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Ben & Jerry's Moophoria ice cream £2.50 @ Sainsbury's
23/07/2019Expires on 23/07/2019Updated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by ImAlanPartridge
Seen people posting this price for ASDA so thought i'd share this for people who don't shop in that store - like me. Bought 3 of the flavours being delievered today - and never see… Read more
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Lol so a couple of kids in Texas got caught and arrested for doing this so all of a sudden we've got to be worried about it here? Don't live your life so paranoid, it isn't good for you.



Haha. I should tell you to stop talking rubbish and making things up .... 'should'..... Unfortunately I fully believe you lol


It’s becoming a “trend” to do this.


Sneaky B&J! Lots of the others in this category advertise their calories at 1/2 i wrongly rpesumed the same. Thanks for the heads-up!

Ben & Jerry's Moophoria Chocolate Cookie Dough Light Ice Cream 500g £2.50 Asda
Updated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by Sherbat
Chocolate Ice Cream with Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Welcome to Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria™ where you can indulge in the chunks & swirls you love but with 50% less… Read more
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There's clearly a plastic seal around the lid, no need to worry about that. (zombie)


Hope they are not licked up

Ben & Jerry's Moophoria Caramel Cookie Fix Light Ice Cream  ASDA  £1.13
Updated 7th JulLast updated 7th Jul by TallYoda
Originally £5.49 and think they're discontinuing this range! Unsure of other flavours! In this heat, you'll need this to cool down. Happy Hunting!!!

There was a voucher for £2.50 off, and they were half price at £2.50 already, so free. Lasted a couple of weeks I think a little while ago. This is the next best price though!


Why were they free?


Not at my asda


They're not quite as nice as the full calorie versions no but the chocolate cookie dough flavour is lush and u won't get fat on it. If your dieting these are great. If u don't care how much weight u put on for some reason get the full calorie ones and carry on


I really like it - the caramel is really nice. Might even be my new favourite. But I tried full fat stuff the other day for the first time in ages and wow was it creamy in comparison!

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream only 60p at the selected coop store (Dereham)
Updated 6th JulLast updated 6th Jul by MsDeriousLocalLocal
In Dereham market place Co-op
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It's pretty tasty stuff. I like the chunky monkey most.... 60p would be brilliant. But non of you non vegan people stealing it ;)


Also title says vegan ice cream. I like ice cream if I can get Ben and Jerry's ice cream for 60p I'm gonna look. Calm yourself before you have a brain aneurysm :( I bid you good day and good health


My partner is vegan. I disagree when people say stupid uneducated things, unless it's for humour purposes. I can go into any thread and find numerous people disagree with everything. I don't need to justify. I justified. You enjoy your day. Sorry I disrupted you because my opinion on being a vegan doesn't conform to yours. In future I'll make sure to run my posts by you. (angel) Thunderbirds, are go! (y)


No, I just don't see why you are here, unless you came here to get into a disagreement. I don't bother going into threads for products I'm not interested in buying.


Thanks. Sorry is it vegans only?

Ben and Jerrys Moo-Phoria low calorie ice cream 500ml tubs £2.50 @ Asda
Updated 5th JulLast updated 5th Jul by mccririck
Includes salted caramel brownie, chocolate cookie dough & chocolate cookies & cream. Great for a sweet treat with less guilt!
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Moderation is the word


Where's the eye roll emoji...?! (lol)


If it isnt eaten because it's healthy why bother about calories?


Ice cream isn't eaten because it is healthy but as a treat and if I can have two servings instead of one with similar calories than it's a decent alternative.

Ben&Jerrys Topped salted caramel chocolate brownie £1 ASDA
Updated 4th JulLast updated 4th Jul by fmukLocalLocal
Scanning as £1 hunts cross Liverpool
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Resist "your mum" comment. Resist "your mum" comment.


Great price for BJ’s !


What’s in your top one?


This flavour is in my top three! <3

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Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough switch up £1.25 at Asda 500ml
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by TheLondonCyclistLocalLocal
Seen in 2 Asda’s Tunstall & Wolstanton staff said it’s national 🤷🏼♀️ Quite a few reductions in the freezer sections on a variety of products

All the Asian shop workers come into my local Asda and rinse the shelves of everything.


I posted about this on 24 June, good to see it's still out there


The sandwich version of their cookie dough ice cream is kinda nasty compared to the original cookie dough tub.


