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Posted 28 February 2024

[Prime Gaming] Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Content (Foxhound - Sniper Rifle) DLC for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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To claim it : You need Amazon Prime Membership.

To use it : You need Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Redeem your code HERE

Equip an Iconic weapon straight from Barghest's illegal stash.

Follow the scent of fresh blood with the Foxhound Sniper Rifle, equipped with an Iconic mod that grants increased movement speed on kills and dismemberments as well as greater armour penetration. The faster you move, the more damage it deals – and all bonuses remain active as long as you are swapping between Barghest weapons.

How do I claim and access my content?

  • On Xbox & PlayStation: from the main menu of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, log in to MYREWARDS and start playing.
  • On Steam & Epic Games : launch Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, log in with your account in REDlauncher and start playing.
  • On the Amazon Prime Gaming website : select ‘Get in-game content’ to receive your unique code and a link for the code redemption website.
  • Go to the code redemption website and log in with your account.
  • Enter your code to redeem your in-game content

ℹ️ Your new weapon will be waiting for you in the item stash located in V’s apartment.
Amazon More details at

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  1. rrr99gp's avatar
    Don't have the game but here's a code for anyone else interested: 94a9fdc2-7db2-4a19-9fb8-dd8a479dcbbc
  2. Cheeter's avatar
    Finally something on amazon I might actually use
  3. kiltyrg's avatar
    I thought this was the full dlc for a moment .
  4. thecresta's avatar
    Any way to redeem this on GoG? Edit: You can use the redemption link on the Amazon confirmation page. (edited)
    slipd's avatar
    Yep, literally just done it
  5. boro4ever's avatar
    Anyone else have a code please?
    hotrol's avatar
    Messaged one to you as I don't play this
  6. Michalis_Ion's avatar
    -LG's avatar
    Many thanks much appreciated
  7. Gratuitous_Spender's avatar
    dc4dd3b1-9c5c-4196-bc04-94f109e92785 , looking for a good home. Like if claimed pls.
    Scoobiedoo79's avatar
    Think I've claimed it. Cheers mate.
  8. Rob_B's avatar
    Seb1k's avatar
    Thank you Rob_B
  9. DarkEye's avatar
    mulletduck's avatar
    Claimed, Thanks!
  10. -LG's avatar
    kindly shared this with me but I don't need it so sharing it on as they desired


    Enjoy, please say if used. (edited)
    Daytrader's avatar
    Got it thx
  11. lookitskris's avatar
    If I have and play this game on Xbox, do i still redeem the code on GoG or is that for PC only? how do you redeem for xbox?
    Yvan_Dureve's avatar
    Check the description again
  12. Scoobiedoo79's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code handy?
  13. jeczap's avatar
    -LG's avatar
    It's already used by someone to save someone else the hassle. Thanks for sharing though.
  14. Mind_Craft's avatar
    One of my major disappointments about cyberpunk is that there is no silencer for sniper rifles, so effectively almost every shot from this rifle starts a fight. Pointless. Even Panam's rifle with allegedly 'custom silencer' makes enemies spot you

    But you use any regular automatic rifle with a silencer and you will be fine
    monkcourt's avatar
    With Panams I never get spotted or heard
  15. hbjatuk's avatar
    Nice OP! I hop it's a good Sniper rifle. I am just playing through Cyberpunk again as I played it when it when it was a mess. It is so much better now.
  16. Potty_Trained's avatar
  17. GothicCorpse's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code? If so please can I get one ty.
    craig.wilson2wl's avatar
  18. Pleasant_exe's avatar
    Can't you use the console to gain these? Lol
  19. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    People going crazy over a free in game DLC gun… the hype is strong on this one! (edited)
  20. FluxOmega's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code going please drop me a message. That would be most appreciated ❤️ thank you.
    Yvan_Dureve's avatar
's avatar