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10% Cashback at Just Eat via Lloyds Bank Online Banking Customer Offers
04/07/2019Expires on 04/07/2019LocalLocalPosted 23 h, 46 m agoPosted 23 h, 46 m ago
Just activated an ‘everyday offer’ in the Lloyds banking app for 10% Cashback with Just eat. Max Return is £30. Should be possible to stack with other Just Eat codes. On the ap… Read more
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This is account specific


In my area all same options. I'll order with whoever is cheaper, which is typically just eat. Deliveroo delivery charge is what burns them.


Having empty tables in a restaurant is more expensive than paying 20% to Just Eat.


Didn't get just eat but got 5% off deliveroo (which is better)


Just spotted this deal on Halifax too

Get £175 when you switch and stay with NatWest [Pay in at least £1,500]
Refreshed 14th MayRefreshed 14th May
Everyday bank account - Select A simple bank account for your day-to-day banking £175 when you switch and stay Easy to use mobile banking app Contactless Visa Debit Card Also … Read more
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Has this expired?


Can you still do this as the 7th June date has passed?


Switches last time and had a multitude of problems including a security breach. Just a reminder why I left NatWest in the first place.


Hello good friends. The qualifying section that states: pay in £1500 by July 12 - does it have to be from a different bank? Anyone know? I have a NatWest account , and also a different NatWest joint account. I’m considering transferring the £1500 in/out of both these banks until I’ve hit the £1500. Will this qualify? Cheers.


Wow! Didn’t matter in the end, I needed to make sure the switch didn’t happen on the first monday or Tuesday of June. Natwest laughed and said don’t worry your switch wouldn’t have happened by then. Kudos to their incompetence.

Receive a free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard when opening Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account @ Santander
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
With the A-level exam season drawing to a close, for those who have applied, it is time to start thinking about going to university :) It is well worth setting up a bank account e… Read more
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But totally understand as well, sometimes it's right to just leave it and move on and don't give that bank your custom again.


I would strongly recommend using Resolver if you want to give it a shot. It makes it a click of a button to escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman when the time comes.


Thank you, I dont have them recorded. It was a tough time for me so I didnt chase it when I should have. But maybe I should do something. I must admit, the fight went out of me for a long while when things got tough, but thats probably what they prey on.


good, dont read mine, but I am glad you do your job of opening accounts well, good luck with your life level.


Be honest with yeah. I open those accounts. I've heard every story in the book matey

Free £175 when you switch to RBS Select Account by 28th June
28/06/2019Expires on 28/06/2019Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Free £175 when you switch to RBS Select Account by 28th June -- Once your account is open pay in at least £1,500 and log in to Digital or Mobile Banking by 2nd August. RBS will th… Read more
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How do you this exactly?


How soon after opening can you remove your £1500?


Is that on the app or desktop website? I thought the desktop website let u check back further. Sorry I no longer use natwest, switched again since then so can't help much 😁


Any easy way to find out this? Online statements only go back 4 months


Lloyd's classic takes a week to set up online no hassle.

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Free £15 After Your First Transaction With New Monese Digital Bank Account (TCB Also Available) ***NO REFERRALS***
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Exactly what it says on the tin. Sign up with the code "PERK2019" and get a free £15 credited to your account after your first transaction. TCB of £16.16 available as well. The… Read more

Took over 24hrs for me. :)


When do you get the £15 added turn my transaction but no money been added ? Thanks


Free £31.16 that's why


Starling bank here no withdrawal fees


How long before TCB tracks?

Santander mortgage - 1.84% 5 year Fixed rate (75% LTV) - Product fee £999 + £225 account fee
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Remortgages only £999 Product fee £225 account fee Valuation fee - free Legal fees - free Annual over payment allowance - 10% I initially posted this as a comment in response to… Read more
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That's on a 60% LTV. Still 1.84% on 75% LTV


1.79% now?


Follow the link, type in any combination of numbers that add up to 75% LTV, it's still there. Seems to be remortgages only


I can't see the 1.84% deal anywhere online?


Yes definitely if you need the 75%

HSBC mortgage - 1.89% 5 year Fixed rate (75% LTV) - Fee £999
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Booking fee - £999 (can be added to the Mortgage) Bank transfer fee - £30 Legal fees - £0 Valuation fee - £0 Annual over payment allowance - 10% Early Repayment Charges: Period … Read more

For the record HSBC also pay the valuation and legals - but your deal does look better still obviously.


6 months, I've just done it.


You are correct. The initial claim by the other poster was incorrect.


