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The best credit card deals for September 2017
LocalLocalFound 25th Sep 2017Found 25th Sep 2017
Top credit card deals September 2017 Free £25 for getting HSBC Credit card, use it once in 60 days. HERE . £25.25 cashback just for having a Barclaycard No Fee Platinum 25 M… Read more
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What I’m looking for is a credit card that has a decent 20 month plus on 0% spending but with also cashback like £25 , because it’s rare to get both , you usually only get 1 or the other .


Providing you know how to use them credit cards are fine. Personally I’ve used them to improve credit rating, credit card protection etc never had an issue and always pay it off in full. It’s the people who spend spend spend without any thinking that need to stop using credit cards.


Seriously? Did you actually read our posts? Using something wisely requires wisdom. Using something intelligently requires intelligence. Those who understand interest earn it, those that don't pay it. The way I've suggested to use this does not involve getting into actual debt - simply holding more funds in savings account(s) that you could use to pay off the credit card in an instant. Literally will have no negative impact should you become redundant or can no longer work - in fact it would put you in a better position as it would give you access to more funds should you need it, plus the extra interest you'd earn. Sure, if you just want to get this because you decided you need to have the latest iPhone that you can't afford, then this is a bad idea, as I stated (no self control or lack any understanding of money - totally fair and just, I'm not saying it in a nasty way, just saying it how it is). There may be a case that you find yourself in a difficult situation and need credit to feed your family - it happens. This is a reasonable way to do it, so long as - like I said - you understand money and pay it back. But of course - all credit cards are evil, should never be used by anyone and should be banned forever.


Re: The deal itself, it's worth noting that Barclaycard and Sainsburys have 2% or 2.5% minimum repayments, which actually becomes quite singificant over the lifetime of these deals versus the 1% you get with some other lenders. If it's fee free then it's not such a worry, but if you're paying 1-3% handling fee you want to have more than half of the balance still remaining at the end of the term if you're looking at this as a stooze. Of course, if it's just to manage short-term cashflow problems, then a higher minimum repayment may suit you.


I also think phrases like "Save up for the things you want. Cold" are quite condescending too, which is what lea to my reply. Maybe consider others' circumstances before posting.. Not everyone's circumstances allow for that either,, life can throw horrible unforeseeable curveballs to us or to our nearest and dearest. Or some people may have saved up and wish to offset their savings. Your post itself is implying that HUKD members are not able to use it other than as a ticket to debt. I get tired of the CC haters tarring every deal with the same brush - often it's a blanket response from people who don't understand how they can be judiciously used to their advantage, which is what prompted my own response.

B&M selling Disney's Mrs Potts money bank  for £5.99 and Chip mug for £3.99
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018LocalLocalFound 2 h, 40 m agoFound 2 h, 40 m ago
B&M are now selling a Mrs Potts money bank for only £5.99 and Chip mug for £3.99. The store pictured is in Birmingham City Centre at the Oasis Centre along Corporation Street.
Free Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus From Barclays Bank
Found 23 h, 51 m agoFound 23 h, 51 m ago
I used to use kaspersky free from Barclays but they stopped dealing with them. Did a quick search and it came up with this. I am a Barclays customer but it didn't ask me anything w… Read more

Windows only it seems. I wonder if there is a version for Mac/Android/iPhone for free


Is it free to ALL Barclays customers or only a few? We are pleased to offer Webroot SecureAnywhere security software, free to all Barclays Wealth Online Banking customers.


it's free so why the cold votes?


Gets fairly good reviews:

PNY Curve 2600 mAh Portable Power Bank - Blue £1.97 @ Currys
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Compatible with smartphones 2600 mAh Provides up to 1 full charge Includes USB to micro USB cable
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Yes, but it's a handy size otherwise you have to carry around a huge bulky and heavy charger. I don't think there are many people that use their phone so much as to need more than two charges in one day, if they do then they need to get a life.


IIRC you can get 1800mAh for a pound... None in stock near me either, cold.


Some red in Doncaster if any can pickup


OOS near me.


Ordered 2 and daughter ordered 1 from Dumfries and when I went to pick them up was told they must of sold them in the hour before I got there. So staff probably kept them. Currys suck!!

HSBC - £200 to join and stay if you switch the advance account
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
£200 when you switch and stay with HSBC Advance . If you’re new to HSBC, get £150 by opening an Advance Bank Account through the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) and get a fu… Read more

Watch out when applying. If you don't meet the salary requirement (about 27K) you can just fob it or add "extra income". They've got hotter on them and are refusing applications.


