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10% off all Thomas Sabo Watches with Code @ CW Cellors & Jura Watches
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
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10% off Aviator Watches with Code @ CW Cellers & Jura watches
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
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Why are these being linked to whisky? Is someone deliberately linking them or is the system picking up Jura. It's properly getting on my wick now.

Glenfarclas 17yo Scotch Whisky 70cl -  £54.94 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive - Lowest price ever by Amazon
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Glenfarclas produce 100% sherry matured whiskies at fantastic prices. This whisky is typically only released for the Asian market. Lowest price it has ever been when sold by Amaz… Read more

Great price for this bottle. I’ve got the 15 and the 105 but waiting on the 21 or 25 to drop


got a 25 year glenfarclas for about 90 imho not worth 55 for a 17 year aged


Nice whisky from a nice distillery....they had an albino deer resident in the grounds there when I briefly worked at Glenfarclas in 1982 ;)


Had almost the same experience (Xmas 3 years ago), I am quite sulphur tolerant but this was very strong. Had a couple of other bottles in the past with no problem but that put me off the 15, for a while anyway.


My 15 year old bottle had a sulpher taste. opening that after Xmas dinner was my biggest whisky disappointment. You could tell there was a good whisky there under it but the sulpher destroyed it. stray batch ? or have others had similar issues.

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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 year old Whisky - £30 @ Amazon
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
A great whisky for the price. All whiskies 15 years or older, namely Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore and Linkwood. A great peaty whisky with the two speyside malts providing a nic… Read more
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Aaah well, Asda and Morrisons got the description wrong on their website/app as 40% ABV. in fact, just the packaging has been changed, ABV is still 43%


Double Black is good, quite peaty. Blue is excellent but not sure it's worth £100+ though.


This is far nicer than any of these you’ve stated. The double black is also worth a try and again better than the original black and the red


really nice scotch and definitely worth this price. grabbed a bottle off amazon last time for this price. many say it's the best of Johnny Walker range.(and that blue, platinum,etc are just over price. I only tried red, black and green, red is just a mixer,black is great neat and green definitely superior.


Thanks for the confirmation (y) on another note, it looks like 43% ABV version is being replaced by 40% ABV version though

Ballantine's 17 Year Old Miltonduff Blended Scotch Whisky 70 cl £41.90 delivered @ Amazon
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
I'm normally a single malt man, but Amazon are currently selling this 17 yr old Ballantine's blend for about £20 less than anywhere else. Ballantine's 17 Year Old Miltonduff blend… Read more

Trolling on a deals site, how sad.


Finding Dory is more entertaining than I remember. ;)


Another clueless muppet :D Well this one for example - currently my favourite dram and I've got about 30 to choose from (mostly single malts).


Lol. A "decent" blend. WHat's one of those? :D


Had the Standard 17 , which i was not blown away by on first opening but really enjoyed more and more the further i went down the bottle. whats the difference with this one?

FAMOUS GROUSE SMOKY BLACK 70cl  - Half Price £10.25 @ Co-Operative
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Tried to get the gin offer in our local but sold out and apparently there are difficulties obtaining stock also. NUS discount should also stack with this. They had a few decent de… Read more

I know you didn't, just having a bit of banter. Totally agree re: the cheese and sausages too. (highfive)


I didn't suggest anywhere that either of the brands mentioned were what I would consider quality. Quantity and quality aren't interchangeable. Look at Richmond sausages and Cathedral City cheese. Both described as the nation's favourite, and both cr4p.


;) I take your point re: marketing but selling bucketloads doesn't equate to quality. (cheeky)


Tried four stores and non have even heard of this deal.


Yes, but only after you have had a few down (embarrassed) (angel)

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Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl - £25 (Prime members) @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
I know it's regularly been at this price, but good to stock up when it is! Decent enough malt.

YTD count =16 then. I will be sure to add this info again when this next gets posted (sometime in the next 2 weeks i suspect).


This has been posted 16 times in less than a year. Why would you stock up on something when it can virtually always be had at this price or less? Not worth £25 IMO, especially when you have Old Pultney 12 and Strathisla 12 often in this price bracket or less.


If you know anyone going to Spain, ask them to pick you up a bottle of the 12yo, it works out about that same price as the gold reserve and is readily available there 👌


Beautiful stuff.


