The hotukdeals Student Discount code sharing thread (most codes on Unidays are single use)

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Posted 7th Sep 2016
Update 1
Offering and accepting of any codes in this thread (or across hotukdeals) is the responsibility of our members. It is your own responsibility to comply with the terms of any 3rd party and ensuring any eligibility requirements are met.

There are risks involved in any trade so be sure to understand these before trading.
Welcome to the HUKD Unidays student discount sharing thread, mainly for those who barely use certain retailer discount codes and want to share them out to fellow HUKDers.

Rules - If a code is posted on this comment section and the code has been used, the HUKDer who used the code has to reply to that comment saying it's used and the poster of the code has to edit his/her comment saying the specific code has been used, but judging on the misc thread I made a month or so ago on this topic it wouldn't be easy to implement here since this thread is public. **Therefore if a code has been posted on this mega thread comment section, expect it to have been used after around 5 or 10 minutes of the code being posted**
- Specify the discount percentage of the code, and if it's an online or in-store code.
- Please specify if the code is single use or has multiple uses.
- PM requests for codes are allowed (recommended method!) but must be specified with the user on here that they want codes PM'd to them.

Update - I see someone is editing the description to put the most recent requests on top, since it's not messing with the rules I don't mind edits for unsolved requests edited below.
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