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Help/advice - media wall
We are in need of modernising our living room. We have a marble fireplace, it looks half decent with neutral colours but it's never used so thought let's get rid and modernise the room compl…
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Windfall tax to be suspended if energy prices drop! "The windfall tax on oil and gas firms will be suspended if prices fall to normal levels for a sustained period, the government has announced. Halting the…
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Lies of P demo on the Xboxes and PlayStation consoles Link to the PlayStation version: Cont…
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Disney plus subscription through Apple
Hello, I had a question about how to amend the annual subscription for Disney plus to be charged to my apple account instead of it being charged to my paypal like it is now? I know you can …
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Taurine is one of those supplements that hardly anyone (I suspect) knew even existed. Taurine occurs naturally in meat & fish etc & for whatever reasons people buy it. Never heard…
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Lebara auto renew
Hello, 2 months back ordered a cheap MSE 6months deal at £0.49/m Finally Used it 2 days back and checked my account. The auto renew was off Called Lebara who said just turn it on. She as…
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Best place to sell £50 PSN gift cards?
Hello, I acquire a number of PSN £50’s cards with nectar vouchers. Long story short I am looking to turn them into cash. Where’s the best place? Avoiding eBay and gumtree please. Thank you
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Perks at work Ray ban
I stupidly ordered the wrong sunglasses with perks at work code. Now can't get my 25% discount off the ones I want, does anyone have a code they would be willing to share. Thanks Mark
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Is as scam site
The site has some good prices, maybe too good. Anyone had any experience with this site?
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WiFi speed on my phone
When I check the WiFi speed on my phone at home it can be low. If I turn the WiFi off on the phone and back on, the speed increases dramatically. Is this normal or is there an issue with my…
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Humidity Absorbing Plants
Hello. Anyone got advice which one would be best and would need least taking care of please? 😁 Where would You advice to buy them? saw some peace lilly in supermarkets but they all looked 'h…
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PAC code O2 to O2?
Hi, currently have an o2 contract that is coming to an end. I have found another contract and phone via uswitch it is also O2. Can I post my number from O2 to O2 the same way as I would fro…
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Lenovo Laptop T495 replacement battery
Hi, I recently bought a refurbished Lenovo T495 from eBay. Happy with the laptop, but the battery isn't great. Can anyone recommend a reliable website to buy a replacement battery? Thanks
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Mi Band 8
Does anyone know what the global release date is with these bands?
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Posted 20 h, 54 m agoPosted 20 h, 54 m ago
Patio Cleaner - Cost Effective
Can anyone recommend cost effect patio cleaner solution? I need quite a large volume. Is there any difference between using bleach and the branded patio cleaners that are a lot more expensiv…
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