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SSE Customers - £11.50pm / 12months fibre broadband inc line rental when signing up for new fixed rate deal
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
Was just coming up for end of fixed tariff and looked at what the current offers are if I stay with SSE but go for a new fixed term deal. Noticed this £11.50 broadband offer. Consi… Read more
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Ive had their internet for about 14 months - big selling point was no contract. Has been absolutely fine


Been with the broadband service for 4 years, happy to pay full price and stay with them now. Been a near faultless service in that time, occasional self channel changes on the router if speed has dropped. Never experienced throttling of any sort, a constant 74 Mbps Steady signal for streaming purposes,. No threatening letters, no matter how much you download. ,


The contention on their service is abysmal. We were getting less than 2mbps in the evenings, then as soon as I switch on a VPN it would jump to 20mbps, so clearly they are packet scanning and also in contravention to EU net neutrality rules. Customer service is terrible too. We had to write to the CEO before any visible action was taken, and finally after 9 weeks they removed their service from our line and refunded us. In the mean time we were not able to order any other service from another company. They blame BT Openreach for everything, are accountable for nothing. If you do any kind of home working you can expect to have to buy yourself a mobile broadband dongle as upload speeds of less than 1mbps as a matter of routine will force you back into the office in no time. Do yourself a favour and read online reviews, then stay away. You're welcome.


The same was said last year for closure early 2019, then NPower merger then they scrapped that. It’s floating a subsidiary that it will most probably be the majority shareholder in, tax advantages to that as well as holding a separate board to account, it’s all a farce really. Two SSE companies now need to make profit lol they are dependent on each other esp in the SSE Distribution for north Scotland, this is about shifting blame and making that person accountable, doubtful they will sell off North Scotland retail if they eventually sell this new energy retail division off. They will want the cream, sell the rest where it doesn’t have Distribution rights. Frankly it’s all nonsense, a proper Chief Exec would be running the company correctly, not fragmenting it, it’s got massive assets in Distribution in the U.K. and if you can’t make good profit out that you as CE are out your comfort zone on capability. Simplicity is if you hike above RPI customers will leave. 10% hike (lol) that was always going to lose money when you are trying to gain it and market share. Ofgem caps raised, “unsustainable business models” means wants hundreds of percent profit, not a fair deal for a non obligatory utility service, you can go without gas but not electricity. I mean just look at what Ireland done with broadband over electricity, look at SSE selling consumers broadband (excited) There is money in enterprise telecom customers, little in reselling BT Openreach when you pay for the external marketing. Now it’s almost giving fibre broadband away to tie people into its higher rates utility products (lol) The companies a strong company with assets and a absolute poor one in leadership pool. Their plans ?? Reminds me when Alldays was the subsidiary of Watson & Philip Wholesalers, one company had to go bankrupt for the other to profit, the wholesale to retail margins were tiny, Co-op got a good shop footprint out of that at least, with utility customers just move to another, there’s nothing for a bankruptcy administrator to sell of real value with SSE Retail Energy, so are SSE trying to offhive energy retail staff costs and pensions because it certainly seems that way, if it goes under well SSE save a lot of money and start afresh cheap. Expect a new branding/merger then with no reference to SSE, can’t have the parent brand damaged by how they are going to liquidate high wages/pensions in it call centre admin.

40% off Hive active Heating with free 3rd gen Echo Dot from £119 without hub £149.40 with Hub installed with British Gas Rewards Customers
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
British Gas rewards Customers Only. Check account to redeem code Not bad as comes with Install too. £119 without Hub or £9.94 for 12 months. Or £149.40 with Hub. Sent the Vouc… Read more

Good deal


Edited now (y)


Huh? Thought that was a stonking deal until I realised its without the hub...maybe put “from £119 without hub” in the title? Still a good deal none the less.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) - Duo Pack, Add-ons for Multi-Room Control, intelligent heating control £61.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
Price keeps dropping on this twin pack of vertical thermostats.
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Mine also. Is being delivered today. Don't even have prime (embarrassed)


Price only. If you give me the choice of netatmo or these at this price, I'm taking netatmo all day long. The initial setup with netatmo was a minor pain while alll the valves updated etc in order to work properly. Once done they have been excellent


