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Synology DS1019+ 5 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £530.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 1 h, 26 m agoMade hot 1 h, 26 m ago
Sub £30 more than the DS918+, effectively just over £20 for 8GB ram and an extra HDD slot. Synology DiskStation DS1019+ is a 5-bay NAS designed for small offices and professional… Read more

I heard great things about qnap but personally I’m using synology for 3 years now (from Hp micro server) and find that the DSM in synology is really great and easy to use. If I were to upgrade my ds416 I will continue with another synology without hesitation :)


Great bit of kit. I tend to knock dsm auto update off after the 1st patch




No hesitation in recommending the Synology. I've always used WD and have never had an issue however comparing them together I'm now gutted I didn't move to Synology sooner.


Keep refreshing just incase!

Toshiba TR200 480GB 2.5 / Integral V series 480GB for £40.29 Each Delivered With Code @ Ebay (Ebuyer)
Refreshed 3 h, 5 m agoRefreshed 3 h, 5 m ago19/07/2019Expires on 19/07/2019
Integral 480GB V Series v2 SSD Toshiba TR200 480GB Key Features: SATA III Interface 2.5 Form Factor Up to 555MB/s Read, 540MB/s Write 4K IOPS Read: 82000 4K IOPS Wri… Read more

Have had 2 out 25 drives (Toshiba)fail in less than a year. Coincidence perhaps but I’ll be steering clear of these drives in the future.


Anyone know if this one is worth it? (annoyed)

Sabrent 60 Watt / 12 Amp 10 port USB Hub £16.99 for both Prime & Non Prime members Sold by SLJ Trading Fulfilled by Amazon
21/07/2019Expires on 21/07/2019Made hot 4 h, 42 m agoMade hot 4 h, 42 m ago
To get this offer, you have to select the "other sellers on Amazon" on the right hand side. You want to use the one that says "Sold by: SLJ Trading" once it's in your basket, you s… Read more

Smart port technology maximizes compatibility with Android, Apple and other devices by enabling charging speeds of up to 12 amps among 10 ports or 2.4 amps per port (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge)


Only managed to get the 10 quid off... Couldn't see. 30% discount on there


how do you get the 30% please ?


Ok got managed to do it, cheers for the tip @NeoTrix


30% not coming even at checkout...

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Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD4 1 TB (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 Type 2280SS, Internal SSD) @ Amazon £101.37
Made hot 5 h, 7 m agoMade hot 5 h, 7 m ago
Lots of SSD deals popping up on Amazon. Lowest ever price.

Worth noting that you can get the Crucial 1TB NVMe for less than this direct from crucial, so I guess that's a better buy if you have a board that supports it.


£98.95 delivered on eBay with fast and free delivery.... Item number 113677542633


Based on the Sata MX500. Its a nice deal. These M.2 drives are so much nicer to deal with.

PNY Mounting kit for SSD or HDD 2.5 "internal bay and cloning software for £4.48 Prime/ £9.27 Non Prime @ Amazon UK
Made hot 5 h, 50 m agoMade hot 5 h, 50 m ago
Complete toolbox to perform the upgrade of a desktop PC with an SSD 2.5 inch Including a 3.5 to 2.5 inch mounting bay Data cable SATA III, set of screws and screwdriver A key li… Read more

Cheap but 1. You don't really need to secure an SSD and 2. Lots of free copy disk utilities (only use clone if SSD >= HDD; and always advisable to "fix MBR" after copy) eg easeus backup.

Samsung 34" UltraWQHD Wide Monitor now £304.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 7 h, 50 m agoMade hot 7 h, 50 m ago
With its 34" ultra-wide screen and 21: 9 WQHD resolution, the SJ55W provides all the workspace you need to comfortably multi-task on a single screenVESA-compatible mount Picture-b… Read more

Sadly not an IPS panel. Would have bought otherwise.


109 PPI ,would a 4k monitor not be better ?


Exactly the same, apart from the boxes.


This one did go on Prime Day sale it was the 552 model, however, I'm have no clue how different these 2 models are, for all we know these are just the same model for different regions, no? If going by last B.F. deal ( see image below ) I'm holding out for a closer to that price, yeah I know I'm cheap. :P


Got one yesterday to replace an LG 2560x1080 29" (had some serious light bleed) So far I love it, sharp, bright and biiiiig The stand is a little rubbish though, completely fixed and takes up quite a bit of space. (Is VESA mountable though...)

Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1TB @Amazon £93.29
Made hot 7 h, 59 m agoMade hot 7 h, 59 m ago
One of the best SSDs you can buy at near all-time low.

With MX500 you are also getting two extra years of warranty.


Compared to the drive you replied to, no it isnt, not even close. Don't give false information


The Mx500 deal is better. A little more nets you a clearly faster drive.


I bought this for my son on the recent deal which was about £78 with delivery in a couple of days. Good enough for storing his games on (after the 10 year old HD died).


In what way? it's just a regular SATA drive in m.2 form factor.

