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  • Happy anniversary Miffy121

    might not have been as u hoped (is it ever!) but hope some hukd hugs and kisses make u smile. . dont worry im sure hubby is gonna give u a big fat anniversary real soon! 41 Comments

  • Free salad leaves

    Just wanted to share this info. with everybody who is interested. Hawthorn leaves are edible and are at their best just now. Just pick them off a branch, rinse and use as salad leaves. The family have... 29 Comments

  • How to improve eyesight?

    how to improve eyesight. any tip will be really appriciated 38 Comments

  • evans halshaw - any good?

    Just wondering if anybody has any experiance with Evans Halshaw as i was thinking of doing a trade in, i wondered if there are easy to haggle with on car cost and extra finance if needed etc, or doe... 5 Comments

  • Monday's devastating earthquake in China's south-western Sichuan Province

    I think the situation is awful. I mean the chinese authorities are doing great, I think it will generate good press pre - olympics. . But Five Million homeless. how will they cope. . http://news.bbc.co.u... 9 Comments

  • KG130 broken tesco mobile

    ok so ive got three KG130's all but one works fine. the third one doesnt seem to recive calls but can make it??? is it beacuse i didn't accept the updates??? on the other 2 i did and this one i didn't... 6 Comments

  • Free Directory Enquiries

    You can Now Get Your Directory Enquiries for Free. . The New Service Allows You To Get Your Free Directory Enquiries by Calling 0800100100. . The New Number will not charge callers from Landlines or Cabl... 2 Comments

  • Virgin Mobile & Quidco

    Does anyone know if you can still use Quidco with Virgin Mobile. . It was listed on Quidco last year and worth £8 (?) on a phone, but now there only seems to be a Virgin media link. . I placed an order ... 4 Comments

  • Bit of a strange one....but....

    Anyone know where I can get a kimono Dressing gown like the one 'Alfie Moon' used to wear in 'Enders. . . Sad to admit but i love it and been after one for years..... 21 Comments

  • Why, oh why do i not turn TheGadget Show off when my husband came in the room?

    I should of learn't by now. We are now the proud owners of an Aegogarden. No it is not a plant that grows aero's - nice as that would be. http://www.aerogarden.org.uk/aerogarden_concept.html 12 Comments

  • greg is now a solar flare!!!

    congrats and well done! 21 Comments

  • does anyone know ?

    what the eye condition is called when u pupil goes kind of shiny ( sorry only way i can describe it ) like wen a picture is taken and the pupil looks like it is blocked by something and looks like a b... 7 Comments

  • Another Hilarious YouTube clip

    Yet another hilarious YouTube clip. I promise it's not Rick Astley!! hehe. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE0NUmME0oo. . Clickable link in comments. 6 Comments

  • Sony Ericsson K850i Unlocking

    Anyone know how to or wheres a good place to unlock Sony Ericsson K850i. Tried with one place before but didn't work much to my delight!!! 2 Comments

  • Does anyone know Southend well?

    Hi guys. . can anyone tell me how far the travelodge is from the seafront in southend. . Chichester Road. Southend on Sea. . Also, is there enough at southend to entertain 3 kids for a week without our ow... 12 Comments

  • Tommy Cooper Classics-A legend

    So I said to the taxi driver, 'King Authur's Close'. He said, 'Don't worry, we'll lose him at the next set of lights'. . A man walks into a greengrocer's and says, I want five pounds of potatoes please... 1 Comment

  • Searching deals on here

    Why is the search facillity on here so totally flawed, that must be about the 6th deal I've posted in the last fortnight to be duplicated even though I've searched high and low to find an alternative ... 10 Comments

  • hmv money off voucher

    £1 off when you spend £8.99 at HMV.co.uk. More voucher codes. YPJM76PNF6GYMX. YPCLY9CXKJXCFG 1 Comment


    1. True bleep. 2. It quotes mine. 3. Needs tears. 4. Bright robe. 5. Excited shanty. 6. V.A.T. on housewife orgy. 7. Do rye cakes today. 8. Wore three drums. 9. Soft quiet soprano. 10. Blow, ... 11 Comments

  • Can you identify these songs from the first lines of their lyrics?

    1. "Oh yeah, I'll tell you something, I think you'll understand". 2. "A few questions that I need to know, how you could ever hurt me so". 3. "There she stood in the street smiling from her head to ... 10 Comments

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