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List of Sites offering Free ebooks, Music, Films and Software
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
There are a lot of posts for the odd free book and thought I'd share the list of sites I have bookmarked on my browser that I use when looking for free books. I have also included … Read more

This isn't a deal! It's just a list of free media. No deal here. Move on people, nothing to see here.


you could also try or netlabel for free music


Thanks for sharing, bookmarked.

simsony Nice well formatted books


No and yes ... read the reviews if downloading software, movies mp3 files are fine.

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional (PC) / Home & Business (MAC) £11.99 microsoft hup - qualifying customers
Refreshed 14 h, 44 m agoRefreshed 14 h, 44 m ago
Only really a deal if you must have Microsoft (there are free alternatives available such as Open Office ) and if you've not got Office 2016, 2013 or even 2010. Enter your work em… Read more
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Just try putting your email in and it should tell you at the next stage. (y)


In which you should hire a Ferrari and use it for as long you can :{


Just bought my copy after getting the email through from Microsoft this morning. Maybe I'm missing something, but I fail to see any benefit of opting for Home & Business over Pro Plus, given that they're the same price through the HUP!


This is a full version. Not an upgrade.


Only your HUP scheme administrator within your organisation can tell you your organisations code.

VPN -  NordVPN  24 month subscription £73.20 less £29.28 Topcashback  (£3.05/£1.83 pm)
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
One of the best reviewed VPNs out there. Also one of the fastest and most versatile. Usually very expensive, but with Topcashback (use the Topcashback 66% discount link) it's wor… Read more

A very good point. And the answer is yes. It should track very quickly, but I'm not sure how long it takes to reach the payment stage.


Am I thinking correct, because they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, if it doesn't track I could simply cancel it with nord?


Easiest way is probably to get yourself a Linux/Debian VPS. OVH do 'em for £3/month. Others do for more or less depending on reliability. Then put Open VPN [free] on it. Google Youtube for blow by blows. Also use it as a webserver, private email server, cloud storage, DNS server and anything else your imagination goes to.


I paid £80 for 3 years back in August and its been pretty good. Works with US Netflix on my iPad (I have a family UK account). Presume you can sign up to cheaper services like Indonesia PSN etc with this too? I’ve not tried tbh. I’m not voting either way but NordVPN has been good so far :)


Seems like someones lost the idea of the thread?

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WD My Passport 4 TB Portable external Hard Drive and Auto Backup Software 3 year warranty and free delivery £87.89 @ Amazon
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love; available in an array of vibrant, fun colors, the sleek style fits comf… Read more
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Cheers fella!


Just run HD Sentinel on it and it'l tell you if the drive is ok.


Currently £127.99 on Currys website, so quite the bargain. Other colours are still around £99 sadly


This is partly true, but does not apply to the physic cover of external hardrives. internal drives with stickers on do have these types of classes but external ones don't unless specified I believe. So this will most likely be a general use one.


Entirely agree. HD prices are still very high since a cartel effectively did away with price competition, and I think prices are being maintained at an artificially high level to allow for Black Friday cuts, which could be substantial. I'm holding back - nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

WinX MediaTrans Halloween Giveaway - Free Software
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Free give away but be quick!
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Thanks, was wondering what it was - that should've been in the main post.


Thanks, will give it a try.


The only stand-alone iPhone manager that lets you flexibly control iOS files without installing iTunes and its components. MediaTrans connects your PC with iPhone, iPad or iPod, enabling direct two-way transfer as simple as copy-and-paste. A dedicated iPhone manager for Windows First 500 per day add that it's for iOS only

Mirrors Edge Figurine (NO SOFTWARE) £14.99 @ Game
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Nice figurine especially for the price. Online or in store. In store price is the same as online price for my area. (Don’t know if areas differ) Only 1 out of 3 local to me has it… Read more
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Surprised they have any left, been this price for quite some time now. Worth the £15 if you're into stuff like that, I personally couldn't resist at this price!


