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Posted 13th Feb 2019Posted 13th Feb 2019
Virgin Media <-> BT or xDSL providers line rental?
Hi all, I'm thinking of switching to virgin and I'm currently with talktalk and I'm a little confused about what happens with the copper line when I switch over to virgin. So as I understa…
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Posted 18th Aug 2014Posted 18th Aug 2014
Does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
I want to ask someone who has a galaxy note to take a look at the stylus. I've bought what I'm told is an original stylus - but half of the nib on the end goes inside each time I try to wr…
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Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013
where can i buy these cups/glasses with straws
These ones: http://www.4imprint.co.uk/product/500770/Helter-Skelter-Beaker-and-Straw I got one from London last time but can't seem to buy them anywhere now.
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Posted 3rd Nov 2012Posted 3rd Nov 2012
No signal from Three for a whole month? Breach of contract?
Since around the 6th of october I have had ZERO signal where I live in London, it appears to be my specific postcode that is affected. Three were doing some 'upgrades' and since then I have…
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