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List of Sites offering Free ebooks, Music, Films and Software
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
There are a lot of posts for the odd free book and thought I'd share the list of sites I have bookmarked on my browser that I use when looking for free books. I have also included … Read more

you could also try or netlabel for free music


Thanks for sharing, bookmarked.

simsony Nice well formatted books


No and yes ... read the reviews if downloading software, movies mp3 files are fine.


That's obvious Think you didn't get through tinder ? (lol)

FuelLogPro License Key for free @ google play (was £1.69)
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
FuelLogPro License Key Simon MorgenthalerMaps & Navigation PEGI 3 Add to wishlist Install This app is compatible with all of your devices. 2,018 ** IMPORTANT ** I don't … Read more
bingowings85 for android


Last update was 2011. Not supported. Still OK to use though


I've tried a few of these apps and MileIQ is so far the most user friendly but its too expensive for me. Still looking for a free one with ease of use.


This app hasn't been updated in years, I use it and it's great if a little basic these days (y) 🏻


If you drive a Peugeot with Bluetooth touchscreen the MyPeugeot app will do all this. Costs, tracking, the lot. It'll even show you where your car is in the car park.

Flashlight PRO Android app FREE @ Google Play Store
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
This is ad free (no ads) version of my Flashlight: Instantly turn your device into a flashlight. Flashlight in… Read more

I wouldn't recommend downloading it, just answered the question. For any app to use the light it either needs root permission or the permission of the camera


Are you sure? The LED light on my phone works without the camera. The camera is an app that uses the LED light, but I wouldn't say the light is part of the camera. Like others have said, most phones don't need an app to turn on the LED light so why download something which takes space and risks malware / data sharing if not necessary?


The led light in your phone is part of the camera




Yes I agree. I certainly don't need it.

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Compass PRO Android app FREE @ Google Play Store
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
This is ad free (no ads) version of my compass: Compass is one of the most if not the most essential app every A… Read more

Same here. Despite calibrating it it’s out by at least 90 degrees.


Just installed it and just about to uninstall it. It is miles out. Our south facing garden is now north east.


7.5MB program for a compass , and uses 16MB in storage, yet does not need (extra) permission from Android OS, in contrast to 1.28MB for lots of utilities in Army Knife for Android, look at the privacy policy for this compass, no thanks. Use the compass from Army Knife for Android instead, that much program code and storage space sure is doing a lot of work that is not a compass. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look at Compass Pro's Privacy policy, that's your 7MB program coding. + This Privacy Policy defines how Gamma Play Limited collects and uses users personal and non-personal information and data in our mobile applications (available for smart phones and tablets) and on our website. Personal Data: + Gamma Play Limited respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting any information collected about you. + Gamma Play Limited do not collect any personal user data. Gamma Play Limited may use tools or third-party analytics software to collect and use certain non-personal data that does not enable us to identify you (we track only data such as: device type, mobile device software, data carrier, ...). + Gamma Play Limited uses Google Analytics to analyze anonymous aggregated usage data for our applications. Non-Personal Data: + Advertisers who serve ads may use technology which can uniquely identify mobile devices to deliver better target messages and control number of times you get an Add. Add Networks may access your unique device identifier through their own technologies and use it to target advertising to you. + Advertisers make available links through advertisements or otherwise enabling you to access third party sites, tools or games. Please note that, while using such sites, tools or games, you are not affiliated with or controlled by us. + Gamma Play Limited applications use Google AdMob ads as primary ad service and Facebook Audience Network, Unity Ads. Google Play Services and Game Center: + In some games you will be offered the possibility to connect to Google Play Service or the Game Center when you start the game. This will let you fulfill achievements and post your best score on the leaderboards. Google and Apple are not sharing any of your information with us. Please refer to their own policy guidelines if you have any question regarding the use they make of your data.


Not working says i don't have a magnetic sensor anyone HELP !!!!



Wonderfox DVD Video Converter (also includes a downloader) Free
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Yes, another one... first sighting of V15 If you already use it, a chance to get up to date again, and if you don't, another one to add to your arsenal of tools. No email needed, … Read more

As mentioned above, there are much better FREE converters you can get. I wouldn't touch this even with someone else's wallet...


Don't work says code is invalid.


How to scam tech illiterates: take the free/open source ffmpeg library, use ffmpeg to decode / encode to another format of choice and claim you "made" a video converter, then charge them for it. You shouldn't use this even if it's free. There are better alternatives. Handbrake is a very popular free/open source one.