People have different things about them. Stamp collectors collect a load of bits of paper that individually most won't have any meaning to them, but the collection does, and that is true of most collectors. It is the collection as a whole that has meaning to the individual. I'm not saying your approach is wrong, if it is how and what you want to collect, then so be it, do as you wish. My collection says of me that I love video games, all sorts of games, and memorabilia that has a nice aesthetic. I am not a fanboy of a particular console, or franchise, and I like both mainstream and niche areas alike and display my love of this hobby proudly. But I am not an obsessive collector, I do not have all the latest collectors editions, regardless of what they are on pre-order and added to my shelf the moment they come out, I don't spend £200 on something without having handled it first. I don't believe I should spend all my income on this first and foremost when there are other more pressing financial concerns such as maintaining a house, a car and generally just living a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. Whilst gaming is my love, it is not my life.


Tbh I think all these collector edition models aren't exactly amazing and I don't see the point in owning something if it means nothing to me just so I can ammass a pointless collection that says nothing about my personality. And I don't think it's likely that this game means much to anyone really . Idon't collect games or Blu-ray's and have a tiny collection of both as I only keep those that I really love . I used to collect loads of games and gaming stuff untill I decided it was mostly pointless trash gathering dust


I disagree, a crap model is a crap model, no point in having it at all. Buying a crap model just because it is affiliated to a game you like just encourages companies to spend as little effort as possible on their 'collectors editions' to maximise profits, choosing to not buy something crap will show them we deserve more effort. Obviously I accept that sometimes you might buy one knowing it is a bit rubbish if it is an absolute bargain down the line anyway just to increase your collection, but certainly don't pay a high price for something you know going in is rubbish. Whilst a good model in it's own right is worth owning if it is your 'thing' to collect them, all the better if it actually has meaning to you personally which clearly this doesn't for you. I personally get any game models that I like the look of (and that are a bargain) as I am into all sorts of games and really like this ones design having bought it earlier in the year.


Great price for what you get but the game isn't exactly collection material ,seems a little pointless to collect models from anything but your favourite games . I have the dark souls collectors edition which have a bit rubbish models but imo they are the best games of the last/this generation so they have a lot of meaning to me

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COLOR Projects 4 (Windows & MAC) Including lightroom plug-in
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Dull colours, matt shadows, cloudy sky, afternoon sun – the perfect light is hard to come by. Forget everything you have heard about photo editing to date, COLOR Projects 4 is you… Read more

Same here. Spent 15 mins fiddling the registration form and account creation, nothing turned up. Glad I used disposable email so nothing to lose.


This "deal" gets you to create an account but there I do not see how to get the software!!! The email sent just sends you to the account creation and I can find no-way to get the s/w or unlock code.


you do not need to put any info in the page that asks for details,just an email .


Anyone use this,any good?

Seagate 5tb backup plus portable external hard drive with 2 months free Adobe cloud photography plan 2 Year Warranty £106.47 Amazon/Ebuyer
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Great price for this drive (shock) hopefully see sub £100 soon :/ Ebuyer link: The Sea… Read more
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thats a crakcing price




From description "Install the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device to back up all of the pictures and videos fromthe device to your external drive or the cloud." How does backup for mobile work. Does it work like personal cloud? Don't think this connects to a router.


I'm not sure for this specific model, but certain drives use SMR for their surfaces, which decreases sustained read/write quite significantly, so that's another factor on top of the 5400RPM these drives operate at. That said if it was a huge problem or if you were needing something necessitating high performance you'd probably be using an SSD in the first place, so it's somewhat irrelevant to most people.


Errrr, without wanting to challenge this ^, its absolute rubbish! This is a slower 5400 drive but is perfectly OK for use as an extra day to day drive, its perfectly OK to rip this drive out and use it in a desktop/laptop for daily all the time use, to say its just for once a day backup is rubbish, there are still many drives around at this price point that are 5400 drives and they work fine, hell some manufacturers still use these high volume low speed drives in new kit....Its a Seagate drive, its 5400 it have a 2 year warranty and its just like all the other drives out there, this isnt a fragile little flower to be mollycoddled!