Sounds complete nonsense to me. Are they saying they have added more cookie dough to the recipe?


I wondered if it was like a vegan ice cream or something. But nope. Quite the opposite (lol) “Our legendary Cookie Dough flavour took us 5 years to perfect. 25 years on, we wondered how could we make it even cookier! So we turned the cookie-o-meter right up to concoct this: vanilla ice cream with chocolatey cookie sandwiches, a swirl of chocolatey cookies (& of course, cookie dough chunks!) in this new Cookie Dough S’Wich Up. We think it’s cookie sandwich-tastic...& hope you do too! Cookies & ice cream…good together, any ‘Wich way!“ What the **** is a cookie sandwich?

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough S'wich Up ice cream £1.25 @ Asda Tunstall
Updated 24th JunLast updated 24th Jun by RhysBurtonLocalLocal
Ben & Jerry's S'wich Up ice cream is £1.25 @ Asda Tunstall. Don't know if this is national but worth a look next time you're in your local store.

Couldn't see this in my local


Ben & Jerry's - Pretzel Palooza or Berry Neighbourly - 2 for £3 @ Heron Foods
Updated 22nd JunLast updated 22nd Jun by WhatsleftLocalLocal
Love the Pretzel one, especially the thick layer of choc at the top. Yum. They had a few 'Spice and all things nice' ones which they also let me have for the same price.
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Heron... Where I go for 1 thing and leave with 2 bags full.


Ben & Jerry's, the SJW's #1 brand for ice cream


back under ye bridge.


Yeah, premium nice creamy solid ice cream with completely cack quality chocolate layer, ...precisely what I mean!


If you don't know the answer then magic is always my go to (y)

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 500ml (All Varieties) £2.50 @ Asda
Updated 7th JunLast updated 7th Jun by Simona
Back at its cheapest price :) This also beats the 2 for £5 offer currently on at Asda as you only have to purchase one to get the £2.50 price!
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That would've been my comment:)


No pecan resist or orange man bad?


My first thought was "does it include the non-dairy ones" as I'd be having to buy an extra freezer if it did.


Thanks, but sadly it's not "all varieties". The Lighten Up! and non-dairy varieties are £4.50-£5.49.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream 500ml 2 for £5 at Iceland!
Updated 25th MayLast updated 25th May by Delightful123
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream 500ml 2 for £5 at Iceland! The offer includes the new Moophoria low calorie range!
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I don't think Iceland do dairy free ice cream.


Does it have the dairy free ice cream too?


Anyone who likes phish food (like me) Aldi's Cheeky Monkey is far better! and cheaper


That has happened to me with every single tub we've ever bought and it was Asda as that was the closest supermarket. Lots of ice crystals and impossible to scoop out without letting it melt a bit.


@leonbrown1984 It will be in proper-size tubs in normal shops, later in the year. @FunsizeR It's only back in tiny tubs atm.

Free Scoop of Ben and Jerry's Icecream at Soho Scoop Shop
Updated 23rd MayLast updated 23rd May by deleted2210658LocalLocal
American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is rewarding voters with a free scoop of ice cream at its Soho Scoop Shop. While you don't need your polling card to vote, you will ne… Read more

FREE SCOOP.....quick run along with your cone and get some... BIG DEAL WTF


At least there's a happy ending to this 8)


Great place for a milkshake too.


BJ's in Soho are very popular.


you had me at... Flash it at the Soho Scoop Shop for tasty BJs. (cheeky)

Ben & Jerry’s son of a ‘wich’ 8 pack only £2 in store @ Heron Foods
Updated 15th MayLast updated 15th May by LadyPenLocalLocal
Heron foods have the Ben & Jerry Son of a wich ice cream sandwiches pack of 8 for £2 They also have another pack with the larger ones in for £2
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Wonderful Hotukdeals search fails yet again!


Apologies it was. I did search before but couldn’t see it when I posted this but have found it now


It was posted 1 week ago. Good deal still.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - £2.50 @ Co-op
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by powerbrick
2 Flavours were on sale at my local little shop, there may be others local to you. Spice and all things nice, and Minter Wonderland. Minter Wonderland Mint Ice Cream with Cho… Read more
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£2 in Heron


£5 in mine as well :(


£5 in mine (annoyed)

Booths £5 Frozen Meal Deal - Pizza, Garlic Bread + Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - instore only
Updated 12th MayLast updated 12th May by whitechick58LocalLocal
Includes Goodfella's stone baked thin pizza, Goodfella's garlic bread or 10 garlic bread slices and any 500ml Ben and Jerry's ice cream. No link online and in-store only.

