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Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof, 6" High-Resolution Display 8 GB with Ads - 4 Colours £79.99 Amazon Prime Exclusive
22/06/2021Expires on 22/06/2021Made hot 6 h, 3 m agoMade hot 6 h, 3 m ago
The Paperwhite available at £79.99, just a little bit more expensive than the refurbished deal a week or so ago. £40 saving on the standard price. Includes three months of Kindle U… Read more

Contact Amazon chat, tell them ur kids love using it but are seeing ads


This or a Kindle Kids Edition £59.99 for an 11 year old


How do I opt out if the ads please?


how does the battery hold up for those who have had it over year ? thanks


No worries. We all have to start somewhere! I use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/ It's very easy.

Amazon Kids+ (ex Fire for Kids Unlimited) £15 for 1 year Amazon Prime Exclusive
22/06/2021Expires on 22/06/2021Made hot 7 h, 33 m agoMade hot 7 h, 33 m ago
Amazon Prime Day Deal down from £49. For those of us already having a tablet and next best deal since the short lived 99p offer. … Read more

Thank you, that's a good point, the tablets are currently on a good offer too (y)




Well that was an epic mission and a half. I cancelled the 3 month subscription, but I still could purchase the 12months as it wasn't cancelled completely (auto renewal) so they had to cancel the auto renewal via chat then I was able to see the option to purchase (y) 🏻


Thanks, if you could let me know what they say that’d be much appreciated.


Should be able to, I also cannot see the option to purchase. On chat with them now

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Kindle Edition @ Amazon 99p
Made hot 14 h, 51 m agoMade hot 14 h, 51 m ago
Great book - written in 1994 but years ahead of its time. "This Snow Crash thing--is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?" Juanita shrugs. "What's the difference?" The only relie… Read more

Love this book! Still waiting for the pizza mafia to become a thing :)


Essential reading.


One of the greatest books of the 20th century, He foresaw the internet, online and coined the term avatar. Its also pretty cool and funny. He is one of the finest writers today, not really Sci-fi, check out Reamde (sic) and Cryptonomicon if you havent come across his books, and lifting up them gets to be a great work out too


This is a really great book. Unbelievable how he anticipated what an online future would look like.


Loved this book, I thought it had a interesting twist on cyberpunk.

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Cute, Comic Adventure For Children aged 6+ - James Sutherland - Ernie Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
Made hot 20 h, 42 m agoMade hot 20 h, 42 m ago
Paperback is £4.99 - Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 29 ratings “But Dad,” Martha protested, tears welling in her eyes “Ernie didn’t mean to poop in your slipper!” … Read more

Nah, I think he pulls it.


Does he drive the fasted milk float in the west.


Thanks Boz..


Thanks Heat Added (y)

How To Cook Restaurant-Quality Burgers (Burgers, Barbecue and Jerky Series Book 2) Kindle Edition FREE at Amazon
Made hot 21 h, 34 m agoMade hot 21 h, 34 m ago
This Guide Will Help You: • How to make sure your burgers don’t have a very thick middle after cooking • How to ensure that your burgers stays moist during cooking • How to create … Read more

2.21 now! :( missed the freebie


Heat added. I'm feeling hungry now. (y)


Hope they have used the recepies from Wicked burger restaurants as they're rank.


Lovely. Ordered. Thanks.


Hi ordered thanks (y)