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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Solid state hard drives
Hi Looking at an SSD for my sons basic gaming pc. He doesn’t play graphic-intensive games, Roblox mainly. Ive seen some around £30. Are there any compatibility considerations to be had wh…
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Is the iPhone 7 any good still?
Hi I see giffgaff have the iPhone 7 starting from £90. I’d like one for my 10 year old son as a first phone, is it worth paying the extra for an iPhone 8, if that’s any better? I imagine he’…
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Posted 30th May 2021Posted 30th May 2021
PC for running Roblox
Hi, my son wants to get a PC, he mainly plays Roblox. My knowledge is, shall we say, a little inadequate. He has £250 to spend and needs a monitor as well, so we're looking at second hand. I…
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Posted 25th May 2021Posted 25th May 2021
Amazon.de - UPS called asking about customs clearance info
Hi, I had a call from UPS this morning about an Amazon.de order, they asked for my email address then they sent this: This e-mail is from UPS Brokerage at East Midlands Airport. We are r…
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Posted 21st Jan 2021Posted 21st Jan 2021
When are we likely to see the next reductions on TVs?
I'm looking to return my Q80T to John Lewis due to the stuttering issues, will probably swap for an XH95. Prices have been holding steady this year at £999 for the 55" and £1299 for the 65".…
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