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Posted 28th Jun 2020Posted 28th Jun 2020
UberEats won't refund me
I order food and thevwrap missing drink and chips was in the bag I contacted the restaurant and they said to get refund from interests I contacted them and they are not willing to give refun…
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Posted 16th Jun 2020Posted 16th Jun 2020
ADSL phone line box issue?
I'm with post office Broadband and I have had issues with it contant cutting off I contacted them about it and they say it the phone line box inside the house if it the issue are the company…
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Posted 13th May 2020Posted 13th May 2020
Zgemma H9 or Formuler Z8
Looking to get a box for IPTV which one would be best for me I plan to use for IPTV only don't have a sky dish. Want to be able to record IPTV also using mutiroom.
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Posted 10th May 2020Posted 10th May 2020
Google Stadia Pro membership question
A friend of mine as offered me there Google Stadia controller with chromecast for £50 But how does the membership work like what do you get for the £8.99 membership. Will 15mb broadband be…
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Posted 8th May 2020Posted 8th May 2020
Top eleven championship
Anyone play Top Eleven fancy starting a friendly championship on the game.
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