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  • It's a braw, bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht

    Is it just me or does looking up at the stars just make you feel really privelaged to be a part of it. . Makes lifes little worries seem so insignificant ......... until the credit card bill comes thro... 43 Comments

  • building a pc need some help

    I need a new PC. i would require lots of hard drive space. 3-4gig ram. a decent 5.1 or upwards card. a graphics card=not going to be useed for gaming. new case-which 1. which motherboard . mouse, keyboard ... 39 Comments

  • paypal transfer

    I started a withdrawl to my bank then realised I'd had a new card sent, but the account number + sort code are still the same. So this won't affect it right. . Rep for help! 9 Comments

  • Chinook helicopter lifts Sea king

    WWHHHAAA :o. . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7493547.stm 11 Comments

  • Three - What do u reckon to them?

    Im think of buying the N95 from 3 for £20 a mth what are your experiences with te 3 netwrok please? 26 Comments

  • Job interview

    I have a job interview on Saturday for my local bingo :P was wondering what kind of questions to ask and other interview tips please. 18 Comments

  • Gumtree!!!

    Can this be trusted? A guys is selling a PS£ and would accept Paypal but I dont use it as much as it a very cheap price and was wondering anyone dealt with it before? 7 Comments

  • Volumerate now charging p&p

    has anyone ordered from these recently? last time i ordered it was free shipping and now they are charging 4 Comments


    Elo everyone. . Thought you should know, Dell_in_the_bed has just quit smoking, hence me no more in the smoker's corner, oh by the way never drank, not even socially. . . And guess you should know alo... 20 Comments

  • Help from heating engineer

    Hi guys,i have a problem with my boiler.The pilot light keeps going out when the boiler fires up,not always but more often then not.It does relight ok so any ideas what the problem could be?any help g... 7 Comments

  • another 1, this time about tents!!

    does anybody know where to get a cheap but waterproof tent for T in the park. . been looking for a few days but every1 i see seems to be sold out. got a feeling its gonna be a wash out so that puts me ... 9 Comments

  • Another QUIDCO betting no-brainer? £35 for £10.00 Coral signup & bet!

    Not quite as good as the last 'no-brainer' from Quidco with the £50 from Betfair, but this isn't far off! Make £25 even if your bet looses. . Might as well re-invest the £50 i just recieved from the Be... 65 Comments

  • Bad Day?

    And you thought you were having a bad day ........ 13 Comments

  • MySupermarket.co.uk saves on grocery shopping

    I found this website (http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk) which allows you to compare the prices of your shopping trolley amongst the 4 online grocery stores (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and Ocado). Basically ... 5 Comments

  • How much will i get for my system?

    Enclosure Type: Desktop. Board: AM2NF3-VSTA. 2.30 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core. Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600). 200gb maxtor 7200rpm. 40gb western digital 7200rpm. 2gb ram (4x5... 9 Comments

  • Xbox 360 Elite design fault ??? - Loads being returned to Microsoft as the red ring appears !!!

    Just heard it on the news, could be bad. They said the elite was thought to be immune to this failure which affects the earlier models 3 Comments

  • New washer/dryer

    Hey all. . i recently got a washer/dryer as i have limited space and no longer wanted my tumble in my bedroom. . i only use the dryer when i really need to - like today as its raining :(. . dont like it, c... 12 Comments

  • micro sd cards

    Can anyboby tell me where i can get a micro sd card for a mobile phone. need to increase the memory. . thanks. 8 Comments

  • safety in proxy

    Hi, Just a quick question related to torrents.. I know its a taboo sometimes, but I really want to protect my privacy while using torrents. Nothing wrong in that. I had a few questions. I have been us... 8 Comments

  • What a trick this bird can do!

    http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/birds/BT08195 9 Comments

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