Practical Lightroom - Learn Lightroom by Working with Images @Udemy
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Adding to my previous find, here is another free (via code) Lightroom course on Udemy. You need to have Lightroom Software. Description from the course page: This course is desig… Read more



Thank you I've started using lightroom over the last few months, sure this will help me out :-)






Nice one

Lightroom Master Class-Edit Images Like a Pro+Free Presets @ Udemy
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
What Will I Learn? You will be an expert in Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Lightroom You will be an Expert in Raw Image Processing in Adobe Lightroom Classic You will be an E… Read more

Thanks op... got it working on a new registration.


You got a link?


I wasn't serious either, so don't watch your back :-P


I’ve just completed and it was £0 use the code RAINING10K


Showing 19.99 for me.. and after entering the code .. it asking for payout.... any clue?

Get Nord VPN for Unlimited Months
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
The code is active again... Currently Nord VPN is giving away 2 weeks subscription,but you can get unlimited months of subscription by following some steps shown at the site.

I contacted them and they said that my 2 week free offer was not activated properly. But when I asked why they took back my free subscription that was activated till 2025, they changed the subject.


I just checked my account and indeed, they did deactivated my subscription...


Is it just me or they started taking away the free days from the account ? :/ :/


Hi. How did you get till 2025?. Mine expires 2020 (fully paid for till then) so after 2019. This is why I didn’t try it. Did it just add the additional months on to your end date. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.


It was working for me 2 days ago. I managed to get free licence till 2025 for free. Tried again for a friend and the coupon is not working. Anyway great stuff, the app works very good on my phone, ipad, and laptop.

VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription £30.40 via StackSocial
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Safety First — Protect Your Entire Family's Online Activity & Browse Without Restriction for Life for One Low Price Dare to claim your internet freedom and anonymity back. No … Read more

Purchased thanks op


If I was to use a VPN for torrent sites, would it restrict the download speed of which I can download torrents.?


Is it possible to add a VPN to my LG smart tv?


They say u can stream America's Netflix they have other content on theirs.


i got life time about 13 quid when it was on the first time or so well worth it. its a no brainer really


Two years upgrade at 70% off is just awesome!




Working for me, got Kaspersky Total Security, 5 Devices 2 Years for £33. Code activated fine.


Have used Kaspersky for years and it is great....but have bought codes off of fleabay for last 5yrs with zero issues.


Not working

128GB / 8GB version of the Microsoft Surface Go tablet / PC £419 Amazon seller Software Market™
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Was going to buy the smaller 64GB version of this on Amazon and saw that the better SSD version with double the RAM is only £66 more. This is the cheapest one that I could find. E… Read more

I have ordered this as I wanted a fanless Surface. Bad experience of a work supplied Pro 3 which sounded like an Airbus on takeoff. Some of the screens cracked as they were getting so hot. Our IT dept swore there wasn't an issue with mine!!


Ohhhhhhhh, that's very, very, interesting, hmmmmmmmm, thanx. :-)


No, surface pro i5 and i7 models have always had a fan. And a very complex cooling system as well, involving water, for some models. Only the Surface 3 (with Atom cpu), Surface Go and Surface Pro m3 are fanless devices.


Hehehehehe, fair enough, that's cool, no problem. :-) As a fanless beast, don't those previous Surface Pro Tablet's have tendancy to get hot then?. Considering that they are arguably mini Laptop Hybrids at the end of the Day? (where the majority of Laptop's do have fan's, the majority of Tablet's don't - but these are arguably not a 'Tablet' Tablet?). Unless I'm missing something ...


Haha I meant fanless! The only fanless Surface Pro in the one with the M3 processor. Surface 3 and Go are all fanless.

Xbox Live 12 Months £19.31 @ Cdkeys (VPN)
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Confirmed as working. Steal of a price. You will need to use a VPN like NordVpn, Tunnelbear etc, just signup for a trial and will need to use 3% FB discount for this price. Otherwi… Read more
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This is still valid I have just used tunnelbear on my phone and got 2 @ £21.99 each So simple to do and it saves about £15 per year


Expired now


i dknt have face book any cd


Worked for me


Thanks OP - I got it for £21.33 with the CDKeys discount. I tested it and it works fine for my Xbox One, but not the Xbox 360!? Weird. I then logged onto the Xbox live account on my PC and it has no record of the Gold account - yet I can play CODIW online? Somethings not quite right...

