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Leeds Building Society Buy to let mortgage 1.44% £1k fee 60% LTV 2 year fix
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul Great product this one https://www.leedsbuildings… Read more



After weeks of turmoil and sadness that GToptions brought upon me and my family after I lost GBP110,000. I was introduced to this guys at Geminihacks -.- cohm they are the best and helped me recover all of my funds without any hassle in 48hours, I am so happy doing this because I know how many people would benefit from this useful information.


it depends on the overall cost, for mortgages where the loan is low the fee works up to be a big cost, hiigh value mortgages the fee has little impact. So calculate the overall cost eg fee + total mortgage interest over lifetime of product


Best to work out the overall cost over product term and compare. Products without fees often have higher rates.


Is it really worth getting new terms with a fee when many deals can be had without?

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.45% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Barclays
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Further reduction on the Barclays 7 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.45% rate and £999 booking fee (60% LTV). The cheapest 7 year mortgage that I have seen. Good for those who wan… Read more
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I got an account set up from my mate's plastering business. It was very easy to do.


Don’t you have to be trade to get a Howdens account?


I registered with Howdens. All the cabinets in the kitchen, including high end handles and "magic corner" units cost about £1700 all in. Dearest single item was black granite worktops that cost about £2200 including cut outs for hob, sink and drainage channels. The tap was an expensive "Blanco" brushed stainless steel job with pull out hosed head. Bear in mind these prices are about 5 years old. Kitchen still looks like new. I tiled the floor myself with porcelain tiles but a fitter came in to do the kitchen and the Granite guys fitted the worktops. Kitchen cabinets + fittings: £1700 Sink + tap: £380 Appliances (oven, wok burner hob, extractor, dish washer - all high within the Siemens range): £2200 Granite worktops: £2200 Tiled floor: £200 Fitting: £900 You'd be hard pushed to buy less than £22k all in at Wren/Wickes for the kitchen we have.


How did you get a trade discount?


It would cost me about 3k to get out of my current mortgage, so almost the same as any saving. I'll wait, still furloughed so not making any big decisions.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbs) £25.99 per month (Effectively £23.22/month with £50 prepaid mastercard) 18 months - £467.82
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbs) Works out at £23.22/month (£25.99/month + £50 prepaid mastercard for joining) 18 month contract. Originally found on MoneySavingExpert.

I'm now 24 days into my PlusNet experience, and I still haven't had my internet fixed and working for even one day. Their latest attempt to fix it has resulted in no internet at all for 4 days and counting. No fix in sight. Hours (literal hours, on hold for an entire hour in just one instance) on the phone, bounced around 4 times between departments, online messages go totally unanswered and sit there for days/weeks. Not voted either way, but there's a reason they're cheaper..


my mate says 'Do your homework' on political opinins when he can't back up his answer ;)


Why you posting in here then? (popcorn)




do your own homework meanwhile I'm very happy with my inexpensive, very fast, fibre BB with Virgin

Growmoor: Multi Purpose Compost 40 Litre Bag - £1.99 @ Home Bargains (Halifax)
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd JulLocalLocal
This is good quality multi purpose compost by Growmoor. 40 litre bag £1.99 @ Home Bargains instore. Out of stock online. One of the UK’s largest selling composts with a powerfu… Read more

Nothing wrong with cheap chemicals. I grow everything with phostrogen! (highfive) It even works for hydroponics. I do compost myself but you really don't get much back for what you put in. FWIW if you check all the bags of compost, they're literally all subdivisions of Monsanto. Yeah, even westlands I think, or maybe they're one of the few that aren't.


My neighbor works at green core foods and they make frozen foods like Yorkshire puddings all the same but packaged up for different brands. (y)


Normally don't like shelling out loads for compost so go with 20L for a pound at Lidl when they have them in. However, picked up 6 bags of these this morning and will mix in some worm castings from my own compost bins and hopefully harvest some kale and carrots in time. Thanks fes37 (y)


It is not organic, so voted cold for cheap chemicals!


