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Posted 28th Sep 2021Posted 28th Sep 2021
Mattress Recommendations
Hi people. Looking for king size mattress recommendations. I'm 6ft4, 15 stone and a side sleeper. My bed is a wooden frame with rigid slat base. I sleep alone mostly with the partner sleep…
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Posted 4th Jun 2021Posted 4th Jun 2021
Pothole Claim Denied - Now what?
Hello all. I am asking for a little advice as this is only the second time I have needed to make a claim against my council and the previous one was accepted without any issues. I made a c…
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Posted 3rd Oct 2020Posted 3rd Oct 2020
Does the Amp rating on a plug matter?
Hi guys and gals. I need to buy a replacement plug for a NAS drive. The original was 12v / 3a. I know I need to get a replacement with the same voltage to power it, but does the amp ratin…
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Posted 29th Aug 2020Posted 29th Aug 2020
Old console onto smart TV via hdmi convertor?
Hi guys and gals. I recently purchased a Nintendo 64 for some old school gaming. I have o get it to work on my smart TV I bought a hdmi convertor. I managed to get it working but my questi…
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