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  • Uploading videos onto youtube

    I'm having a bit of trouble actually getting a small .avi clip to upload onto you tube. . I uploaded one the other day, but this was only after about 10 attempts, because it kept timing out. . This one... 8 Comments

  • Can anyone help me! re holiday entitlement

    My contract states 20 days annual leave plus paid bank holidays this was issued in Aug 07. I was under the impression this at the time was minimum they had to give under government guideline. This was... 27 Comments

  • any1 posted out?

    looking to find out how much it will cost via royal mail to post out a xbox 1 and a ps1 seperatley 6 Comments

  • What do i need to know/look out for when buying a car?

    As the title states what do i knew to know/look out for when buying a car. . Basically im thinking of buying a car this summer (hopefully a bora, clio or 307) but have no idea where to start so any hel... 24 Comments

  • Best Way To Package BMX for delivery?

    What is the cheapest way to post a bmx 10 Comments

  • Virgin email address?

    Hi. . Quick question. I am going to quit virgin but want to keep my @ntlworld email address. . Will it still work after i cancel my contract. . I really don't want to set up a new email because of the ha... 13 Comments

  • jokes

    A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde neighbor came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house.... 2 Comments

  • Help Finding Some Alloy wheels

    Ive git a 1.2 52 plate luna grey seat ibiza, first thing i wanted to do with it is get some wheels, dont realy like the shiny silver and would like a darkish grey, this gus car looks great . scroll do... 11 Comments

  • sky plus fault

    after a recent power cut my sky plus has developed a fault i have lost all the programms in my planner, i can not record or pause anything it is just like a standard sky box (can only watch one thing ... 10 Comments

  • Real Family Fortunes responses

    Q. Name a famous brother and sister. A. Bonnie & Clyde. . Q. Name a dangerous race. A. The Arabs. . Q. Name an item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers. A. A horse. . Q. Name something that floats in the ... 12 Comments

  • Young jackdaws - Help..I destroyed their nest (by accident!) Now what?

    Long story...was asked to check out falling maggots (!) coming from ceiling in a primary school. Removed suspended ceiling tile and a half a bloody forest came falling down, a LOT of mud, branches et... 37 Comments

  • Childhood Games - Remember?

    Remember the days before electronic games. . Remember playing outside. . Remember how games came in seasons? Tennis at Wimbledon time when all the kids would appear with tennis rackets and play tournam... 27 Comments

  • Do you want to...

    ...build a snowman 4 Comments

  • George Sampson wins Britains got talent!

    cnt belive it my bet was on signature! 35 Comments

  • Renchi.com (any good? reputable?)

    ... 1 Comment

  • My other half does know!

    1) That I love him and trust him, even when he has floosies chasing him at work. . 2)That I can have a relationship with the opposite sex without taking my clothes off. . 3) That he can read my thread any... 22 Comments

  • It must be National Baby Week!!!

    Well friend txt me she just had her little boy at 18:20 and got a little boy, he is 9lb 2!!! I am sooooo happy i could burst!. . My other friend had her baby on Saturday, little girl 9lb 9!. . They all ... 14 Comments

  • Voting Cold...please give reasons?

    When people vote HOT they usually write why but cold voters aren't as forthcoming. I think this is a Hot Deal but it's on a minus...not a lot but enough to make me wonder why. Please if anyone voted c... 16 Comments

  • iPod touch applications

    Have splashed out £160 to treat myself to a new ipod touch :). . I should be getting it on Tuesday, when i get it, will it need jailbreaking to put applications on it? I heard that they do, but then i a... 6 Comments

  • Euro 2008

    Even though none of the home nations have qualified, I can't wait for this to start. . Got a sneeky feeling that Spain are finally gonna come good in a major tournament and about time as well. . I hope ... 5 Comments

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