My hubby is a lorry driver. B & M, and Home Bargains both use Westlands, just branded as their own. I’d guess it’s the same with many other stores. He collected some juice from Princes the other day, all branded Tesco :D

£50 cashback when you become an investor by 31st July and make regular payments with Natwest
31/07/2020Expires on 31/07/2020Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Take advantage of our cashback offer! Act now! Start with an initial investment of at least £100 between 1-31 July 2020 Set up regular monthly contributions by 31 August 2020 … Read more

You're right about an ISA mate. Gonna try opening 1(non-ISA) with RBS too. Thanks


They are already valued as the Most 'Valuable' Car Company in the World despite delivering no where near the volume of Cars of the other manufacturers. The 165% increase since April could easily result in the share price dropping back to where it was in April. My overall point being is that it is a large punt of further increases. I sure hope so but I bought in at 700$ and wouldn't buy in again now.


Is it worth it, or just take a punt on tesla going up more than 20% over that 3 months? Theyre up 165% since April...


T&C for both banks do not seem to prevent that. Don't think you can have same ISA twice in one financial year so probably best to ISA invest via one bank and non-ISA t'other. I'm poised to do that....


Can we open with both banks to gain £100 bonus?

3 Months of BFI Player for free for Amex holders - new BFI Player accounts
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st JulLocalLocal
American Express BFI Player Offer. American Express Cardmembers can claim 3 months complimentary access. Simply add the code from the American Express newsletter at checkout. (AMEX… Read more



They have an app on Samsung TVs


Just used this. Although I have used their offer, still got 3 months out of it! Heat


BFI Is excellent but its only MAJOR drawback is that there is no actual app available that you can use on a Smart TV or device such as Amazon Fire Stick or 4K Stick, I tried all-sorts and find the ONLY way to really enjoy this at its best is to watch on a PC which is not ideal really, still I FINALLY managed to bookmark the main player page website in Firefox Browser on Amazon Fire Stick and watched that way, but the BFI Channel is actually available on the Amazon Platform but sadly you cannot use any BFI vouchers redemption codes via the Amazon Channel.


You can sign up at Revolut and use a virtual (burner) visa card for stuff like this. (y)

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Barclays - 10 year fixed rate Mortgage - 1.99% - £999 fee (60%ltv)
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Edit: first time there has ever been a 10 year fixed deal below 2% in the U.K. Barclays 10 year fixed rate mortgage - 1.99%, £999 fee is set to be a market leading product, with… Read more
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Does anyone have information about this. I’ve looked at it but can’t find the info I need. I’m out of a mortgage deal and would like the security of a ten year deal. However I may want to let out in the future, is that an option with this deal? If not does anyone know any similar deals that allow this ? Also, what’s the time limit for the mortgage portability? My current mortgage was 3 months.


I would strongly recommend, they have access to providers which you may not have or require good amount of time and effort on your part to research a deal which suits your needs. Having a broker may also help you focusing on main issue I.e. getting the property at right price.


What some blast! (lol) (lol) (lol)


Hahaha!!!! Brilliant quip!


Hi, would seriously recommend consulting a mortgage broker. Lot of them don’t charge a penny as they get paid commission by the bank. They should also be able to suggest different options to meet your needs. No face to face meetings everything can be sorted via phone or email. I used one not very long ago and contacting them again to remortgage. Good Luck

Sennheiser HD 599 - Amazon Spain £102.77 / £97.73 (with fee-free card Starling/Monzo)
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Seems to be a solid price for the headphones, quite popular couldn't find anywhere cheaper. Shipping is £4.17 or express £5.98
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Sorry. I apologise. It was £89.99 on prime day last year. Just checked my purchases. Thought it was £84.99.Apologies. As you were.


These will poop all over beats or any 'gaming headset'


Good headphones. I have the 598's which are similar in sound.


Got the Ivory/Brown for £69 from the outlet store a few months back, basically brand new. Great gaming headphones. Hot


Was there a special discount code on that day? Keppa is showing £89.99 cheapest on lightning deal last prime day/BF.

