Posted 17th Aug 2022
Hi all..

Really hoping someone who has experience with these items can help me a little.

I see Parkside are bringing their 150mm Circular saw and Jigsaw back in from tomorrow. I already have a parkside impact wrench as the Einhell one has alot of poor reviews, and I also have the 4 in 1 drill thing Parkside did. Both tools I am very happy with.

I also have a circular saw by Einhell 165mm TE-CS and also the Jigsaw. As Parksides come with cases, I would prefer to switch over -based on the quality of the other tools i have/price - but wanted to know from anyone on here if thats a big no-no?

Im happy enough with having 2 different battery systems and can get either an Ozito angle grinder or Parkside one for a similar price. Which would be better?

I'm DIY'er
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    never heard of ozito. 3 year NO QUIBBLE warranty on lidl kit
    It maybe no quibble, but honestly it's a pain getting it returned. You can't do it in store after a year. You need to phone customer services, who then needs an engineer to OK it to then send a returns label. Sheesh!
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    You've bought into a battery system already. Einhell, and others, make Parkside tools. Look at the blurb sheet in the tool box and it will give you the manufacturer.
    Unless you are confident of a superior quality, stick with Parkside, 3 year warranty, one battery system, etc
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    Out of the 3 I would pick Lidl's also. I think their tools are underrated.
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    With a heavy heart - i stuck with parkside. heavy heart because i'd love brushless tools and their performance range is not readily available.

    I would have stuck with einhell as i have batteries and chargrs for both but the cost of their brushless impact drivers/wrenches/drills etc means i may aswell burn through 2 brushed systems
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    I have a few of the Parkside power tools and I am perfectlyhappy with them.
    I am only a DIYer but have 4 houses to look after as the 2 pen pusher whomarried my daughter’s
    wouldn’t know which end of a screwdriver to hold.
    The third house is my sons whois a Lift Engineer, Yes he is very capable
    at many things but is now a Manger and doesn’t even have time to scratch his backside.
    So I end up doing the bits n pieces at his house as well.
    I’m retired so it gives me a few things to sort, cant spendall the time sitting reading lol
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