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Posted 9th Apr 2021Posted 9th Apr 2021
Eco3 energy scheme - is it legit?
Had an email stating this …. Thank you for your recent application in relation to a new boiler under the ECO 3 scheme. As you indicated you do not claim benefits you do not qualify under tha…
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Posted 6th Apr 2021Posted 6th Apr 2021
Xbox Series X Stock question
I’m sure this I has been asked loads but as it’s time reliant I’ll ask again. Soo… after reading many threads and googling is there a reliable source for where and when stock will be availab…
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Posted 9th Mar 2021Posted 9th Mar 2021
Where is the IdealWorld Hermes Tracker number found?
Evening all, Waiting for a delivery from Ideal World and had an email stating it’s left the warehouse and Hermes will be throwing it over my gate someday soon. So where do I find the tra…
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Posted 3rd Mar 2021Posted 3rd Mar 2021
Echo show 8 annoying interruptions
Anyone know how to stop an Echo show 8 interrupting prime video/ Netflix when asking to turn lights off etc. It swaps to a smart home page rather than just do it and leave the movie playing.…
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Posted 10th Feb 2021Posted 10th Feb 2021
Any Worcester Bosch Boiler offers around.
As title, in need of a new boiler soon but wondering if anyone spotted some decent deals or recommend the cheapest way to get one installed. So my googlings have cause my issue lol £1200 f…
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