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Rocket League (PS4) £7.99 @ PlayStation Network
225° Expired
Made hot 3rd OctMade hot 3rd Oct
Cracking game, cheapest its gone on the PSN as well. MetaScore of 85 Description Soccer meets racing once agai… Read more
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Does not like a solid game


Thanks mate - appreciate it.


Don't be disheartened at all, it's a great deal. I'm sure the temp will get a bit warmer in here


Brilliant game, probably the best £15 I have ever spent


Hmm ok - that could be it possibly. My intent there was to ensure folks who buy do benefit from the content pack too - maybe too eager (embarrassed)

Twitch Prime Games for October (Adam Wolfe / Deadlight Director's Cut / Serial Cleaner /  Stranger Things 3 /  The Walking Dead Michonne
Made hot 29th SepMade hot 29th Sep
Hey guys :) Just a quick update on October's free games available with Twitch Prime. They are... Adam Wolfe Deadlight Director's Cut Serial Cleaner Stranger Thing… Read more
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Thanks. Will give it a try again over the weekend.


You won't broadcast them live unless you set all that up. You can claim the games to your twitch account, launch them through the twitch game launcher and play in private without broadcasting (y)


Had to reinstall it - their latest update screwed it :(


Anyones game list empty in the app?


Having been a prime member for donkey years and recently got into gaming after a 20 years break or so I didn't know this thing even existed :) I have linked my Prime account but it seems like you play AND broadcast your games live? Not sure I belong to that generation and would like to keep my trophies private. So my question is, how do (if possible) I just play a game without letting the whole world know. Currently own an Nvidia Shield 2017 and a 4k Amazon firestick. I have an Alieanware too but I can't be asked to play any game on the PC. I am only 37 but feel too old :)

Rocket League 4 Content Packs Free (PS4, XBOX One, Switch & PC) @ Twitch Prime
Made hot 27th SepMade hot 27th Sep
4 cool content packs for rocket league can be had completely free for all platforms through Twitch Prime. This Twitch Prime offer contains four different content Packs for Rocket … Read more
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Just checking back in - a few hours after my boy logged in, the car and other goodies appeared in his inventory. He used it for approximately 4 seconds before switching back to the sane car he had 62 variations of, then moaned that I'd deleted three... #autism (cheeky)


Actually finding it quite nice to play with, been enjoying it over the weekend.


Can’t seem to link all the accounts without an error message...


What a save What a save What a save Sorry No problem (lol)


It isn't that bad. If you main Dominus, you'll find it's pretty similar as it has the same hitbox, just feels slightly less precise because the car visuals aren't as clean-cut as the Dominus.

Apex Legends 4 Free Skins @ Twitch Prime
376° Expired
Refreshed 9th SepRefreshed 9th Sep
Update 1
New Skins added 09/09/2019
With the release of Apex Season 2, Twitch Prime members now have access to some exclusive skins for free. Content will be available only on the first platform you log into with… Read more
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The Octane Skin just unlocked


Ah so my 1 week Amazon prime account won't help


If any1 has ps4 codes for apex coins to give away can you pm me please. Thanks


Twitch havent confirmed those, but I'd imagine once every 2 weeks or some such.


When do the others come out?

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[PC] Yokus Island Express/ Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones/ Chicken Assassin: Reloaded and more - Free - Amazon Twitch Prime
480° Expired
Made hot 3rd SepMade hot 3rd Sep
Games for September have been announced and a good list here. The Steam Links are purely to give you an idea about the games, but please be aware Twitch uses its own launcher. … Read more
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Yoku is brilliant!


Playnite ;)


haha true - the market with the cutbacks etc is damn lucrative - just have to look at how much money Valve the parent company for Steam make.


similar to what is happening in the streaming space. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. we need a launcher to manage all the other launchers libraries at some point (lol)


Yes, absolutely fab game.

[PC/Mac] Free Noweyr Steed mount and a Noweyr Pony pet - Free (For Amazon Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
272° Expired
Made hot 28th AugMade hot 28th Aug
Nice freebie for PC / Mac players. Claim via Twitch Prime loot :) Get your hands on a unique Elder Scrolls Online pet and mount with this month-long Twitch Prime promotio… Read more
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Oh bore off :p


Oh nice you activated the completely optional card oh heres another fact for you elder scrolls online allowed you to buy customization directly from the store before adding them into crown boxes, imagine playing a mmorpg and thinking locking customization behind crown crates that have 0.1 percent drop chances for mounts and really cool motifs. People like you legitimized games being broken into a billion pieces and having everything locked behind gambling mechanics and its one of the reasons mmos are dead that said i doubt you touched a game before 2006. Go stand outside game and see how many kids are buying online currency for call of duty or fortnite, future william hill and paddy power customers. I thought the lottery legitimizing gambling via their whole charity angle was bad (zombie)