I see. Unfortunately you've completely misunderstood. The original post that triggered this discussion claimed a saving of £4k over 5 years by NOT paying the £1000 fee and taking a higher interest rate. You've demonstrated how paying £1000 for a lower interest rate can save you money, which is completely the opposite of the initial claim.


Yeah I had the base rate tracker from 2009 we moved house and my mortgage was kept and I took a fix on the balance , the start of last year I changed the tracker into the fix a few week before the base rate went up, so slightly better rate and we should be able to pay off the smaller mortgage and then just have to fix the bigger one again, shame u can’t get proper trackers anymore , it was very useful to hammer the overpayments

HSBC Advanced - free £175 back on plus save £250 a month at 5% regular saver
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
To get bonus: Apply and start a full switch within 30 days, including at least two direct debits or standing orders Minimum monthly pay-in: £1,750 (or £10,500 every six months – e… Read more

I already have a standard Bank account with them, so can't get the £175. I've been told that to upgrade to the Advance account, they'll have to credit check me... So I'll just switch to a different bank, get their rewards and come back to the advance account in the future and get the reward with HSBC as week. 8)


I wouldn't recommend this stupid HSBC bank even to my enemies. Applied for an account, no acknowledgment email, called customer services and they don't see any applications in my name. Gutted that this stupid bank left a mark on credit file for no reason.. (mad)


I might do this and switch the barclays account I've had for 25 years, since the barclays blue rewards are getting weaker. I already have a mortgage with HSBC, anyone know if there would there be any additional benefits to having my main bank account with them too?


Cheaper rates from HSBC if you're happy to pay a fee, so it makes sense for large mortgages ie. £200k+. Worth doing the sums...


Done it before when it was £200. I agree they are slow but once up and running its perfect and have tje reg saver constantly going. I got the costa code and saw the British Cycling membership perfect for my new bike coming. Use the advanced website for that.

HSBC 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - No fees - 1.94% - 60% Maximum Loan to Value (LTV)
Refreshed 22nd MayRefreshed 22nd May
HSBC reduced some mortgage rates over last few days. This one stood out at 1.94% no fees, fixed for 5 years (was previously 1.99%). They also have 1.74 % no fees, fixed for 2 years… Read more
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Best of luck with that it’s supply and demand not enough housing stock so higher prices low interest rates based on economics not on housing so you can buy with a 2% debt but rent out at a range of 4 to 7 % or if you have savings on a £200k investment you get about £7k pa and on deposit about £1500 pa


I guess it's okay. I was on 0.99% with around £130pm in interest which has now doubled to £260pm. I've noticed the capital isn't going down as quick. I probably need to stop looking.


That's still a fantastic deal.


They can take a while, especially if they are busy (which i think they might be). It took between 1 and 2 weeks on my mortgage application from a few years back. Good luck.


Do HSBC take long to issue the mortgage offer? Mine has been stuck at the Ready for Offer stage for over a week. I did query with HSBC by phone and they said the underwriters can take up to 2 weeks to action, but in my experience with FD this is overly excessive.

Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers with No transfer fee (existing Natwest customers)
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Both Natwest and RBS Credit card Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers and no transfer fee 0% for 23 months on balance transfers made in the first 3 months … Read more

Took a little while but finally approved and transferred balance (highfive) (highfive) (highfive) come along just at the right time for me (y) (y) (y)


Just applied for Halifax .. 3% fee


Applied yesterday didn't get an instant decision , just that they will get back to me in 5 days when they have reached a decision (confused) (confused) very nervous :S :S


Will stick with my hsbc 32 month deal for now


I had a 5k OD with Nat West for many years, up until I closed my account with them last year. Good offer on the card.

TSB Banking - Recommend friend to switch - £75 for you, £75 for them when they switch ** Please Do Not Offer Referrals **
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Recommend TSB to a friend and you'll get £75 and they'll get £75 when they switch. Plus or Classic account. Can recommend up to five friends and you'll get £75 for every friend … Read more
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i have joint account in tsb, if i bring my sole account will that get me switch incentive???


Why whats wrong with them?


I wouldn't recommend TSB at all to any friends.


I just switched from them to natwest


Obviously feel sorry for those who lost out during the IT fiasco but it was a minor inconvenience for me and since then everything has been working well and the 5% interest was a perfectly reasonable compensation for me. I find their branch service to be poor but generally good over the phone. They even refunded a number of contactless payments made after my card went missing on a night out! (highfive)

Starling Bank Current Account - Fee free spending abroad inc £300 cash withdrawals a day + up to £10 cashback at Costa (new customers)
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Starling Bank is an app based bank account with debit card and is well known on here. If you are looking for a fee free card to spend abroad or physically whilst on holiday, it's… Read more
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Ok my mate just tried a cash machine withdrawal was free and when I tried it said €5.00 very odd.


