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Saw this new offer on my Nectar app. How does Nectar Connect work?  Nectar Connect lets you collect Nectar points from a wide range of brands you love in 3 easy steps: 1. Connec… Read more

But they can grab past years of data, not just what you are spending now. The only way I'd use this nectar offer is to start with a fresh credit card and use it for nothing else.


I know how it works. I don't mind sharing my spending data in exchange for some free points. Not to everyone's tastes I appreciate


They can get all your card transactions, not just ones for nectar partners according to the terms and conditions. Noped right out of it. I don't mind Nectar building a profile about me on shopping I choose to collect points for but a blanket snooping of my bank account is way too much.


You need to learn to read the smallprint more by the sounds of it.


Hardly random is it, its a well known supermarket. No different to using Experian Boost imho

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Updated 25th MayLast updated 25th May by PAISAL
At long last you can now deposit a cheque digitally at rbs £500 limit on the app

I wish I was still 5.


I genuinely don't think I've had a cheque in 5 years


I see NatWest are doing this now, good job too as they've closed most of their branches in my area and my nearest branch is a 17 mile drive.


Someone needs to let Nationwide know that it's the 21st century and they also need to enable this facility. I also have to deposit any cheques at Barclays or Halifax and transfer over


I opened a online Halifax account then deposit my cheques to them digitally £800 limit then transfer across to rbs but sorted now

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Now eBay wants to directly bill/pay your bank without paypal. There are no paypal fees but they want alot of information and its a direct debit your signing up to: Third party: T… Read more

I've just checked it out and sorted it, not happy but what can I do? Lose sales because I'm not on eBay... lol. I will just dump the money in my 2nd account but preferred it going to my Paypal as I used that as a luxury spending source rather than bills etc.


This is a great move by eBay. I couldn't wait to switch to managed payments. Now when I issue a refund I get the fee back, vs PayPal being greedy keeping it all for themselves. I think all sellers will be moved to managed payments by the end of this year.


Because I already have two bank accounts and don't want a third. Stupid from eBay to be honest. When does this take effect as I haven't had any emails or anything from eBay about this?


Why not open a seperate bank account for sales then?


Well then I will have to find an alternative then as I prefer to keep my money seperate.

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Updated 8th AprLast updated 8th Apr by packard
Hi, is the HSBC app or online banking not working for anyone else?

Ask them ?


Mine is fine.

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Updated 27th FebLast updated 27th Feb by ecraigy
Natwest mortage in principle
Hi. Does anybody know if you can print your mortgage in principle from Natwest website? I put all my details on the Natwest website to get a mortgage in principle. They sent me … Read more

I somewhat used to agree with you, until I sold a house last year. I now have appreciation for professional photos, facilitating the viewings, the negotiation and vetting of a purchaser, and in particular all of the work that goes into the administrative side once the offer is accepted. This in my case involved hours and hours of calls from my estate agent to my buyers conveyancer to get traction and mediate between my conveyancer and my buyers conveyancer. It is my belief that my estate agent saved the purchase of my new build property (where exchange of contracts was required within a short period of time) because my estate agent got the buyer to take action. Tell me, when did you last sell a house? I appreciate my situation may be dissimilar to other people, but I believe not every transaction is simple and the right estate agent can be worth their fee.


Estate agents are glorified Facebook Listers they don't do much par from viewings, when you go out in the offer you say your mortgage, at his point the seller does not know you ''lied'' And secondly your situation has nothing to do with the estate agents so of they want to try and size you up they deserve being lied too


I remember my brother was buying a house and in the last minute the seller said he doesn't want to sell the property, but he (my brother) had to pay the broker fees anyways. Im so terrified about this as I'm looking to buy a house. Hope it doesn't happen to anybody.


Take a pic using camera phone


Buying property in England is the most frustrating thing, it can take several months, by then anything can happen. The whole process needs a catalyst, to say the least. Any Solicitor/Conveyancer make any good suggestions to speed up the process?

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Updated 19th FebLast updated 19th Feb by aaronipswich
As above offer until June 4th

Anyone know when it will be back


If you go to an apple store this offer is always on.


wonder when this is coming live again? I need a new macbook


Got an iphone SE with this. Handy like as it's interest free, Sure apple do their own finance option but its for 18 months?


This is always available when you go into an Apple store