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Wagyu Beef Burgers Aldi Doncaster £1.99
LocalLocalUpdated 10 h, 35 m agoLast updated 10 h, 35 m ago by mcrobbj
Wagyu Beef Burgers reduced from £3.49 to £1.99 in Aldi Doncaster

Agreed and no grissle, although they dont seem to taste as good as in previous years.


They are still £3.49 in Bournemouth but the sell by date is 25th August. i get them every time they come in as a special. Cooked slowly the are beautiful moist and don't shrink much at all. They are at least 1/2 inch thick when cooked. Yummy.


National pricing on these.


Wagyu means cow in Japanese. Just a normal cow. So a product labelled wagyu in the UK will be a cow originally bred from Japanese stock, which is otherwise reared like all cows in this country, unless specifically advertised otherwise. Despite the perception in the West, it doesn't denote premium Japanese beef, like Kobe beef. ..


OK, I'm getting that you dont know what Wagyu is and you are a geniune vegetarian, so here's the detail on Wagyu BEEF So its REAL MEAT, not a substitue

Birds Eye 4 Original Beef Quarter Pounders with Onion 454g £1.25  down from £2.50 @ Iceland
Refreshed 15th AugRefreshed 15th AugUpdated 19th AugLast updated 19th Aug by proudmum
Part of their 7 day deal. In store at this price tomorrow 15th August. You can order online at this price today for delivery.
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Sold out in Middlesbrough store


from today for the next 7 days (y)


Is that price only today or from today for 7 days?


If you read the reviews it is quite certain that you get mad cow disease from this junk.


Decent horsemeat costs more than beef!

Half price 8 beef burgers £1.50 at Aldi New Malden
LocalLocalUpdated 18th AugLast updated 18th Aug by IceIceLady
Half price 8 beef burgers at Aldi New Malden. Or 4 quarter pounders. Will end quick.

Will end quick because they go off today

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Wagyu beef 220g £14.97 @ Costco - Sunbury
Updated 18th AugLast updated 18th Aug by Peetsky
Was £29.99 before. Found In Sunbury store

This beef is tremendous and very easy to cook due to the fat marbling specific to this meat. The fat melts away to leave a succulent steak. Try Googling how they look after these animals, they are very well cared for.



If I'm ever stuck in foreign climes for any length of time I come back to the UK craving fish and chips from an excellent local chippie, and nothing tastes better. Taste is always tied to circumstance and surroundings. I suspect I would be disappointed if I cooked and ate this at home. And then I would wonder, was that £15 that just flew across my plate


It says Japanese on the package


Food warehouse (Iceland) have it for £8 a pack.

Silverside Beef Joint £6.70  per Kg at Sainsburys instore
LocalLocalUpdated 16th AugLast updated 16th Aug by Twilight24
Sainsbury's Deli Counter have dropped the price per Kg to £6.70 from £10 or £12 (but its cheaper than the pre wrapped shelf line at £7.50 as well) No idea if it's local or national… Read more

Brilliant price.


Ooo... Might grab a decent piece of this for the spit roast at the weekend...


Oh lovely, bring on the horseradish.

X4 island delight jamacian curried beef patties (dated 7th june 2019) reduced to £0.48p instore at morrisons​
LocalLocalUpdated 13th AugLast updated 13th Aug by amina83
X4 island delight jamacian curried beef patties (dated 7th june 2019) reduced to £0.48p at morrisons bought 10 boxes still loads left :)
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I love these!


Mentioned location in other threads. Openshaw. Not near me...sniffle


There is no requirement for me to post a deal. But nobody knows what store you were in. Also Morrison's closes at 4pm on a Sunday!


Why dont you actually post a deal instead of trying to critisize mine.


And where is it then?

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Licence to grill! Save 1/3 on BBQ meats: 4 x 6oz burgers (£4) and 6 x bangers (£1.66) on Ocado
04/09/2018Expires on 04/09/2018Updated 9th AugLast updated 9th Aug by Norseg
My absolute favourite burgers and sausages on 1/3 off - enough for a few hungry guests to the BBQ this weekend. Both are a fair bit bigger than your average offering and meaty too!… Read more

Licence to Grill meat? Makes sense you need a license to do anything in this country


That’s true (lol) was thinking of Waitrose. I’m Post nights & not with it


Ocado don't have stores?


The pic looks fantastic. I'm sold (highfive)


Is this also in store? If so, will go purchase. Seems like good price

£1.45 OFF princes corned beef
Updated 4th AugLast updated 4th Aug by nihcaj To claim your ½ price coupon: 1. Purchase a promotional pack (available in selected stores) 2. Send the following to: F… Read more
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Organic? What’s the protein content?