Which are completely optional, and do not change the game experience in anyway. But don't mind the facts, continue as you were with your sensational rhetoric :)


:D Rein it in, m8 (flirt)


Neigh way!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - In-Game Loot Free (PC/XBox/PS4) @ Twitch Prime
Made hot 22nd AugMade hot 22nd Aug
4 Loot Drops for PC, XBOX, AND PS4 Gear up in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 with free in-game loot only for Twitch Prime Members Update: All the 4 loot ready to claim now … Read more
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I should go to bed, thought it said July. :D


Deals older then 2 months get auto expired to the best of my knowledge.


Posted but expired for some reason.

12 Months Nintendo Switch Online free with Twitch Prime
2753° Expired
Refreshed 23rd SepRefreshed 23rd Sep
Update 2
Timely reminder the full 12 month offer ends TOMORROW (Sept. 24th).

For those who have claimed nothing from this fantastic offer from Twitch, there is still the chance for you to claim 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for absolutely free, nadda, ziltch!

To claim your 3 months NSO first, you'll need to connect your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account! Here's how...

  • Head on over to
  • Click the 'Sign up' button located on the top right hand side of your browser, fill in the required details and hit that 'sign up button'

Once you're all set up on Twitch, you'll need to head to Amazon, sign into your account and connect your Twitch account!

If you missed the link above, that can be done here, on this Amazon page!

Once all this has been accomplished (achievement unlocked!) you can now head over to Twitch, and claim your 3 months FREE Nintendo Online subscription! Simply look for the claim boxes below and redeem your eligibility for the 'Get 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online'

Again, if you missed the link above, all this can be done on this page here! All done? Cha-Ching - you've just bagged yourself a free Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The remaining 9 months Nintendo Switch Online will be available to you 60 days after you have claimed your 3 months, and have kept a Prime subscription during that time. The claim process will be the same as above.
Free 12 months Nintendo Switch Online if you have a Twitch Prime account. Claim 3 months and activate before 24th Sept and then redeem another 9 months free and activate before 22… Read more
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No I'm the only user. Not to worry. Contacted Nintendo who told me to contact Amazon who were no help at all only £5 in it so I'm not too bothered.


Oh right, the only thing you can do is contact amazon or Nintendo (unfortunately not sure which but I’d guess amazon since they run Twitch Prime. I read some comments above saying customer services didn’t help so unfortunately there might not be anything you can do. You don’t by any chance have multiple family member amazon profiles linked to your prime account? Because apparently using the main profile account is the only one that works with this offer


Already tried that. Says the download code had already been used (to which the 9 month one already had).


My switch lite only came today but I claimed the offer yesterday, couldn't finish it without the console to sign in on, all is good, still let me complete tonight. If anyone in a similar boat is worried. Got snes and tetris99 downloaded, alongside the zelda which came with the bundle so plenty to keep me occupied. Cheers to OP!


I'm guessing this ended a few hours early? Been trying for the past couple of hours and says "No longer available" despite terms saying "First-time users will no longer be able to claim the Nintendo Switch Online offer after September 24th, 2019." it's still the 24th! Nevermind :(

Rainbow Six Siege : 3 Exclusive Operator Set Free @ Twitch Prime
17/11/2019Expires on 17/11/2019Made hot 16th AugMade hot 16th Aug
Starting today, Twitch Prime members can claim the Twitch Prime Collection Packs during three different drop windows. The Ash Operator Set is coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!… Read more
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I don't have twitch prime is there a way for somebody to gift me these operator sets?


Yeah, Its a Sad Relic.


But to clarify, the game certainly isn't dead or even dying! And remember, that is Steam only!


Remember on PC we can choose (via the config file) which region to play in. For most of us in the UK, the Dublin server (North EU) is the best for Western speaking players and ping. West EU (Hamberg or Berlin, I forget) you will get similar ping yourself but I found there are a lot of Russians and Middle Easterners with 200+ ping which isn't a fun experience to play against. I sometimes play at odd hours (like 6am) and I struggle to find games within 10 mins on NEU so I decided to give East US ago and found my ping to still be low around 60ms and get into games with 30 seconds normally. A lot less toxic players as well. Hope this helps.


