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Posted 2nd Jul 2021Posted 2nd Jul 2021
Which magazine "best buy" carpet cleaner?
Looking to buy a carpet cleaner that is long lasting, after the last one broke yet again. Does anyone have a Which? magazine subscription that can check for me which models are "best buy" n…
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Posted 10th Nov 2018Posted 10th Nov 2018
Any spare AO.com code/ student code?
I am looking to buy a vacuum cleaner off AO.com and am looking to find some vouchers off the purchase. I remember when signing up to NUS extra card they often give out a unique voucher code …
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Posted 18th Sep 2018Posted 18th Sep 2018
Microwave under £35 - any deals available?
Recently became a mature student and looking for a cheap microwave for the new apartment. Any cheap microwave oven deals available at the moment?
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Posted 13th Sep 2018Posted 13th Sep 2018
Is now a good time in the year to switch energy provider?
I am looking to switch energy provider but am really confused about the fixed term deals. My flat has economy 7 no gas. A lot of the cheapest ones coming up on the comparison sites are 12-mo…
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