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1.49% HSBC 5 year 75% LTV fixed rate mortgage £999 fee
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Great 5 year fixed rate 75% ltv mortgage from HSBC imo. 10% annual overpayment allowance and zero exit fees which is always a good plus. Hope it helps someone (y) 😁 … Read more
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Very good deal thank you


Plus add any exit fees plus compare capital paid off over minimum term.


We're pretty much stuck with Nationwide for our mortgage as HSBC said they were unable to arrange a suitable valuation for our property and the LTV they were willing to offer us was WAY under what we've already got with Nationwide. (HSBC said house is worth 180, Nationwide say 210)... Anyways, after a bit of digging, Nationwide are the exact same price so will be arranging a new mortgage deal with them - I've been hunting for 5 year fixes for the past few days and the only other option that is close in terms of the whole package is First Direct, who work out £200 or so cheaper over the 5 years with their £490 fee, 1.59% mortgage, but the faff of switching to save £200 isn't worth it currently.


House price crash? % of 3million cash rich HK citizens incoming? Demand thru the roof? All I know is whatever we predict will definitively be wrong and the predictions thats are definitely going to be right will be even more wrong.


How soon before your 5 years is up can you remortgage with no penalty? Am with Halifax and will hit 5 years in March. Even the SVR is less than what we're on at moment!

5 Year Fixed Rate RBS Mortgage - 1.21% 75% LTV - No booking fee @ Fluent Mortgages via Moneysupermarket
1078° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
My first post so please bear with me. I was just checking moneysupermarket for some of their mortgage offers given that interest rates have been lowered and came across this 5 ye… Read more

HUKD are the most corrupt advertising website I’ve seen. I’m sure when you promote mortgages and get paid you’re meant to be licensed through the FCA. Anymore of this nonsense and I think a report should go in.


It's still there for me



What happened with this, deal's definitely not legit?


That RBS site is really really awful. I tried to look for their mortgage deals and you have to jump through hoops and fill in details that I don't want to provide just to see what they have, not user friendly...

Club Lloyd's 3 months free movie rentals or cinema tickets or magazine sub at Lloyds Bank when you deposit £1500+ month (normally £3pm)
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Lloyds are currently offering a Lloyd's club. You can receive either 12 free Rakuten films a year (1 a month), 6 vue or odeon cinema tickets (either 2d or 3d), or a years magazine … Read more

I've always just had a standing order from my main bank account for £1500 going into this then another standing order the next day for the £1500 to go back. Only use it for the free cinema tickets. Didn't bother with the 2 DDs for the interest.


You would need a Club lloyds current account for that to work.


In that case transfer it in then out then again etc to meet the overall funding requirements. I've been doing this for years. Sadly money of the accounts perks and interest rates make this much less attractive.


I’ve actually signed up as you receive 1% interest a month anyway so even if you pay the fee you’ll make more in interest to pay it off .


sounds great but min wage you'd be lucky to see the whole of a 1000 go in your bank

3 x Milton Lloyds Bondage Hommes - Men eu the Toilette - £10.99 @ eBay / pinstar123
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Fragrance Information Brand: Milton-Lloyd Cosmetics Top: Citrus, Fougere Middle: Spicy, Floral Dry down: Musky, Vanilla Genealogy: Oriental, Fougere Gender: Male Bottle Size: 50ml … Read more
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Surprised its a pound cheaper for buying it direct from the Milton Lloyd Website for this same 50ml bottle deal. If anyone has any coupon codes it might be less.


So JPG have ripped this scent off by copying it.lawsuit upcoming


Eu the toilette?! Sacré bleu! I 'ow you say, choked awready on my café Paris and croque monsieur! Oh la la


60% of the time, it works every time.

LpfXTR Not sure what the minimum spend is on the website, I actually go to the store in Manchester.

Barclays - 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.45% £299 Fee
22/06/2020 at 11:43Expires on 22/06/2020 at 11:43Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Good for anyone one who dont want to commit for 3-5-7 years & need to remortgage soon. Although the interest rate meant to be dropping right down imo its gonna stay down when i… Read more
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It’s Barclays.


