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Updated 26th JunLast updated 26th Jun by mart321
I'm trying to make a colour list for some items I'm selling on etsy. Simple enough, but I usually use Canva and the problem I have is the colours are not simple they are holograph… Read more

Thanks I've managed it now. Had to use photoshop to crop my images then I found out there's a series of frames in Canva which did the layer mask type thing I was after. Thanks anyway!


I’d like to help out but I have never used Canva so it’s hard to understand the process or the final effect you’re after. If you need to make a gradient in PS and use it in other program then that’s easy enough. Perhaps you want to show a final image you desire to achieve?


Can anyone help with this one?

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Updated 27th Dec 2020Last updated 27th Dec 2020 by aLV426
Laptop for work in Adobe - £1500 budget
So my old MacBook Pro (2012 model) is running on its last legs and I really need something new before I throw this thing against the wall haha. (annoyed) If anyone can help me wi… Read more

Going for a laptop even at that budget will mean a compromise in performance. The Mac platform is still recommended for the Adobe suite, especially when it comes to colour reproduction. You could build your own "hackintosh", going Dell might be easier if you want to go down the Windows path. There are a lot of Adobe concessions (65%!) for education, Apple & Dell also provide education discounts...


The new M1 chip in the new MacBook is absolutely incredible.I bought one around 4 weeks ago and absolutely blown away upgrading from a 2015 13" base model. I have thrown a lot of 4K footage at it and edited using FCP; it didn't bat an eyelid.

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Updated 21st Oct 2020Last updated 21st Oct 2020 by Diamond_Studd
Adobe Stock - Download 70,000+ Stock Photos, Vectors, Videos and more - Free @ Adobe
Adobe has recently launched its free Adobe Stock collection, which contains more than 70,000 high-quality photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, 3D assets and videos - source … Read more

Heat @merb0786 Very useful

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Updated 19th Aug 2020Last updated 19th Aug 2020 by AndyRoyd
Photoshop CS5 free download from Adobe
I remember a few years ago there was a deal on here to download an official copy of CS5 Photoshop directly from Adobe legitimately. I remember downloading it but can't find the dow… Read more

Royd, but dunt matta. CS2


I saw the developer did an AMA on reddit a couple of weeks back. There were so many comments saying people have ditched photoshop for photopea, people were extremely positive about it. The developer still spends lots of time improving it and adding new features.


Not sure as I don’t use it with RAW, why not give it a try?


What is the RAW compatibility like with that? I still use CS6 but I find that I can't open RAW files from more recent cameras in ACR. I can convert them to DNG with Adobe DNG converter but folders containing DNG files can be notorious for causing Windows Explorer to crash when trying to open the folders.


It was CS2 and only legal for those who had previously bought a copy as the license servers where deactivated. People saw their chance and abused it so it was removed from Adobe's site. I've used GIMP for years and it does pretty much everything most people want and more.

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Updated 14th Feb 2020Last updated 14th Feb 2020 by amour3k
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - A to Z Video Series, watch for FREE with Prime, at Amazon. I can't generically list this in Freebies, etc, as some on here are obviously paying for the… Read more

Looks good that, lol, thanx.


Best off with this. I've been using Photoshop for over a decade and within a few lessons, I have learnt a few new things which has helped my workflow.


Which is disappointing because I really hoped this would have been something worthwhile, but each episode is only a few minutes long, and it only covers very basic use (cropping and rotating both being individual episodes towards the end). Nothing at all really specific to Photoshop, just how to do some general bitmap graphic editing tasks IN Photoshop.


It only covers a few of the absolute basics in the "free" series 1. Unless your 90 years old and looking to try out photoshop I'd avoid tbh.


Only Season 1 is included with Prime, and it teaches virtually nothing.

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Updated 10th Aug 2019Last updated 10th Aug 2019 by whiteston
When you get the email about the yearly renewal, it's worth going to your account page and choosing cancel. If you do so you will be presented with some deals to tempt you to stay.… Read more