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List of Sites offering Free ebooks, Music, Films and Software
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
There are a lot of posts for the odd free book and thought I'd share the list of sites I have bookmarked on my browser that I use when looking for free books. I have also included … Read more

you could also try or netlabel for free music


Thanks for sharing, bookmarked.

simsony Nice well formatted books


No and yes ... read the reviews if downloading software, movies mp3 files are fine.


That's obvious Think you didn't get through tinder ? (lol)

Hydraulic CALC pro Android app FREE
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Hydraulic CALC pro Version Information : 1.90 * Note : This is a PRO version of Hydraulic CALC, which is a free application. There is no functional difference with the free versi… Read more

"I am developer of Hydraulic CALC and professional engineer of water supply and sewage system." What a load of sh1te! (lol)


No idea what the app does even after reading the description but good deal (y)


If you need to calculate the impact of last night's curry on the local infrastructure. Then yes 8)


Yes. You can never have enough apps.


I think you're the person best placed to answer that particular question.

Voice recorder pro Android app FREE
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
If you are using free version, do not uninstall free version before copy old recordings because this version does not remains location configuration of free version. You maybe not … Read more

Developers like this can save your voice clips and always listen in like Google


Please explain?


I've never found anything as good as Rec Forge 2. The quality of the sound is amazing.


It may be worth you conferring with this guy for some ideas? (as a possible 'option' too perhaps?). I've personally never tried this App, so am therefore unable to comment either way, lol. I'm taking it by your rave reviews that this App is kinda ok then?, hehehehe. :-D


You've lost me, what is that in reference too please

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SALE! Litchi Drone Software *Android & Apple versions* for DJI Mavic Pro / Phantom 4 / Inspire / Spark / Air / Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 @GooglePlay - £13.99
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Litichi drone software is the best out there, do all the things you want to do with DJi 4 but cannot as you have to keep it in the air wasting battery to do so!! This has just b… Read more

Hope lots of people grabbed a copy of this, at £13 as it is not back and selling again at the £22 price (worldcup)




I wasn’t asking you to


Yes I will do that with my £5k Inspire 2.. not!!! (shock)


Yeah but once you use fake gps app then you can trick it into fcc mode and get better signal and range

Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
The Red Dead Redemption 2: Collector’s Box features a curated assortment of outlaw essentials all packaged in a thick gauged metal tithing box. Sold out on the official Rockstar… Read more
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"You don't need our approval" Phew, thanks for that - i was starting to worry!


Why are you on a comment crusade? If you want to spaff your cash on junk go ahead. You don't need our approval


It's tat. It's cheap clutter


Some of us just have alot more disposable income than others (lol)


If you want to spend nearly 100 quid on a bunch of tat in a box, go daft. But yes, anyone would laugh at that sort of clown.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control PLUS HUB, works with Alexa (Hub software update required) £89 Amazon
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Harmony Hub (v1) included requires firmware/software update for use with Alexa Control Game Consoles with Bluetooth Control Philips Hue Lights Harmony Smartphone App Customisab… Read more



Sorry, in my ignorance does this require 2 power sockets? One for the charging base and one for the hub?


These are basically from people who can’t work out or won’t spend the time to set it up properly. It can be frustrating at first but once you are use to the product and software it’s fantastic. I’ve had harmony’s for around 10 years now. And this is my current model with the hub and its great with amazing echo as well as just using the remote in its own. I have a review on Amazon if me turning things on and off with Alexa etc.


No it was was brand new and I actually bought 3 with the plan to sell two...after reading the reviews I sold all the 3 on eBay....£120 each


Yes. And you can do allsorts. Change channel, volume, set up procedures...

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Olio - FREE food distribution Apple/Android app
LocalLocalFound 30th MayFound 30th May
Olio distributes free food from companies and individuals can donate or partake in a free meal locally, everyone needs food for whatever reason... “Share a meal, save … Read more

Yes. Unfortunately in my area there were few people involved.


Is this for real? People need an app/web site to share with a neighbour? Besides, sounds like there'll be a bunch of people simply freeloading. As for B2B, the who could make the most impact (charities) will surely have something in place already?


I live near Silicon Roundabout are they going to look for funding. as i have been as an investor to some of these.


Nice idea but Saaaaaasha what now? Celestial One! Are you having a laugh? :p


Cheers! Remember me on the way up now -init ;)


22.05% cashback using Topcashback, I've found they usually pay cashback with discount codes and even upgrade purchases. If you're in no hurry at all it might be worth waiting to see if Humble Bundle does the Vegas Pro 14 for £20 - yes they really did earlier this year... it's the full program and allows you to upgrade via the program to latest Vegas Pro 15 for $199 (or even less during some promotions, the upgrade has been £120)

FixMeStick LifeTime Virus Removal For PC / Laptop Windows 10-8-7-XP-Vista UPTO 3 PCs was originally £50 then £25 & now reduced to clear for £12.50 @ Asda
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
FixMeStick LifeTime Virus Removal For PC / Laptop Windows 10-8-7-XP-Vista UPTO 3 PCs was originally £50 then £25 & now reduced to clear for £12.50 @ Asda eBay & Amazon sti… Read more
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loads left in great yarmouth


God, people actually buy these?