Damn expired, was looking for some of these


Mine have been dispatched (party)


I just took from your comment that you would prefer this brand. Or were you just referring to price? (y) 🏻

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Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI239.99 delivered with code £239.99 @ Wido on ebay
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI Relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or garden with the Wido inflatable hot tub. The contempo… Read more

Shame they are sooooo expensive to run. I kept thinking about getting one but can’t justify over £30 a month in running cost

Free Octopus Teddy or Tree Planted for Existing Octopus Energy Customers ***NO REFERRAL CODES***
Made hot 6th AprMade hot 6th Apr
If you're an Octopus Energy customer, use the link to request a free plush Octopus teddy or ask Octopus to plant a tree on your behalf. Just need your email address and Octopus ac… Read more

Nothing for me yet


mine arrived today, kids soooooo happy, i had forgot i ordered!


Mine has finally arrived today (y)


Same here. My nephew hasn't cried so much ever. Don't know if I'm proud or not about that


I have mine yes

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£30 amazon gift card for switching energy supplier with Vodafone veryme rewards
Made hot 6th AprMade hot 6th AprLocalLocal
1. Go to Vodafone app to access veryme rewards 2. Click on the uswitch amazon £30 link 3.switch supplier and the gift card will be with you in 60 days Want more free money? W… Read more
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Referral bonus. Nice little earner for providing a link eh? Maybe we should have a referral bonus auction to see who will be less greedy? I think that the person who will be paying the bills should have the lions share.


Very good to use. Cheapest on the market for me, great customer service and consistently being endorsed by Martin Lewis. See PM.


Is bulb good do they use smart meters if yes give ve me a referral through pm thanks


You get £30 for switching with MSE cheap energy club


Hold your horses, you can get 50 quid by switching to bulb.

47kg Propane Gas Bottles £49.99 inc Vat. at Flogas
Made hot 15th MarMade hot 15th MarLocalLocal
I paid closer to 60 quid a bottle last time, seems Flogas are trying to scrape some more customers together. My depot is in West Glamorgan, but I guess this is a nationwide push … Read more
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Which one is better ? safe fill or flo gas the green one ? On check out safe fill is £182 ? But I don’t get why flo gas charge you additional 40+ if I don’t have a gas tank to send to them ? :/ I’m well confused


Do they come with accessories?


Fair pricing on the refillable gas (if my calcs are correct), I know natural gas is lot cheaper but compared to heating with Electricity (y) 1 Litre of Propane = 7 KWh (rounded) so at 52p litre thats around 7.43 pence per Kwh


Excellent post!


£74.29 for me and that's with a cylinder return, cheaper from a local supplier of Calor

Various radiators for decent price (unusual sizes available) from £14.99 @ Brooklyn Trading
Made hot 7th MarMade hot 7th Mar
I bought a 400 x 900 mm type 21 radiator for £31 including postage. The RRPs are way over but the prices are reasonable and postage was quick, i checked the usual places like screw… Read more

Plenty of their rads is Type 20 - without fins between panels. There is massive difference between Types 20>21>22 in BTU of the same size rad BTU: 4721 - Type 20 700 x 1200mm BTU: 7216 - Type 22 600 x 1200mm - smaller


These seem excellent value. Sadly they all seem to be quite low BTU - I need something a bit more hefty for my project :(


Its worth looking at Wolseley - they do good quality radiators, you can buy 'value packs' of 5, 7 or 9 radiators. If you are buying mostly large ones this should work out well for you. When I bought my mine there a few months ago the pack included TRVs as well. It wasn't mentioned anywhere so might be worth asking for them. Be aware that the search feature on the site is really poor. If you cannot find what you want using the search trying looking through the categories anyway and you'll probably find it.


I may be wrong but í have been told UK radiators are or historically have been oversized. For heat pump business where i work, there are much lower flow temperatures 35-50 is the standard, so you need bigger radiators than with gas boiler, luckily because of the oversizing you only need for example double the original area rather than triple if they were originally correctly sized.


This is exactly what I done last month. Upgraded all of the radiators in my house to double type 22 ones from screwfix. Initial outlay to purchase and replace was a bit pricy but the benefits are unreal. Where we used to put the temperature up at 21/22 degrees to heat the house up, we're now doing at around 17 degrees and the place is scorching. I imagine in the long run it'll be benefical on the pocket.

