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Updated 19th JunLast updated 19th Jun by Mark_Hickman
Looking to buy a mitre saw the dewalt 773 and 774 took my initial interest because of the forward rail system shadowline on the 774 and size and weight. Both were 216mm/8" in blade… Read more

Are you talking about the mitre angle or bevel angle here ? I find it hard to believe a dewalt wouldn't have angle printed on either unless we're talking about a very cheap budget model. Anyway i use erbauer double bevel sliding mitre which is fantastic, very accurate and uses a laser rather than a shadowline but the laser is super accurate and has all angles on both settings

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Updated 17th JunLast updated 17th Jun by jplewis76
Hi Guys Can you please recommend me a circular saw. I will be using it once in a blue moon for DIY so I can't justify spending too much on this. Preferably about 30 pounds. Thanks … Read more

I bought a mini circular saw from Aldi for under £30 and has been great for me. Laid decking, built planters and cut new boards for a shed. I'd recommend for any job where your not needing deep cuts


It really depends on what you want to use it for. Decking, and I'd be inclined to go for a chop saw. Cutting up lengths of wood or board, a track saw is my choice, and the Lidl's one gets another vote from me. If it is a once in a blue moon job, ask friends or family - I'm sure someone will be able to lend you something.


Circular saw from screwfix (cheap one) has done me proud. Not something I use very often but it’s solid!


Buy a track saw not a circular saw. Lidl one is cheap enough


I Bought this Circular Saw for a Decking project, It tackled it with ease. Really pleased with it. (y)

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Updated 19th MayLast updated 19th May by Bilk
Evolution R210SMSPLUS 210mm Sliding Mitre Saw IN STOCK
Note: This is the 210mm PLUS model, it says on website back order but they are in stock, I have just received confirmation with next day delivery.… Read more

delivered earlyJune


Thats due to being blessed to finding one in stock near you


My nearest branch is Vatican East. Every time I try and pick up one of these mitre saws there's always a queue of bloody Bishops that beat me to it.

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Updated 15th AprLast updated 15th Apr by furbars
Circular saw recommendation
I have seen this Circular Saw (£89)… Read more

Yes Evolution are good, I was after one a few years ago now I've ended up with four (cheeky) I only paid for one the others were given to me I even found a Dewalt one in a skip (y) .


It's a good saw, I've had it over a year and it works well. A decent depth of cut and Evolution sell a track which you can get if you plan on long straight cuts. The blade will likely give a bit of a rough cut, typically the more teeth, the cleaner the cut. Look out for the spindle size when buying blades. This has 20mm, and a lot of 185mm blades have 30mm holes, but often are supplied with an adapter to fit. Edit: I paid £73 at Amazon for reference.

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Updated 11th AprLast updated 11th Apr by 7ommy.78
Circular saw with guide
I'm very new with this stuff so apologies in advance for any basic questions. Looking to build a few cupboards. I need a saw but manually I can't keep my cutting straight so would… Read more

Maybe try one like this screwfix cheapie or spend a bit more on a triton with longer rails ideally 1400 for board cross cuts


I just use a £5 square and a couple of clamps. Works perfectly

AndyM989 I brought this one for my first DIY project building a wardrobe and has done me well. I used a piece of wood clamped down as a guide.



Great will search an Evolution one

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Updated 8th AprLast updated 8th Apr by wayners
Mitre saw
Just wondering how much I should spend on a mitre saw; just DIY used, lay laminate, build planters, fencing maybe build some wardrobes. Or should I go table saw again how much do… Read more

Buy one with auto break on blade. Motor noise can be an issue on the cheaper ones. Evolution or stump up for Dewalt. Don't really need long cut as track saw for that


Thanks all - the DeWalt is that little bit more. Always think dewalt as pro class? Rather than DIY?


With a sliding saw depending on what you buy you need to leave room at the rear of the saw for the sliding part. The evolution is like this where you’ll need to leave some room from a wall and the dewalt dws774 the slide is at the front so you can have the saw pretty much hard against a wall for example. Might not be an issue but one to consider.


i bought this for when i moved for the lamo. it did the job, i cant make out if it cut the wood or burnt it lol. i wouldnt touch again.


Erbauer has a double bevel facility but its nothing you can't do on the Evolution and unlikely you will use that much but entirely depends what you are doing. It also has slightly larger cut options but the fence looks minimal and may be an issue if you ever make a jig and no where to fix it to. Erbauer also only has a plastic blade guard and I'm sure I've read reviews of people complaining about how flimsy it is and breaks easy. I could be getting mixed up with another model but it does look familiar. If you have a B&Q nearby then go there as they have a lot on display so you can get a look and feel for them - how smooth the swing/slide is, how good the guard is. Personally, I'd go for the Evolution but it's only as I have been impressed with the non sliding model but I haven't owned any others so can't really make a fair comparison. Laser cutting guide is something I'd look for one my next one but again, I remember reading lots of negative reviews on various models with this feature so do your research and try and pick what you think will fit your needs best. YouTube is a great resource for reviews of specific models and also general DIY tips. (y)