If you are planning to shift this old current account to HSBC then it needs to be shifted with at least two Direct Debit mandates or two Standing Orders on it.


I have an old current account with no direct debits set up or my wage being paid in, can you set this account up then manually set the two direct debits up and transfer £1,750 across each month?


Log in to the app... click "more" And scroll to "deposit cheque" take a pic of the front and back as directed and you are done.


And you don't need to put the cheque in a machine for deposit?

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Saving Bank / Money Box £2.84 delivered @ Internet Gift Store
Refreshed 11th OctRefreshed 11th Oct
Thought this was a very good price if you want to save your pennies in Darth Vaders head. Official Star Wars merchandise 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 12.5 cm Material: Ceramic What is… Read more

I find your lack of stock disturbing.


yep gone now.


Baack in stock (most likely for 5 minutes)


1ST10 for new customers.


Out of stock already :(

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TecPlus 6700 mAh Expedition Soft Touch Power Bank £4.99 @  vodafonestore Ebay
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Decent spec sold by Vodafone. Also available TecPlus Expedition Soft Touch Power Bank 10,050 mAh for £7.49 with two charging ports

Mine arrived and very pleased for just over £7 for the more powerful one's.. very pleased


Yes it does


Other colours too:


The 10,050 mAh in blue, raspberry or teal, for £7.58 and free delivery still available on Amazon:


No Power Delivery 3.0 , no quick charge 3.0 , no usb c

PNY Go Pro Hero 4 5200mAh Portable Power Bank £6.99 + Free Delivery @ MyMemory
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
The Action Charger is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide you with power when you need it. It charges all USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets… Read more

Surely, whether you are talking about phones or cameras, regardless of battery capacity it will still need charging when low and power banks are useful when out and about or travelling. As has been said already, this is intended for Go-Pro batteries but can still be useful if your phone needs topped up!


Or you could just read the post properly and realise that this isn't aimed at phones, but more specifically at a Go Pro ;)


Just get a decent phone with bigger battery😄

New Nationwide Future Saver acc. 3.5% on up to 5K pa (about £175), if you have  kids under 15
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
My monthly saver is coming to an end, so I was looking for a better option. Found this while in Nationwide, and compared to my monthly server which gives me roughly £75 (5% on £250… Read more
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In my application, I asked them to transfer £100 from my C/A to to open it, just to get it functioning, and they did not. My new account just appeared with a zero balance, and I had to do the transfers myself (which was very simple). So, I would suggest you call cs, first to check that the account opening is in progress, and secondly to confirm that they have the instruction to transfer funds to it.


They do, but you can only save £100pcm.


It didn't ask me for my customer number but I applied through the app? So I'm hoping I auto did it some how to do what you describe. I've opted to move the full 5k and that still hasn't moved from my current account 6 days later I think it is. I'll probably call on Monday if I don't see anything


The answer is yes, as I have just done this. The account appears listed under your savings accounts on the web page, whereas the child's isa appears in under Children's savings. This further confirms the fact that you have total control over the account, but the isa is 'untouchable' until the child is 18, and then gets it all!


Yes, I did it last week, and had no correspondence whatsoever until it suddenly appeared 4 days later along with my other accounts, and then next day, I got a letter telling me it was up and running. Very poor from a service point of view, although it might be because it has only been running for about 2 weeks... I opened a instant saver account the following day, got immediate email confirmation, and informed when it was opened, so not the norm for them. I did call cs to check that it was in the system, which they could confirm, but were themselves surprised that I had not received any sort of confirmation. It appears grouped with your other savings accounts with your web page, not under the child's accounts. It is easy to transfer money to/from, and I am very pleased that I opened it, now that it is up and running.

£125 to new and existing customers who switch their bank account @ NatWest
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
NatWest has just launched a switching offer which gives £125 to new and existing customers who switch their main account to the bank. The switching offer applies to all of NatWes… Read more

"There is no required minimum income but £1,500 must be paid into the account each month" Is it £1500 (as a one-off deposit, before the deadline) or £1500 each month as The Sun link says?


Thanks OP! I've just applied using an old TSB account that got mothballed once they reduced their interest. Lets see if the money gets paid out!


