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Barclays double rewards if you switch (even for current bank customers)
Posted 5 h, 57 m agoPosted 5 h, 57 m ago
Basicly I have barclays current account and get 7 pounds a month for paying in at least 800 pounds a montn and having 2 direct debits. Now...I also have Natwest bank account...I h… Read more
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Sorry For me english I was born in Uk.


Is your keyboard/spellchecker okay?


Yeah i called customer service and they said they have Generic problem(all accounts affected) Basicly go to your app Scroll all the way down to Products In there on top in the middle it should be option like "account offer". In this option choose switch to normal account or Premier account and fallow the instructions. Simple steps. You need bank detalis and bank card details to process the switch.good luck


Its 3.5 but it will be 4£ next month a belive.


So how much is the actual fee for one account?

HSBC Student account  - £100 for opening account (payable within 7 days) + 12 month British Cycling membership @ HSBC
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
HSBC have just relaunched their student account for new university students or those starting an apprenticeship in September, looks pretty strong. Offering £100 cash incentive for … Read more
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Cash Incentives definitely Won’t really use the other stuff


Depends what you want/ what your need is .e.g cash incentive versus non cash incentive e.g. railcard, overdraft etc




What’s the best bank with offers for a student ?


As a third year student can I claim this?

No fee Halifax balance transfer 0% interest for 20 months credit card
Posted 19 h, 7 m agoPosted 19 h, 7 m ago
Transfer within 90 days for no fees and 20 months interest free on balance transfers. You don’t need to be a existing customer ether.
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Not with this card you can't, this is a 20 month BALANCE TRANSFER card, with no fee for bringing it over from another credit card. This card only offers 6 months on new purchases... Pay 0% interest for the first 6 months on things you buy. Have a look for a 0% PURCHASE CARD


Yeah I am about to :) thanks for this site (hot deal UK )and the kind and caring people on it. I had been referred already (y) 🏽


move banks, plenty out there who give you money to swap!


Refused although I have been banking wit them since 2011 (annoyed) heat for post tho


Thanks OP, done!

Natwest - Balance Transfer credit card 0% apr for 23 months (0% fee). For existing customers only. You will be credit checked
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Available to customers who have a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with NatWest, and are UK residents, 18+ and earning at least £10K per year. If you’re n… Read more

Any idea when this offer ends?


To clarify on purchases, does it mean I can buy something in the first 3 months, and have the remainder of the 23 months to pay it off interest free? Or does the interest start after the first 3 months of taking the card out? I'm guessing it's the former. Called them up and it's the latter.


Prove it, put up an image of both the front and back of your cards up (y)


Which is a load of rubbish, it says I cant get anything like it always does.. yet I was just accepted for a Halifax 28 Month Interest free purchase card and a few months ago a HSBC too.. according to MSE i cant even get a capital one card..



BM Solutions Buy to let mortgage 5 year fixed 1.95% £2k arrangement fee
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
BM Solutions Buy to let mortgage 5 year fixed 1.95% £2k arrangement fee, Product Name 1.95% 5 YEAR FIXED Product Code EUQ Product Type Fixed Product Rate 1.95% Tracked/Fixed Unti… Read more

So guys what do you reckon the best 5-year buy-to-let out there is? You've got a - 120 on this one 1let see what you guys can come up with or if not can anyone explain why they feel this is a cold?


I dont know how this cam he could when there is okly one mortgage on the market that beats this and it's by a few basis points. Interesting overcharging Please can you show me this topic? I tried searching here and couldn't see a trying thanks P.s does anyone else have a mortgage deal BTL thatvcan beat this?


Don't forget they've been caught overcharging customers recently. When i called them, they were working thru the list apparently. Read this on MSE.


Or 1.97 % 5 year fixed FeaturesFree Level 1 valuation feeFree Conveyancing View comes

1% Cashback on your debit card - HSBC Advance customers
20/10/2019Expires on 20/10/2019Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Just a heads up HSBC are offering 1% cashback on your debit card for Advance customers only from 19 July 2019 until 20 October 2019. You can earn up to £10 a month on your everyday… Read more
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Yes, nothing suggests that they shouldn't work/qualify?