Kingston A400 960GB SSD (500MB/s read Upto 450MB/s write) for £74.47 Delivered with Code @ Ebay (Ebuyer)
19/07/2019Expires on 19/07/2019Made hot 10 h, 51 m agoMade hot 10 h, 51 m ago
Incredible speeds plus rock-solid reliability. Kingston’s A400 solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible boot, loading, a… Read more

Whilst I wouldnt buy this drive for myself .. it does have advantages in a laptop .. without the use of dram it will use less juice.. so should give *some* extra time between recharges. Really SSD's should be mandatory in laptops simply for their durability/shockproof ... no heads to park, or to jostle ,while doing a last minute write, 8) while being swung thru the air , gaily ..


Gah, my OS is only booting at 7 seconds! I wanted it booting at 4 seconds! Curse you, DRAM-less!! I wouldn't recommend using them for scratch disks for Photoshop or Lightroom, but these are plenty fast enough for normal day to day computer use.


Totally agree. Utterly incredible to suggest 'DRAM-less SSDs are useless' and only good for data storage (I'd use hard disks for data storage not SSDs). While we're there shall we also say that SATA SSDs are rubbish and NVMe is the only one to go for? General use even a low-end/no-DRAM SSD will run rings around any hard disk and if you know you need a DRAM-equipped SSD then you probably know what you're doing already.


nonsense, dramless works fine for the OS and the average user won't likely notice any issue, it's only when you work with larger files will it become obvious. Power users and gamers will likely notice the difference compared to dram cached SSDs. I use Crucial BX SSD (dram less) in a work laptop and while I do use larger files sometimes and notice a slow down, it's still 100 times better than the crappy mechanical drive it replaced. Windows updates take many hours less time even with these dram-less SSDs. If budget allows, pay more for a Crucial MX or SAmsung EVO... if in a budget this will be fine.


Cold. DRAM-less. Only good if for storage of data and not OS and apps I'd say.

Synology DS218j 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure @ Amazon £138. 99
Made hot 13 h, 9 m agoMade hot 13 h, 9 m ago
Cheapest price yet for this NAS. I personally have the 218+, but this is great for your average user.

NAS is your own personal cloud. Why would you trust a cloud you have no control over?


Now I've been looking at getting one of these, firstly to back up my device's data. But I also want it so I can access my photos and music. Is this not suitable?


Is this better than 2bay Seagate personal cloud?


I've been using the previous version "DS216J" for the last three and a half years. Only difference is the CPU speed. Haven't had any problems with it. It's got two mirrored 3TB drives in it. A "Seagate Baracuda" that I stripped from an external USB drive and "WD Green". I use it as backup and temp storage for movie files. I download 4K movies which can be up to 70GB and copy them to the NAS. When I want to watch the movie, I use the "Infuse Pro" app on my "Apple TV 4K".


I have the DS216j with 2 3TB WD Red and never had any issues... it’s just a bit slow...

Patriot Burst SSD 240GB SATA III Interne Solid State Drive 2.5 Zoll - PBU240GS25SSDR - £23.60 @ Amazon
Made hot 20 h, 50 m agoMade hot 20 h, 50 m ago
Looks ok. Please correct me if im wrong but patriot is a good brand as far as i remember.
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Now £26.99......


Read write speeds arent as good! I have cloned my old laptop os 500gb hd to a 480 ssd patriot. Boot time flys. The amount of tabs i had on chrome just means this hd is great. Patriot is tried and tested manufacturer from back on the day. I bought a 2nd one for s boot drive as a project. If that good enough?


Cant believe someone is comparing Patriot SSds with cheapo chinese ones. These SSDs have the highest endurance rating of any 256gb SSD available for less than £30. Dont wait. Just buy. HOT.


Your comments are self contradicting in my opinion. But i ended up buying 2 patriot ssds.


Lol no.

Integral 512GB UltimaPRO V30 Premium Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U3 + Adapter - 100MB/s for £69.99 Delivered @ Mymemory
Made hot 21 h, 35 m agoMade hot 21 h, 35 m ago
Integral Premium High Speed Micro SD cards are the perfect partner for your high-spec smartphone or tablet. 512GB Capacity Up to 100MB/s Transfer speed Includes SD Adapter Int… Read more

Lucky I just bought a 400GB Sandisk (class 10/U1) for £47 from Amazon Prime day...


Where’s a U1 at the 50quid mark? 😁 we gotta be close now.

Seagate BarraCuda 4TB/6TB Desktop Hard Drive 3.5" SATA III 6GB's 5400RPM, £76.19/128.33 at Ebuyer/ebay-with code
Made hot 21 h, 36 m agoMade hot 21 h, 36 m ago
Solid and reliable drives, good price with discount. 6TB here

Heat thanks.


They're no worse overall than the WDs, though you obviously had some bad luck.


You're lucky. I find they drop to 10MB/s once the random access cache area is full. Perhaps the newer ones are less compromised. And write once is just as bad if you're writing separate files because the I/o is not sufficiently sequential.


Yes, equivalent to WD greens that have been refurbished then dropped down the stairs..