Cold rip off considering current BOE rates and market conditions


Mortgage is better at low interest rates XD XD


Exactly. Need to remortgage soon otherwise will pay high interest rate.


Yes, by remortgaging while interest rates are low to secure a cheaper monthly payment.

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.69% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Barclays
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
If anyone is in same boat as me where you’re waiting for the mortgage interest rate to go below 1% but at the same time not 100% sure of the job security above 7 year deal from Bar… Read more

it has been said already but needs saying again and on nearly every mortgage deal The following in the deal header is wrong for the reasons already highlighted the amount owing at the end of the fix. Different rates pay off different amounts of capital (you can make it the same by fiddling with the payments) How to compare mortgages To calculate the total cost of a mortgage deal. You can do this by adding together the total monthly payments over the fixed period (7 x 12 = 84 payments in this case) then adding any product fee minus any cashback.




Many lenders let you lookup the broker options on the web. There may be some specialist deals that are only done through the broker network some lenders it will be a few products, for a lot of borrowers there may be no difference Some it is on just about every deal the brokers get a better rate or other incentive.. As a clue brokers are known as intermediaries. if you know roughly what you want/need it does not take long to filter the main lenders for whats out there. and do the like for like comparisons to see which is cheapest and by how much. You can then look at the more critical stuff like, follow on rates, overpayment limits/ERC, retention deal history, LTV boundaries...


1.69% 5 years fixed with no £999 arrangement fee is a better option !


You're bouncing from blaming "boomers" for your plight to the conservative party, then blaming empty housing stock and then the gig economy... you really do need to compose your arguments better. Empty houses dont mean a lack of supply, if you are using London as an example then the vast majority of the empty housing stock you refer to are owned by foreign buyers who for years have been using property as a way of hiding / investing (delete where appropriate depending on how pessimistic you are) funds. there was independent research done a few years ago (apologies for not finding it but cant be bothered to search) they estimated 22% of all privately owned property in central london was owned by foreign buyers or by offshore trusts. Again this has nothing to do with boomers, just wealthy people but in my opinion it is why London property prices are so high, wealthy foreign investors buy, meaning local people are forced to buy the next best and so on meaning prices are high but while there is demand for property this will always be the case, this is happening worldwide though as we all live in a free market. New Zealand, last year I believe, took the approach to ban foreign investors as homes in Auckland were now on average the highest in the world at over £1million so clearly others have it worse than we do. Again going back to my original point, you should stop being so self entitled and blaming people who you feel had it better than you, sure property was cheaper if you were born 30 years ago but there are loads of things that aren't better, chances are if you were born 30 years ago, you'd have been less likely to have a job, if you did and managed to buy a house you would have probably had to give it back when interest rates sky rocketed and no one could afford their homes. Assuming you got through that and you had some spare money and fancied a holiday, you would have had to pay on average the same amount we do to travel to australia just for a flight to Spain, oh and you would live at least 10 years less. All perspective I guess but theres never been a generation as lucky as us so quit being so negative and cheer up, your life will be loads better if you are more positive :D

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Five Guys 5% Cashback online or through the app at Lloyds Bank - £30 maximum reward (Account Specific)
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Lloyd’s Bank Everyday Offers. Need to activate using the banking app or through personal banking online. Earn 5% Cashback when you order at Five Guys online or through the app … Read more

One of many Lloyds offers. I tried them once - only to discover everything is cooked in peanut oil (WTF) - i am allergic to nuts...🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Yes some are for delivery and take out.


Some are.


Not open, so what is the point


I was just about to say, I always need to remortgage the house before I get 5 guys into me. (party)

HSBC 5 year fixed mortgage - 1.39% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ HSBC
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
HSBC now have a 5 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.39% rate and £999 booking fee wih 60% LTV. This maybe of interest if you are up for renewal, with a higher level of equity and l… Read more

I had a look through all the banks yesterday and 1.39% over 5 years is the lowest rate I have found, but remember the £999 fee. FD is 1.49% with a £490 fee and HSBCs 1.59% is the lowest I have found without a fee. Happy to be told otherwise because I am about to pull the trigger on the 1.59% deal


is this the best 60% LTV mortgage around so far? Comparing it to the Santander/First Direct ones


I thought about doing the same too. But mortgages are so cheap now (and getting even cheaper!) that I figure it's better to keep paying the mortgage at about 1% interest and invest the money that would have paid off the mortgage into the stock market. Only have to make more than 1% per year and I'm better off. Average returns have been over 10% a year for as long as I can remember.


