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The Conservative Party and Immigration; talking the talk and walking the walk.

Once again, the tories fail to deliver on promises to reduce immigration. Is it all just talk? They have always made immigration a big issue, back in the 60's and 70's they even had 'repatriation' in… 109 Comments
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Licence Fee Needs Updating

BBC Boss To Argue The call for change comes as MPs suggest the system is replaced by a universal levy regardless of whether people watch television. 19 Comments
raptorcigs Avatarraptorcigs1m agoLast updated 1 minute ago by rubytuesday0203

NBA 2K14 Servers To Close

NBA2K14 server to be discontinued 3/31/15. You will no longer be able to play ranked games/online association 10 Comments
oUkTuRkEyIII AvataroUkTuRkEyIII10m agoLast updated 10 minutes ago by madridpaid_the_referee

Would you eat edible insects?

There is a growing market for edible insects. They are cheap to produce and buy, have a very good protein:fat ratio and are environmentally friendly. I've seen some reports that there is a growing tr… 62 Comments
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Having pets is great but so hard when they are ill :(

Not sure why I'm posting but feeling quite sad and struggling to sleep really :( I'm sorry if this ends up long. I have a beautiful 9 1/2 year old black lab. Everything hunky dory with her,or so I th… 84 Comments
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March PS+ Games

Should they not have announced the ps plus games for March yet. As isn't it the 1st week of every month they release them. Hope the free games are Dying Light and GTA :p Shared Via The HUKD App For 31 Comments
TheBoss96 AvatarTheBoss9612m agoLast updated 12 minutes ago by jaystan

How long do eBay unpaid item strikes last?

Hi all, I have an eBay account with over 400 positive feedback and a 100% score for well over 5 years. Touch wood, I haven't got any negative feedback and have always abided by eBay's policies acc… 27 Comments
BM12 AvatarBM1236m agoLast updated 36 minutes ago by StevenBrown

Supermarket Basic Range reviews (Please add you own).

About a year ago a fellow user posted a request on the quality of the basic ranges of supermarket products. Over the years I've tasted, sampled or used a number of their products. Here is some of my e… 79 Comments
nemesiz Avatarnemesiz42m agoLast updated 42 minutes ago by nemesiz

PS3 / PS4 DLC Giveaway

I found quite a few random DLC codes that I never used and still had for games which I don't intend to play again so I thought I'd give them away to you guys on here. The list isn't that great but it'… 23 Comments
Bure11 AvatarBure1147m agoLast updated 47 minutes ago by TheBoss96

What's the most useless money saving tip you've been given?

I see a lot of bad money saving advice (rom 'Drive around for 2 hours to get cheaper petrol' to 'reuse paper towels') and I was wondering wha't the worst financial advice you've had. Surprise me :) 49 Comments
r_b_ Avatarr_b_49m agoLast updated 49 minutes ago by r_b_

❅☁☁❅ I want☼to talk☼about the☔WEATHER☔no politics☃no religion❅☁☁❅

It tipped down this morning then it was very windy now the "The Official Weather and Chatty Thread" thanx TF 100 ϟbϟddϟlybahϟ...................................1000ϟϟϟϟ☁☁Transformers☁☁ϟϟϟϟ 200 ☼☼the O… 8739 Comments
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Connecting N64 to LCD tv using RF ?

Just received a nintendo 64 i bought off ebay, it comes with a lead that connects it to the TV via the ariel socket i cannot work out how to get the picture up on it, i put LCD in the title incase tha… 11 Comments
ALEXSHEFF92 AvatarALEXSHEFF9250m agoLast updated 50 minutes ago by joshp

Coalition Row Over Radical Campus Preachers

The Conservative Party chairman has revealed there is a "difference of opinion" among the Coalition over guidance to be issued to universities for controversial speakers being allowed on campus. In a… 35 Comments
Lyrrad AvatarLyrrad54m agoLast updated 54 minutes ago by Lyrrad

School Term Time Holiday/Absences Fines!

Thought i would start a thread where we can discuss what your local councils rules are and what he fines/costs are for absences or holidays in term time.. I live in Pembrokeshire, and was advised las… 148 Comments
haritori Avatarharitori1h, 1m agoLast updated 1 hour, 1 minute ago by Alfonse

02 M&S Reward for Referral - Check Yours

So thank you 02, for giving me a free £80 in M&S vouchers! First conundrum, I referred my husband through the refer a friend form found on here (thank you OP). We both clicked the refer links but did… 23 Comments
espirit77 Avatarespirit771h, 35m agoLast updated 1 hour, 35 minutes ago by espirit77

LG G2 Owners and Case, Screen Protector and Accessory Megathread

If you bought the LG G2 on the £150 Vodafone deal, or if you have it anyway, then hopefully this thread will be helpful for you :) I have been looking for a case and a screen protector and it's fair 584 Comments
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New TV,Film & Ebook Releases

New film and tv releases that may be available on the internet. Any links to film titles will result in the post being pulled and infractions issued in line with forum rules 6496 Comments
boothy Avatarboothy2h, 3m agoLast updated 2 hours, 3 minutes ago by PRENDY

Largest Solar Eclipse Since 1999 Will Plunge UK Into Darkness On 20 March

Europe's largest solar eclipse since 1999 is set to block out as much as 90 per cent of the sun's light in some areas of the UK. On the 20 March at 9.31am London will lose as much as 84 per cent of i… 18 Comments
FantasyDeals AvatarFantasyDeals2h, 12m agoLast updated 2 hours, 12 minutes ago by teh arn

Bill increases Feb 2015 Virgin Media - Cancel your contract for FREE!!

YES YOU CAN CANCEL FOR FREE!! OR GET BETTER OFFER UP TO YOU. hi as you know Virgin Media - Bill increases Feb 2015 - so you can Cancel your contract for free!! i have 6 months left on my contract. r… 23 Comments
kalawelwyn Avatarkalawelwyn2h, 25m agoLast updated 2 hours, 25 minutes ago by Kaluz

Destiny fireteam forum

DESTINY ! Add me - magicjohnson8 From playing the Alpha and Beta it is easy to see why this game is well anticipated. A big part of the experience involves 'fireteams' which are pretty much parties 3418 Comments
magicjohnson88 Avatarmagicjohnson882h, 36m agoLast updated 2 hours, 36 minutes ago by keejoonc