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Glen Scotia 15 year old whisky 46% £43.61 at Amazon
Posted 7 h, 1 m agoPosted 7 h, 1 m ago
Gently matured in our finest American oak barrels before bottling, Glen Scotia 15 truly delivers Campbeltown in a glass. The signature nose has hints of vanilla oak, interwoven wit… Read more

There wasn't much social distancing going on outside the King Power yesterday evening.


You'll be able to wear your Leicester City top in public, but the easing of lockdown won't enable you to drink your whisky on the street. That will still have to be in your home.. but possibly with friends. (y) I'm tempted with this one. It's not one that I've tried. But I'd like the first glass or 2 to be in lockdown mode, ie just for me. The subsequent openings of the bottle will only be in a lockdown easing scenario if it's at the mid to lower end of my appreciation. (:I


The perfect way to celebrate Leicester winning the FA cup and lockdown ending, let me at it.


Ufft 92! (y) :o


Some great reviews, ordered a bottle ... just hope it arrives when I'm alone in the house ;)

Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt for £25 at Morrisons
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021LocalLocalPosted 7 h, 21 m agoPosted 7 h, 21 m ago
Reduced from £42 to £25 in Morrisons, seems like a good deal!

how about: I quite like it, it's a nice enough drink for £25 a bottle, but it's nearly always reduced to this price somewhere, so you'd be crazy to spend any more than that, sometimes some places have it for £20. Having said that, I've only bought it the once so it wasn't good enough for me to buy again


I miss the Cardhu Police. If you enjoy it fine. 🤐

Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl £14.15 Prime at Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
Posted 13 h, 48 m agoPosted 13 h, 48 m ago
Very good whisky , Very good price ,

Very good whisky... heat


Have always been tempted to try this, is there any comparisons to others out there?


Good price for a good whisky. Thanks for posting.


Its definitely NOT "very good whisky". Its "ok whisky" I agree that the price is very good.

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Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl - £19 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
Posted 16 h, 18 m agoPosted 16 h, 18 m ago
Description "Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch is based on the spirit supplied to the 1907 British Antarctic Expedition, expertly crafted using a selection of the finest Highland S… Read more

I enjoyed this whisky, quite a smooth one iirc.


Is this good on ice?


Yea I agree mate, not seen this go below £20 hence the post. Will be giving it a go when it arrives 👌🏽


Think many turn their nose up at this and argue that there is better out there for this sorta money, but I quite enjoy this, plus its something a bit different for the collection. Certainly worth a punt for anyone intrigued. Think I paid £20 in Tesco, so not a bad price for those with prime!