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Jack Link's Biltong, Original Flavour, Multipack of 12 x 25g Bags, Beef Jerky - £1.84 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Jack Link's Biltong, Original Flavour, Multipack of 12 x 25g Bags, Beef Jerky with no MSG, High Protein Meat Snack, Perfect for on the Go

I ordered two lots on the same order. They’ve sent me one lot of 12 and then a single pack on it’s own in the same box. The warehouse is heavily automated but I still find this error amazing.


Also received mine today. Only ordered 1 x pack of 12, didn't want to be too greedy! Can confirm that 12 x 25g packs were received, as above they have a best before date of 31/07/2021, although I'm sure they'll be fine way beyond this date. Thanks OP!


I received mine earlier. It was 12 packets. Expiration date is 31/07/2021. Just opened a bag and it's not the best. Certainly wouldn't pay more than what I did for these. I highly recommend the Ember slices, they are more expensive but the quality is so much higher than these.


Also the last time I bought this at £6.95 Amazon sent me one packet. Morrison was selling it for £1.95. When I returned it to Amazon they basically said I should have read it more carefully


never give dogs biltong

Naughty Vegan 4 Sausage Rolls 460g / Naughty Vegan 2 No Beef or Cheese & Onion Pasty £1 (Minimum Basket / Delivery Fee Applies) @ Morrisons
25/05/2021Expires on 25/05/2021Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Decent 1/2 price offer on these Vegan products at Morrisons. The offer runs until the 25th May. Naughty Vegan 4 Sausage Rolls Naughty Vegan 2 No Beef Pasty Naughty Vegan … Read more

More like bordering on the lunatic fringe.


Try harder, you suck at trolling.


You're not doing so bad yourself. And also how does a vegan know what the taste of meat is if he doesn't eat meat?


It's also worth pointing out that consumers don't get to decide on the actual product that goes on the shelf, I guess presenting it like meat makes it more appealing as not all people were raised vegan so referring to alternatives in known shapes makes it easier for the masses. There's no need to spark a heated conversation honestly, I was raised vegetarian then started eating meat, now I've cut it almost entirely out of my diet BC as @Doogleoogle said there's less impact on the environment and no cruelty for animals. We can debate all we want here but the point should be understand each other opinion and value it to better ourselves, rant over peeps!


I’m not vegan. Just find it quite easy to understand fairly basic concepts (y) 🏻

Nissin Demae Ramen Beef Noodles 100G 40p (Clubcard price) Minimum Basket / Delivery Fee Applies @ Tesco
18/05/2021Expires on 18/05/2021Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Soup with Instant Noodles Asian Style, Beef Flavour. Pack size: 100G

I'm pretty sure these are always 40p in Sainsburys.


what can i say...... RAMEN 4 LIFE ;)


Get a packet or 2 the next time you are in a Chinese/Asian supermarket. I am intrigued so will try a pack myself. I am a huge fan of the sesame oil one.


No not being sarcastic :-) super noodles are stodgy and don’t bear much resemblance to Ramen , these taste very different and are a soupy noodle



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Dreamies Cat Treats, Tasty Snacks with tempting beef, 8 pouches of 60grams - £4.52 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
£3.84 with subscribe and save All it takes is a shake - Shake the pack and see your cat come running for the irresistible taste and texture of Dreamies Cat Treats, a reward to … Read more

Thanks for your Google search link. I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying there is some evidence such as a study or at least a few vets saying these are addictive. What I found was some cat owners asking other cat owners if they thought they were addictive. Others said their cats preferred other treats, got bored with or never liked Dreamies. The "addictive?" reviews I read made no mention of withdrawal symptoms or that they were concerned enough to ask their vet about them and almost all off them were still giving them to their cats. No evidence of being any more than some cats showing a great like of Dreamies. If you have any links to qualified opinions I would like to read them as I don't want to give them to my cats if they could do them harm.



Hello, I have not read anything about these addictive tendencies. Do you have a link to your evidence?


Tasty find!


Price increased now but some of the other ones have an extra 15% off voucher

Birchwood British Beef Steak Selection Pack 1.2kg £12.99 @ Lidl From 29th April
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd AprLocalLocal
Part of next weeks pick of the week 29/4. 2 Sirloin 2 Rump & 2 Ranch Steaks, works out £10.83 kg