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  • Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

    Just wondering if anyone around here enjoys playing Ultimate Team. . Enjoy trying to build weird teams and annoy the speedsters online haha. . Be good too hear peoples views and for everyone to share th... 26 Comments

  • defending your gf (vid)

    douche steals guys gf, the beta boyfriend doesn't even do anything. . I lost it at the end where bf goes in for a kiss and gf moves away and says to the new guy "want to come, what are you doing tonigh... 7 Comments

  • 2 Feel unique codes for anyone who wants them

    I have 2 voucer codes from feel unique which came with my order. They both expire 31/12/14 and as I dont need to use them, If anyone does want them then please message me. One is for £5 off your order... 1 Comment

  • 5 Letter Scrabble Game

    As it says: 5 letter scrabble game. Use the 5 letters and re-arrange into a new word. You can also use 4 and add another one like this: dolly, lolly, molly, etc. If you post the same word as the perso... 17880 Comments

  • Add one, leave one game

    Previous game has disappeared again so let's start again. Easy to play, simply change one word the person above has left. For example - BANK MACHINE could become SEWING MACHINE. . Don't post the same a... 10758 Comments

  • Burger or Wrap approximately 20% off !!!!! @ Burger King

    In my local BK restaurant I asked for a Veggie Wrap meal and then asked to remove the drink and fries and the cost was £2.50. However to buy the wrap buy itself as I did should cost £3. . Another day a... 11 Comments

  • From Dec 1st - Save £12 per year by cancelling voicemail on Sky Talk package and use answering machine instead

    Just received a letter from Sky explaining how tremendous they are, however because they are just so brilliant, they need to charge me more money :(. . So from Dec 1st they want to charge me £1 per mont... 20 Comments

  • Canadian parliament under lock down. probable terrorist attack.

    Gunman 'shoots Canadian Forces soldier at the National War Memorial' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2803422/Canadian-Parliament-lockdown-gunman-shoots-Canadian-Forces-soldier-standing-guard-N... 69 Comments

  • ****** HAPPY DIWALI 2014 ******

    . Diwali also known as Deepavali and the "festival of lights", is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowl... 28 Comments

  • The HUKD DE shaving thread

    Are there any DE shavers on HUKD. Is anyone curious about DE shaving. I thought HUKD should have its own DE thread. Post anything you think could be helpful to your fellow DE shavers here. Feel f... 3935 Comments

  • Kindle Fire TV Owners Thread

    With the imminent release of this and the fact that it seemed a lot of people pre-ordered with the £49 deal - it might be a good idea to share info on xbmc/controller & keyboard compatability/side loa... 9 Comments

  • avengers age of ultron

    so the trailer leaked earlier today and has already been removed, however those who have seen it describe it to be 'awesome'. . official trailer to be leaked next week (28th), on the show marvels agents... 22 Comments

  • Destiny fireteam forum

    DESTINY . . Add me - magicjohnson8. . From playing the Alpha and Beta it is easy to see why this game is well anticipated. A big part of the experience involves 'fireteams' which are pretty much parties ... 1342 Comments

  • Tesco losing millions lol

    All hotukdealers should take a bow for all we've taken out of them. . Maybe you're pro Tesco? in which case hahaha. . Discuss.... 42 Comments

  • Tesco staff 20% discount

    Just a heads up for tesco staff. it's double discount this weekend. 20% off. Time to start my Christmas shopping. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. 8 Comments

  • Microsoft ditching the Nokia name on smartphones

    Microsoft is ditching the Nokia brand name from new devices, less than a year after acquiring the Finnish mobile firm. . New Nokia Lumia smartphones will instead by known as Microsoft Lumia, the compan... 4 Comments

  • Have you ever had problems with pet planet?

    I ordered some bits off pet planet including some treats for my guinea pig and a filtered water fountain bowl for my dog. The treats came in crumbs! I was really dissapointed. I know there only going ... 14 Comments

  • The never ending counting with pictures thread !

    Hope this hasnt been posted before, i nabbed it from another forum. Idea is to post a picture with a number, i will start with number one, then someone posts with number 2, number 3 etc etc, lets s... 4379 Comments

  • word association Game

    The word association game 40323 Comments

  • 7 Letter Scrabble Word Game - With pictures

    As the other thread was expired here's a shiny new thread to carry on with. There's four, five & six letter scrabble... here's a 7 letter game, with descriptive pictures. Rules:. 1 You can only ... 2544 Comments

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