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LEGO 75948 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Clock Tower £67.99 delivered at Amazon
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Build the three-level LEGO Hogwarts castle clock tower with iconic locations and eight minifigures from the Harry Potter movies Locations include the defense against the dark arts… Read more

My 8 year old is currently saving for the big one (shock)


Same here. I’ve had to resist all temptation at the Amazon £10 off Astronomy Tower sale lol


Looking forward to the new sets hitting a similar discount (y)


Been this price quite a while but still a good price :)

Livarno Lux Desk Light with Clock - £9.99 at Lidl
07/06/2020Starts at 07/06/2020LocalLocalPosted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Should do, I have a floor lamp connected to one and works perfectly


nice design.


Thank you @jasee for the images (y)


How long does the battery last


Wiil this work with a smart plug?

Stomma Wall Clock White £2 + £3.95 delivery at IKEA
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Product details No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement. Highly accurate at keeping time as it is fitted with a quartz movement. Batteries are sol… Read more

He also had a hit with a song called "We have all the time in the world" as HPMan says, it was used in one of the Bond films.


Anyone know what queues are like after the first day craziness?


The song was 'What a Wonderful World' by the immortal Satchmo. Yeah, unbelievably cryptic.


Nice one OP


Are they even delivering? Can't get anything delivered to the North West, it's doing my head in

The House with a Clock in its Walls [Blu-ray] [2018] £4.00 (£6.99 without Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
£4.00 with free delivery from eBay here , thanks to @sohailh1984 “Jack Black, two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett and Kyle MacLachlan star in The House with a Clock … Read more

For anyone without Prime :) @matt020295 feel free to add to the post :)


This is on prime video as well for anyone wondering (y)

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Azatom Duplex DAB+ FM Digital Radio & Alarm Clock £64.95 Sold by AZATOM Audio UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Was looking for a dab radio with Bluetooth. Got this delivered yesterday and really impressed. Great sound max 30W Bluetooth USB to charge phone. People may prefer speakers but for… Read more

Terrible reviews on Amazon. Useless garbage.


Still £49.95 (free p&p) via their eBay site and retains the 3 year warranty:


The whole Azatom site seems down!


Link not working

muzhaque £52.95 delivered on their site. No mention of it being refurbished.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa - £37.99 delivered @ Currys eBay
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Amazon's most popular stylish smart speaker with LED display. (y) Think it is the best price available with Currys eBay bank holiday weekend promotional discount automatically ad… Read more
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£59.99 now


I hope so along with with the mobile phone(confused)


It most certainly does :D


nice! does it record your bedtime conversations and actions too?


great device

Echo accessories 25% off - Echo Wall Clock £22.49
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
I have never seen these before so cannot comment on how useful it is other then using it to tell the time! But 25% off other Kindle, Fire and Echo accessories with code - SPRINGSA… Read more

Got mine this morning and so far very impressed. If you open the box with the expectation of a £5 clock with £17.50 worth of smart features you won't be disappointed.


Decent price for this, use mine all the time as handy for multiple timers. Would be better if it had an audible alert built into the clock or even better if it had Alexa functionality with speaker and microphone. Also it does feel slightly cheap but looks ok when mounted on the wall and there is no plastic or glass cover so hands and face are exposed.


Typical, paid the full price on Monday! Clock is great. Really handy seeing timers countdown


You need to feed it part of your soul. It's clearly stated (excited)


Them reviews tho (lol) (lol) (lol)

Jumbo LCD Radio Controlled Clock (Black) - £12.99 (Prime) £17.48 (Non Prime) @ Sold by TimesLink and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Radio Controlled LCD Wall clock (MSF, UK Version), Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks Screen Display Includes Month, Date and day of the week … Read more
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No alarm, yawn.


Be aware, JUMBO includes the BEZEL which judging by the pic is almost half the size of the length. I have a different one which is a proper Jumbo rectangle LCD one, the bezel is silver and only like 5mm wide all round.


These are great, I bought a couple 2 years ago. I have one in my bathroom, the text is big enough to read from the shower without my glasses on :)


I use old phones with one of the big clock apps. Works great 24/7


Echo Dot (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa - £39.99 @ Amazon
323° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Echo Dot (3rd generation) | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa Our most popular smart speaker: now available with an LED display that can show the time, outdoor temperature or t… Read more

Yeah, I guess you’re right.


Guess it might be the way the light shows through the material, ie with sandstone it looks solid but with a darker colour you'd see the weave of the material over it and their designers might think that's a bad thing.


Me too.... very strange why they only have the 1 colour


Waiting until these are released in other colours. Surprised they have not done this sooner.


Yes, you can using very specific commands, I think you have to tell the alexa to 'set an alarm for <TIME> with <PLAYLISTNAME> from spotify' and it will do that. Alternatively, you can have it set up as a routine. It isn't perfect though, as if for whatever reason it cannot connect to spotify (and oh my god, it happens more than you think), it'll do nothing. I had to stop because it happened too many times and I woke up late for work.