Mind you, I called HSBC to ask about this and they said that the offer will work for transactions using Google Pay or Apple Pay.


You might want to look into Curve. One card that acts as a front to all of your others, so in the Curve app I can just switch to my HSBC card now, but the details to any site/shop remain as is for the Curve card itself. With the free version you can also select 3 merchants to get 1% cashback with for your first 3 months, you can "stack" this with any offer on the underlying card such as this, so could ge getting 2% cashback in total. Referrals now allowed here, but if you get one you can also get a bonus £5 cashback in 'Curve' points which can be spent as cash by selecting that 'card' in the app.


I'm eligible - pretty much never use my card as it's all transferred out to Starling/Monzo for day to day use after budgeting. Not sure i cba with this - it's 1%, better than nothing, but not sure it's worth changing my system and the other banks are just better for daily spending for me with their apps and features. Added heat as it is a good deal though.


HSBC = Crooks

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Earn 50% Cashback when you join or recontract with Sky TV (Halifax Reward Current Account)
11/09/2019Expires on 11/09/2019Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
I am having "Reward Current Account" with Halifax and just found out that they are offering 50% off if someone join SKY TV. Earn 50% Cashback when you join or re-contract with Sk… Read more

Had the offer on my Santander account for 50% cashback on Sky a few days ago which I accepted, but now it has changed to £50 cashback? Very strange, suspect Santander were offering 50% in error.


Not on my rewards


It's £50 cashback NOT 50% PLEASE AMEND.


Not clear if it's one month or forever. Halifax refers you to t&c which says nothing about this. Great.


Sky go a bit loopy with offers sometimes. Best deal I ever had on here was a years sky for free. The basic package just with an hd box. Taking into account the initial offer, cashback and an M&S voucher the whole thing cost me about a tenner for a year. Then i sold my HD box on eBay for £30 quid. I'd just moved into my house and it didn't have a tv Aerial. Sky installed a new satellite dish for me as part of that deal for nothing, and after the year was up I quit sky and I've used a freesat box ever since.

10% off Amazon via Morrisons vis AMEX deal - £30 min spend
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Selected AMEX accounts only. If you have the 10% off £30+ spend at Morrisons offer in your account, you can load up on Amazon vouchers to use online. Can potentially be combined … Read more

I checked my Amex and it showed 7%! Anyone else had this and do you think it will go up to 10% in the future


For those who don't have this offer - if you bank with Lloyds, you might have a 10% off Morrisons on their 'Everyday offers'


Not on either of my amex cards.


Nothing on my BA Amex :(


If such a place exists I would still question the legitimacy of the cards themselves at 35% off, but if you wish to PM me the link I would be happy to verify it myself. If not then I don't think I have much else to add here really.

7% cashback on all £30+ spends at Morrison’s until 31st July with amex offers (American express credit card)
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
30Great offer You can also buy gift cards I somehow spent £700 on my next account last one this promo was on and bought gift cards to clear the balance (was 10% of at Xmas so sav… Read more

Loads in belper. Shame amex won't give me this offer any more, might be because I spent over £10k on cards in 2 weeks around xmas. Greed got the better of me!


I haven’t seen any in store for months!


we shop once a week in Morrisons - maybe that is why they are not showing, dont want to be giving us cash back!


Not on my Platinum cashback card (annoyed) However, i get 10% off through my Santander 123 card... True, only once while Amex gives repeated discount. So it may be worth checking if you do not have it on your Amex either.


I had 10% last month and 10% this month.

Amex - Spend £400 or more at Microsoft, get £100
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
(y) Save to Card to get a £100 statement credit on eligible spend of £400+ online at Microsoft by 15/9/2019 . Valid once per Card for the first 10,000 Cardmembers to save. Terms… Read more
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On the "non-Everyday" platinum, yes. I'd have assumed offers would be the same; i didn't see "exclusive offers" listed as an advantage, just higher cashback.


How about this deal yesterday


Nice. Just bought a Razer Core X Chroma which I can’t find below RRP anywhere and basically got 25% off (y) (y) (y)


It's on my Nectar one this time (not in Everyday PCB or BA (free version)).