Sorry! Never heard of it.


Booths not boots


When i stay in Keswick, Booths is the reason i travel all the way to Cockermouth Aldi as their prices are horrific, so this deal is actually reasonable for Booths (shock)


Its Frozen, of course it goes cold. I'm voting cold on behalf of my 6 y/0, who is complaining there is no mention of Elsa, Anna or Olaf.


Not really a great deal. Pizza around £1.50 to £2 garlic bread is cheap and Ben and Jerry’s often on offer most places.

Ben And Jerry's Moophoria Caramel Ice Cream 500Ml £1.73 @ Tesco Thornbury / Bristol
Updated 12th AprLast updated 12th Apr by TallYodaLocalLocal
Vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl & shortbread cookies Our flavour gurus have concocted 'moo-phoria' to be full of the chunks & swirls you love, with lowe… Read more

It was free the other day 😁 but this is a good price - it's really nice!


Unfortunately still full price at Tesco Knocknagoney NI but is included in the 2 for £6 offer that’s on at the minute- just bought some on Wednesday. Very nice find, hopefully some other stores have it too though :)


Needed a good start


Not nationwide, £4.80 in my store

Ben & Jerry's Moophoria Ice Cream - Caramel/Salted Caramel/Chocolate - 2 Tubs for £6.00 @ Tesco
Updated 10th AprLast updated 10th Apr by dilip.mistry
Usually £4.80 on their own, Tesco are offering 2 tubs for Moophoria Ice Cream for £6.00 :) With 50% less fat than similar ice cream. Other tubs of Caramel Chew Chew, Phish Food et… Read more
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Make the best this is a strong statement


Ben & Jerrys make the best ice-cream - can't stand that other brand, but - lately the flavours seem to have changed - not as nice as they were :(


Sainsbury also have some flavours at £3 currently


I know, we should probably keep it to ourselves though.


That’s a much better price! Can’t beat Herons

Ben and Jerry's Minter Wonderland ice cream £1.25 @ Co-operative
Updated 6th AprLast updated 6th Apr by louiselouiseLocalLocal
Ben and Jerry's Minter Wonderland ice cream £1.25 @ Co-operative
£1.25£238%Co-operative Deals
Ben and Jerry's Minter Wonderland ice cream £1.25 at co op. Might be instore only.

Without my glasses on I read that as "Minger Wonderland" (embarrassed)


Good deal, these white price tickets are for products that are no longer being delivered to the store and leftovers from promotions.


Ohhhh yum yum yum.... want want want.... not sure they'll have it in my locals, best option has had B&J on offer before, but it wasn't a special flavour - just usual choclick. But I really really want to try...


With the oppo deal and my local Sainsbury's have Breyer's vanilla for 50p, struggling to fit anymore ice-cream in my freezer.


I like mint ice and I like Ben & Jerry's but I didn't like this ended up bining it off 😞

Ben & Jerry's 'Wich Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sandwich (240ml) @ Heron Foods
Updated 23rd MarLast updated 23rd Mar by OnlyonedimeLocalLocal
Ben & Jerry's 'Wich Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sandwich (240ml) @ Heron Foods
3 Chewy chocolatey cookies with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter cups.
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Heat given but no good for diabetes


This is true... (excited) I'm in Brighton, Waitrose, Vegan restaurants & lots of Sushi (unicorn)


You should be thankful. Look at all of us gaining kilos because of Heron food offers...


Why is there no heron foods near me ;( (unicorn)


<3 (cheeky)

Free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at London Waterloo station
Updated 22nd MarLast updated 22nd Mar by Raju_Chavda
Free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at London Waterloo station
They are giving away 2 new flavours since 2 days but forget to put it here.: so anyone travelling worth standing in a short Queue :)
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With you here.. had a long journey in the morning to the office.. it was chaos


If anyone could bloody get there today with all train cancellations...


Can someone grab one and stick it on the next train to Aberdeen please? (embarrassed)


Thanks! Saw this on the tube to Waterloo. Just picked one up (highfive)


Too far away for me ;) .

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