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  • Flying

    Just wondering if you fly with Ryanair can you use your provisional driving licence. . One of my friends wants to know. 15 Comments

  • how do i transfer old vhs home videos to dvd?

    I saw an ad in boots saying they can transfer your old home videos to dvds for £19.99 but i think this is a lil steep. Does anybody know where i can do this for cheaper? The thing is I have a cideo t... 4 Comments

  • deal-it scam

    Seeing as the thread has been locked in the FS/FT forum please make all posts in here. 83 Comments

  • 1

    2 14 Comments

  • How cute is this?

    A retriever with six new pups is also fostering and feeding six new kittens. . . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7397247.stm link in post 4 19 Comments


    A feminist gets on a bus and is disgusted when a little old man stands up to give her his seat. "Patronising old fool," she mutters as she pushes him back down. A minute later, another woman gets on a... 5 Comments

  • how do i make my facebook private

    as title. i only want my mates to see my facebook 16 Comments

  • Wow strong burger for $175/£90

    The burger, created by chef and co-owner Kevin O'Connell, seeks to justify its price with a Kobe beef patty, lots of black truffles, seared foie gras, aged Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and flecks of... 19 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Does anyone know what song this is?

    Take a quick look at this song and can you tell me the name of it if you know it, I would really appreciate it. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPvo2sfrezM. . thanks! 7 Comments

  • Bath Tub replacement

    Guys I want to budget for replacing my old bath tub. Any ideas how much the approximate cost of labour would be? I'm in the south east if that helps. Also, how long would it take to complete the job? ... 7 Comments

  • its a long shot - has anyone done the mongol rally?

    im having a gap year before uni next (academic) year. i have sorted some stuff to do in the winter. im now looking for the summer. have seen this and a friend of a friend is doing it this year.just wo... 1 Comment

  • paypal fees

    just sold goods on here for £4. seller agree's to cover pp fee's. used ppcalc.com to work out the amout needed to cover these. the £4.35 has been credited to my pp account, but as of yet no fee's have... 5 Comments

  • Funny Drench advert

    Probably the best advert I've seen for ages. . Link below 6 Comments

  • Any idea what is wrong with my washing machine?

    My friend's washer/dryer machine has gone caput. She has an engineer coming to look at it who said on telephone "oh that sounds serious" and that is before he has even seen it! So I was hoping someone... 9 Comments

  • Oldie but a goodie

    Just found this old joke online. It always makes me laugh so I thought I'd share the fun. Enjoy. . . We take you now to the Oval Office... . President George W. Bush: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happe... Read more

  • Any simple way of holding aerial in place?

    Simple thing is that I get the most channels and best signal opening my window and balancing the aerial on it, this is generally fine for the tv but when I connect the same aerial to the pc it needs t... 11 Comments

  • how do i find out who a phone number belongs to????

    as above basically been gettin funny calls from a landline and a mobile have both numbers how can i find out who they belong to thanks!!! 4 Comments

  • will this phone be...

    unlocked to all networks. . I want it to work on blyk. Whats my best option. . Thanks rep for help 5 Comments

  • What to get engraved

    I'm getting the missus a jewellery box but trying to think of what to engrave on it? 50 characters max. Any ideas or short verses that you've heard. . Help appreciated! 38 Comments

  • Pacman explained

    A pretty cool picture, well actually its a threadless t-shirt. Explains the story behind pacman. . Click to see 20 Comments

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