Has anyone got this deal on the Everyday Platinum Cashback Card?

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card up to 27 month 0% purchase offer. TCB paying £21!
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Not many offers around now but I thought 27 months which is two years and three months to be good and as an added boon you get £21 topcashback click here for the cashback if it p… Read more

Thank you


I have opened and closed credit card accounts over the years to take advantage of balance transfer deals but also left this one running in the background as an emergency money source if ever needed.


I have opened and closed credit card accounts over the years to take advantage of balance transfer deals but also left this one running in the background as an emergency money source if ever needed.


Thank you


I wasn't after a detailed response based on my personal credit history, just a likely yes or no if you're a current card holder, something that is not always apparent but easily answerable to those who've been in same situation.

Free Revolut £1.50 Credit, Free Card & Free Postage!
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
I have done this already and its quite simply £1.50 for free that you can use on any online purchase, well worth doing and revolut has been really good so far. Revolut are giving… Read more
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Thank you!


They charge a fee (usually £5.50/transfer) You can do some research on TransferWise or Skrill..


can starling do free international transfers like revoult ? I closed my revoult account and don't want another. But im willing to give starling a shot.


Does this require credit check


How do you add money on a 'normal' bank account except bank transfer? (confused) You can pay in cash in a branch, but you can do the same at any post office with Starling.. so can't see the difference.. PS: couldn't open an account with Lloyds few years ago => they're useless, right?

Free Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon (HSBC account holders only)
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th JulLocalLocal
If you're planning to go to Wimbledon this year and you have a HSBC bank account with a bank card, such as debit/credit etc, then you can claim a free voucher for strawberries &amp… Read more
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Or a first direct card. They will honour them too


Any, just need a HSBC card.


Is this for specific accounts such as Hsbc premier ? Or for any Hsbc accounts inc standard? Thanks in advance

Santander remortgage - 1.79% 5 year Fixed rate (75% LTV) - Product fee £999
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Remortgages only £999 Product fee Valuation - no fee, included Legal fees - no fee, included Annual over payment allowance - 10% If you have one of Santander's 123 accounts you … Read more
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As mentioned numerous times, including in the OP, this is still the best deal for loans over a certain amount. Yes, for lower value loans a lower or no fee deal would work out better. Its pretty basic maths and this is still the best deal out there for larger loans.


It's amazing how people notice the low rate but then completely ignore the massive product fee. actually have to pay the fee. So, when you take that into account, the rate is not as good as it seems. It's a con designed to entice the gullible. It's like buying something online for £0.99 with £10 P&P in preference to paying £5 with no P&P.


I got a reminder in the post that my current deal is expiring, just logged in using a/c and details personal to me on and my options were there. My deal ends November and it will seamlessly move onto my new one then now.


love that ad, much more creative than bland ads on telly.


As I mentioned previously here and here, the headline rates are not available to existing Santander mortgage customers. It is a treatment for being a long term customer!

Barclays switch incentive - Earn up to £168 or £252 for switching
29/11/2019Expires on 29/11/2019Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Switch your bank account to usEarn up to £168 or £252 for switching ============= If you switch to us, and make sure you’ve turned on Barclays Blue Rewards by 30 November 2019, you… Read more

800 can be just transfered from non barclys account If a man is on 300 pound benegits all it taked is just transfer money out to halifax lets say. And then move back .transfer out and back again. Simples (embarrassed)


That bloke is clearly on wrong webside...complains department is 300 miles away from here (lol)


A complete no-brainer for any existing Barclays current account holder with Blue Rewards already. £800 a month is doable for most. I'd agree that for switchers there are lower hanging fruit to perhaps pick off first, but I'm still surprised this is in cold territory tbh. I'll be sorting this out as soon as I can be bothered to download the app!


Indeed. Less than five minutes in the Barclays app to switch an unused account for an extra £84. Not exactly the worst use of my time, that. It's a benefit that is open to new and existing customers as well as one that continually rewards loyalty for people that actually stick with the bank, yet somehow attracts posts like the one I responded to earlier.