The_Bounty_Bear: WARNING -...This is a Cardhu Gold deal police alert. The posting of a £25 deal for Cardhu Gold will alert the Cardhu Deal police because. It's nearly ALWAYS £25 somewhere. It has a artificially high RRP that makes £25 seem like a huge discount. It has numerous postings on this site in which comments will tell you it's worth £25. Please search the word Cardhu to see how often this gets posted at £25

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Islay Single Malt £28 @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Not a massive saving, but for one of my favourite whiskys and definitely worth this price! Edit Back down to £28
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Sorry, had to vote cold for how recently this has been much lower as BritishDragon said. This looks a pretty standard price to me..


I'll just wait for this or the Quarter cask at between £25-£28. Comes around every year or two, then I stock up in a big way. Just avoid the Select. It's drinkable, but not a patch on the 10 or Quarter


used to be £25 on a regular basis but has been £28 quite recently. sorry cold


Fair price for this. The price of whisky these days though! Just goes up and up (flirt)


Not if you follow my instructions on the description

1 litre bottles of Gordons, Smirnoff, Bells, Bacardi, Captain Morgan and Whyte and Mackay £16 each @ Tesco
26/08/2018Expires on 26/08/2018Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
1 litre bottles of Gordons gin, Smirnoff red label vodka, Bacardi, Captain Morgan's Original Spiced gold rum, Bells Whisky and Whtye and Mackay Scotch whisky now on offer for £16 u… Read more

Yes - sure is!


Does anyone know if this is in-store as well please guys?


Not in England it aint No bugger wants to accept it. Even the banks question you constantly about where you get it


"That's a pity because I've got good Scottish money, it's very strong right now the currency - it's £1 to the pound."


Scottish money off tesco vouchers work on alcohol down south as well.(can't use them for alcohol up here)

Strathisla 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl £23.90 delivered @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Decent enough 12yr old single malt scotch, for a nice price. On the nose it is fragrant with citrus (orange peel), flowers (freesia), spice, and a hint of cream-filled choux pa… Read more

thanks for the post. ordered and arrived.


Those 2 are very much entry level single malts. I'd definitely recommend spending about a fiver more to get a Highland Park 12, Old Pulteney 12 or Aberlour 12 (or even this Strathisla deal). The difference in quality is significant.


I think the Glenlivet Founders Reserve is very easy to drink, Auchentoshan American Wood is the easier to drink.


No connoisseur but I got this last time it was on offer. Just finished that bottle in fact. Delicious and far easier to drink than recent non-aged purchases of similar price (see pics). Perhaps I'll try with water this time to qualify those poetic tasting notes...


ditto. I never read tasting notes. only matters what you taste yourself IMO.

Talisker 10 Year Old Malt Whisky - 70Cl - £30 Tesco
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
A whisky that needs little introduction and a pretty good price for the 10 year old. Next cheapest I can see at the moment is £37.84 at Amazon.
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I buy this at Christmas from Tesco, always £25, my mum loves it


Decent price. Sometimes comes down to £25 on Amazon, but hasn't for a while. Probably cheapest at the moment!


Peaty and tasty


One of my faves this, i remember about 2 years ago it was being sold off cheap as at the time there were murmurs of it being discontinued in favour off their nas offerings, i remember snagging about 4 bottles at 19 quid each. Might be dearer now (as whisky is really fashionable these days) but im just glad its still around, heat from me <3 (y)


Two's not greedy. ;)

The Singleton of Dufftown Tailfire Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70CL - £19.53 instore @ Tesco (Thirsk)
LocalLocalFound 12th AugFound 12th Aug
In-store at Tesco in Thirsk. Had a few bottles left on the clearance section. Gold Medal winning Single Malt whisky for under £20. Nice box as well, so would do well as a present… Read more
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Heat for the reduction. They're doing jack Daniels rye for £24 at moment and I prefer that, but I've no proof so can't post


It's nice, personally I like all of the dufftown range, you can't go past their 12yo though (y)

Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl - Amazon Pantry - £17.95
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Good Price!

I heard the no age Ines are where they have blended different aged whiskeys from different casks. So could be a mix of a 20, a 15, a 12, a 6 and a splash of 3 to brighten it up. Legally if they were to display the age it would have to be the youngest (minimum 3), so instead the blended whiskeys tend to have no age statement


Got a bottle of this sat I. The kitchen, far too smokey for my taste, seemed burnt but voted hot as this is a great price


Now expired, good find though.


