- UPS called asking about customs clearance info

Posted 25th May 2021
Hi, I had a call from UPS this morning about an order, they asked for my email address then they sent this:

This e-mail is from UPS Brokerage at East Midlands Airport. We are responsible for completing UK Import Customs formalities on your behalf for UPS shipments. We are contacting you because we need more information from you in order to complete Import Customs formalities on a current shipment.

Please provide Import Customs clearance instructions for the shipment referred to in the subject line of this e-mail. A copy of the documents we hold relating to this shipment is attached to this e-mail for your reference.

As a matter of urgency, please provide us with your clearance instructions; including

- Please confirm total value

I’ve never had anything like that and I buy from Germany a couple of times a month. It’s a legitimate email from UPS I just wondered if anyone else has had this? The parcel was already delivered.

Amusingly the value they are asking for was on the commercial invoice they attached to the email…!

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