I don't play it as much as I used to (either I've gotten worse or everyone else has gotten better), but the maximum queue time for me is 2 minutes. It's usually more like 30 seconds though, sometimes instant (ps4). Could be a NAT-type issue? After seeing some the 'epic & legendary' skins in Apex Legends , Ubisoft really need to step it up for Siege. Most of the Siege equivalents pale in comparison. I know they're bound by a greater level of realism, but they could still do a lot better.

[PC] Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap / Pumped BMX Pro and more - Free - Amazon Twitch Prime
530° Expired
Made hot 1st AugMade hot 1st Aug
Please note: Steam links are for reference. Twitch Prime uses their own launcher. Pumped BMX Pro Pumped BMX Pro puts you back on the seat for another high adrenaline, fa… Read more
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That we are a capitalistic greedy species who collect and buy things on the cheap for no reason other than to not look a gift horse in the mouth and have too much crap we can't use. Another form of hoarding and consumerism gone mental? Freebies and sales filling your steam account? If only we could buy more time to play eh? Conform consume and obey!


By the way, heat added purely for free Wonderboy. What an absolute classic.


Whilst I agree, somewhat, I see no issue in grabbing things whilst they are on offer for later use. Its exactly the same when you go shopping because you need shampoo and see it on a 3 for 2 offer - you won't buy just one because you can only use one bottle at one time, will you? You pick up three because you're getting a better deal and can stock the other two for later. I treat games as no different. Yes, admittedly, I have a large backlog of games. But I will play one, single game until I feel I have achieved all I can and then move on to the next game. It is knowing that I play games in this way that I have no issue buying three or four games on a Steam sale at one time. Especially seeing as I rarely have interest in most AAA games that are released these days, I know that I will get through them all eventually.


Never has a statement summed up what's wrong modern gaming more than this one.


Thanks for the link (y)

Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort - GTA Online (PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4) Free @ Twitch Prime
376° Expired
Made hot 19th JulMade hot 19th Jul
Twitch Prime members can now pick the freebie The Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort. More can be read here As part of the Rockstar Games Social Club x Tw… Read more
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so i got the 250k but not the penthouse?


Still not received it.. Also I'm sure it said 1.25mil now I click the link it says 250k?


No, it just started (lol)


Is it too late to sign up now?


The original GTA Online tutorial. When you first create a character you're asked if you want to do the tutorial. If you did skip it, you can make a new character and do the tutorial now. It's 3 or 4 little missions, shouldn't take longer than half an hour, max. Annoyingly you don't get notified when the tutorial has ended, so I'd recommend watching a video on YouTube of it, so you know at what point you can switch off and go back to your other player. The money is shared amongst all your characters, so you can just return back to your main character after. You should see the notification that it was successful the next day.

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Two Free Unique FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Packs (for Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
374° Expired
Made hot 9th JulMade hot 9th Jul
[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Two Free Unique FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Packs (for Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
Decent freebie for anybody playing FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, as I am. Two free unique Ultimate Team packs available for those with a Twitch (Amazon) Prime account. Each pack has 1 x … Read more
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The second pack is also active now @BuzzDuraband - worth a remind for the folks who might be interested.


Still didn’t get it after all this time. But then my boyf did recently get a 3 day suspension so can’t be arsed to chase it up!


I linked the wrong ea account anything I can do? cant work out how to change it


I will. New ones not out until September 27th (y)


August 9th for the second pack? haha how many people will still be playing by then!

FREE $1,250,000 for GTA Online with Twitch Prime
1035° Expired
Made hot 1st JulMade hot 1st Jul
Get GTA$1,250,000 in GTA Online and up to 15% bonus GTA$ on all Shark Cash Card purchases with twitch prime,… Read more
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Does not seem to work. Just keeps taken us to


Yes I got mine in less than 24 hours. Did you play for minimum of 30 minutes since signing up like it states in the terms and conditions?


Has anyone been paid the 1.25mill?


1. Logged into my GTA account to see if the $1.25m had been paid yet. 2. It hadn't. 3. It was a hacked server, hacker spawned $1.6m cash above my head. 4. ???? (hopefully don't get banned) 5. Profit. Would use Twitch Prime again. Thanks OP (y) (lol)


I got 2.5m??

[PC] Yooka-Laylee, The Escapists, For the King & Cultist Simulator - Free - Amazon Twitch Prime
1030° Expired
Made hot 1st JulMade hot 1st Jul
[PC] Yooka-Laylee, The Escapists, For the King & Cultist Simulator - Free - Amazon Twitch Prime
Great offer for Amazon / Twitch Prime members :) Yooka-Laylee The Escapists For the King Cultist Simulator Read more
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I just linked accounts and didn't get Twitch prime. Am I alone in this? Might it be because my Amazon prime membership is obtained via association with my wife who paid for her Amazon account to be prime?


can't find the free games when logged in,


So he's just fragile on it and fond of a bit of hyperbole like yourself.