Flying goose sriracha £2.99 730ml @ Home Bargains (Halifax)
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal
Found this in my local Home Bargains (Halifax) normally stock 455ml for £1.99 but this is better value

Different brand owners. Huy Fong is American import and harder to find. But a lot nicer imho.


Is this vegetarian?


What's the difference, the packaging looks identical? Xx


This is horrible and has a sweet tang to it (but not in a good way). The Huy Fong Sriracha sauce I got off Amazon before lockdown was much, much better.


Every fridge should contain Sriracha, Cholula hot sauce and chipotle ketchup!!

Open a TSB Classic Plus account via Quidco get £50 cashback @ Quidco
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
You get £50 for opening an account via Quidco 1.5% interest on balances up to £1,500 (only with Classic Plus account). Requirements You need to pay in £500 and make two trans… Read more

Terrible bank


I used to be with TSB and received compensation over the whole IT fiasco. For general use they were decent - a shout out to the St. James' Park branch opposite the Underground station and the branch at Cutty Sark in Greenwich who were stellar in the customer service I received. I only moved away from them after I left my job in London and with no TSB near me went back to HSBC. The HSBC app is excellent. One can scan in cheques and it'll clear negating the need to ever cash in a cheque at a physical branch ever again!


I dont see this happening as my quidco failed to track. Oh well


Take the cash then switch.


All these comments has put me off TSB, shame I just took this out last week

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.54% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Barclays
1897° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Update 1
Rate decreased further as of 25/06 - now 1.54% for 7 years with £999 booking fee (60% LTV)
Barclays have reduced some of their fixed mortgage rates further, including their 7 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.54% headline rate and £999 booking fee. Whilst the headline r… Read more
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causerino Translate to English and have a read. That's the bank offering it. Still think it's a conventional mortgage to buy a house? Also, look at the illustration, the consumer definitely does not "win"


You CAN buy a house with it, over a 10 year term with a fixed rate of -0.5%. Pay the house off in full to benefit the most, or shop around at the end of that deal to get the remaining equity paid off. Hence why I likened it to a credit card with an introductory 0% rate. Many will pay the debts off in full to ‘win’ which is to the detriment of the lender, but they rely on the fact that many will not make the payments and they will earn their profits through fees and interest. You’re interpretation of a the deal only being legitimate if it’s when ‘buying’ a house is also warped. People remortgage a lot more than they buy houses, so someone remortgaging to that sort of deal for the final 10 years to pay off their house still gets the same benefit someone buying a house would get. You said negative rates didn’t make sense and that lenders would never do this, but you’ve been proven wrong. i have no further questions your honour.


Please read it, then look at the banks actual statement. You can't buy a house with it. It is an additional mortgage to a house purchase mortgage... it is effectively a loan.

SlashnBurn A negative base rate would mean the vast sums of money commercial banks store in central bank would begin to erode. So it stands to reason that in the event of a negative rate, commercial banks would want to mitigate that ‘loss’ by enticing more people to borrow via loans and mortgages. The Bank of England plays a crucial role as an instrument for government to influence things like inflation and prevent economic crisis. Coronavirus is the single biggest threat to house prices in modern history and Tory governments have a history of doing all that they can to prop up house prices. I think the short term availability of marginally negative mortgage rates is likely. Lower rates encourage people to borrow and spend which is critical to economic recovery.


Just because the Bank of England said they might consider a negative base rate still doesn't mean negative mortgage rate. Denmark's base rate has been negative for like 8 years or so, and last year was the first negative interest loan being offered...but with fees/taxes etc you are still paying back a good deal over the borrowed amount. You jumped on my comment to someone else saying "Google it ffs". I googled it as soon as someone mentioned there were negative interest rates in Denmark, and guess what, I couldn't find a single negative interest mortgage for buying a house. Either I'm being blind, or they don't exist. I WANT someone to prove me wrong, I have no horse in this race, just curiousity.