Free trees from Octopus Energy for  local schools and community groups
Made hot 11th FebMade hot 11th Feb
Free trees from Octopus Energy for local schools and community groups
Green up your community with free trees from Octopus Energy Do you have community space in need of some trees? We're planting 10,000 native saplings across the UK, free, to draw a… Read more
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Anyone else apply for these and have revived a delivery email????


Brilliant ...received the confirmation email for the school i volunteer at ...thanks ..


Totally agree. Everything about them is exactly what a utility supplier should be like from customer service to pricing


Thank you. Always looking for freebies for schools!


Octopus energy is great. (y)

From 3% to 5% interest on credit balance - Let interest pay your energy bills @ OVO Energy
Made hot 22nd JanMade hot 22nd Jan
From 3% to 5% interest on credit balance - Let interest pay your energy bills @ OVO Energy
This is something that is reserved for Ovo customer. As an energy provider, I have been finding them pretty good/competitive and their customer service is excellent. I had a quick… Read more
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Unflattering report on Ovo


Agree with And1Split’s comment above. I used uswitch to compare and didn’t go with the absolute cheapest. Opted for Bulb based on reviews etc and a very happy customer one year on. The key is to compare unit charges and not go by estimates of what different providers think the energy will cost you each month. They also offer a £50 referral credit similar to some other suppliers. Any questions on Bulb or if you would like a referral, feel free to send me a private message.


OVO installed a meter at my house about 3-4 years ago, however there was a technical error and unknown to me the bills were being generated wrong, I contacted them as there was an error showing on the website and it wouldn't let me increase my DD. I noticed there was a section on the website where you can view an estimated bill and I was shocked to see it said £1700, I called and they told me my bills had been undervalued the whole time I had been with them and as per ofgen rules they can only send me a correct bill for 1 years electricity usage, I use roughly £20-£30 of electricity a month so thought it would be around £400 ish, I had £150 credit in my account so I was thinking £250 its not great but wont be too bad, they actually decided the £150 in my account was legally there's to take and put my account to -£700, I emailed them to recalculate and they replied 5-7 days later saying its correct and there's nothing I can do, I replied asking if I could have any compensation as it will be difficult to pay off, they said they don't have to as they have done the legal minimum, so now because I cant pay off at once I'm stuck paying £150 a month to pay off the debt slowly, once its payed off I'm switching, unfortunately I cant say I would recommend OVO to anyone. Bottom line is any money they direct debit from you is there's to keep should you find any issues with your account even if the billing issue is over a year, had I know I probably wouldn't had any saved in my account,


Best customer care I have ever seen but unfortunately not competitive on price now


They will not let you drop thousands on it. The T&Cs do mention that if you are found abusing it, they would automatically trigger a refund and would disable the benefit. My house gets pretty cold during the winter months and my last bill for electricity and gas was £211 (ouch..). My recommended direct debit is £135 but I set it up at £200 to ensure that I stay in credit. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is also another bonus that is the self-service reward when doing everything online and paying at least the recommended amount by DD: £7.50 per fuel/per quarter so a potential £60 off for the year.

Sonic Watchman Oil Tank Monitor - £59.95 @ Boilerjuice
Made hot 7th JanMade hot 7th Jan
This is the best price I've seen for these Oil Tank Monitors, I've bought the Alarmed one which is also discounted on the same site £74.95 instead of £89.95 they all include free U… Read more

I've lived in 3 houses now with Heating Oil Tanks and I've never had one with a dipstick, in the past I have always fashioned one out of either Broom handle or Garden Cane.


If the oil level drops quickly then it sets off an alarm on the receiver unit. My tanks is probably about 90 meters from where I have the receiver plugged in, the receiver is plugged into a socket next to a window but does not have a direct line of sight, the direct line of sight is through a stone wall, but I don't exactly know how the signal is transmitted/received so I can't give a definitive answer.


How does the alarm feature work? Does it sound an alarm at the tank or in the house? Also it says "200 metres line of sight range" does this mean the signal wont go through brick wall?