Have they improved their application if you don't have passport or driving licence? Last time they said they'd sent docs in post but never did


I'm taking this as evidence I can do it and will use it against them if they moan and the T&C's make no mention of the 'main account' clause stated in the OP


Just slayed my unsed monzo account for the sake of £125... (unicorn) (unicorn) (unicorn)

Barclays earn up to £132 in 12 months with doubled Blue Rewards by switching bank accounts
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
While it doesn't give an upfront bonus, switch to Barclays and sign up to its Blue Rewards scheme by Wed 14 November and you'll get double rewards for a year if you meet direct deb… Read more

Would they not? Well, that is what she believes she did, via taxi (and this is the relevance of her age) but I suspect it was (can't be sure) only the £200. Bottom line is CS has been abysmal from day 1. I'm sure about the other issues, but I'm working on the weight associated with 1000 £2 coins. I want to get roughly 26.5 lb in weight together, and see how she handles it, I don't think she can.


With Starling it’s free to have a replacement for a lost or stolen card in the uk. £60 if you’re abroad.


Great Starling support joint accounts but isn't clear if you can be logged into two accounts at same time for easy switching. I find the £60 lost card fee a bit harsh given with Monzo it's free to get a new card.


Are you saying that she deposited £2000 in £2 coins? Because 99% of branches would not even consider accepting such a transaction without prior approval/booking. I.e. you would have to call the branch and they would agree before you went in. You can't simply walk in off the street to do this.


Gotcha (y)

Pokemon pokeball power bank £4.97 @ Currys
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Done a random check and it’s available at Curry’s coventry. So check your location. 5000 mAh

Out of stock at my 18 nearest stores - again.


Repost, no? And there was barely any stock that time...


Who took the one in Coventry?


I got two :)


Heat.Managed to reserve one in my local store.

New bank "Marcus" offering 1.5% AER interest on easy access saver
Refreshed 3rd OctRefreshed 3rd Oct
Part of Goldman Sachs, offering hands down the best easy access rate on any account in the UK Full fcfs protection, it's a no brainer for any saver.
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Sorry - you say I'm missing the point? It's literally a money savings account. It couldn't be any more on point. You understand everything anyone buys on here pretty much depreciates faster than inflation right? I'm fairly sure if you whacked the equivalent money in here, or bought a skoda or LG oled TV, you'd have more money in this account after 12 months than you would fetch for your then obsolete 2nd hand item, thus entirely defeating your point. Inflation is a word batted about by people too much who don't really understand it. And people don't really comprehend it mostly affects the stuff the you were buying anyway. Leftover money is leftover money, leave it under a mattress, it won't go up. Spend it on anything other than a house pretty much, it wont go up, most likely down. Invest it - It may go up, or down. Put it in this, or any other positive interest FCFS backed account, it will definitely go up without fail.


Then you miss the point. Regular savers are **** for lump sums of money with their measley max pay ins. This is the best rate on an easy access account. That's why it's hot. Find a better rate on easy access savings , with no fee, pay in requirements and full fcfs protection and post it on here, then your comment will be justified.


Where's the funny bit?


I transferred a sizeable amount from first direct via same day payments on Friday, but it still isn't showing in my Marcus account. I'll have to chase it in Monday.


Opening account was 2 min work and website is basic and all you need. Transferred to account without any issue !!

JACK & CABLES Keep Calm and Re-Charge Portable Power Bank 5000 mAh -Blue -£4.97 + Free C&C @ Curry PCworld
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Compatible with USB devices 5000 mAh Includes USB to micro USB cable - Charge your portable USB devices with ease - LED indicators display the remaining battery power … Read more



keep calm :)


Seems like a decent price. 5000 mAh ones tend to retail at £8 upwards. Can’t do better for a fiver.


Perfect. (y)


Ordered. Thanks OP (y)

RAVPower 27000mAh / Built in 220V AC Outlet Power Bank Travel Charger £72.99 Delivered Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Lowest price I think we've seen on this. Pretty beastly at 27000mAh and a 220V AC Outlet built in - 1x Type C 5V/3A output and 2x USB iSmart 5V/2.4A ports on the side there.The AC … Read more

I dont think it will last very long on AC output. AC devices are not very efficient like DC ones . Plus DC to AC conversion losses into heat as above. It may be the smallest though. I rather have the car jump start built into it , in case the car or camping van battery goes weak running the tv etc with DC to AC invertor and needs a jump start .


I wasn’t complaining about the price :D


This is a top line product you pay the premium until it becomes common place.


Adding 220v AC conversion from approx. 4v DC. I expect some additional cooling. 3 times the price is a bit much but can see where some of it goes.


Why does the AC outlet treble the price? :/

Baseus LCD 8000mAh QI Wireless Charger 2A Dual USB Power Bank £12.26 Ali Express /  BASEUS Official Store (£11.76 through quidco)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Looks Stylish, not seen any wireless power banks, 8000mAh @£12.26 for wireless charging is a hot deal. TO GET THE PRICE OF $15.99, CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ONE TO GE… Read more
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Thanks. With discounts it’s now $14.19 which equates to £10.93 at today’s rate on my Tandem card.