108mb fibre broadband+talk weekends v6 free lenovo clock £29.99 a month for 12 months + free setup (possible £130 quidco) - £359.88
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
As per title 12 month contract After Quidcoits only £19.17 with free smart clock FREE SET UP (NORMALLY £35)

My current BT contract will be expiring on 2 July, shall I order Vodafone now for installation after 2 July?


Just did a speed test there: Connected directly to router: 108Mbps Range extender 2ghz: 69Mbps Range extender 5ghz: 40.7Mbps Upload speeds remain pretty consistent at around 10Mbps Went with this extender: - to be honest I didn't do much research as it was a pretty rushed purchase as everywhere closed down due to covid, but I can't complain, has allowed me to work from home.


No ISP routers are much cop dude they provide it for free so its unlikely to have discrete signal antennas or wifi booster circuits just cheap as chips - you get what you don't pay for! (shock)


This was posted yesterday wasn't it? -


I suppose it's always going to vary by region, but I've been with Virgin (and prior to that Telewest) for over 15 years and have always received my rated speed or slightly better. I wouldn't stay with them otherwise as they're certainly not cheap, but the service has always been excellent for me. I'm pretty sure I've never actually asked them for a speed increase either. I believe my original service was a 1Mb/s line back in the Telewest days, and periodic automatic speed upgrades since then have brought it up to where it is now. They've upgraded my router (well, the original was just a cable modem) three times over the years too and never charged. The current Hub is pretty crap, but that's largely due to the faulty Intel chip at its heart and it's not only Virgin that got burned with that fiasco.

Swan 8" Retro Clock Fan £21.38 delivered @ Groupon
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Saw these in the previous deal with Amazon a few months ago that got lots of heat. Went to look today but the cheapest was £25 (black) upto £34 for other colours. AO also charging … Read more

Please stop harassing me with all the private messages.


Google Groupon & look at fefo problems


I purchased two of these the last time they were posted on here for £19 each. Not great quality! But they do the job. Not worth 19 quid in my view.


So you apologized, I accepted to leave it as a misunderstanding between us. And then you attack with details you could've said to my first posts when I mentioned I've seen it in stores.. All I did was make honest comments and observation. Not even about your deal, but rather what you actually get your your money i.e. what I've seen before (past and present). Ps. But due what woolworths have got to do with it. But the hut gtoup have sold similar under the for cheaper than £20 (after Woolworths folded) if that were your askiing. As Woolworths was acquired after they collapsed by the hut.


Embarrassingly wrong. Oh dear. I go to B&M and have not seen these. I also shop on Amazon most days and I know that they often set the benchmark for price. If was a £5 fan it wouldn't cost £35 on Amazon. I am not loyal to Swan but I did my research on them after seeing the last deal. Just out of Interest did Woolworths sell them for £1?

Lumie Sunrise Alarm - Sunrise Wake-up Alarm, Sunset Sleep Feature, Sounds & Mood Lighting £29.99 delivered with code @ Zavvi
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Cracking price for this. Elsewhere it's around £40 to £50. SUNRISE - A smooth sunrise starts 30 minutes before your alarm time and slowly brightens to wake you gently. SOUNDS … Read more

Lidl do a Silentnight rip-off of this, usually around October time.


These are great for early trips to the airport (it will happen again) or for any reason you have to get up when it's still dark (work in winter, shift work etc).


Why dismantle?


got one of these at Christmas, present... 2 weeks I DISMANTLED AND NOW SITTING IN SHED.. Vote cold


Be cautious of these if you can't change the bulb/LEDs. I had the well-known Philips one, which was very good. Then the light stopped working and only then did I see the tiny writing on the base saying it's not possible to replace the light. I ignored that and unscrewed the entire thing only to find that - yep - it is an LED light soldered on a circuit board that you definitely can't just buy off the shelf. After much searching online I ended up having to bin the whole thing. Seems ridiculous and a shocking increase in landfill to have to bin an entire device just because I can't replace the light.

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant (Grey/Black) - £37.98 Delivered @ Currys / eBay
336° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Good price here - 5% auto applies at checkout Also available in black Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant This smart clock from Lenovo can do a whole lot more than … Read more

Three weeks after order and still no code from Curry's, they are useless


Having both Alexa and hub I am a Google person but I can say that alexa still works as a clock even without an Internet connection, alexa can change the alarm tone (I like the old ringer of a wind up clock ) which you can't on google (you can set Spotify or a radio on both), if you don't mind the Google alarm which doesn't wake me up, then the Google better for use of all the features eg YouTube (although you can't search directly via writing or browse YouTube )


Got mine today and it seems quite good. Surprisingly loud little speaker. I did have problems connecting to my WiFi on my virgin router. It seems the clock is a little sensitive to channel settings. Changed from 1 to 4 and its working flawlessly.