Ah, so it's a freebie. I missed that bit. Thanks.


Because it's a free download of a product you normally have to pay for?

Humble Software ReBundle: Vegas Pro - PWYW - Humble Store
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
The Humble Software bundle is back with Vegas Pro 14 Edit. The bundle is tiered up into three, as usual... Pay What You Want! Music Maker 80s Edition MAGIX Photo Manager D… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Anybody editing video should have a CUDA or GL compliant card. If you've not, you need to upgrade the potato you own.


Not sure what your point is if you actually read my comment. I have a system perfectly fine for running several other progs such as Vegas Pro 14, Cyberlink Power Director 13 and a host of other demanding programs. My point is, to repeat, it isnt NVidia based. Where on this page extolling the virtues of DaVinci do they tell you it requires a CUDA compliant system? Answer: It doesn't. Where on the website does it tell you before the download link? Answer: It doesn't I had to find out by googling other sites, after I installed the prog.


Note to everyone. When you buy this bundle, you are actually buying legit licenses to use the products (e.g. Vegas) on TWO machines (i.e. it's a 2 machine license) So, you can also install on a laptop or gift a license to friends / family. And, you can add/remove/change machine licenses individually at any time via the Magix website. This makes it even more of a bargain ;)


I've downloaded Vegas and applied the code provided and it's working fine. Seems to be ligit.


not that I'm aware of.... it can edit the video to single file then you could import that into some sort of gim maker... I assumed everyone did their gifs online?

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Extra 20$ off Movie Studio 15 Platinum or VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite with Code @ Vegas Software
30/04/2018Expires on 30/04/2018Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Read More

Go via Topcashback and even on upgrades you might get 20.05% cashback - it's worked for me a couple of times


Works on upgrades too, just got my upgrade for $29.99 (£22.14) :) - Thanks OP

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro Software Giveaway
30/04/2018Expires on 30/04/2018Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro - Get your drives optimized for top speed and maximum efficiency with this powerful program's smart algorithms and boot-time defrag technology.

Defrag on Windows 10 will detect if you have an SSD or not and acts accordingly. There's nothing wrong with the built-in defrag tool. Windows 7 has support for SSDs and performs TRIM operations in the background, but the built-in defrag tool can't tell the difference and will defrag an SSD the same way it would do to a HDD (which isn't good). "Optimising" the drive on Windows 10 simply performs a TRIM operation. If you know anyone with an old PC that doesn't really want to invest in hardware upgrades but wants an improvement in performance then a defrag does a good job most of the time. Can't count the number of times I've checked PCs at work this month to find that they haven't been defragged since 2011-2014. You'll want to defrag on HDDs where data is read/written to a lot. Usually if the fragmentation is above 10% then you should run a defrag.


HD systems should be defragged for a couple of reasons. On older FAT file systems, files are saved from the start of the disk onwards. If a file is altered and becomes larger then the disk has to find somewhere else to store the "extra" bit. Whenever it subsequently needs to access the file it has to go looking for the "extra" bit which not only takes more time but also increases wear and tear (hard drives are mechanical). From roughly Windows XP/2000 onwards the NTFS file system was used which saved files in a slightly more intelligent way reducing (though not removing) the need to defrag. SSD systems operate in a totally different way and should not be defragged. This applies to Windows systems. If you use Mac OS you should very rarely need to defrag as a different file system is used and it auto defrags anyway. As for Linux, why do you think users always have a very smug look about them?


OS(Operating System) can not see the difference.


1- Much faster 2- it is protected against any physical damage i.e. vibrations or a mechanical shock will stop the HDD unlike SDD. 3- SDD is silent because it consists of a chip stick to a circuit board unlike the HDD which has a lever mechanism.


ahh i aint used CCleaner for years still got that on here somewhere

Fanatical PC  Software Bundle Tier 1 89p / Tier 2 £5.99
LocalLocalFound 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
To too shabby if there's a few in there you're interested in. VoiceWarrior looks different, basically voice macros... "Win all the games while I go to the pub" Not sure it works qu… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Excellent effort putting the links - heat added - cheers dude ;-)

Intel Core I7-6700K Processor (4 GHz, 8 M Cache, LGA1151) £239 sold by Software Direct UK. at Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Not the newest chip but what I have in my rig and it performs strongly. Cheapest I have found on PC Part Picker.

