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Liberte Fat Free Honey Yogurt 4x100g 19p @ Farmfoods (Saltney)
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Liberte Fat Free Honey Yogurt 4x100g 19p in Farmfoods Saltney, expiry date was 29th of July

None in the Wednesbury store - people probably bought all their stock when I posted them @ 3 for a pound last week!


No way bet my local doesn't have these


Mango is nice too


Lovely stuff, great price. Blueberry one is good as well.

6 x Raw Health Organic Maya Honey - 350G Squeezy bottles - £10 @ Yankee Bundles
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Thought this was a cracking price for this honey - normally stupidly expensive! Lovely in your coffee as a "healtyhier" alternative to sugar.

Which is possibly not the best place to be if a zoiombie apocolypse kicks off!


Only in a pyramid


So I could keep the honey ready for a zombie apocalypse?


didn't realise it wasn't raw, where did you find this info? But to your earlier question it still is better than rowse because it's organic but from the reviews it crystallises easily so don't expect it to be runny


....but it’s not Raw, despite the brand being called ‘Raw’! Rather misleading imo

Rowse Runny Honey 1.36 Kg £4.99 @ FarmFoods Manchester
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Standard bottle 340g is around £2-3 . Great price and the small bottle doesn’t last tbh. It’s not manuka or the fancy stuff . Hope this helps

I would hope in the UK enough checks are done to ensure that adulterated honey isn't put on the shelves without being labelled as such.


I doubt they'd be putting man made substances in the bottles and as for sugar, the bees are probably fed sugar, but the honey farmed or not is most likely gonna be genuine. We could have doubts about its quality, but I wouldn't worry too much about it being genuine or not.


Would love to know how much "real honey" these companies are putting into these bottles/jars. I bet majority of the contents in these will be a man made substance or even just sugar when you think about how cheap honey is in supermarkets.


Maybe, but I've substituted sugar with honey, so as long as it's genuine honey I'm happy.


The smart price honey is even cheaper for the 340g glass jar.

Kellogg's Honey Loops 375g £1 in store at B&M Stores
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Kellogg's Honey Loops. Mixed wholegrain cereal loops with honey. 50% of your daily vitamin D needs. No artificial colours or flavours. Size: 375g (Approx. 12 servings) Brows… Read more
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Nepalese Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles - (Mocha / Honey / Cream) 600 x 300mm - Half price Pack of 6 - £10.80 @ Homebase (Free Click & Collect
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Made hot 27th JunMade hot 27th Jun
Nice looking wall and floor tiles on half price offer at Homebase. Was £21.60, now £10.80 per pack Available in-store / free click & collect Each pack contains 6 porcelain ti… Read more

Has anyone seen this in real life, are these tiles any good? BTW, does anyone know what time of the year Homebase usually have their 3 for 2 events?

Jakemans Honey & Lemon Bags 100g - 45p (£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Made hot 23rd JunMade hot 23rd Jun
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Decent price, especially if you have prime for free delivery. Description Jakemans-Honey & Lemon Bag (100g)An original favourite since 1907 containing soothing menthol. A lo… Read more

i usually buy mine in the £ shop, 2 for £1, so this is a deal for those with prime. i find it great to warm up the chest in winter, and during hayfever season


Showing 65p now.


Says not available to me


52% off? £0.45 is the everyday ASDA price. Amazon is not even among the 'Where to buy' Jakemans' retailers list. Where's Greta in that!


Been buying these for months at this price. Good as add-on for subscribe and save