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Posted 31st Oct 2022Posted 31st Oct 2022
Mobile phone sent via Royal Mail
Hello. So I sold an old mobile phone on eBay recently. I posted it to the winning bidder the same day, but it hasn't been delivered yet and it's over a week. I've just read there can be is…
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Posted 4th Jul 2022Posted 4th Jul 2022
Glasses lenses
Hello, Are there glasses lenses (plastic) available anywhere on the market that are thinner than 1.67? I'm as blind as a bat (distance) and my lenses are mega thick! Hence the reason for a…
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Posted 15th Mar 2022Posted 15th Mar 2022
Unlock Nokia 2610
Are there any code sites still around (or other methods) to unlock old school phones? I have a Nokia 2610 locked to Orange!!! Cheers all x
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Posted 9th Mar 2022Posted 9th Mar 2022
What is this rash?
Hi all. Any ideas what this could be on my left arm? It's very rough where the darkish rash is, and very smooth where it isn't! This has only shown up over the last 6 months or so! I know th…
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Posted 11th Feb 2022Posted 11th Feb 2022
Connecting Wii to Virgin Hub 3 router Hi
Hi guys. Can anyone help. Just bought a Wii off eBay. Old school I know, but still a good bit of kit!. However it can't find my Virgin Media Hub 3 signal when attempting to connect wirelessl…
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Posted 4th Aug 2021Posted 4th Aug 2021
Boot device not found - HP laptop
Hi all. I'm asking on behalf of a friend here, so sorry I cannot be more specific. Laptop turned on today and this happened. Hopefully I've attached 5 screenshots in order of the problem! An…
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