First post here, honest question - any reason this is getting down-voted so much? I know it's not the newest but thought might be worth while upgrade if someone only has an Skylake i3. :/


Didn't see the cheaper one (only saw the 7700K with the Compare with similar items section)!


That would apply to most Z170 chipsets with any 7th generation processors as the Z170 was originally released for 6th generation.


I just searched for exactly the same thing, and saw £256.99. Take care if you buy the 7700k that your motherboard supports it without a bios update (I had to buy a used pentium in order to update the bios on my MSI Z170A)


The newer chip 7700K is currently at £259.74 too.

The Complete PRINCE2 Certification Training Bundle Course for $19, which is around £13.70 at Stacksocial Online
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
If anyone wants to learn Prince2 - project management. The 18-Hour Track to Acing PRINCE2 Exams & Earning a Top Project Management Certification This covers the Foundation an… Read more

Thanks; purchased. Prince 2 is useful if you are already a project manager with some experience. The problem we have is loads of people graduate and just do prince 2 and think they are project managers.


Prince 2 is almost all common sense, and the foundation exam only requires 50% to pass. A joke, the foundation is just to snare people in to taking the next more expensive exam because they are already invested - it's business first before teaching. I studied through Prince 2 material and read the books and frankly it just devalued the qualification and I thought getting the cert was not worth the cost.


PRINCE2 needs to die in a fire.


Absolutely. Employers want experience, not paper CCNA, Prince or any other certification. Industry is littered with these people that have the certs but don't know their arse from their elbow. I've met a few :)


Can anyone buy one and send me the login details? (highfive) Would like to see what it's like first as they also an "Entire MBA course" for $15 which makes me a bit sceptical....

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO Android app FREE was 3.99
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
This is ad free (no ads) version of my app: QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest QR / barcode scanner out there.… Read more

Thanks for the info.


Showing as 3.99 again now.


Very good (lol)


You can search the website directly for products by scanning the Barcode. Or people and companies can make their own QR codes. They can take you to a specified weblink, image, map place, or even do things like add WiFi passwords without you having to type them. Quicker ways to get to information without typing basically.


maybe the barcode on your ketchup is just the wrong sauce (cheeky)

145 Free Software Development eBooks
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
I've posted this before but figured it was worth an update as there are now 145 free software development ebooks available from Syncfusion in their 'succinctly' series. There's a v… Read more

And if I say pretty please veryyyyy nicely! (cheeky) would you do one for me as well too perhaps? (flirt) lol. (highfive)


Thanks will grab em all tonight 8)

Software Library: Amiga software FREE @ Internet Archive
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
These emulated Amiga software programs consist of demos and music disks from 20 years of community coding. A thank you to the Scripted Amiga Emulator project, as well as db48x … Read more

Buy an A500 on ebay, why have the shell when you can have the real thing.


and Denise singing in 12 bit stereo in the mid 80's , so ahead of its time.


Fat Agnus!


Still have our family Amiga with CRT monitor and PC emulator board in my parent's loft along with our old Spectrums - I can't wait to see my kid's reactions when I finally get them out.


Think everyone with a maplin soldering iron kit, a few IC's and a copy of the pcb layout nicked from the local library was making these to sell in the late 80's !!!! (party)

Affinity Designer & Alternative To Illustrator CC (And A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Adobes Subscription) £48.99 @ Serif. Also £5.00 Cashback
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Affinity Designer link (Mac) £48.99 Affinity Photo link (Mac) £48.99 Affinity Designer link (PC) £48.99 Affinity Photo link (PC) £48.99 £5.00 Cashback with voucher https:… Read more

Also, in my 22 years of being a designer I have never been asked by a client do I use Illustrator - most clients have no idea how to use it. InDesign is another matter of course (as is Photoshop), I have been asked that many times, and I simply say to them no, we use Quark, and we only release press ready PDF artwork to client anyway, never the raw DTP files (or layered PSD files), this is in our T&C's.


Yes I was but we have been trialling the vector program on one machine for a week, and I have to say it's very good - it opens all our existing Illustrator files (y) . We'll see about the DTP program when it comes out, but TBH I'm old school and never really liked InDesign, so we still use Quark (lol) , I've used it 22 years, old dog and all that, plus you actually own the copy of Quark you have purchased, not rent it like CC.