American Express Gold Credit Card Offer of 20,000 Bonus Points for new Cardmembers
266° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
As a new Card member you get 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards® points when you spend £3,000 in your first six months of Card membership. That's enough for a £100 Gift… Read more

I got my card today (applied on Tues). It is quick.


So has mine, but annoyingly I can't see any offers. Was hoping to sign up for the shop local campaign


card arrived already, that was quick


I know (excited)


That’s why the fees kept going up lol

Free 'Square' Debit/Credit Card Reader with code @ Squareup
1163° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Square Card Reader - FREE with code The fee is 1.75% per transaction

I'd burn a pile of petrol covered penguins for fun, ordering mine now...


If anyone ordered one as abit of fun can you send me it please as I am reopening my buissness this weekend and would be a real help.


I imagine we've all got one - just automated emails set off to close things off at their end. There won't be any readers.


Got that email also.


I'm so confused now... Email received today: We couldn’t cancel your order. Your recent order, has already been processed, so we were unable to cancel it. It’s currently at the warehouse and should arrive in five to seven working days.

Santander Everyday Credit Card - Balance Transfers – 18mths 0%, no fee (18.9% interest after)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I'm on the lookout for a balance transfer credit card since my current deal ends next month (shock) All the best deals on HUKD seem to have expired :( I did post an MBNA deal … Read more
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just to double check I am reading this right, those good ol days are gone now, right? 5% interest on 10k sounds incredible & I'd jump on that in a heartbeat if it was possible today


It's otherwise actually in good old days, having ~10000 on these cards used to pay your energy bill (5% interest on 10K) !generation!


Old news iam afraid. Has been MSE best BT card for over a year now


Applied for this couple months ago - very quick and easy. Managed to get a decent credit limit also In the day of low interest rates don't think it's such a bad idea to have managed debt but as always make sure it's managed

Amex Offer: 2 bonus avois per £1 spent at selected retailers (Tesco, M&S etc) - select customers
12/09/2020Expires on 12/09/2020Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
I appreciate that currently Avios are difficult to spend right now however we can still collect them :) Deal found on the offers section of selected Amex credit card accounts (I … Read more
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No offers on my ammex 'offers' section


I have the same issue. Not appearing on second card (which is the one more frequently used). I think it’s card specific which is a shame.


Does this offer work for a second card holder? I added it on my card but the wife’s app doesn’t show this offer available. Anyone know if the bonus will still be applied? Both cards are on the same account of course.


Good to hear, hopefully they will see sense.


They refunded my flight with BA (who tried to offer a voucher instead) with no problems. Had to wait 28 days, but they came through.

5 year fixed mortgage - 1.35% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Lloyds Bank
1774° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Lloyds now have a 5 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.35% rate and £999 booking fee with 60% LTV. This maybe of interest if you are up for renewal, with a higher level of equity an… Read more
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Next two quarters will potentially be horrific for those looking to sell or stay in employment. Happy to keep adding money to savings and for the house.


The nationwides house price index shows a drop of 3.1% so far which is not to be sniffed at as it’s only now that furlough is ending and the realisation of the damage to the economy is being felt. Everyday thousands of people are losing their jobs so anything less than a 15-20% fall by spring 2021 will be miraculous if you ask me.


They're not crashing, definitely dropping to more realistic prices though. I'm looking to buy at the moment in the £300k-£450k range and everything I've seen in the last month or two has had at least been reduced by £25k. Just had another email today about a 'New Reduced Price' with £10k knocked off a £300k property. I can't see it getting better for a while.


Santander for example has far better deals than this mortgage


If you choose the ‘remortgage to lloyds’ option on the dropdown on the calculator page the deals are there if you’re moving home too. Obviously the problem with switching lenders is being subject to valuations etc. Some lenders are capping new customers to 85% LTV but if you’re less than 60% it won’t apply. Here’s some examples based on the property value and mortgage you needed

Business Bundle worth up to £200 for select customer via American Express
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
American Express Platinum Business Card offer - Business Bundle worth up to £200 OFFER DETAILSSave to Card to get a £20 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £20+ online… Read more

Gift cards are not included, i purchased all items online.


