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Posted 28th Nov 2020Posted 28th Nov 2020
Amazon, check price of black Friday purchases today
I checked the price of a camera I bought on black Friday today and the price had gone down. So just a suggestion that you do the same and then you can return the more expensive Black Frida…
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Posted 14th Jul 2020Posted 14th Jul 2020
Anyone else prepping for 2nd wave
Likelihood of a 2nd wave is growing, anyone else also thinking about what to stock up on?
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Posted 20th Apr 2020Posted 20th Apr 2020
Watch back removal
Anyone know the best tool to remove these type of watch backs?
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Posted 27th Feb 2020Posted 27th Feb 2020
Kobo Rakuten audiobook
Anyone used this service, any feedback?
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Posted 1st Feb 2020Posted 1st Feb 2020
Alternative to Google Fit?
Want to find a more stable and accurate tracker... Which takes feeds such as NTC, MiFit. Anyone successfully using an alternative on Android?
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