Depends if your a Google'r or Alex'er


Both my kids have one in their rooms. Can't say we have noticed any difference. Still use voice recognition, stream spotify etc. The only difference really is that you have a display you can customise. You can even set it to loop through your own photos if uploaded to google photos cloud.

Jones - Black 'Nap' Alarm Clock - £5.25 delivered @ Debenhams. 1 year guarantee
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Free delivery with code: SH7W Acrylic alarm clock with straight acrylic hands and a printed Arabic or marker paper dial. Model number: JNAP31PEBL Dimensions (HWD): 7 x 7 x 3.… Read more

Cheers Dan, hope you like your purchase :) Sending you all good wishes (highfive) & thanks..


XD Find the noise quite soothing somehow. Shame it's not a noise you like :) x Hope it's a lovely day for you <3 @myusernamehasgone234


I'll grab one. Just like ticking... somehow reminds me of home... Thanks @ZanyAngel . Hope you are well during these "difficult" times


Ticking clocks drive me insane. (shock) I can't believe it doesn't bother you. 🔥 Btw for the deal (y)


No further forward in that respect, that I've read or heard. :)

'Grade A Retail Boxed' LENOVO Smart Clock with Google Assistant - Grey (ML4404) - £31.99 @ Stock Must Go Ebay
144° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Only the 5 available GRADE: A RETAIL BOX WHAT IS IN THE BOX LENOVO Smart Clock with Google Assistant - Grey CHARGER IS INCLUDED PRODUCT INFORMATION Voice controlled WiFi … Read more

Sleep timer?! Might want to try using the word “alarm” next time... shocking I know.


I'm not sure the specific purpose for a sleep timer, but you can set alarms fine to go off for the specific time.


Well played sir :{


I have the Lenovo Smart display 10 and the Google Hub Max, 10 inch again. None of the look ok on my bedside table. I think people who want a smaller device, want it for a reason.


Sleep timers are currently broken on google assistants. I’ve got this clock and you can’t set them - you have to specify an exact time rather than saying “set a sleep timer for x hours”

iHome Wireless Charging Bluetooth Built in Mic USB Dual Alarm Clock - Black £36.99 Argos on eBay
55° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
iHome Wireless Charging Bluetooth Built in Mic USB Dual Alarm Clock - Black Clearance with a 12 month Argos guarantee Stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile devic… Read more
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£27.99 Now @PhoneManiacuk (y)


For this price there are other probably better alternatives, such as the new Dot or the Lenovo clock...nothing against the deal, this may suit some.


Wont it be better to buy a Echo Dot and £4 cable instead?

Bush Classic Analogue Clock Radio - Cream £7.99 at Argos/ebay
223° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Decent clock and good value. Classic, meet contemporary. Bringing together an analogue and digital design, this Bush clock radio is the best of both worlds. 10 FM pre-sets give … Read more

That's a blessing, as they just talk bs.


Never mind, it's battery operated


How is this operated? By battery or direct power?


Think this is still overpriced.Only has FM.Should have MW included as well. No Talksport on this radio!


Yes, was a fiver on last x2 deals on here.I actually bought two and they are good given the cost.

Karlsson - Black 'Butterfly' Large Wall Clock £35 delivered with code @ Debenhams
-36° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Item No. 3041079744 The Karlsson ‘Butterfly’ clock is a beautiful take on a modern wall clock. What makes this clock so aesthetically pleasing is how the hands seamlessly glide aro… Read more

Anyone got a money off discount code?


Lovely clock but Debenhams use Hermes to deliver... careful now (skeptical)


That's a nice looking clock. Also available in white...


Checkout's sorted itself - great spot op. Thanks!


Thanks op. Bought.

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant (Grey/Black) + 6 Months Spotify Premium (New account) £39.98 delivered @ Currys
1549° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant in grey and black back down to £39.98. The grey version also has free 6 months Spotify premium (new account), plus 2 year manufacturer guar… Read more
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It’s been over 2 1/2 weeks till my God I am so stressed tried calling them to voicemail each time we turn on the phone for over 40 minutes being passed from one person to the other first one coming to the phone after 20 minutes of all this is torture all the time wasted for a stupid cold that should’ve been sent not sure what else I can do at this stage


I'm really annoyed as I got one and couldn't get it to connect to my wifi and read loads of issues with connection issues. Seems to be coming on an off alot of promotions with Currys at the moment.


Just rechecked Google Settings. Seems a subscription on Google Play Music might be required. Take a look at the screenshot from the App running on my phone You should then be able to config your Google Music library settings to your requirements.


It should do. During the setup process, you have the option of assigning your default music service: Spotify, You Tube music, Google Play, Pandora or Deezer. Whether it's just the free service will depend on how your account behind that service has been configured. Have a look at this video - (cued at the part he sets up the music services) Official Lenovo setup video here - User Guide - FAQ


Spotify code just received via email without any prodding from me... wahey! I opted for the Black version which I think looks a little slicker.

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