PC: Mafia II Directors Cut ( INC's DLC ) £5.99 buying via UK (80% discount ) or £3.75 via Russia VPN @ GOG
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
I have been playing Mafia III recently and to my shame I have never played Mafia II, but it just so happens have a sale on, cheapest price I could find with the DLC It is… Read more
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I am really enjoying Mafia iii


Brilliant game. It’s a shame that Mafia III is nowhere near as good.


Best Game of the Mafia Series. Excellent story, soundtrack and bargain at this price inc the dlc. Voted Hot (devil)


Of course they your opinion :-)


Well GTA has brilliant missions in comparison. (y)

Zenmate 1 Year VPN Subscription Sale £29.99 @ Zenmate
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Pretty great price reduction from Zenmate, as I've never seen their 1 year sub this low in quite some time. ZenMate VPN will protect your phone and laptop from snoopers, hackers… Read more

Almost indistinguishable from normal downloads at best. But my normal download speed is only about 5mbits/sec. That's with nothing else going on outside the tunnel from other users etc


What's it like for torrents? Are the speeds decent?


Personally I use RA4W Vpn, I paid about £20 several years ago for lifetime use (on one machine at a time) plenty of servers No problems, I'd know if there were leaks :) However I'm not into serious stuff. I know about logs :) Nothing is completely secure of course. Why pay more ?


Thanks to @msmyth SeeVPN megathread for VPN tutorial + info.


Where's the deal here???? A product the used to be free is now £29.99.

FREE Android games and software
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Games: • Dementia: Book of the Dead • ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP ‌ • ‌ Swordbreaker The Game. • ‌ BlackJack Trainer Pro ‌ • ‌ Jungleverse: Tiki Cups Kids ‌ • … Read more

Everytime I try to get that game, it's says I've already got it (skeptical)


Good post OP. (y) How did you discover all the free games? Web scraper? The play store doesn't make it easy to find them.


Thank god for a combined post


Epic (lol) (lol) (highfive)


Downloaded Swordbreaker.all in Russian.deleted

Izotope elements mastering software free  with any paid purchase @ Pluginboutique
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Izotope elements mastering software for only £1 · Through a special partnership with iZotope, Plugin Boutique is now offering Ozone Elements ($129 value) at no charge with any paid… Read more

My pleasure. It's a great bit of software (y)


Yeh I got it a few weeks ago. I had izotope on my list of potential mastering software to buy so was perfect for me


Worked a treat thank you!


Been on offer for a few weeks now. I got it a while back and still haven't got round to using it yet. Heat given though.


Fully tested It's working

VPN Unlimited 3 Year Subscription - 5 devices - £23.01 @ Stacksocial
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
(Possible £20.71 for new user 10% discount) Also lifetime plan, 5 devices for £30.68 before discount. Been using this for about 3 years and does a good enough job for me. Desc… Read more

Not good when you read this


Bought yesterday just before if finished. But it's on for another 7 days. Over the moon with the product. £22 for 3 year VPN. Very nice


Extended for another 7 days.


I know first hand experience (my line of work) that some free VPN providers have been caught data mining user traffic and closed down. The legitimate VPN companies that are regulated etc. are a lot more reliable in this aspect. So no, T&Cs of free VPN are not going to say "oh btw we're collecting your traffic to sell to big data companies".


They do have a kill switch ..

DellG3 Series, Intel® Core™ I5-8300H, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 256Gb SSD, 15.6 Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop With 4Gb GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics With GAMING SOFTWARE PACK - £599 (with code) @ Very
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Need a replacement laptop and this seemed reasonable, £599 when using the discount code (N7EXY) alongside the 6 months buy now pay later. Product description Item number: N33T918 … Read more

Did anyone try that above 'suggestion'?. And if so, did it work also?, thanx.


Yup, OOS




Nope, no Thunderbolt. 2xUSB3 and 1xUSB2


Can you confirm if this comes with a thunderbolt port? It's on the picture but i don't believe it does.

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