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  • 12inch laptop - is this asus for 499 the best deal out there?

    Just after some expert opinion here, looking for a 12inch laptop and this looks like a good deal, what do people think. . Asus Santa Rosa T5450 Laptop 2048MB 160GB. . http://www.ebuyer.com/product/139076... 5 Comments

  • Settle an arguement...

    if an item of clothing says its to fit a 46 chest what size is that. . I'm saying XXL but others are telling me L/XL. . Whos right? 16 Comments

  • I think postman is up to no good

    I saw Postman this morning standing outside my gate messing with post , i couldnt see clearly what he was doing so i didnt pay much attention , he then left and didnt put no mail through my door. . 5 m... 30 Comments

  • How do some of u get so many clubcard points?

    just had my vouchers £18 and was wondering how some of u afford hols etc on these?i have 5 kids and spend a fortune there!!can someone tell me how they get them please? 5 Comments

  • Finshed First OU Course

    Just handed in my last assignments for my first Open University Course. Im well happy now been stressed out, and just wanted to tell people. Been doing it since september and cant wait to get my mar... 11 Comments

  • Bored.......

    Anyone know of any one line jokes...... . Just heard one that made me chuckle... Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. . Post them if you have! 36 Comments

    King of ThievesKing of Thieves
  • Why the hell are they still advertising Wii Fit on TV?

    You can't get one for love or money so why are they advertising them all the time? 22 Comments

  • What annoys you about HUKD

    So i've seen threads about whats good about HUKD but what annoys you about the site? 85 Comments

  • Something to do if you bored at work!

    So no bubble wrap to hand. . Don't worry we now have virtual bubble wrap, and it's endless! 10 Comments

  • Delivery times from Halfcost?

    I am wanting to buy some brown shoes to use next friday 30th May and have seen some i like from Halfcost. . Noticed their delivery states upto 10 working days, what is the delivery speed like with them... 7 Comments

  • Nikon Coolpix S52c

    Anyone got/used this camera. . Have found it for sale but no reviews or sample photos.. . Thanks. Chris Add comment

  • Amazon Voucher Request Deleted

    I placed a request about an hour ago asking for amazon Voucher if someone has it & it got deleted. . Anyone knows why this happened? 3 Comments

  • Did you know???

    If you type in your PIN number backwards at a ATM machine it will alert Police as they know you may be in trouble!!! So if someone is demanding money off you type it in backwards and you will still ge... 27 Comments

  • Did not know fish can fly!!

    Pretty impressive aint it. . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7410421.stm 12 Comments

  • Who will win tomorrow

    Please don't turn this into a argument/debate/slanging match just put one word in your reply. . United. . Chelsea. . Unsure 37 Comments

  • HMV £2 Voucher

    Hi, does anyone got a spare HMV £2 Voucher, needed to buy a few DVDs before the long weekend. Many thanks. 3 Comments

  • Somone help me finding a song?

    Hello. . Can somone help me finding a song. . Its a choir type thing, and it has a very powerfull opening. Its like. . Its a very popular song, i mean when somone wants to introduce somthing this song is ... 21 Comments

  • Confused!! Tech Help Required! Wireless Routers AGAIN!

    Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between the 3 products in the thread below. (Except that one has a "free" usb dongle"). . http://www.play.com/Search.aspx?searchtype=PCSH&searchst... 3 Comments

  • After the initial glut of Wii Fit, they've really run out now?

    I wanted two Wii Fits around the release date, one for me and one for my brother. I ordered mine from Gamestation and my brother's from choicesuk. Mine arrived on release date and I wasn't too impress... 3 Comments

  • hukd-ers are the best!

    awww i love u guys! today ascottishbloke is helping me track someone down and also i got a voucher through the post from holly..... the other day andy gave me a 5quid cd wow voucher! not to mention al... 99 Comments

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