£1, 45 in Aldi and Lidl for their own brands from Brazil. . I tend to find Princes food to be high prices but poor food quality contents.


I thought the idea of corned beef was you ate it put of the tin with lashings of brown sauce when the cupboard was bare and ypu'd had far too much to drink. I had only had Fray Bentos before but bought two tins of this about nine months ago. Tried one & second is waiting for the nuclear apocalypse if you catch my drift.


I used to love the chili corned beef but they stopped making it a few years ago. I could eat it straight out of the tin no problem 😜

Topside/Silverside of Beef £5.90kg Instore @ Morrisons.
Updated 3rd AugLast updated 3rd Aug by drtongue
Topside/Silverside of Beef £5.90kg Instore @ Morrisons. Available from the butchers counter or freshly packed ( not Vacum packed ) from the butchery fridges. Various size joints a… Read more

You don't need to post deals, people come here for deals. You sound far too inteligent and superior for us all so do us all a favour an don't reply, I'm guessing you are always right.


who are you, his minder? On the other hand you obviously just profit from others deals, never posting any yourself


He posts deals, this is a deals site.


I'm no vegan or preacher.


Not at all, been a vegi a year to the day today, do the math. I see from your deals you’re extremely mixed up posting Linda McCartney’s food one minute, then chops the next. Sort ur head out

Heinz beef and veg/chicken and veg 20p @ Asda instore
Updated 1st AugLast updated 1st Aug by polarbaba
Heinz big soup - beef and veg or chicken and veg 20p
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Not in my local super store in Birmingham, they were £1.07


Bargain. Stock up for the winter.


possibly, website gives original prices.


Store specific???


Great find! Heat

The Butcher's Market British Beef Frying Steak 500g £2 @ Iceland
Updated 21st JulLast updated 21st Jul by Munkee
WAS £5 Pan Fry 4- 8 Minutes 1. Remove from all packaging. 2. Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a high heat. 3. Add 2-3 steaks to the pan (depending on pack size), fry over … Read more

Bought 3 for a barbecue, only smoked it but wish I stocked up marinated some , seasoned others cooked for about 8 / 10 minutes at a low heat and was tender and flavoursome. ( never let them go above 58 degrees )


Yeah but what about the steak (cheeky) Boom Boom


Just wondering, is a dehydrator worth it? I don't own one but I'm interested in making beef jerky and biltong, maybe even some Dog treats


That's 4 mins of bashing for each piece - I hope you dont have a large family to feed! XD


I make quite a lot of "biltong" which is just the South African version of jerky. While I normally buy joints to cut with the grain, these will work perfectly..

Felix Cat Food Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Salmon In Jelly 120 x 100g (120 Pouches) £19.99 amazon prime day
Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by pepper85
This is easily the cheapest that I have ever seen 120 pouches going for! You will have to be a Prime member to be able to get the deal (obviously). Enjoy people :)
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I just tried this and it looks like it’s the full price. So set it up and it would have cost £27 non deal price - 5.


thaks,.. had the 80 due in Aug on Subscribe Save, just cancelled that and replaced with this one...




Gourmet Perle is also on offer if you have a fussy cat like mine. Around £22 for 96 packets


Just bought 5 boxes as my cat has been eating this it’s whole life, if you have a student prime account you can also use the code STUDENT15 to get £15 off also!

ASDA Lean Steak Mince 5% Fat 1000g - 55p instore @ Asda (Wakefield)
LocalLocalUpdated 14th JulLast updated 14th Jul by DSJones
Just got home to realise that the mince I bought today is scanning at £0.55, rather than the actual price of £5.50. Bought in ASDA Wakefield using Scan & Go.

I’ve been over-charged before. It all balances out though XD


Bought 2 differently-sized packets for two different meals. That’s a smaller (500g) one.


And you dont check your receipt till you get home errrr, what happens if they over charge you, still dont check it!


Your comment reminds me of that Morecombe and Wise scene! Looks like a pricing error to me, correct numbers, just not in the correct order.


i just put the barcode numbers on receipt onto asda groceries. the highlighted one is the mince thats supposed to be £5.50

Beef Biltong & Jerky - Various brands at ASDA Hemel Hempstead e.g Cruga Chilli Biltong £1.25
LocalLocalUpdated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by danb0407
Popped in the afternoon and was pleased to see that my local ASDA have the following beef snacks reduced. Cruga Chilli Biltong - 70g for £1.25 Cruga Original Biltong - 40g for £0.… Read more

Cheers OP just stocked up, the Cruga Biltong was 38p a pack...!!


Can highly recommend for some great flavours


Lol. Can't really help there. Ours is literally only for biltong! (cheeky) You can dry fruit in there too but I have never tried personally.


