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Updated 27th Aug 2020Last updated 27th Aug 2020 by Lowtrawler
Any deals of dyson v10 or v11?
Looking for a similar deal to a few months ago on eBay for the refurb dyson v10 for £270! Anyone have any similar deals at the moment? Dyson eBay outlet has v10 for £350 now!!

Gave them another go and purchased a New (Other) V11 Absolute for £420. It arrived the day after order. The box had been opened but all components were present and unused. Was able to register with Dyson and get the official Dyson 2 year guarantee. Came with a 5% off code if you buy from their own website rather than through ebay - the code is EBAY5. www.directvacuums.co.uk


I'd read the adverse comments previously and most related to this type of issue or delivering the wrong thing. Other product issues appeared to be resolved amicably and so, if they actually deliver, they don't seem a bad company to deal with.


Heard so many people experience the same thing! Goes back to my point... customer service with direct vacuum is poor!


Update. Received a dispatch email yesterday morning confirming to be delivered on Saturday. Received another email this afternoon advising that their stock system is innaccurate and they have no stock so won't be able to fulfill the order.


Thanks. would be keen to know if you can register a 2 year warranty with dyson.

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Any best deal for Dyson V11 or V10?
My Dyson V44 broke and desperately looking for replacement either V11 or V10. Signed up alert but seems no deal going on at the moment. Does anyone know any good offer for V11 or… Read more

Try QVC as sometimes they do better deals than currys, dyson etc


It’s what most folk on here would say but I would agree with u as I’ve a dyson (y)


Nah. I tried shark in Costco. Look like toy compared to my old Dyson lasted 8 years. V11 or v10 is would be my ideal replacement. Thanks for your suggestion though.


U would be better with a shark apparently (y)

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Updated 10th May 2020Last updated 10th May 2020 by gixxerguyk8
Dyson V11 Animal
Latest version of the Dyson cordless cleaner available from QVC as Today’s Special Value with free postage as well- comes with crevice & combination tools, mini motorised tool … Read more

Lol so,etching like that couldn’t get comfortable in bed due to back pain so TV went on lol


Flicking between QVC and Babestation late on a Saturday night? Living the dream... living the dream (y)

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Updated 4th Jan 2020Last updated 4th Jan 2020 by ndyanem
Dyson V6 worth it?
The refurbished V6 has been on sale for £129 for a while now but in 2020 is this a good deal for this model? I need a new cordless vacuum and my budget would be up to £150 so does … Read more

I’m a dyson van got a big corded animal over 9 years old going strong and the cordless v7 and it’s n absolute dream. No issues, good suction (we have animals and children) battery going well. Think it 2 years now and wouldn’t part with it


The wife is an area cleaning supervisor, and they had dysons and tried other makes, eventually they tried shark and went with them ended up ordering 36 for all the floors on different sites. She recommends all the time..


I've got the Vax blade 2 max£200 direct comes with accessories ( from other sellers it doesn't) excellent vacuum


Came second has the best overall cordless https://www.t3.com/features/best-cordless-vacuum-cleaner


Yes. Had the V6 18 months and very pleased with it.

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Updated 12th Dec 2019Last updated 12th Dec 2019 by Bootcutboy
Hi there we have a Dyson V6 Total Clean vacuum that is on the blink, the battery fully charged is only lasting 3 minutes and as we have a constantly moulting Basset Hound we need o… Read more

Na no offence taken whatsoever, I didn't get a genuine replacement in the end but I got one with a lot of very very good reviews and a 1yr warranty for about £40 so I am happy, and £25 better off. Thanks a lot


I'm certainly not arguing BCB. I'm glad you got sorted, to be fair. Did you manage to get a genuine replacement from Amazon? I didn't want you to take offence at my comment so started it as I did as I felt beginning with "Have you even tried searching Google?" sounded quite derogatory. There was no 'irony' intended. I genuinely wanted you to feel like I wasn't being rude. I certainly hope you took it that way. All the best, Phsy.


Nobody is suggesting you were not attempting to assist, but the suggestion to check Google to find what the OP requested clearly didn't return any results for you either, which is kinda ironic. So you suggested a non-genuine item, where the suggested supplier of the non-genuine has no formal (traceable) contact details, so is a high risk of being a scam site; even the little tell-tale signs of the site's social media buttons going nowhere would ring alarm bells for most peeps. I'm sure in hindsight you may appreciate what I mean, with zero malice from me.


Now now folks, no need for any arguing, I am sorted now thanks as I got one from Amazon, and as I said I really appreciate people taking the time to read my post and to offer their advice!


Not really Andy, no. If you mean because I said I couldn't recommend one - I took the OP at their word. They asked if anyone might be selling "genuine" Dyson batteries cheaper but that's not usually the case. Others tend to sell spurious items at a cheaper pricepoint and I was just pointing this fact out. I'm sorry @Bootcutboy if my input wasn't helpful to you in any way. I'll be quite honest - I'm getting quite tired now of the same people chiming in whenever you try to offer assistance. It's beginning to make me question whether it's worth the bother... :(

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Dyson Hoover Exploded mid use
I was using my vacuum and as soon as i turned it on, there was a loud bang and thick black smoke started pouring out from under the collection jug. the Hoover is a dyson dc33. i th… Read more

Yeh that's fine. I'll look into this further. I clean my filters thoroughly every 2 months so I dont think that's the issue


"The Hoover is a Dyson." Very Zen man, far out, blown my mind! Woostoick foprever.


It's the same motor with an equal rating. The suction level depends on how clean the filters and airways are. I've got a dc08 and I regularly clean it out with a hosepipe or pressure washer. This summer's a good time to do it as it'll dry completely under the hot sun. I don't see where the risk is. If you're not confident then buy the motor and get an electrician to do it. One of those tv repair shops may also do it for you for a nominal fee. Takes about 15mins.


Do u think it provides the same amount of suction and overall, would you say it is a good risk to take?


The first time I used genuine. But last year mine went pop with the smell and smoke and I used an £18 compatible one which is still going strong. The genuine one lasted about 9 years.