Did you know? ASDA have stores across the uk. Why bother commenting...


Lol, picture might not showing but it’s above 10 on this hook (excited)


There is literally one left on that shelf. why bother posting......

Free : Music Player Pro ( Android App) - Google Play
Refreshed 29th MayRefreshed 29th May
Music Player Pro is one of the best app for music and audio player for Android By using music player, you can listen to all audio file types. Play your favorite music mp3 and other… Read more
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Fair comment if you do not like the word BUT do you know what It sounds like ? Functionality is more important than looks in my view. I listen to the music more than I spend using the UI, so does not bother me !!! :)


Ugh .. the word "audiophile" is enough to put me off .. they should be custard pied at every opportunity .. And that player looks horrible ..


The best player that is totally focused on 'Music' and maximum sound quality is 'Neutron'. !!! Neutron Music Player It is an Audiophiles dream (nerd) :) Plays local to phone/tablet & network shared music i.e. on SMB share on NAS or Server or PC. UI is unique/quirky but the sound is the most important feature and you can get used to the UI quite quickly. Everything you can possibly think of and more besides can be configured. Click/Tap/Hold everything you can see to reveal more things to configure. (If you understand what you are looking at !!!??? .......... really.!!! :D ) Regularly updated and there is the 'NEON' upgraded version [25% Faster] from the Neutron Website. Neutron MP Homepage Been using it for at least 6 months & worth every penny. :D (Using it to listen to music while I write this :) ;) ) Wish I was on commission for this promo !!!


blackplayer ex for me - still looks the most stylish of all the music players i've tried (and i've tried a lot !)


I enjoy pi music player. It's amazing

NordVPN three years plan with 77% off and 2 years with 75% off.
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Online security is the biggest challenge in today’s interconnected world, so it’s important to take it seriously. With NordVPN , you can choose from several Double VPN combination… Read more
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Router, yes possibly quite a lot unless you have a top of range beast mode router. E.g. I've an Asus rtac68u and it manages about 20mbps using aes256. I Can get about 35-40mbps on aes128. Problem with nordvpn is you can't use the 128 cipher. 4g, yes again depends on how powerful you phone is but I would imagine it wouldn't be as bad as router if it's a flagship model. There will always be a protocol overhead regardless of CPU speed. Maybe 10/15%


Sorry can someone help me with this question. If I have a VPN connected to my main router, could this possibly slow my speed down? Also same question for a mobile device on 4g. Cheers (y) 🏼


Only new customers




Hi there; sorry for being late to the party. I can't say with certainty (as I never used either their fibre or dedicated enterprise VPN concentrators) but I was with SKY for over three years (however on DSL contract) and I remember them being technology-neutral and very reliable. I've used number of various VPN protocols including this most common one you might think of, IPSec (both personally and for business purposes) and I've never, ever had any problems with them regardless of the destination (VPN provider) VPN protocol and device I've used. Should _not_ but that's the question more to Microsoft than anyone else. From very quick Google I have an impression that you should be good -- lots of people seem to be using VPNs and there doesn't seem to be general negative tone, quite the contrary. If I was looking for VPN for XBOX, I wouldn't hesitate. What is important, you need to remember that most of the VPN providers, especially cheap ones, tend to skim on the bandwidth, and you need latency ("ping") as low as possible, so please do your reading and make sure before commiting to any service, to try to find negative reviews from the gamers. This link might be useful: For what it's worth I've read a lot about the first two and they're usually on top of the reliability/privacy lists, so these would be my choice.

Bebo: All-in-One Streaming Software - The Easiest Way to Stream to Twitch.
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Open source, Simple, Lightweight, Discord Support etc...
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lol beat me to it, i was bout ot post a pepperidge farm meme...


Bebo was the best place for bullying back in the day!


Bebo... Well that brings back some memories.




I guess depends on your setup but im using an I7 7500 and I have not seen it go pass 10% (and that was Destiny 2 and thats a real hog of resource). Its actually uses less then bebo oddly :)

Ringtone Maker Pro Android app FREE
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
This is pro version of Ringtone Maker: - No ads, full feature - 100% money back guarantee, full refund if not satisfied. Ringtone Maker is a ringtone production tool that provide … Read more

Thanks , good tip, I'll do that (highfive)


I just downloaded them off zedge website using phone and move file from download folder and place in ringtone folder. I'm on android though. I have loads on ringtones as I swap and change all the time. Current ringtone is the marble machine


well for starters it doesn't record audio and save it as a ringtone it actually uses a real audio file and sets it as a ring tone. Its 2018 the days of recording audio for ringtones is long gone.