Every single barracuda I have ever had have failed and 3 of my mates have failed. Decent price to stick Media and crap onto but don’t buy anything on that isn’t easy to replace

Samsung EVO PLUS 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter for £19.28 Delivered @ BOX
Made hot 22 h, 27 m agoMade hot 22 h, 27 m ago
Currently the best Price .. from a reliable seller,, KEY FEATURES Add additional storage to your mobile device UHS-I Speed Class 1 (U3) Class 10 Up to 100MB/s read spe… Read more

(lol) (lol)


Thought so :)


My bad. It was sandisk ultra


Ok ... can you please show me what you had bought. I am confused now ... are you sure it's Samsung Evo (confused)


(lol) It was not 15 but £14Something ... that's why I purchased 200gb for £19.something... instead of 128gb

Adata Ultimate SU650 480GB 2.5" SATA III SSD for £44.93 Delivered @ CCLonline
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Key Features: SATA III Interface 2.5 Form Factor Up to 520MB/s Read, 450MB/s Write 4K IOPS Read: 40000 4K IOPS Write: 75000 3 Year Warranty Description The Ultimate SU… Read more

That's really poor treatment. But good to know. With SSD prices as they are, worth spending a few more quid and customer service being the decider rather than a few quid here or there. Perhaps a few more pounds and get an MX500, about £60 on Amazon.


I did.


try the retailer


Nope, I was emailing customer services, including sending them the receipt, everything was fine, then they blocked my emails.


What about the 3 year warranty? They didn't honour it?

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition - £34.99 / £44.99 delivered at Razerzone
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Few discounts available with code and £10 off if you sign up to their newsletter, might have to check if it’s off full priced items only though! This mouse seems tidy. Discounts o… Read more



Think there is a minimum order amount for free delivery. I ordered 3 things to get it over I think it was £75? I should be able to sell the other 2 for at least cost price, if not more, and you get free delivery then too.


Hey @SourMash91 The postage costs are showing as £10 for this, am I missing something? Cheers for the post!


It's only certain items, listed on this page: Razer Store

Corsair Force MP510 960GB M.2 SSD 3,480MB/s Seq. Read 3,000MB/s Seq. Write for £119.20 Delivered @ Ebuyer
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Can be had for few quids chaeper from ####Amazon Germany ### But I would prefer Ebuyer over it. Features : High-Speed NVME PCIe Gen3 M.2 Interface High Density 3D TLC Nand … Read more

Shame that they won't put this on ebay for 20 percent off.


really, what a surprise not


They started charging for the delivery these days. :)


its 115 now, considering it but i kinda want to wait till it goes to under 100


Thanks, I was reading about the end of life situation regarding the Radeon VII and the unlikeliness of it becoming any cheaper AND how close the RX5700XT comes to matching it's performance at nearly half the price. Like you mentioned, the Radeon VII is the top spec graphics card supported by OSX but is very expensive and likely to be shown less love with regards updates/bug fixes in the future, so I will hold out and see if the RX5700XT becomes supported or something bigger, better gets announced.

Lenovo V145 15.6" Gaming Laptop AMD A9-9425, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Radeon 2GB Graphic - £254 ebay laptopoutlet
19/07/2019Expires on 19/07/2019Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
I think this is a nice find on eBay, deducting the price from £318 to £254 with code 'PARTY'

I'm after a basic laptop just for general browsing, word etc anyway, with the added bonus of playing some old games for nostalgia more than anything so I've went for it and will give a little review after I've had a play around with it.


Yes, but I don't imagine it would work very well. As I said in an earlier comment you are better going for a Ryzen based system, or looking on the used market for an Intel laptop with dedicated GPU.


Gaming as in you can play Pac-Man and centipede on max settings.


Would Fortnite work on this?


Microsoft solitaire is all this could handle. Which to be fair is a game, so ...

Synology DS218 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £213.81 @ Amazon
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Synology DiskStation DS218 - Versatile 2-bay NAS for small offices and home users Synology DiskStation DS218 is a high-performance and versatile 2-bay NAS designed for small offic… Read more
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Been that price all day. Was hoping for more. not sure its worth £50 over the plain 218


Me too.


Same dodgy supplier mirageproducts Ltd


They change their name? (shock) I thought they were just hacked?


I am on about a much better synology I linked above that is half price and the reason I think it isn’t legit

Lenovo V330 15.6" 1080p Laptop - i5-8250U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / Radeon 530 / Fingerprint Reader £383.99 with code @ laptopoutlet / eBay
19/07/2019Expires on 19/07/2019Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Another well priced laptop using the current eBay 20% off code. It gets you an 8th Gen i5 with 8GB RAM alongside a 256GB SSD. There is a dedicated Radeon 530 2GB which will allow … Read more

Thank you. Just ordered


Not sure I fully agree on "cheap components" - we're talking NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB, Samsung PM961 256GB SSD to name but two.. "Cheap build" maybe - with its exaggerated blue vents and use of plastic but overall, I think its a decent package for the money. Suspect you're right on the overpriced RRP though.


You`re probably right, you get what you pay for. There`s no end of these "bargain" laptop deals but the reason they`re cheap is because firstly, they are overpriced (RRP) , and secondly cheap components. But having said that you have to cut your coat according to your cloth.


Yep - but what price a happy smiling son (and Dad) playing :)


Seems you`ve almost doubled it with a Medion (mad)

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