Nice haul there. I've played Cultist and FTK and they're both outstanding, and The Escapists is good too. Yooka wasn't nearly as good as I thought it was going to be, but it's passable.


Thanks for posting. I was thinking I'd buy cultist simulator on ios as it's half price at the moment but now I don't need to!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free in-game loot (exclusive apparel bundle & Mask) for Twitch Prime Members
327° Expired
Made hot 22nd JunMade hot 22nd Jun
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free in-game loot (exclusive apparel bundle & Mask) for Twitch Prime Members
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free in-game loot (exclusive apparel bundle & Mask) for Twitch Prime Members ( What’s included? Four apparel bundles and a mask for Tom Clanc… Read more

In what way?? They reduced alot from the first, im liking it but put so much into the first im still looking for the resemblance, reduced perks, attachments etc,



Me agree, so gooder big gun in city boom boom, revive, revive


What (ninja)


Me too much gooder than the 1st one...

Dauntless: Desperado Bundle - Free (For Twitch Prime Members) - Twitch
223° Expired
Made hot 6th JunMade hot 6th Jun
Presumably for all formats as you log in with your Epic Games account and redeem the code displayed on your Twitch Prime account. Unlock a piece of the Desperado armor set, plus … Read more
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Dam my prime just ran out :( anyone got prime but doesn't want the code ;) (y)


I had that problem, but I think I was trying to log in on the Epic website, rather than the link that OP provided. When i followed their link and used my epic login on the Dauntless site it worked ok.


If I see any :) Hmm that's strange, are you sure you copied it correctly, mate? I redeemed it last night with no issues.


hmm the code it copies is too long and i get error code 19007 :(


Nice find :) thanks

Rayman Origins - FREE @ Twitch / Ubisoft
1037° Expired
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
Rayman Origins - FREE @ Twitch / Ubisoft
Ahead of its E3 press conference this year, Ubisoft will host a speedrun of Rayman 2: The Great Escape in honor of the series turning twenty. On June 10 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. … Read more

Yay got my copy


With E3 happening, I was too distracted to remember to do this. Oh well, think I already own it on Xbox anyway.


I think it's because I forgot to click on the accept button ;(


None that I know just have to wait a few days and hope it shows in your Uplay library, as long as you're activated on the Ubisoft Twitch Drops page and watched 30 minutes it should've worked.


Tooooo long! I'd rather pay the £3.74 than all this fuss. Still, thanks op, and I hope you guys got it.

Free Games June 2019 (Aegis Defenders , Stikbold!, 10 Second Ninja X & Metronomicon) @ Twitch Prime
274° Expired
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
Free Games June 2019 (Aegis Defenders , Stikbold!, 10 Second Ninja X & Metronomicon) @ Twitch Prime
Twitch games for June have been announced (who knows if more will be added). It looks like the theme is Indie this time as some good games make their way to Twitch. I have quoted … Read more
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Sadly nothing that takes my interest this month but still appreciate everything they give away, got 32 games in my Twitch library which has saved me some £ from getting them via steam


Stikbold is absolutely amazing!


The only way this price could be better is if they paid us to get them...


I have no idea - it was in the deals but someone (sigh!) moved it to freebies :)


Has the freebies 'rule' changed? Didn't you have this in deals, where I thought it belonged due to a paid subscription? Heated.

StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime
218° Expired
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th May
StarCraft II Package "Vorazun: Nerazim" Free @ Twitch Prime
Twitch members can now unlock the Vorazun Co-op commander and announcer alongside all-new console skins and race banners. As part of this bundle, you get : Vorazun Co-op Comma… Read more
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I've been playing StarCraft for over 20 years now - it's still fresh & challenging. It's also now free to download! Heat added (y)


Starcraft is best game!


♥ Starcraft ♥


Thanks for the reminder!


Ooh nice!

FREE Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass for Twitch Prime Members
325° Expired
Made hot 16th MayMade hot 16th May
Unlock the world's largest anime collection on Crunchyroll with an extended 30-day FREE TRIAL ( normally just 14-days ) to enjoy their entire library of anime, manga, and drama tit… Read more

if im allready a member does this work?


A fellow Islander, nice (y) 🏻


You're all very welcome! :D


Crunchyroll already give a free trial, wonder if can stack them


Great! Thanks OP (y)

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