Band 5 is basically the Mi Band 5 with the addition of this. If that doesn't matter then it's down to who's software you prefer.

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Updated 28th Dec 2020Last updated 28th Dec 2020 by sayitasitis
Xiamo Redmi (Note 8) sync to Mi Band 4 problem
Can anyone advise how to sync Mi Band 4 watch to the phone Redmi Note 8 , I had the earlier version Mi Band 2 and a Note 4 phone - so back to my new Note 8, although Mi Band 4 conn… Read more

Thank you , shall attempt, have tried to do if from the App but it keeps on saying 'couldn't find band' .... but, I shall uninstall and start again . Driving me nuts ! haha.


You use the mi band app to connect not phones Bluetooth settings. If you are having problems uninstall the app and reinstall and go through setup. Hopefully that will fix

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Updated 30th Aug 2020Last updated 30th Aug 2020 by eelvis
Mi Band 4 Strap
My Mi band 4 strap has snapped and looking for a replacement. Any recommendations for a UK supplier as I don't want to wait up to a month for a delivery from China. Or, if cheap e… Read more

Amazon do 15 straps about £8, decent enough.


Check on ebay, laoas of UK sellers, see one here


There is equivalent strap on Amazon for £3.99 next day delivery. Sorry useless on linking the intranet page. More expensive than China but get very quickly.

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Updated 1st Jul 2020Last updated 1st Jul 2020 by rimalpatel007
Xiaomi mi band 5 best app.
I've just received mi band 5 & would like to know what's the best app to use apart from Mi Fit? Also tell me what extra features that particular app will have over mi fit. Man… Read more



Oooo, how did you get the Mi Band 5 so quickly?


Yep.. Seen that one


People usually recommend Notify and Fitness.