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Solero Exotic Ice Cream 3 X 90Ml £1.50 Clubcard Price @ Tesco
24/05/2021Expires on 24/05/2021Posted 15 h, 23 m agoPosted 15 h, 23 m ago
Vanilla ice cream with a swirl (12%) and a coating (38%) of exotic fruit sorbet Get that fruity feeling with Solero, a fruit lover’s dream. A delicious combination of vanilla i… Read more

Thanks will do this next time :)


I buy Iceland and aldi brands £1 and they are so nice


If you like Solero, try the Tesco own brand ones. Much nicer and bigger and only £1(y)

Freezer Filler (Crispy Chicken Grills/ Chicken Burgers/ Alphabites/ Mixed Veg/ Walls Exotic/ Nestlé Ice-Cream) £5 or £4.50 NUS @ Co-op
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021LocalLocalPosted 15 h, 47 m agoPosted 15 h, 47 m ago
A decent freezer filler this time around at Coop Includes Birds Eye 2 Crispy Chicken Grills 170g Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers 200g Birds Eye Alphabites 456g Birds Eye Mixed … Read more

They seem to have messed up this week with the frozen veg creeping in there. Too healthy.


Great value if on a budget.


Over processed rubbish. But cheap rubbish if you can eat it.




F.A.B. Scott (y)

Silvercrest Professional Ice Cream Maker £59.99 instore at selected stores @ Lidl
TomorrowStarts tomorrowLocalLocalPosted 16 h, 19 m agoPosted 16 h, 19 m ago
appears to be one with self cooling but not too many details or review will it be another one for back of a Big cupboard? or useful to some at that price

That cleared that up lol (y)


yeah got a cows milk protein allergy myself and goats milk neopolitan is as rare as unicorn poo..


It says no pre freezing in the description.


You may well be right, but... You sure about that?, most cheap ones (under £100) you have to put the churn in the freezer for 24 hours prior to using then the ice cream gets formed on the sides and scraped off until it's thick/done. Partly why they never get used as it takes up quite a lot of space in the freezer, and a long time to churn compared to a refridgerated proper one. Never seen on with a peltier cooler in (but that doesn't mean there aren't any).


Deliveroo from a local quality gelateria?

Nuii Minia/Ment Texan Java Scandinavian Ice Cream 6X55ml £2.50 clubcard price at Tesco
24/05/2021Expires on 24/05/2021Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Apparently the minis are exclusive to Tesco. the Macadamia pack are also £2.50 with a clubcard I know that other packs … Read more
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Magnum Double Ruby Red Berries / Gold Caramel Billionaire Ice Cream - £2.10 @ Morrisons
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Morrisons Magnum double ruby red berries and Gold caramel billionaire ice cream 440ml , morrisons instore and (online ,delivery charge will apply ) £2.10 https://groceries.morris… Read more

The tube of ice creams has shrinked again


I was seeing that too (:I


I had one of the red berries variety last week. It was very nice and, unexpectedly, no noticable seeds.


My stomach size confirms that you are correct ,sir. Oh just to see my feet one more time.


I hope one day they stop putting the insane amount of sugar thats in almost all sweets in the shops these days. These sweets manufacterers are just like drug dealers, they know it's addictive especially for children and yet they continue like this.

Jude's Vanilla Clotted Cream / Salted Caramel icecream tub 460ml for £2.50 at Waitrose
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May