There's good deals on higher LTV, but the lower the LTV the better the deal, always.


HSBC 1.24% 2 year fix 75% LTV £999 fee
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
HSBC have now reduce .05% in all their rates looks like.
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I tell you how i saved my money to buy a house mortgage free by 30. Renting a small room in london for 350£ a month working night shift for 6 years doing 60+ hours a week as hgv driver . Bought mortgage free house up north for 90k . Im Eastern European. Invest 1500£ into your license work hard and don't cry you don't need parents to get something . If you have kids it's a different story.


95% mortgage still available, 90% more widely, 85% very widely available. People are too entitled to wait and save or work their way up. They want the £300k or £500k house as their first home without working extra and whilst still having a BMW 1 series and top of the line phone, expensive clothes and flash holidays. I dont feel sorry for the vast majority of people. Knowing what people spend on nails/clothes/hair colouring/clubbing/cars/their insta' lifestyle no wonder they cant afford a house.


As above, my wife manged at 21 with no help. I bought my first place (before meeting her) at 26. It IS possible. You start off with a cheaper home, and a higher % mortgage. An 85% mortgage (95% is available but gets extreme) on a £200k house means you only need a £30k deposit. On a £150k house you only need £22.5k deposit. Then there is the lifetime ISA which gives free money from government, plus help to buy, and shared equity schemes. For people living in central London of course this is a different matter, is IS nearly impossible to get on the ladder there.


It’s called having a good job and saving money (annoyed)


I am also in my 40's and a home owner. We were lucky back then i was able to get a £59000 100% mortgage to buy my first home when i was 21. 15 years later i sold this for £149000 which is the only way i had the deposit for the home i have today. I could never afford my current home if i had to save that deposit. The younger generation today are screwed. Especially if they are renting as this is more than a monthly mortgage payment so very tough to save any money and have a life. Most of the younger people will need to wait for an inheritance before they are able to buy. My brothers both rent and the only hope of buying a house is that one day hopefully far in the future they get 100k each from the sale of our parents house. it's very sad.

Monzo: fixed term saver - 0.90% - 6 Month fixed term 1.15% - 12 Month fixed term
-78° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
You'll earn interest every day , but Charter Saving Bank won't pay it into your account until the end of the term. 0.90% - 6 Month fixed term 1.15% - 12 Month fixed term As this … Read more
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For the sake of a few pound for most savers who have the Monzo account, this is a good deal. No messing around with applications, setting up accounts or security with another bank or checks, monzo handle all that behind the scenes. For a click in the banking app, it's nice and simple to get 1.15% and saves time for other things. Voted with heat applied. Thanks op.


Can also use TSB Classic Plus account for balances up to £1500. Set up standing orders to maintain the transfers to/from required. 1.50% AER / 1.49% gross variable interest paid on balances up to £1500 only.


12 month fixed term you can get at least 1.4% with Atom or 1.35 with notice to withdraw fro Investec. For easy access Marcus is still 1.05%


Those rates are OK for instant access but not for fixed.


are Monzo partnered with Charter or something ?

Barclays Blue Rewards Current account cash reward ccount - Get up to £7 a month Replacement for Santander
-39° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Current account cash reward Get up to £7 a month for using your account – we’ll give you £3.50 for each of the first two Direct Debits you pay. Getting started is easy It only t… Read more
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Up and till last month I paid them £3 a month and they kindly gave me £12 back. Sadly I have just paid my interest only mortgage off with them and now I will loose money, as my interest was less than the rewards received for having the mortgage lol!


I was inferring nothing of the sort. Maybe the word 'down' was what gave you that impression? I will be sure to think of my adverbs more carefully from now on.