No, not a joint account totally separate. Don’t understand how one of us gets charged the other it’s free. Unless I’m the one under the old terms and conditions, it’s very strange.


You have a joint account with your mate?


That is odd. I never though to try my Starling card in Portugal, as I assumed if it charged my partners it would charge mine. Wish I'd tried it now! How can it vary from customer to customer though? Ian


This cash machine is free to use for me on my Starling card but my mates card says there is a fee. Very strange, we both have the same card and the standard current account. It’s not a joint account btw. We tried the cards several times, his came up as a £3 processing fee, mine just went through as normal. Checked my account and wasn’t charged.

Santander 1.89% 5 year fixed rate mortgage 75% LTV
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Booking fee £999 (can be added to the balance of the mortgage) Repayment charges: Overpayments are allowed up to 10% without a charge. If you overpay beyond that limit you will be… Read more

IMHO, for a repayment mortgage, you should look at how much you pay the bank in interest and fees rather than how much your total payments are over the duration. I can't fully explain it, but I had similar options at my last remortgage, and the higher fee/lower interest option resulted in my payments over the term being higher, but more of that money went into paying off my mortgage rather than paying interest, resulting in a lower balance on the mortgage at the end of the two year term that meant I was overall better off when considering both payments and mortgage balance.


Ive just taken out a 2.02% fixed 5 year with no fee at 75% LTV with halifax bank


Just found out today that First Direct have no limit to their overpayment. You just cannot pay off the total remaining. Agent I spoke to said they had a calculator they use to work out the account to leave in the mortgage leaving monthly repayments between £2 and £10 per month. Otherwise their ERC is 3% in year one and 2% for the remainder.


Yes why not, it all helps


I'm 50 and thinking about leaving Mums house soon, this looks like a good deal!

Existing Sky TV Customers - Free £50 Cashback from Halifax / Santander / TSB
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Reposting as other deal now showing expired. Few people confirmed receiving Cashback. Some of the big banks offer Cashback on day to day spending. Some offer it on "joining" Sky.… Read more

Ah didn't know you could, I'll delete this


Ask for it to be unexpired.

Marks & Spencer 2.9% APR Loan between £7,500 and £20,000 (no arrangement fees)
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
I'm currently in the process of buying a property for the first time (so looking at structural changes, damp course, cosmetics, furniture etc) and noticed this on the MSE website. … Read more
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And it can all be done online (y)


Try Zopa loans they don’t change the rate after your accepted. Typical apr is 3.3%


Which company?


I think Jrw just isn’t good with maths (no offense). Its similar to the tactic of getting longer term mortgages but overpaying to clear in the same shorter time, but you get the added bonus of having breathing space if you need to lower payments for say starting a business.


It does work out. I’ve not done it myself, no need. However if you do the figures, you’ll see it does work out. You’re not paying that additional amount for the whole term of the mortgage. Once you’ve paid off the “loan” your slightly higher mortgage payment will see you mortgage free sooner. Additionally, most people remortgage or change deal every, 2, 3 or 5 years anyway. You can’t argue that paying 2.14% as an example, on a sum of money isn’t cheaper than paying 5.9%.

500 Classic Margherita Pizzas PizzaExpress to give away for HSBC Advance customers
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st MayLocalLocal
Its back for May 2019
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Just wondering if the QR codes are unique. Want to use it, but don't want to be embarrassed!


Has anyone had any trouble using the voucher at the restaurant?


The T&C says you can't... But then again you could order for sit down and then ask to put the leftovers (aka the whole pizza) in a takeaway box (:I


Anyone know if it can be used for a takeaway order at pizza express?


How did it go

Atom bank fixed saver rates. 1yr @ 2.03%
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Found via MSE. Example - 1 year saver at 2.03% Some good rates to be found with Atom bank. I signed up to a similar account last year and have no issues. Atom is an online only a… Read more
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Using an app is no different to using a laptop same security algorithms so yes I do know what I’m talking about


I think it's a personal thing like i said before. Your pc has only got that "reputable branded software" on it, because it's what you've chosen to put on it. Much the same as my phone has only "reputable branded apps" on it, because I have chosen to put those on it. if you secure your phone in the same way you do your PC, then give or take, your risk to exploits is more or less even.


I just checked the money saving expert premium bond calculator. I would have to put in about £17,000 to earn the same 'interest' as Atom at £10k. I'm going for the easy option.