Coz the power bank has an LCD....


? what are you talking about resolution?


So around the same resolution as the iPhone XR?


video review of same product different packagng

PNY CURVE 7800mah portable power bank £4.97 (Prime) / £9.46 (non Prime) amazon
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Thought this might help those people looking at the currys 10400mah version that's virtually oos everywhere. Price is delivered through prime, price none prime is £9.46 delivered … Read more

Mine arrived today!


Just got an updated delivery date, so stock must be back in for backorders.


Mine got posted today. Pretty slow to charge though on either port it says it's gonna take 2.5hrs to fully charge my phone that's already at 50%. However it will do incase I get stuck.


dispatch email recieved 8)


very nice

PNY Curve 10400mAh Lithium-ion Portable Power Bank with Flashlight - Black for £4.97 @ Currys
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Low price. Available instore Keep your smartphone charged wherever you are. The Curve 10400 has enough power to fully charge your phone five times - great for a weekend aw… Read more
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Tried to order the other day, collection only but after searching nearly 90 stores none of them did collection so what’s the point.


Pathetic,none left on planet Mars,so cold from me.


Stock in Falkirk


Thanks ordered 20 from Ayr :) maxmix


any currys deal that ends with a number 7 is normally pointless as i have yet to find one thats in stock and they honoured so i do not even bother checking now,i did find a deal ending with a 7 once and found stock,reserved it and yes i got text back eventually saying that they had made a mistake and there was no stock .totally pointless posting a currys deal ending with a 7

HSBC Free £75 offer for switching. Alternative to Advance Account Offer.
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
An alternative to the HSBC Advance account offer if you cant match the £1750/mth pay in. Open and switch to HSBC's Bank Account and you'll get £75. You'll need to pay in £500/mth … Read more

It's a current account so they can't force you to keep you money in there! Yes that would work and the transfers could go in and out on the same day if you like. The hurdle is getting HSBC to accept you for the account if you don't have the required income.


There a very few good financial reasons to go with these banks. Not going to deny they are far better with their customers, but people are here to make their money go further


Could you transfer in £500 in at beginning of month and then transfer out that amount the next day and repeat this process for 4 weeks? would that count as you transferring in the allocated amount or are you not allowed to withdraw the £1750 till the end of the year?


Need to be careful about ending up with a fraud marker on your record. No switching bonus is worth that. Banks can and do share and verify information on applications. I think HSBC are being quite short sighted and behind the times in their policies, particularly with the older generation. No longer do people have gold plated final salary pensions. They can draw whatever income they want from their pension pots, so effectively their income is whatever they want it to be. If someone is prudent and draws only a small income, leaving the rest to grow for the future they are effectively excluded from offers like this (annoyed)


Stretch the truth? (cheeky) Once you've got the £150 bonus you can always switch somewhere else again....

HSBC Free £200 offer, £150 to switch HSBC's Advance Account and then £50 after a year.
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
If you want to be paid to switch, this account is the strongest on the market. Open and switch to HSBC's Advance Account* and you'll get £150 plus a further £50 after a year. You'l… Read more
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It may reduce your credit score, if yours is good then you should be fine.


Does anyone know if switching accounts like this has an affect if you apply to remortgage? We're looking at going through the process in the next 6-9 months.


Karlie88, can you explain in detail how this is done please?


As far as I understand HSBC could not possibly know my income, it's not on my credit file, they could not ask my current bank and I can't think of any other way they could know. So as I don't always earn 1750 per month I'm thinking I just lie, after all I work on commission and I make over most of the time. Any one any thoughts? Thanking you in advance.


For me I did it online and week later got a letter asking me to go into the branch with id, so I did that today but then they said I need to come back again next week for a 45 min meeting on opening / switching account . It’s a pain but if I get through it it could be worth it .

Silvercrest 3000mAh power bank only £4.99! @ Lidl
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Portable charger for smartphones, MP3 players and more Up to 2.1A output for fast charging Includes USB charging cable Comes in many colours and easy to take away with you. On… Read more

Only getting 1554mAh on a charge/discharge test on these, there's a branded 18650 cell inside, can anyone else confirm this?


Why is this so. Cold. For a 3000mAh battery pack?


Do these double as tampon holders? It's my Mrs birthday coming up soon.


Poundland ones are 800mah i beleive. So better to buy 5 of them.and have 5 cables as they slways go faulty and short

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