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Peperami Classic Beef 3 x 20g pack with 5g of protein per stick 60p online and in store @ Sainsburys
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Peperami Classic Beef 3 x 20g packs are 60p online and instore at Sainsburys - 20p each. Same 3 pack is £1.59 in Asda and £1.50 in Tesco and £1 EACH at Musclefood. My little boy … Read more

Disgusting things. Slimy and greasy and "off" tasting.


yup they taste like poop! i shudder at the thought of how these are made, they actually taste like plastic


Great price. Was about £1.60 odd in Asda today.


These are rank, pork is way better

Monster munch beef 98g 59p home bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th MarFound 17th Mar
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Om mon mon monster munch! Always loved these. Beef is best. Pickled onion is a good second.


oooh favourites (y)


This is a “monster” of a deal, literally! (y)


Yep best monster munch flavour, pickled onion comes a close second ;)


Best flavour

2 x "King" Pot Noodle (114g), Beef and Tomato £1.50 Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
These are the King Pot Noodles... 2 x 114g, Beef and Tomato £1. These seem to be £1 just about everywhere else. £1 each if purchased individually
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I agree, they will be telling us to buy reduced Thorntons Christmas choccies next wont they? Total processed junk tax if you ask me.


No. They are expensive. Packet noodles which you boil in water is cheaper. You can add vegetables, grown in your new Brexit vegetable patch. It is not rocket science to prepare. Pot Noodle is the ultimate in laziness, if consumed at home and should be subject to a processed junk tax.


Will these make s good meal in post apocalyptic Britain after Resident Brexit? Certain doom awaits us according to some.


Be patient. Pot Noodle is part of the fake price strategy where prices double and then revert. The sensible person then stocks up, if they eat this processed junk. Pringles, Kettle Chips [sic "Crisps"], etc are all part of this scheme at their own range. When the price of Pot Noodle reverts to £1 it does not qualify for a good deal. Plan ahead and be pro-active on your requirements. Make comparisons on the true 50p price. An expired deal is here: It should return soon.


A link to where the 90g pots for 50p would be helpful? The 90g pots seem to be 60p at Poundland and they are normally one of the cheapest for Pot Noodles. Their King Pots are £1.

Morrisons 2.13kg British meat box back for National Butchers Week only £10 inc pork loin, sausages, steak mince & diced beef @ Morrisons
Refreshed 11th MarRefreshed 11th Mar
Back until Sunday 17th March to celebrate National Butchers week in store on Market Street counter at Morrisons. All the meat in the pack is British as well. £10 per pack and when … Read more
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Just bought one of these instore (our 'butcher' was packaging them behind the counter) - the mince was certainly fresh. These packs are perfect for us as Pork is our favourite roast, Diced Beef has gone straight into the slow cooker for tonights casserole, Sausages freeze excellently and are always delicious and the mince will be tomorrow's meaty bit of the meal. Who cares if I only save £1.40? To us, even saving £1.40 is worth it for, as the self service checkout pointed out, 2.65kg of meat. (And yes, the checkout did reject it as it was over 2.13kg!!)


That's a unfair comparison. That's veal in the pictures




I bought 2 lumps of Pork (£2/kg), but the butcher was very irate that I gave him extra work.


Anyone know of a pub that does a good meat raffle?

Men's Health Beef Jerky - 47p Instore @ Tesco Barnsley
LocalLocalFound 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Men’sHealth Beef Jerky in a 30g pack. Found in the clearance section at Tesco Barnsley (likely to be on clearance at other stores) with a label for £0.47. I grabbed one to try.... … Read more

Last I herd! Beef wasn't that healthy


Just started making my own :) I've salmon and beef marinating atm to go in tomorrow. Don't think I could do it any cheaper so very cooool heat :)


"Men's Health jerky" - That sounds like it could be a euphemism or a snack.


That's a cracking find - usually around the £2 mark for a pack of the Men's Health jerky. One of my favourite brands, good quality jerky. Heat :)

Happy Beef Day 5th March ONLY - 4 Burgers for £18 @ Gourmet Burger King
LocalLocalFound 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Just got an email for this offer. Should be all restaurants Cast your mind back to 2001… it was a historic year for burgers as we opened our very first restaurant in Battersea. F… Read more
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"Offer does not include going bunless" so that's Celiacs like me excluded so voting cold. Stupid really, bunless saves them money.


That 1 was expired for some reason, was it because it doesn't start till next month.


What they said ^^^^^^^


Iceland Stuffed Crust Nacho Beef Chilli Cheese Pizza 507g - £1
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
This is one of my favourite Iceland pizzas but it looks like they're either discontinuing it or re-branding it to match the others in the range, so they're on sale at half price at… Read more
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In your local store.