No reason for this to be voted cold. It's a switching bonus which is available to everybody regardless of whether they've had a bonus before. That is a rare thing. This is hot.

£50 cash back for NatWest Reward Customers (If you open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and invest at least £250)
31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Just got this email from NatWest... We have a special offer for Reward current account customers that are new to NatWest Invest. Open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and i… Read more

Started the invest with there advice service but lost the will to live filling it in so switched to invest without advice and took a couple of minutes Thanks have some heat


The only way I know to save more is use Amex platinum to pay off in one go during first three months of card ownership. 5% back. Other than that, can’t think of anything.


I use natwest savings builder, 1.5% bonus interest if you put in £50 every month upto 10k, There are locked accounts I found for upto 2.4% over 3 years but I prefer access in case I néed it quickly I imagine most banks will have some kind of savings thing like that, I stopped using isa's a while ago, can't see any advantage to them over other savings now


The £2 fee is more than covered by the cashback on my council tax alone.. I'm all for hearing how you get cheaper council tax legally! But thanks for calling me and everyone else clueless, maybe one day I can be as supreme as yourself and look down on all others!


Yes, didn’t think the sipp had started, it’s been a long time in the waiting

Switch to a HSBC current account and receive £175
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Just switch using the Current Account Switch Service and HSBC will deposit £175 into your account within 30 days. To be eligible, you need to pay in at least £1,750 per month or £1… Read more

Same with me - I went with m & S for the vouchers. As I have a credit card with them already I’ll get £220 - handy for Christmas.


Shocking customer service. I applied online more than 10 days ago but still no update on the application. I just called HSBC customer service and they were not able to help with any update whatsoever - just that the application is "pending" and that I have to wait. The CS representative did inform me that there is a large backlog at the moment. Clearly HSBC has bitten off more than they can chew with this offer. Terrible customer service even before the account has been opened! Their attitude towards customer is clear and I promptly withdrew my switching application.


Has anyone who already had HSBC account tried it to get the second account and get cashback ??


Can I set up 2 standing orders to my other bank accounts, mortgage or credit cards to qualify for this?


How long does it usually take to get approved (or disapproved)?

Barclays Remortgage - 1.83% 5 Year Fixed - 75% LTV
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Barclays revised their Re-Mortgage rates on all its products making 5 Yr. Fixed the lowest in the market at 1.83%. Other products including 2Y Fixed might be cheaper in the market … Read more
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1.79%, 5 year, remortgage only, 75% LTV at Santander


That sounds quite good


Sounds like the perfect time to go for a no fee, when you need the cash in hand... Crazy that they tried to force you down one route when you explicitly told them your reasoning. Personally I would have followed the advice given, getting it in writing that adding fees to mortgage wouldn't cost any more over the lifetime of the loan, then make a complaint. My first remortgage with Barclays netted me over £800 in compensation, and I reckon it took me 3hrs to gather evidence and write a letter. Always worth remembering these people are regulated heavily and are giving you advice that must be best for you.


Because he took a day off work to go into a branch where a jumped up little so and so thought he could dictate terms and my son would just do as he`s told. After saying that he didn`t want the deal with fee`s as he would rather keep the money in his pocket to use for other moving costs, the "advisor" just added it to the mortgage and when asked how much would that now cost over the lifetime of the mortgage got TOLD it would still be £999!!!!! At this point knowing he had been rumbled and claiming he didn`t get commision on sales, he refused to progress the application. Luckily I was outside waiting for him so I went to speak to the manager!


im confused, although its only still a small saving, its still a saving. why would you complain to a manager about that? (confused)

Halifax Clarity- It’s back with £20 cashback. 0% fx on spend and atm withdrawal. Uses the mastercard rate about .2% below the interbank
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Your credit card explained 19.9%apr We don't charge fees when you spend abroad. We don’t charge you a fee to withdraw cash outside the UK. The ATM provider may charge you a fee… Read more

So my replacement card came and it’s still blue not black like shown on the website.


i had to cancel the existing credit card with halifax to get the clarity credit card as they said can't have both. This was few year years ago.