How does Inkscape compare to this and illustrator? Inkscape is free / opensource.


it's compatible with illustrator. and bear in mind not that long ago quarkxpress was the big boy in the room, until indesign ripped into its market share due to its better and slightly cheaper offering. i remember having to pay for quark passport to open up files from employees in the usa, significantly more than the bog standard quark which was expensive enough, plus the hassle of the software dongle.


If you run a a design studio, are you not concerned whether this is compatible with Illustrator? First question from client: "do you use Illustrator?" Where do you go from there? Similarly for InDesign, etc -what if they want to use your files later in-house. That's why business sticks with MS Office despite LibreOffice and others - guaranteed compatibility! Of course YMMV with clients. For home use, it's a different situation - your choice whether you care about compatibility.

Kids ABC Tracing and Alphabet Writing (FREE Educational Android App on Google Play)
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Kids ABC Tracing, Learning and Writing is ad free alphabet app for kids. This ABCD character for toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergarten AD Free Game. 📝 Bes… Read more

Now 99p


This is actually a very good app!




Thank you


Who wrote the description for the app?! It's awful English.

Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer (FREE Android App on Google Play)
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Kitchen timer with alarm for kitchen planner that makes you more organized chef. Kitchen Timer Pro is a reliable kitchen reminder ideal for kitchen cooking timers like boil egg ti… Read more

OK, Google, set a 6 minute time for egg... Then you can check on that specific timer by saying, OK, Google, how much time is left on my egg? Think I prefer an app though and free


Because this extends that functionality? You can have preset timers (good for eggs just how you like them, popcorn in microwave etc), you can snooze timers (which I would find useful rather than having to set specific alarm to get this). I haven't actually used it yet, so maybe it is terrible, but I am very confused as to why this free app is freezing cold when reviews have it rated almost 4. If you don't need multiple preset or snooze timers, then just don't vote on the app, it isn't for you (speaking generally, you have not specified your vote)


Was just about to say I use the timer function built into my phones clock when baking and that works fine for me.


Why would you use this when Android phones have a countdown timer or alarm function on them.

Speccy Spectrum Analyser (FREE Android App on Google Play)
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
A fast microphone Spectrum Analysis tool using FFT audio signal processing. Turn your phone into a Spectrum Analyzer. Speccy is an Audio Spectrum Analysis tool, which visualizes t… Read more

Agreed. The reviews seem fairly solid as well (apart from the guy who says its a great app but asks what its used for!). Cheers for posting


I think people just don't understand what it is so downvote. I have a spectrum analyser but will get this for free as an alternative. cheers.


Why so chilly? Mind you I already have one spectrum analyser, but this one looks like it has some extra features. like a peak hold display


Can I detect Ghosts with this (devil) I'll play thanks for sharing (y)


I dont understand how this went freezing cold? ... Its a spectrum analyser program for free? Voting hot myself.

Applock - Fingerprint Pro (FREE Android App on Google Play)
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
100% Money Back Guarantee. No ads & full features - fingerprint password Applock AppLock fingerprint is one of the best Android lock app with privacy guard, the best app locke… Read more

what's wrong with the default fingerprint reader? Why give biometric details to a third party?


Ah I know what you mean. Did some research on it seems like Secure Folder is the way to go now.


Go to Apps, by swiping up. Search for "secure folder"


Nah but it seems Samsung removed it from the S8. On the S7 Edge there was a section in security called AppLock completely separate from Knox. It allowed opening apps by fingerprint or pattern lock. A few people have asked about the S7 on XDA and Reddit version but it seems everyone is suggesting to do it the Knox Secure Folder way now. This video says lock and mask apps but the AppLock on the UK firmware I had basically did the same thing.


I think that's what they meant. It's a shame samsung doesn't provide a simple app lock by default

Arthur Icon Pack FREE on Google Play (Android App)
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Arthur Icon Pack Version 2.4 The icon pack will be updated frequently with the icons requested directly from you. Note: - This is a package of icons and requires an Android Launc… Read more

Now expired. £0.59 to buy.


Haha yep, who knows maybe toy story 4 will come out lol (lol)


Ha ha, I don't think so mate. That's going back some time, isn't it? :D


A pleasure kind Sir, you've changed your avatar again - are we not going to see the Buzz Lightyear ones anymore?


Thanks, @Maevoric (y)

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