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  • The eyes have it

    Can you work out who these 20 people are just by their eyes. Some are fairly easy. . . . Answers on post 10 11 Comments

  • The worst Advert On TV at the moment

    There are a few adverts on lately that i just cant stand watching. . The worst one is the Orbit Chewing Gum --> Has daft people in white suits trying to fight invisible plaque!?! weird and very annoyi... 48 Comments

  • OPINIONS-DOUBLE/TWIN BUGGIES OR PUSHCHAIRS..i know interesting to all you guys!!!!!!!

    Am looking for my daughter whose little boy will be just 15months when the baby is born(a girlie at last!!) Anyway i have looked online at the new Baby jogger mini twin and the nipper 360. Can anyone ... 9 Comments

  • The BEST TV advert at the moment?

    OK, so we discussed the worst but how about the best? I think Drench's Brains ad gets my vote. 1 Comment

  • 3 Viagra pills please

    A man goes to his doctor and says. "Doc, I have a problem. My girlfriend is sleeping over this Friday, my ex-wife is sleeping over this Saturday and my wife is coming home Sunday. I need 3 Viagra pill... 11 Comments

  • .


  • Alias DVD Boxsets

    Anyone know the best place to get the alias dvd boxsets. I got series 1 from play at 9.99. Watched them all now hooked and looking to get remaining series 2-5. Any info apprecaited 3 Comments

  • Guess Who 2?

    I'm allowed as I have permission from LadyMadonna to make a follow up. . Random HUKD user names. . Who could it be? 59 Comments

  • Dell's Vostro support

    Just curious to ask, with Dell's Vostro series, what sort of accent does the Tech Support line speak with? 2 Comments

  • Festivals!

    Whoses going where and why. . I'm off to Latitude next weekend, should be ace!. . What are your festival essentials? 7 Comments

  • abc

    abc 22 Comments

  • a program to convert video into iso or vob format

    just wanted to convert some videos i have that are in divx,xvid,avi format into a dvd format so i can fire onto a dvd disk.not burned a dvd for ages and i used to use dvd santa anyway can anyone recom... 16 Comments

  • wii nunchuck advice

    please can you tell me where i can get the cheapest nunchuck for my nephew as the dog ate his. many thanks 5 Comments

  • Good Package??

    Hi. . I have been offered this package from my friend for his Wii that hes selling. Its all box and in mint condition (2months old). He wants £170 for:. Wii box with all stuff as standard. Mario Pary 8... 14 Comments

  • Help removing Kaspersky from XP

    Hi. . A friend of mine has had Kaspersky Anti-virus on her PC for a year now, and last week subscribed for another year. This caused her computer to go mad and she was unable to get it to boot up. . I h... 9 Comments

  • Samsung Tocco 7 Months 1.99 then 40 for next 5 months

    anyone seen the offer for the samsung tocco on o2 12 month contract 600 mins 500 texts, 7 months at 1.99 then 40 for the remaining 5 months:o on a 12 month contract sounds ttoooooo good to be true htt... 7 Comments

  • FAO: My Star

    Although not a member, my amazing son martin will sometimes sit and read the forum over my shoulder and today while I've been reading he has got me my tea and toast so I could enjoy in peace. (doen't ... 17 Comments

  • check your co2 emissions & car tax charges

    Not sure if anyone will be interested in this or not but if you have a tax re-newel letter then your emissions are at the bottom left of that, if not use this link. . http://www.smmtco2.co.uk. . to check ... 26 Comments

  • Cheap Amsterdam accomodation Help needed/ 24th july for 2 nights

    hi all looking for cheap b&b or hotel cental location within a few min from central station damrak or rld dates 24th july for 2 nights 2 adults also any accomodation above pubs etc...any advice please... 15 Comments

  • Selling worn out shoes on ebay to fruitcakes, luck selling worthless items...

    I think we've all heard the ol' "if you have a old pair of worn out shoes shove them on ebay 'cuz some weirdo with a fetish will buy them" - myth? No. Some old neighbours got an ebay account after I... 14 Comments

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