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Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by danboi63
hey everyone, after some advice. I have found a bottle of Glenmornagie Single Highland 18 year old Rare Malt. 35cl, do I keep it or drink it lol.

Enjoy! Wish my wallet had the depth for these beauties!


This one is, the one you found is a different cask which is more common. - not as nice either. The one the op is referring to was made in smaller batches which makes it more valuable to collectors, not small enough to make it a 21year laphroaig but good enough


I couldn't find any that looked like the bottle I have. Im gonna keep it until I've finished Mcallan and Ardbeg, then I might give it a go. I don't drink these to get wasted, I drink these to enjoy. If I wanna get wasted ill drink Vodka. LOL


buy a couple and save one for a few years or special birthday, be worth more then as well..


OK, thanks. I guess imgoingrohave to bite the bullet and buy a bottle for him... Its only going to get dearer I guess...

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Updated 31st MarLast updated 31st Mar by spunker Springbank released their annual batch of 25 Year old whisky yesterday (limited release of 1400 bottles) a… Read more

Yup same here,


No joy here either


Unsuccessful here sadly :(


Well no luck for me, unsurprising really the odds of winning were probably 1000-1...


If anyone on hear wins the ballot let us all know so we can be green with envy,

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Updated 13th JanLast updated 13th Jan by gsfoofan
Tesco money off voucher Jura Whisky
I know Tesco have been sending out money off vouchers for selected whiskies. I’m looking for a voucher code for Jura Winter Edition. Does anyone out there have one?

I did wonder that. Would that be true for the paper copy too though? I assume that could be spent in store without a Clubcard?


Itll probably be linked to clubcard

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Updated 27th Apr 2020Last updated 27th Apr 2020 by bozo007
Macallen 50 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky £79.995
There hasn't been too many whisky deals lately so though I would weigh in with a belter. 50 year old Macallen. Pure heavenly nectar. 1005 pounds off! Distillery/Brand Macallan C… Read more

European price?


Sold my cars and ordered 10 for eBay


Cheaper than a McLaran


Get the name right it's "Macallan" rather than some Lidl sound-a-like. Mixing up a dot & a comma! Can I get a mortgage on this?

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Updated 13th Sep 2019Last updated 13th Sep 2019 by bozo007
Macallan single malt Scotch whisky that has matured for at least 52 years.
The cheapest that I have seen this. I wanted to buy 6 for a friends bring a bottle party. But, sadly, they only have one in stock. You'd better hurry... https://www.masterofmalt.… Read more

Any cashback offers? 😜


Ooo! Free delivery!

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Updated 26th Aug 2019Last updated 26th Aug 2019 by meridian30
Not sure if anyone did try this deal two weeks ago, when I went to order it was out of stock.. however I logged into my Morrison’s account and they were still in my basket.. order … Read more

Delivered safely last night. Yum yum.


I got mine delivered on Monday, outraged that i didn't get my free gingerbread man though. (lol)


Excellent (:I


Seems to have accepted my order, delivery Sunday evening. We shall see.


It may tell you non available.. for that date. ;) I thought I had missed the deal after trying for the earliest delivery. I couldn't believe I got so much for the regular price of 2 bottles. (pirate)