Did you spend online or in-store? Just thinking if i could purchase 10 times £20 gift cards instore to spend on a bigger ticket item? Thanks


Just to add : I dont have a plat card, just a regular gold :) terms are slightly different 5 uses and not 10.


It's a hot deal definitely for Amex Business Platinum cardholder and i have had the cash back into my account 4th time now. Got a Roku for 24 when it was £44 on Currys. Now it's 49.99. Got a Nintendo Switch bag priced at 24.99 for 4.99 , smashing deal!


Not available on mine. Heat though for deal!

Free personal belongings cover for NHS staff Halifax Home Insurance
330° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Hey All For those who have home insurance with Halifax and are NHS staff, are entitled to free personal belongings cover up to £15k up until the 1st July 2020. Granted not a huge… Read more

I go 5-7 weeks at a time without seeing my children because I work for the NHS in a high risk position. I don’t feel entitled to freebies and extras but while they keep coming I’ll be grateful. *more recognition for other essential/key workers needed I reckon.


How will most companies verify you are a key worker? NHS is easy due to work email addresses.


Cheap marketing for the banks. Free stuff for NHS. Everyone wins.


It is just a cheap marketing ploy for the fools. Are these not the same banks that screwed every single one of us a few years back (and continue to do so) key workers or not?


These NHS things are annoying me now. Yes NHS are on the frontline etc, but not all NHS staff are, i.e. admin working behind the scenes etc. However in my eyes ALL key workers should get benefits. You still have police and fire fighters doing their jobs. Police currently dealing with ASBO related offences and the current so called peaceful protests. Firefighters dealing with the fires stated by disposable BBQs being left in woodland etc. Then other key workers, working in shops and getting shouted at and receiving abuse because they don't have stock, or because they are limiting the quantity of items people are buying because of the people who panic purchased. The lorry drivers up and down the nation making sure you get everything. In my eyes all key workers matter.

MBNA Balance Transfer credit Card 0% for 26 months then 20.93% - 1% fee
212° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
I am looking for a decent balance transfer credit card. All the best deals zero fee deals for non-customers seem to have expired. I used a comparison site that showed MBNA offered … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Of all the years that I've applied for a credit card, I've never seen this (mainly to apply for balance transfers). For example, I was on the barclaycard website to apply for a card, but when I got the card, my starting credit limit was £750, so it was pointless because I was hoping to transfer a balance of £8k. So I didn't use the card and just phoned to close the account.


It definitely does tell you your estimated credit limit. See below.


You would need a 0% spend card not a balance transfer card for this...


But when you do the soft search, it will tell you the chances of acceptance, not your credit limit


I got offered an interim £7200 limit with a near 100% chance of success which was far beyond my expectations. Do the soft credit check on their site and see how you fare. It has NO impact on your actual credit rating.

Mortgage - Buy to let BTL 75% LTV 5 year fix 1.92% £2k fee from BM Solutions
-103° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
SUPERB deal here, probably only through your broker, there are many brokers that will offer a free no advice service btw, i have one Product Name 1.92% 5 YEAR FIXED Product Code … Read more

I have to ask , people are voting this cold. can I ask why? and if please let us know if you have found a better BTL 5 year fix ?


Hhahahhahahah come on my friend , i agree renting services minimal value. But what do you think most of this society is based on Recruitment agents Estate agents How about the government departments that sell off UK prime land to foreign buyers who make multi million pound profits. Yet no one asks why the government could not have achieved this ? There are plentiful of jobs and organisation that are not value adding ......


Rentier capitalism is a term used to describe the belief in economic practices of monopolization of access to any kind of property (physical, financial, intellectual, etc.) and gaining significant amounts of profit without contribution to society. A real job is where you create something useful for society. Capturing a property and then getting the tenant to pay your mortgage is not useful.


What do you mean ?


Get a real job and let normal people buy the property

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