I had the pizza in my hand and asked. They said online only...its £2 instore


i went to an iceland today and they didn't have any .. i'm going to try another one tomorrow though


I'm pretty sure it's in-store too. There's people in these comments who grabbed one at their local stores. (y)


Online only 😣...still added heat 😁

14 x Hula Hoops Puft Beef Potato Crisps 6 pack - £3.97 @ Amazon Add On Item
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
This is 14 times 6 bag of Hula Hoops Puft Beef Flavour. I have ordered these the last time and a huge box arrived! Good for snacks for kids or for work! Works out just over 4.7p a … Read more
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I've ordered these 4 times before (not this time though). The description hasn't changed.


They have changed the description so I did not buy it It now says 15g - pack of 14 That does not sound like 14 packs of 6 bags to me ..... Maybe someone who just ordered will update what they get ?


No they never do last long & yes they will be back. I’ll be waiting. Pity it is just for the one flavour though. Must be the least liked one that’s what I think(maybe).


Oh no, that didn’t last long! These have come up a few times lately so they’ll be back again one day(:I



Dreamies Deli-Catz Cat Treats with Beef 5x5g - 3 Boxes For £1 @ Heron Foods.
LocalLocalFound 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Dreamies Deli-Catz Cat Treats are irresistible semi-moist, bite-sized treats for adult cats They have the tender texture your cat loves and the mouth-watering taste she craves Co… Read more
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Chicken and Turkey too, although they'd sold out of Turkey in my local.

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The Original Atora Beef Suet 200g, 4p, Robertson's Mincemeat Classic 411g, 10p, Reduced To Clear, In store @ Tesco Express Trongate, Glasgow
LocalLocalFound 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Obviously store-specific but plenty there at the Reduced section, around an hour ago. The Original Atora packs are Best Before End mid-2020, didn't look at the Robertson's Jars!
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Photos taken around an hour ago...Robertson's Mincemeat Classic jars newsflash, also available in St Enoch (Glasgow) Tesco Metro, 10p Tesco Express Trongate has a few Robertson's jars left, alongside Tesco own-brand jars - both varieties are 10p


Weirdly, I saw the Robertson's Mincemeat in Tesco Merchant Express store (High Street, Glasgow) tonight, at the RTC section, for an extravagant £1.10 !! - so, seems the prices random and down to the manager/whoever does the reductions.


St Enoch (Glasgow, just down the road from this one) had Atora (Veggie version) for 20-something pence a few weeks previously to this, so maybe your local store might be getting rid. Maybe stores get more in for Xmas? I use Atora for dumplings as well.


The suet was 29p at Rainworth (Notts) Tesco Express... so it might be worth looking for in other Tescos


I think some people just look at pictures when scrolling through Deals. The commenter is on a phone, so that's probably why. (Give him the benefit of the doubt) :p

Various meats at Iceland 3 for £8
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Choose between the following. Beef steak mince Small whole chicken Chicken thigh fillets Chicken fillets Lean beef meatballs Minted lamb chops Pork medallions Diced beef
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Nah.. Not for me mate.. But you on the other hand could attempt to put a few deals up for everyone else ;)


Brilliant.. I fancy a steak. And ale meal.. Thanks (cheeky)


Eat steak and vegetables everyday. I'm sure your body will love it.


I don’t eat meat but use the diced beef for beef and ale stew for my partner and he’s always happy with the results, no complaints about the beef so it’s been fine for us :)


Too much red meat is and processed meat definitely is.. Which is a complete bugger as I love steak... But still voted hot ;) has anyone tried the diced beef?

Pedigree Mega Pack : 5X Tasty Bites chicken / beef Now £1 @ B&M
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Pedigree Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes. Give your beloved canine pal some tasty treats from Pedigree. The cube-shaped bites are available in a couple of different flavours. The chewy t… Read more
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whoops (embarrassed)


you shouldn't be eating these AC. ;)


these are great as a snack.saves chomping on chocolate all day :)

12 pack wild west jalapeño beef jerky at Amazon for £25.98
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
12 packets of 70g. Good price, even cheaper than the lidl own variant.

You should try your hand at making jerky (or biltong) - it's actually pretty easy, just time intensive. It's surprising how little jerky you'll get out of a KG of round beef - you start to appreciate why it's so expensive


What’s got a view on what the jalapeño one tastes like? Just looking for opinions and not “it tastes like jalapeño”


I use to eat loads esp when i did a road trip across the States, Sweet baby ray's was my fav. Now vegan I eat the Aldi Veggie Jerky and wow tastes exactly like jerky, black bean and a bbq flav so far.


Jalapeno beef jerky, big bag, good price, just ordered. Thank you.


It's amazing isn't it. We take a healthy snack, strips of dried beef and we hand it over to the American's. They take one look at the healthy snake and decide to add as many calories as they possibly can to the stuff - but it's beef, if's still god for you. It's the reason I eat Biltong over Jerky. Tastes every bit as nice, in most cases better and it remains a healthy snack.