This card is excellent, i've had it for a few years and it has been absolutely great; never had it refused anywhere. Like others have said the lack of foreign transaction fees is the obvious draw for getting one initially, but the cash withdrawals are also great for emergency situations (just make sure you pay it off immediately to avoid the interest or at least as soon as you can - it will charge you interest a a daily rate) Also thanks for alerting me to the fact that they've changed the card from blue to black, mine was getting a little tattered so i've ordered a replacement. (nerd)


Just a heads up but there's no universal 'Credit Score' all banks use different algorithms / data sources to give you their own score / risk assessment. Halifax may have information that's being factored in that some of the credit scoring sites don't have access to. (Used to work for a major banks CC team) If you sign up to a few of the main credit scoring sites you'll notice vast differences between your rating and none of these will be the same as the banks own internal scoring system. They're good to give you a rough indication but not definitive.


Best foreign currency transaction card I've had! Even if you pull out cash (which is free to do) - you get charged interest per day which isn't much but if you want to minimize this, just pay it off as soon as it shows in your balance. The app is good too!

Amazon Classic Mastercard    Sign-up offer: £25 Gift Card for new cardholders
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
I missed the Amazon Platinum card sign-up deal, offering a £40 gift card - but spotted this current, £25 Amazon gift card sign-up deal for the Amazon Classic Mastercard.

Would this work with a mastercard prepaid?


A bit of a generalisation here I know, but the amazon credit cards are done by NewDay - and despite having cards with them for a number of years for other high street retailers like House Of Fraser and Debenhams - and the fact that my salary has almost doubled since taking those cards out and I have a very good credit rating - they denied me a card - telling I failed the credit check - without caring to explain why. I opened a case with their team and after 3+ months of so called diligence they said we can't do much as you didn't meet the criteria, then I asked the ombudsman to step in, and its still ongoing. This has been now going on for more than 4 months - leading to much frustration, possibly a mark on my credit file and what not. Again I know a massive generalisation, but I am not going to touch them with a barge pole - since then I have also returned their other CC and decided not to do any business with them.


If you get the gift card for just signing up & being accepted without the need to make a card transaction then the best thing is to cut it up as soon as it drops through the door if you're concerned about running up a debt.


It has no effect on your score (so they said) to find out if you would be accepted, but if you are, and plan to make a purchase where you could use the £25 gift card (known to be an instant credit at times) £25 fer 5 minutes (tops) on a keyboard?, not the end of the world methinks.


As a single retired person, with a £24000 per year income, my friend (via google chrome) has just been told he wasn't eligible. I think it's considered a positive to have a credit card, leastways it's a NEGATIVE not to have one, in the world of credit scores. I suspect you could big-up yer income to get the card (so the £25 gift card) if yer could be bothered? I remember when I applied to this company (Newday) and hit the wrong key when I input my DOB, (a guaranteed fail you would have thought) but it went through...I only picked-up on it when I had to input my dob (after I had a card) to log-in, and input the CORRECT date, and Newday (when I called em?) shut me down XD

PayPal Business Debit Card - 0.5% cash back on all purchases + No FX markup
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Hi Thought I would share this one. PayPal has relaunched their Business Debit card in the UK. Now there are +/- on this product Positives are 0.5% cash back on all purchases … Read more
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Just received mine.


Thanks for the update, I can confirm the option for auto top up for business debit card is on my account too. It only gives me the option to link to a bank account (I have only one bank account in my funding sources) or one bank debit card (I have one confirmed bank debit card and Curve card - also confirmed in funding sources) and no option for credit cards as expected. So, for whatever reason, Curve card is not showing as an available auto top-up source.


The feature appeared to go on a little holiday but is back Click the card icon on the left and its there


Thanks a lot for getting back. I lost hope as it simply don’t pull funds from any link card or bank account like normal PayPal account. You must have balance in PayPal which is only accessible from this card.


Someone on MSE contacted paypal about the business debit card and was told the info on the website about it pulling funds in multiples of £5 from linked bank account is an error and that you must have the full amount for the transaction in your available PayPal balance. The page I was trying to link to in my previous post is not the right one. I can't find it now, but when logged into PayPal you select transfer money and it should show you the details for how to do it manually via your own bank.

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