Posted 4 h, 43 m ago
Samsung Birthday Code
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone would happen to have a birthday code they're not using as I'm about to make a big purchase and want to make the most of the available discounts. …
KyleGM KyleGM
Posted 6 h, 41 m ago
Any advice on a cheap reliable smartphone?
No more than £150 say. Don’t care about specs. Just needs to have decent battery life and smooth and fast / responsive running. Preferably a somewhat new model that runs the latest operating…
Mr_Box Mr_Box
Posted 6 h, 55 m ago
Recommend Photobook online please
Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for putting together a Photobook. Who do you recommend please. Any deals out there. It's for sons birthday party (party) Anyone heard of Saal ph…
pKaTz pKaTz
Posted 13 h, 48 m ago
Google pixel 20% off code
Hi, Can anyone please share the 20% code to buy the pixel 8 from Google store if they are not using it? Unless it's linked to accounts then what options are there? Thanks
Ahsadturbo Ahsadturbo
Posted 14 h, 23 m ago
Damp meter
My in-laws are buying a bungalow in a retirement complex. The bungalow is leasehold so the freeholder is responsible for repairs to the building. My in-laws do not plan to instruct a surve…
mutley1 mutley1
Posted 14 h, 52 m ago
What should I be looking for in a monitor...
I'm looking for a monitor for mainly work so spreadsheets etc, but also so I can hook a steam deck up to it as well and play games. I'd say the games I'd be using it are more the ones that d…
Redinho Redinho
Posted 15 h, 20 m ago
Travelodge breakfast vs Premier Inn breakfast?
I plan to stay at a Travelodge and originally booked breakfast there also, however several people have said that the breakfast is really bad. I've had Premier Inn breakfast before and it w…
Lil6ix Lil6ix
Posted 17 h, 18 m ago
Baking soda - best value - where
Need some Baking Soda for cleaning. Where can I get it at best value. Are there differences in the composition. Are they more or less all the same strength. What to look out for?
Libertas Libertas
Posted 18 h, 22 m ago
Bean Bag Loungers Instead of Sofas
Has anyone successfully used these type of sitting arrangements instead of big unmovable sofas? I'm trying to do away with sofas due to overpowering limited space. Would love some inspirat…
BluebirdRobin BluebirdRobin
Posted 18 h, 48 m ago
Is there a sage code at LCF
Hey, anyone at London Cofee Festival able to see if Sage has a discount code this year? usually they have a 25% off code on their stand. Couldn’t make it this year and no one has posted it s…
apr_1985 apr_1985
Posted 19 h, 3 m ago
Vodafone full fibre 900mb
Hi all. I'm almost at the end of my Virgin Media 250mb contract and am looking at other options. Spotted Vodafone's offering for 900mb at 31pm and that's a really good deal. Is anyone usi…
porradude porradude
Posted 19 h, 8 m ago
2FA Keys - Yubico etc. Who has experience?
I am looking at 2AF keys, and wondering which is better at a realistic price, considering I would need at least 2. Trying to find a reputable seller of Yubico in the UK is a problem. I would…
TristanDeCoonha TristanDeCoonha
Posted 19 h, 46 m ago
Cord cutting TV
I can't find an answer to this ... I've been thinking about canceling TV package and landline phone. Just have cable internet for £30pm. I was thinking of using now TV and discovery+ subscr…
wayners wayners
Posted 21 h, 31 m ago
Virgin TV 360. Any good?
I have been offered a bundle deal which includes the Virgin TV 360 box and the basic channels. I currently have a Humax Freesat box which is ok but a bit sluggish and it's about 10 years ol…
KongDonkey KongDonkey
Posted 22 h, 42 m ago
Total cash back
Hi could anyone tell me why this is happening please?
tanp125 tanp125
Posted 13th Apr
Ev charger
I think iam about to take the plunge and buy a EV, need to get a charger fitted. Can anyone post if thet have had one fitted recently, who they purchased it from and approx price paid, inclu…
liverman liverman
Posted 13th Apr
Rryanair discounts?
Anyine has any discounts or vouchers for Ryanair that he doesn't use/need. Thanks
danflorin3 danflorin3
Posted 13th Apr
Holiday Floridas feedback?
Hi all. Anyone use the above company at all please? We are looking at a trip to Disney World next year and these guys have come up. Thanks in advance.
porradude porradude
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