Wagyu beef jerky @ Lidl instore 2 for £2
LocalLocalFound 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Quality stuff 2 for £2

The offspring of a dairy cow is wagyu all of the wagyu meat at supermarket is just the name


30% off in mine think it was between 76 and 89p Was ok (only ok) but wasn’t really dehydrated fully and quite wet and easy to chew, I wouldn’t buy again and l still think Costco makes the best (readily available) jerky


I didn't see any biltong previously, will have a look next I go


This doesn't actually taste that nice. Love proper beef jerky, shame it's actually that expensive


Funnily enough the wagyu biltong is part of this offer. Tastes great.

Hula Hoops Puft Beef Potato Crisps, multipack 6x 15 g, Pack of 14 multipacks £3.97 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
This has been posted before but I missed out and must have tagged for amazon to tell me back in stock. Although it’s a 1-2month wait, it’s in stock to order. Description unchanged… Read more



Description was unchanged from before. Shipping weight still almost 2kgs.


Says 15g Pack of 14 now (=210g as listing now says). Previously said 6x15g Pack of 14 (=1260g). So might not be 14x6 x15g anymore. ( Courtesy of theatrical for mentioning this ... )


Back as an add-on item. 84 packets for £3.97 (if spending more than £20) less than 10 in stock.


Cold votes down to people not reading but hey ho. My 168 bags arrived too :)

Lidl Silverside Beef slices. £0.49.
LocalLocalFound 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Went into Lidl Radcliffe today, seems there cooked silverside of beef slices have been dropped in price from £1.19.
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Probably beef, just from miserable cows that lived cramped, truncated lives


Was Lidi having a rave while taking this picture?




Bring out the Branston.


Cracking deal

Brannigans Roast Beef & Mustard (5pk) for 50p in store at Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Best before date: 23/2/19 Bought today in Great Yarmouth store next to Aldi.
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These are my favourite crisps all time.


My favourite crisp, definitely don't need toning down, they're just great as they are :) Heated!


Not my kind of crisp but definitely puts hairs on your chest that mustard


love these, the minted lamb and ham & pickle are also lush, don't tone them down some of us older folk don't have many tastebuds left XD


They've always been wealthy in flavour and heat (cheeky) . It might also be because other companies have either toned down because of guidelines on ingredients etc or have a "new improved recipie" and cheapend the manufacturing process. These are still as strong as shot putters!

Whiskas 1+ Dry Cat Food for Adult cats Beef, 4 bags (4 x 2 kg) £6.03 @ Amazon Prime Pantry (+£3.99 delivery)
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Excellent deal as they're ~£5 each bag in most places. If 4 bags aren't delivered, a quick chat to CS will get you your money back. Can add 4 eligible items for free delivery (too… Read more
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Haha nice! Hope your kitty enjoys the free food :3


Worked for me, as expected they delivered only single bags, chat to CS and they sent a big refund - woOp!!


Deffo worked out for me! Thanks a bunch for sharing the deal.


Haha, glad it (sort of) worked out for you! Always worth jumping on these as it usually results in a free item! (y)


Received today... one 2kgbag per order.. called them up, got through to CS who said I'd have to return the box. Got a tad jittery and told them id already opened a bag so she suggested I just tape it up and post back as it is. Went along with it.. then asked them if i will have to foot return postage (i never would..) and after putting me on hold- informed me that it was my lucky day and that I wouldn't have to return the food! (Ordered 5... should keep us going for a bit) so, long story short £35 back in me pocket, and a cat which wont go hungry. Cheers op! Did make me work for it though! N.b. amazon rep said they have been made aware of the issue and said they're trying to establish whether it's an issue with the web page description..or dispatch.

Waitrose beef short ribs £5.32/kg
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Currently 1/3 off, from 7.99 to 5.32. Really nice for slow cooking!

Morrisons sell 'meaty beef bones', they're also short ribs. £3.30ish per kilo. I cook them in the pressure cooker for 75 mins, take the meat and bones out, cool the stock and skim off the fat then boil down the stock to make bone broth for the dog. I take the lean meat from the bones, shred and freeze it then it's easy to make a quick stew or shredded beef baps. Lush.


Thanks for the comments. Post amended.


Good spot op. Pressure cooker works wonders on these. They fall off the bone after the fat has rendered down. Brown and seal them first though (y)


Beautiful tasting beef for a great price,thanks op. slow & lo that is the tempo


No need to get excited folks... its Short ribs... basically a very bony cut for stewing for a very long time. Just remember to buy a LOT as it's got a lot of bone in proportion to not much meat. A very nice flavour, but NOT Rib of beef the roasting joint - a very different thing!

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