Have had two now. They last around 18/12 before dying a death.


Do you not get dip sticks with domestic tanks?

Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
Made hot 4th JanMade hot 4th Jan
Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
£6.35£6.959%Selco BW Deals
You will need to setup a trade account so require proof of business: Supplied with matching 15mm lockshield v… Read more

A deal...


According to "We accept a photo or scan of: business card, letterhead, compliment slip, certificate of incorporation, company invoice/order form, VAT certificate, tax document, CSCS card, tenancy agreement (landlords), tenancy deposit protection certificate, liability insurance certificate, or company bank statement. Do not upload bank or credit card information." So I guess you could get some business cards printed, setup as a sole trader or register a limited company for £12 or just ask a mate


any tips on getting a trade account without a real business?



Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
Made hot 3rd JanMade hot 3rd Jan
Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
£143.20£1483%Hivehome Deals
Price does not include installation. Price is for Hive Active Heating kit without hot water tank (not sure if this made a difference to the price). Product can be found slightly … Read more
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I have a brand new Hive 2 active heating without installation Hub, Thermostat sealed and the receiver which is not compatible with my old thermostat ( has two wire ) so I will not keep it. Text me. BR75JD


offer seems to have expired


The price without the hub and no installation is £99 how do you get it for £79.20?


persevere i had to put phone down twice on clueless operatives 3rd one was ok and my order went through ok , just waiting on it now


Ok wtaf is the craic with these fools?? - I can't add the product to the cart - the incomprehensible person on the helpline asked me for account details, which I don't have - there's nowhere to register on the website as far as I can tell - the website advertises subscriptions but doesn't say that you do/don't require one (only partially related) - nobody responded to my online chat How do they sell anything???

FREE Nest Thermostat when you join First Utility
Made hot 28th Dec 2018Made hot 28th Dec 2018
FREE Nest Thermostat when you join First Utility
Totally free Nest E thermostat when you join First Utility on their First Control tariff The tariff isn't as cheap as my Utility Point tariff but loads cheaper that the other big … Read more

Tariff is expensive compared to mine as I checked yesterday and fancy a thermostat much cheaper to buy a nest yourself then pay the tariff these are offering for example £1,148/yr for the cheapest atm £1488 Estimated per year £340 difference so basically depends if you don't mind paying the extra suppose its not a bad deal condidering it would be fitted. You can pick those nest up for around £130 ebay


I checked: this tariff is more expensive than the tariff that money saving expert recommended to me.


I'm sure there's a hate group for everyone on Facebook.


Face book has it's own hate group for this SHOCKING company it's cheap for a reason! Customer service shocking false promises stolen money and long long fights with ombudsmen over them faking readings, good luck joining I hope this free thermostat helps when the nightmare begins!


No problem

British Gas - Hive - Amazon echo dot voucher FREE @ Amazon- requires hive purchase through BG
Made hot 18th Dec 2018Made hot 18th Dec 2018
This is an updated on the offer given to British Gas Rewards Customers. Previously, their offer was 50% off hive and installation with a free 2nd gen echo dot. Codes now work with … Read more

Are you lot getting the best prices for utilities when with British Gas?


Agreed totally misleading title


You might want to mention in the title you have to buy Hive first.. 😩


Anyone got a British Gas code to get Hive installed?


Anyone got a spare code? Haha worth a try. XD

Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology £39.99 at Amazon
Made hot 18th Dec 2018Made hot 18th Dec 2018
Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology £39.99 at Amazon
£39.99£69.9943%Amazon Deals
Beurer TL41 SAD LampEnergy-Saving LED Technology. Do you feel the winter blues?It's no coincidence that our mood can change with the weather; low mood, lack of energy, and irri… Read more

That’s not how science works. But.....some key words for you, low quality of evidence, evidence very low, poor samples etc they are being polite I read some of those paper and they are atrocious! Personally I think there could be a benefit hence my interest, the reason I was hoping to find a credible paper is specs required or should I consider building one. However if it’s all placebo, and it certainly looks that way to me then I will save my time.


Lets turn this on its head. Have you got any proof that light therapy does not work and is of zero benefit?


Errrr that not empirical evidence lol glad the placebo is working for you.