I use the Zedge app ,it's brilliant, can you keep and use the ringtones without the app ?


Everything I can think of is on zedge already. Songs. Movie clips ect. You can pull ringtones off the website and don't need zedge app however. I have seen this ringtone makes and for some it's good fun

Intuitive Guitar - Major Scale Modes Android app FREE
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Why is it that many video courses, guitar lessons, guitarists, apps and tutorials explain the concept of modes for guitar over and over again? Because they are very useful of cours… Read more

Sounds like misunderstanding on both sides. I read your comment and interpreted it as the £3.49 app reduction to £free is invalid. I did get the app for £free and told a friend and by the time he tried to get it, it had gone back to £3.49. Hence, asked deal to be expired. I didnt realise you were trying to explain why it was cold and it wasnt clear to me. Nevertheless, am sorry if I caused upset.


Rude much? It wasn't free at the time of posting my first comment (only a day after this post was made). In which, i was only explaining why it has been voted cold. (annoyed) ...


Ought to expire this.


It was free as as originally described in OP. AND, I got it as described in OP. "It hasnt" as you said is obviously...


looks like there's two versions of the same app. one which is free with ads, the other for £3.49 without ads. this deal is saying it has been reduced from £3.49 to FREE when it hasn't.

File Manager Pro Android app FREE
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
File manager is the best file explorer , file tool for android device manager with powerful features: Copy, cut, paste, rename, compress, transfer, download … File manager app is… Read more

I've found ES Explorer Pro is good without adverts. I shall check whether it makes unusual network connections.


I am quite new to Total Commander but already discovered a couple of annoying bugs that causes it to hang, such as setting WebDAV parameters for access to my own cloud server and for some reason, one of the settings allows for copy and paste (in the form of a file). Clearly, a WebDAV setting should not be copy and paste-able and if it is copied, then Total Commander attempts to copy it as a file and subsequently hangs. For most of the common operations, it worked fine. Transferring files to and from my Windows SMB server was fine and most other common operations are fine - it's just a few of the more obscure features that seems to have been developed a little carelessly. I will contact the developers about these careless bugs.


Yeah noticed it after i posted as i hadn't refreshed the tab which was open in the background. Going to give Total Commander a try.


One post above yours, I mentioned Total Commander. Supports SMB 2.0 as used in Windows 10 v 1709 and upwards. Furthermore, no unusual network activity either. SMB client plugin for Total Commander is required as a separate plugin.


Any good ES Explorer alternatives that allow windows shared folders? I tried Mixplorer, doesn't seem to have it.

Android TV File Manager Pro - USB Storage, Rooted Android app FREE
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
AnExplorer File Manager (File Explorer) is an all-in-one file management tool. It is Simple, Small, Fast and Efficient File Explorer and One of the Best File Manager apps on Goog… Read more

The same developer (DsWorks) also has a "cryptocurrency Price, News, Alerts and Portfolio Tracker" app, but associating several other non related tools they make with the word cryptocurrency is a bit daft and raises suspicions, even if the apps are perfectly fine.


Could this be using your TV for cryptocurrency mining


I noticed the exact same thing. Seems suspicious to me.


Why does it say "Cryptocurrency Trading Tools for Android" in Google Play?

Free Android App : Call Recorder Pro ( Google Play )
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
One more free App. This is the automatic call recorder pro, best phone call recorder for android. Download auto call recorder pro now, you can record any incoming calls and outgoi… Read more
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There's one or two Aussies on here who might be offended at the frequency with which you use the word 'root' and your apparent ignorance of the word's meaning ;) Seriously though I was one of the many "FW's" who liked Aaron's post but I think you've made ammends now and won't take your "FW's" comment personally. :D


OK point taken and understood. Could you please edit your post and add some swearing. It doesn't feel right to receive a comment on my original post without it. Thanks (y) ;)


No its not common sense really. I'd not have known it would work without that feature being enabled, and seriously wouldn't have thought about doing that. For people not tech savvy, it is no common sense really appropriate.


Hillarious!! Thanks for making my weekend with this comment!


Yes it is. There are other firewalls that don't need root access to work too. I'm not promoting that one especially. Most of the "noroot" firewalls have a basic VPN built in. It won't allow you to switch countries etc. A normal VPN will just mask your IP number and your country location. It won't block any apps from contacting the internet. So there are different products. The downside of not rooting your phone is you have to make a choice between a firewall and a "proper" VPN. From my limited knowledge, you can't run both together. Switching one or the other On, disables the other. You need a rooted phone to use both at once. Yes, the firewall I mentioned can be set to prompt you when an app wants the internet. You can also allow it for 5 mins, 1 hour or permanently. You can block it too, as well as any background activities. If you block an app and it "breaks" because it needed internet access. You just set it to allow it. You won't harm the app. Like with any other app, if you don't like, just uninstall it.

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