What are some good uses of a Dehydrator? I don't want to buy one just to make Beef jerky / Biltong.. and I also heard you can make dog treats


We use the rectangular Andrew James Dehydrator to get it going ;)

Maggi Chicken, Beef or vegetable Stock Cubes 2 x packs of 20 @Heron for £1.00.. 40 cubes in total
LocalLocalUpdated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by catprofit
Maggi Chicken, Beef or vegetable Stock Cubes beef or chicken or mix them for only £1.00 at Heron Frozen Foods.

Bought four packs today. Date august /September this year. Barg


Surely you meant, stock up?




Care not a jot, European guideline. Fill yur boots.


9/2018 is the date.

30 British Beef Market St Burgers 3 x 10 pack £10 @ Morrisons (NATIONAL DEAL)
Updated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by tboxerboy
These are £4 per pack or 3 for £10 on a promo. Did a barbeque qith these the other day and everyone loved them. Asda also doing 3 x 10 pack for £10. Unsure on quality. Just in t… Read more

Surely 20% supermarket beef mince must taste rough? I thought the idea was quality beef mixed with beef fat to produce a good quality burger? Not cheap supermarket mince.


No thanks, buy decent quality mince from a farm shop


89% Beef. With added pea flour, rapeseed oil etc. Niiiiice! It's much easier, better and cheaper to make your own. Best to use Beef with 20% fat as it makes the tastiest ones. Just add a little finely chopped onion and salt & pepper. If you want them perfectly round, you can buy these little burger press gadgets from eBay for a couple of quid. Beef Mince in Tesco is £1.49 for 500g - makes 5 Quarterpounders. Which would be £8.94 for 30. You're welcome.



They are entirely tasteless. Don’t bother!

Armed Forces day special Veterans beef stew pie £1.10 each or 2 for £2 with 50p per pie going to Walking with the Wounded charity @ Morrisons
Updated 28th JunLast updated 28th Jun by themachman
It's Armed forces day this Saturday 30th June and Morrisons have an offer of 2 Veterans beef stew pies (Developed with veterans from a recipe called Range beef stew) for £2 for 2 p… Read more

Nice one em. ill be buying a couple (highfive)


You always get whinging people with these deals, but also with the emergency service deals "why should they get anything discounted... Gold plated pensions... blah blah blah"


I always find Veterans beef so tough


Brave posting a military post. You’ll get “What about the NHS, Local police and fire” etc and usually deals with military go cold. I posted a deal with all the discounts military get, sort of like the student one and it went cold and managed to get 200 heat after 2 months... yet a student one gets 7k heat or so

Daddy Burger is back! 1lb of beef burger goodness for £3 @ Morrisons
Updated 23rd JunLast updated 23rd Jun by Peter_W
It's back just in time for Fathers Day! The 'Daddy' of all burgers has returned, 454g of pure British beef goodness. Missed the opportunity to try these out last time, so think I … Read more

Killing and eating plants is OK though because they're not cute.


Seriously grilling a burger for 40 minutes!? Surely that's way too long?


And what do you think vegetables do? ​


This is much better value for the same quantity of meat, probably better quality, fits normal buns and you can choose to have smaller portions ....


Eating one pound of (most) fruit is worst (cheeky) Also a whole pound of mash potatoes is worst.. also I heard beans too, Point is eating this once won't you kill you nor will it shorten your life it may give you a stomach ache If you don't go beyond your recommend calcories it's fine

Croci to bias chicken/beef and green beans 24x85g - £1.05 (Add on item) @ Amazon
Updated 21st JunLast updated 21st Jun by SulZero
£1.05 for 24x 85g tins a 3 to 5 week wait but surely worth it at that price,free delivery over £20.
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Here comes the cancellation e-mail XD


Croci to Bias, Croci to Bias , can you read me?, over. Deal expired.


They are only 85g tins so not really heavy but you did buy 30 cases


No put in basket but then came up no longer available


Did you manage to get any?

Tesco Finest 4 British Beef Steak Burgers 454G £1.50 from 13th
Updated 16th JunLast updated 16th Jun by d33mb33
Tesco Finest 4 British Beef Steak Burgers 454G Half Price Was £3.00 Now £1.50Offer valid for delivery from 13/06/2018 until 19/06/2018 £ 1.50 £3.31/kg Update Tesco Finest 4 Bri… Read more

this is a brilliant price. ordered a few to freeze


Finest + 454gr+£1.50? Does not compute!


Probably has traces of horse or vegetables in there XD


No hint of horse?


Some Beef, Rice Flour, Dried Potato, Water....

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