Recommend this one for efficacy but not the prettiest. Depends on your setup I guess. Lumie Desklamp - SAD Light Therapy and Task Lamp


No just empirical evidence from thousands of people who have used them and are aided by them. I put off using these for years and eventually my GF found one 2nd hand and it blew my mind. I can't be without now. Have 2 in the house and a (rather expensive) portable one.

Free Kitchen Appliance cover for 1 item for British Gas HomeCare customers
Made hot 17th Dec 2018Made hot 17th Dec 2018
Free Kitchen Appliance cover for 1 item for British Gas HomeCare customers
If you currently have British Gas Homecare cover then check your email for the option to add 1 kitchen appliance to your cover for free up to the renewal date of your contract. I'… Read more
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£180 here no excess :-)........and how many will forget to cancel on renewal, thats what they are banking on.


YES phoned and said wasn't really happy and that I was cancelling. Think my renewal quote was 254. After phone call 177 for the year. Plus added plumbing and electrics.


Got this deal today, something for nothing. 😁


Gonna check my cover now. Thanks op


I call every year, never renew at the price they send out on the letter.

Flomasta Magnetic Central Heating Filter 22mm (4672F) £12.99 Screwfix
Made hot 17th Dec 2018Made hot 17th Dec 2018
Under another item number this is £74.99 on the Screwfix site !

Did anybody managed to get one of these


3 things; first that is a reply to a letter by 1 journalist shall we all take what he says as gospel? second, the article is from 2012 and back then its says on new boilers from the last 6 or 7 years so that's back to approx 2005 so there wont be that many 13+ year old boilers in the field anymore. And finally inhibitor is just that it only 'inhibits' the rust and doesn't stop it.




This type of filter is good at removing ferrous sludge and should be fitted to most systems. Adey who developed the original Maganaclean also make the Worcester Bosch filter. Worcester Bosch claim that their version has a more powerful magnet and they extend the guarantee on a new boiler if one is fitted in the system (conditions apply).


British gas wanted £300 to fit one of these filters (different brand). Is that a reasonable price?

British Gas rewards free smart plug pack
Made hot 10th Dec 2018Made hot 10th Dec 2018
British Gas rewards free smart plug pack
It’s worth checking your rewards. Mine showed up today Terms and conditions for Hive Plug Pack giveaway 1. This offer includes the following products per option (the customer can… Read more

Really angry, hive plug received, but can't use the Actions as my hive hub is not the newer version. When ordering from website it just asks if you have hive or not, not if you have the old hub or not (mad) . Called up hive and they just said I needed to buy the newer hub for £40 and sorry about the website making order just the plug instead of the plug and hub which I've lost out on. Anyone got a spare hub for sale at a reasonable price ?


(I have PRO version of) this; (Some have help from Tasker) Overlays


Ah nice work, how did you get those lock screen widgets/shortcuts? Is that Tasker creating them? Unsurprisingly the Hive App doesn't support widgets for the Smart Plugs.


Absolutely This is my lock screen with 3 Plugs, 3 lights and hub plus I have other Applets within IFTTT and coupled with Tasker to do most stuff I find useful.


Anyone had any luck with integrating their plug with IFTTT or Tasker? Or maybe someone's managed to find a way to change the firmware to remove the need for the hub?

Hive heating including installation + Echo dot (2nd gen) £124.50 via British gas rewards
Refreshed 29th Nov 2018Refreshed 29th Nov 2018
Hive heating including installation + Echo dot (2nd gen) £124.50 via British gas rewards
£124.50£148.9916%British Gas Deals
Just logged into my British Gas rewards and there was an offer for Hive heating including professional installation plus a free Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen for £124.50. If you want th… Read more

I had to order mine through amazon from British gas. Have you done this??


:D If anybody thinking about hive it very good but dont bother getting it from british gas had mìne put in december and still no sign of the dot british gas are not interested they had there money should b wearing striped tops n masks they cant even phone back even there e mail dont work apparently as not heard from amazon where they get em from with a code that dont work i had 3 now


I have just booked mine and it is being fitted on 9th January, this half price offer runs out tomorrow and the current offer is not as good if anyone has saved their code. Looks like only 3rd gen dots now.


No British Gas installed it


Was that self installed?

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