Google Play is littered with insecure apps that you install without knowing on your phone. (eg. My PC has nothing but reputable branded software and proprietary Security software. Your phone might be more secure than the Bank of England, but no one I know has one that is anything close to secure. Take the risk if you want, it's a free country (allegedly)

Combine all your cards into one using Curve and get £10 FREE (1% Cashback / Payment Protection / Free Spend Abroad) when you join using code
Refreshed 10th MayRefreshed 10th May31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019
Thought this was a fab offer and something i'm really interesting in doing with my accounts. The premise of Curve is to give you one card for you to use and replaces ALL your se… Read more

It’ll be added to your curve account after 72 hours from first purchase using the card


I just ordered a card and used the code mentioned in the post CRVE7. I didn't get any message, notification or acknowledgement in any way of the code being valid. Will I only see the £10 once the card has arrived and I make a transaction or? I feel like if the code was not valid the app should have at least mentioned it so I could have used another one?


Curve, straight????? ok but I haven't got a coat, I'll just go.


Would you mind elaborating?


Straight up.

Free British Cycling Fan Membership for HSBC customers (worth £24)
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Came through on HSBC Premier email but link shows available for all HSBC account holders :) (discounts not limited to those listed as there are others e.g. Halfords). What you c… Read more
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For me it was my adblocker (Adblock) that prevented the offer popping up.


Cheers for posting this :) Now a member too haha


This also includes insurance


(zombie) Didn’t work for me on a 1st direct account


Do I need a current account with HSBC or does a credit card count?

Barclays 2 year fixed rate mortgage 1.44%  60% LTV £999 fee
Refreshed 27th AprRefreshed 27th Apr
1.44% fixed until 31 July 2021 £999 fee 60% loan to value

That’s a difficult question to answer as every client has different circumstances and needs, there isn’t a one size fits all. You have to consider what you want, peace of mind and payment security or something that might give you a bit more flexibility but comes with the risk of a fluctuating payment. I’d also consider the difference between the fixed and tracker rate if it’s not massive that might help you decide amongst other factors Sorry I can’t be more specific without going into greater detail specific to your needs


This is not strictly true there was no difference in proc fees on a 2 yr tracker to a fixed, some fees back then differed depending on lender. Only slight variance is that some lenders have offered slight enhancements on 5yr deals but all that has now ceased. You can get fixed rates with no penalties and vice a versa you can have trackers with penalties so you have to be careful. There are quite a few sweeping statements above.


have been lucky with Barclay mortgage deals over the years - currently on a tracker base rate +0.49% which didn't have any fees when i switched to it a few years ago. Will pay it all off if base rate goes up again.


I worked with an ex-broker who advised me that brokers make money from getting people to take out fixed rates rather than trackers. At the time (2011) I was on a fixed and he said it was a no-brainer to get a fee free lifetime tracker as base rate was low. I think that knowing that there is a penalty for overpaying on a fixed rate deters people from paying but with no penalty on the tracker I made over payments galore - have now paid off mortgage and take his advice as gold as it worked for me Only difference now is that base rate a bit higher and not sure if they do lifetime trackers anywhere, but even in this economy where it seems likely that the base rate will be going up, I would still be inclined to search for a tracker with option of no penalty for unlimited overpayments.


As a broker, would you be inclined to be suggesting to your clients to fix for 2,3,5 years as opposed to move to a tracker deal? I ask as I am up for renewal. The tracker saves me around £60 a month (against a 2 year fixed). I know this is a how long is a piece of string type question, but interested in your opinion..

10% cashback at Morrisons with Santander - Maximum reward £15 (excludes petrol stations)
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Just checked the retailer offers this morning and I've got 10% for morrisons. Maximum reward £15 expires 24/04
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That's pretty good, when I had an offer on those it was a bigger discount (but only upto a £50 spend) and limited to once per Amex card (I think I had six at the time) Given an unlimited offer I would definitely have maxxed it out as you did.


£3.95 fee on a £100 gift card, so £6 profit per card plus morrisons points plus 1% or whatever it is amex cashback. I think I spent just over £6000 on them, takes less than 2 minutes to add a card to to paypal and gift to my wife for around a £400 profit. Best offer was the petrol and stackable 1p off a litre per £10 spend, used with the 3v cards that had no activation fee. Had free petrol for nearly 6 months plus my amex cashback. Probably why 3v / went tits up.


Nowt on mine


The hefty fee on Visa gift cards wipes out most of the benefit even with 10% off. I have used them before with an Amex/Argos offer but it was more like 20% off, can't remember the exact discount.


5% for me

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