You were inferring they'd cut the benefits like many banks are currently doing when they just haven't. It's being going for many, many years at the £7 for £3 rate, but more recently they introduced a limited time offer for new accounts only so have cut nothing.


They still pay extra if mortgage with them


I’ve used it and accumulated quite a bit over the years. They used to pay extra if you had a morgage with them but it’s still £3 a month for not doing a right lot for those that qualify.

Co-operative Bank current account - Everyday Rewards
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
This is my second post please check my first post for the other current account if you in Ireland, these are replacement to Santander Current Accounts… Read more
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Council tax, gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV paid by landlord! Gym complete waste of money, never had a loan or credit card in my life. I only have my contract phone on DD and a very rare PayPal purchase here and there. I guess it's just not for me


At a minimum: Council tax, gas/electric, water should be paid by DD (3 or 4 depending how you do your gas & electric) Also include if you have them: mobile phone, landline/broadband, TV package, gym membership, loans, credit card repayments, any Paypal purchase paid by bank account would count as well.


4 direct debits though, that's quite a few?!


looks better then Halifax there reward account has changed again recently its not worth having anymore..

Santander 5 year fixed mortgage 1.44% & £649 booking fee - 60% LTV - inc free valuation & legal fees @ Santander
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Spotted that Santander have added a 5 year fixed mortgage of 1.44% with 60% LTV and £649 booking fee, 5bps lower than the previous offer. This is specifically for remortgages and o… Read more

As I was anticipating, Nationwide have now lowered their rates, if not too late you should take another look. For my borrowing amount (180k mortgage 25 years remaining) it now looks best for me to go for the 2 year fee free 1.44% (providing interests rate don't shoot up after 2 years). The 5 year rate is now 1.34% + £999 fee.


Denmark has seen negative rates mortgages for an year now. But you are right the government might chose to have some other form of negative rates. For e.g. help to buy is a form of negative rate where consumers are incentivised to buy property. The only difference is negative mortgage rates incentivise the consumer directly without middleman like the construction company. But in UK since most policy makers are also shareholders of house builders they tend to follow policies to their advantage.


Yeah - And there is precisely ZERO chance that lenders will pass that onto retail consumers - BoE will offer -ve (short term) rates to the wholesale market... i.e. Banks


If we weren't looking to move in the next couple of years I'd be going for this.


Agree when I took the fixed 1.99 for 5 years there was no fee now it’s hard to get a no fee mortgage

Island Saver kids Game free from Natwest on all platforms Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Game was released today and already paid for by Natwest bank making it free for all to download and play. Island SaverA group of amazing islands need your help! Horrid plastic was… Read more
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Steam link Island saver steam (clickme)


Is it me or you can't play this on PC?


Same has happened to me, twice now. For some reason the when you get the gorilla that’s it, looking at YouTube videos the bird should pop up saying climb the vines and arrows appear but nothing for me :(


Cheers OP, son playing on the Switch, really enjoying it. (y)


thanks op

HSBC 1.54% 5 year fix 75% LTV £999 fee
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Saw the nationwide deal at 1.59% is on the hottest deal of the day. This one is cheaper on the interest rate front and lower on the fees. Nationwide have a £65 admin fee at the end… Read more

donny1266 wrote: In the last recession lowered the rates from 5% to 0.5%, what have they got now to hold the prices and bailout home owners. We have already had help to buy, which is another form of negative mortgage rates where the government pays you to buy a house. What have they got now? Negative mortgage rates are more effective in directing money to the consumers without middlemen like construction companies as in the case of help to buy.


And now people are coming back to work since lockdown is over. You said half were furloughed and you were wrong.


"Andy Haldane, its chief economist, said more than half of the nation’s 33-million-strong workforce was already unemployed, furloughed or working shorter hours as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown." in the Telegraph, obviously I said it before him. You don't need a high paying economist to point that out, it's just common sense.


In the last recession lowered the rates from 5% to 0.5%, what have they got now to hold the prices? We have already had help to buy, which is another form of negative mortgage rates where the government pays you to buy a house. What have they got now? Negative mortgage rates are more effective in directing money to the consumers without middlemen like construction companies as in the case of help to buy.