It has to be at least 3 years old to be called scotch whisky, not just whisky.




indeed but its been a while since the 10 has been £25-£26. i purchased a bottle of this at £18 on clearance. it's okay (and not as bad as some think to me) but the 10 is much superior . spend the few quid extra and get either Quarter Cask or the 10. Just know what your buying though. Laphroiag's are one of the most peaty/smokey whiskies you can get. You will have a marmite type situation.


I completely agree. The 10yr is often around £28 to £30.


Pretty poor in comparison to the 10YO and Quarter Cask. The quarter cask is often reduced (had it for £26.90 recently) and IMO is in a different league to this.


Same price at Amazon for those who don't have a Tesco nearby.

Johnnie Walker Green Label and Gold Label whisky, both £30 @ Morrisons instore
LocalLocalFound 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Not tried this but been on my 'to try' list for some time. Normally around £40. Good list of base whiskies and apparently quite peaty and smokey with Talisker and Caol Ila being a… Read more
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You mean not available to the people voting. Cos it was obviously available to the OP and anybody else who can get to that store.


It’s getting voted down because it’s not available at this price.


Since it's re-release it has dropped to £30 at Morrisons a few times. You are getting a lot of whisky for your money @ £30. Really good stuff. Good deal !!


Yeah, I'm not sure if people are just comparing this to Johnnie Walker Red prices or just voting down whisky over £20, or if this is genuinely a bad deal but I've not seen it cheaper for a long time.


How on earth is this cold? It's absolutely delicious.

Whyte And Mackay Scotch Whisky 70Cl only £12 @ Tesco
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Lowest price! 🔥 Award Winning Blended Scotch Whisky Triple maturation is the secret behind the award-winning taste of Whyte & Mackay. Firstly, the finest single malt… Read more
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15 to 20 is a 33% hike 8)


I think you mean the 13 year old version? I got a few bottles too on the same Amazon deal....cant say I like the normal version but the 13 is pretty decent at least for that price


Thanks, will get myself a bottle.


I have few bottles of the 10 year old version of this. They were £15 on Amazon last Christmas so i got a few .They used to serve these cheaper ones on the now closed Kingfisher airlines when i went to India many years ago.


Ugh, sorry but I can't stand this one. I find it tastes chemical. Glad if you like it though.

Jura 18 Year Old Whisky £51.79 at
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
timeless 18 Year Old finished in red wine casks, guaranteed to complete any collection. Flavours: Full bodied, forest fruits, coffee, smoke lingers on the finish. Matured for 18 ye… Read more
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Fair enough, I’ve yet to try anything from Jura.


Jura's entry level brands hardly set the world alight and £50 could buy something a lot more special


Why is this so cold?


Haven't had this particular dram but seems like a good price for 18yo. Not sure why this is in the fridge?


Good price for this. Heat added.

Auchentoshan American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl £21 @ Amazon Prime
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Exclusively for Prime Members A smooth and complex Single Malt Scotch Whisky, with notes of white peach and smooth vanilla cream Auchentoshan American Oak ages gracefully in fi… Read more
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This whisky is almost perpetually £21-£22 at either Tesco or Asda, in fact it's currently £21 at tesco and £22 at Asda, so you do not need to be a member of the Amazon Prime private club to enjoy this deal. It's a nice whisky that I would argue is one of the best you can get regularly for under £23, but as I type Old Pulteney 12yr is also £22 at Tesco and I would argue that's the better buy at the price point. American Oak is more vanilla/coconut sweetness, very simple, pleasant. Old Pulteney is like salted toffee and butterscotch with a really briney aftertaste, more complex and rounded than the American Oak.


£27.99 (21 + 6.99) if you are not a member of the Amazon Prime private club.


I'm waiting for @sam_of_london to come along again and say she likes Scotch better.


Good price, Got a bottle same price in Tesco . For thoese not on Amazon prime.


Great price and great find! Thanks OP! (highfive)

Bowmore 12 yo Scotch Whisky 70cl - £25.90 @ Amazon
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Dropped down to the lower price bracket again: A decent and easy peated malt.

I prefer "island" whiskies, tried Bowmore no. 1 but found it kind of odd. Can anyone tell me whether the 12 is very different, ie better, please? Make my mind up for me (y)


A very enjoyable malt at a good price.


Thanks Op this is a very drinkable malt one of my faves! (y) From the Master of Malt site; Classic stuff and the heart of the Bowmore range. Smoky, fruity, coastal, delicious

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