Posted 2 days ago

The Arc browser arrives on Windows to take on Chrome and Edge (Unfortunately still runs on Chromium by Google)

The Arc browser arrives on Windows to take on Chrome and Edge - The Verge

download at

Love the fact that the UI looks a bit different and the sidebar takes a bit of getting used to, its intuitive though.
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  1. fdbgdfbdfbdfbdfbdf's avatar
    Firefox for me is good enough, bitwarden for password manager
    SnoopZ's avatar
    Also for me Vivaldi and Bit warden, I don't need anything else.
  2. Bbqueue's avatar
    It's no doubt going to start going downhill soon with them pushing for more and more of their own stuff but Brave still ticks the boxes for me
    Justintime12's avatar
    Yeah, I use brave for windows without ublock etc and never see excessive adverts. Firefox is a huge resource hog ime.

    For android, opera is easily the best with every feature one needs (edited)
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Makes no mention of privacy, adblocking, cookie blocking or other important features, but apparently it looks pretty
    jujuzeez's avatar
    check out their twitter page on @ browsercompany, they are big on those things u mentioned cos they used to only support mac and ios. now they are bringing the safety features to windows and android.
  4. DaddyPig's avatar
    It only runs on Windows 11 .
    jujuzeez's avatar
    support for windows 10 and android is coming. read about it via their twitter handle
  5. Rick_G's avatar
    Firefox all day on Windows. Plus the Android browser is an essential for uBlock Origin on its own, nevermind anything else. (edited)
  6. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    uBlock Origin needs protecting at all costs, last I heard Google wanted to put Chromium on some libraries v2.0 or other, that would make uBlock not work.

    I ran Chrome on my works Azure VM without uBlock once, and the amount of it filters out is scary, like 100+ hits just loading msn homepage.
  7. playdumb's avatar
    Brave & DuckDuckGo are my 2 main Android browsers. Also use their default search engine but the search is not great. At times, I have to use Google

    Browser market is quite crowded atm
    Have used Vivaldi and Opera before, but didn't find anything distinctively useful.
    All of this is just to avoid Chrome and Firefox (edited)
    jujuzeez's avatar
    cromite or kiwi, they are lightweight and bypass most of Google snooping on data usage and mining
  8. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Anyone using duckduckgo on android also use bitwarden ?
    I can't get them to work together.... And both companies blame the other for incompatibility !
    Currently on brave, but it gets more bloated at every update.
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