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Updated 12th Dec 2021Last updated 12th Dec 2021 by Sea_709
Don't know about others, but I notice the Smart Clock will reboot by itself once a day, if not being used to stream content. After identifying the 5GHz WiFi / MAC address issue, it's happie…
Avatar TopTrump
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Updated 31st Oct 2021Last updated 31st Oct 2021 by Willy_Wonka
Clocks go back 1 hour this Sunday at 2am!
Sunday 31st October 2010 at 2:00 AM
Avatar deleted94047
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Updated 13th Apr 2021Last updated 13th Apr 2021 by DonDraper
Lenovo Smart Clock at for £39 delivered
Been keeping an eye on these and price has dropped on AO and Curry's. There was a Costco deal at £32 but you had to pay £15 membership. So didn't buy..... With the Google hub dropping next w…
Avatar MattWgly
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Updated 28th Nov 2020Last updated 28th Nov 2020 by DevilsReaper
Currys PC World order - Lenovo Smart clock
Hi, anyone else get an email from currys saying the order had been delayed? Hope they don’t cancel it as used eBay vouchers etc to order it! Thanks
Avatar BenH1010
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Updated 1st Jul 2020Last updated 1st Jul 2020 by Roger_Fentiman
Hi , Wonder if anyone can help me. I have just moved into an electric only flat with economy 7 meter. Have noticed just the high rate moves and not the low rate on the meter even if I put …
Avatar fanexgal
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Updated 22nd Jun 2020Last updated 22nd Jun 2020 by groenleader
And now this is broken. Lenovo clock from Currys. I bought this but it will no longer connect to either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. I bought…
Avatar mikmikmikmik