2 Years fixed rate Mortgage at 1.44% @ 60% LTV - TSB Bank- No Fee
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
2 Years fixed rate at 1.44% - TSB Bank With a posibile cashback for existing customers. 2 year fixed rate Mortgage payments stay the same during the 2 year fixed-rate period so the… Read more
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I know no one has a crystal ball but... I would have thought two years would be lower than this now when five years are around the same with a very small reservation fee.


Because it is for anyone who has 60% LTV or less. Cannot imagine most new buyers having a 40% deposit.




No wonder you don’t have a mortgage with comments like this (lol)


These are first time mortgage rates too are they not? I meant waiting for house prices to fall before buying a property.

HSBC 2 Year Fixed Fee Saver Mortgage @ 1.49% - no fee @ 60% LTV
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
60% Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) Mortgage Initial interest rate* Followed by a Variable Rate, currently* Initial interest rate period* Overall cost for comparison (APRC)* Boo… Read more
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OK thanks James. Its not worth getting a buy to let mortgage tho seeing as though I wouldn't be making buy to let money on the property lol. My parents would be living there I would be just going onto mortgage but without living there.


Very nice but could do with them being fixed for a longer initial period……


You cant have 2 residential mortgages Unless you have permission to let on the first and are not living in it most lenders then will then allow a 2nd residential mortgage


There's a huge knock on effect, you've got international students not coming over either along with Airbnb cutting their staff by ~25%, the tourism market got hit hard. Which also means landlords aren't getting the income they once had.


Hi could somebody advise me. I'm wanting to go onto my dads mortgage to release some equity which will help me move into a bigger property. So basically I'm going to have 2 mortgages in my name. Will that be an issue with the lenders as long as I can show affordabilty of course. I want to do the RM shortly and take advantage of the low rates

10% cash back on JDSPORTS via Lloyd’s Bank
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Earn 10% Cashback when you next shop at JD Sports. Maximum reward £30.00 Cashback. Offer expires 08/06/2020 and is valid one time only. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, all of… Read more

Sorry to hear that. They’ve been fantastic for me.


Also available for Santander


Halifax is offering 10% Cashback as well. (y)


20% off at JD with defence discounts


I'm with Lloyd's and I was offered the mortgage holiday, support with any credit cards and offered no charge for the first 300 quid of an overdraft

Santander 5 year fixed mortgage 1.49% & £649 booking fee - 60% LTV - inc free valuation (& legal fees paid for remortgaging) @ Santander
927° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Santander have a 5 year fixed mortgage of 1.49% with 60% LTV and have reduced their booking fee to £649 (previously £999). If you are remortgaging then also includes free valuation… Read more

Thanks for the great offers everyone, mines up for renewal Jan 2021 , when's the best time to look. Owe around 40 thousand on a 200 thousand house, what type of deal is best regarding with or without a fee. Many thanks in advance


Forget getting a broker when you have HUKD!


Try Cahoot.


Anyone know we’re I can get a good personal loan from I wanting to do my full home for improvements around 20k


Yes, I had an existing mortgage with them and was within 4 months of end of deal.

HSBC 5 year fixed mortgage - 1.59% - no booking fee - 60% LTV @ HSBC
2537° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Spotted that HSBC have reduced some of their 5 year fixed rates mortgages. This maybe of interest if you are up for renewal, with a higher level of equity and looking for a longer … Read more
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So nothing happened yesterday on the 2nd but it did this morning. To switch online you need to do a switch rate application, choose the deal and continue with the application until it shows the start date. It now gives the option to change the start date from today until 1st September. Change it to then and the ERC is removed. Not sure why this is expired as it’s still active.


Whatever browser (or computer ) I use, when going through the application and on opening the "Key facts" document fails stuck on "Your document is now loading...", it's been like that over a week. Doubt it is my router.


Many thanks


You can usually apply three months in advance. For such a low amount usually the no fee option..


Thanks for the great offers everyone, mines up for renewal Jan 2021 , when's the best time to look. Owe around 40 thousand on a 200 thousand house, what type of deal is best regarding with or without a fee. Many thanks in advance

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